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Stiff Arm of Justice Days Left

We haven’t done the countdown thing lately, we’ll leave that up to others who are already doing a fine job, but after reading this little nugget from ESPN’s Fantasy Projection for the 2010 season, I had to post this homage to #28, the human cow catcher.

Video after the jump.

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The Stiff Arm of Justice, coming to Sundays?

FootballNews out of Arizona is that Chris “Beanie” Wells may be working his way into the starting job for the Cardinals.

You can see some of Beanie’s highlights from the preseason game against the Packers here.

Stiff Arm 2.0 of the Year

Rose Bowl Ohio St Oregon Football

Just kidding! It was just really tough to find anyone with a good picture of Terrelle stonewalling someone with the Stiff Arm of Justice 2.0.

Yes, the Stiff Arm of Justice 2.0 (SAoJ 2.0) made occasional appearances this season, but never was it as in full effect as it was for the Rose Bowl. Thanks to a happy ABC producer, we got to see it over and over again. Hopefully this will trend continue throughout the year 2010.


Co-Stiff Arms of the Week

Michigan State received a healthy dose of the Stiff Arm of Justice and was introduced to the as-yet named Stiff Arm wielded by one Terrelle Pryor (of Grace? of Righteousness?). So this week we’re getting a two-fer for the coveted SAotW:

“Separation, Holmes”

Which do you prefer?

Birth of a Stiff Arm

This first person to receive punishment from the Stiff Arm of Justice®? Beanie’s older brother:

He was a 6-year-old playing on his first pee-wee team, and the stiff arm came to him as naturally as running. That was bad news for his 7-year-old brother, Joey, the first recipient.

Want a tip on how to avoid the SAoJ? Attack, attack, attack. This, unfortunately, was something Shane Carter did not do:

“He didn’t attack me, so I attacked him,” Wells said.

Attacked him with a deadly weapon.

Stiff Arm of the Week

What a welcome sight it was to see the return of the Stiff Arm of Justice®. With so many to choose from, it was hard not use this one.

Yes, the first score, when Shane Carter went for a ten yard ride aboard the SAoJ Express into the endzone, was beautiful. It just didn’t convey the power this one does.

Stiff Arm of the Week

The Stiff Arm of Justice™ proves that it’s not one-dimensional. It’s true. The SAoJ can fly:

Stiff Arm of the Week

There wasn’t a whole lot of stiff-arming going on this past Saturday. There were stiffs out there, but that’s about it. Hopefully Beanie will give us our fill of his Stiff Arm of Justice against USC, but for now we’ll just enjoy Terrell’s mini SAoJ’s.

Stiff-arm of the Week

The hope is that we’ll see a lot more of these coming from Beanie’s Stiff-arm of Justice, but for now, hopefully this is just a taste of things to come.

Ten Years of Buckeye Blogging

motsagProfileIt’s still doesn’t seem possible, but today marks ten years (TEN FREAKING YEARS) since I posted the first post here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray dot com. Join with me for a little navel gazing as I reminiscence on the wild ride that started when myself (el Kaiser), Jeremiah (SYR), Grant (sportsMonkey) and Trevor (Zeke) started this here Ohio State blog. (Don’t ask us why we went with nicknames. We were young and dumb)

In the lifetime of the site, we’ve seen a Heisman Trophy Winner (should have been at least 1 more), 3 trips to the National Championship game, a Final Four and an NCAA Finals (including that amazing comeback in the Sweet 16), a major scandal, and the most amazing run of a football team in 2014.

We’ve gone through not one, not two, not three but FOUR Michigan coaches.

We’ve humiliated and/or killed off Kirk Herbstreit in a number of ways (here, here, here, here, and here). We introduced the world to Tressnac The Magnificent and his trusty side-kick Lllloyd Carr.

We spawned at least one other blog, with the birth of blog The Buckeye Battle Cry, happening here in these comments. As far as we know we haven’t fathered any other blogs, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there.

As fans, we’ve witnessed all sorts of ups and downs. We’ve witnessed some heartbreaking moments. We had Jeremiah breaking the Carlos Hyde story. We’ve had interviews with former and future Buckeyes, (we even had Cris Carter agree to be interviewed by Shannon but that fell through.)

While having fun at our opponents expense, we coined the phrase “Stiff Arm of Justice” (this one was a personal fave, as is this video)

Oh, and if you’ve been around since the beginning, you know that we single-handledly put Vernon Gholston (and his glorious biceps) on the map.

Look at them. LOOK!
Vernon Gholston

He even followed @MotSaG on twitter!

As you may have noticed, my regular posting around these parts has been next to zilch the past year plus. It kills me that Real Life© has gotten in the way, but I’d like to thank all of our writers contributors, past and present, for all the hard work they’ve put in to keep the site going and bringing you guys the top-notch Buckeye writing we hope you’ve come to expect. We are going to be losing a couple of our staff to our brothers at tBBC but this site will still be chugging along. I would be remiss if I didn’t profusely thank my co-founder and Best Friend Jeremiah. The work he has put in the past few years dragging the site into the limelight has been nothing short of amazing. He’s the hardest working blogger out there and his Twitter Troll Game is strong. Thanks for everything you do, big fella.

It’s been a wild ride and it’s been a great time spending it with all of you. We have some changes that are going on behind the scenes and we’ll be making an announcement soon about some exciting changes, but we hope you’ll stick around with us for another 10 years of Buckeye (and Ohio) greatness!