Be proud, Buckeye fans, and have some perspective, will ya?

OSU FootballFor those of you preparing seppuku, here is some ‘perspective’ — some major highlights of Ohio State’s dynasty the past three seasons. We’ve highlighted a few of these before, but a lot of you still might not be aware of just how good this primarily junior-led team has been:

  • Since 2005, OSU is 33-5.
  • Seventeen of those 33 victories came against ranked teams.
  • As for the five losses? They came against three national champions, one number 3 squad, and one Big 10 team that went to the Rose Bowl.
  • Toss in three consecutive conference titles in a row, a Heisman winner, and a bajillion NFL starters, and that’s a resume that nobody else in college football can match.

As for tonight, there IS a moral victory: Ohio State outgained LSU in most categories, on LSU’s home field, and never gave up until the final whistle. Had the Bucks not been their own worst enemy, there’s no predicting what might have happened.

And it’s important to remember that they did all this a year “early;” OSU was not predicted to compete at this level during a rebuilding year, with such a young team.

For those reasons alone, there’s no question in this writer’s mind that – even with the loss – the Buckeyes have officially redeemed themselves from their 2006 fiasco. It. Is. Over.

As for LSU, I hope the media gives them the props they deserve. None of this “yeah-but-USC” argument. Any team that puts up 31 unanswered points against the best defense in college football is, without question, the best in the country.

The bottom line is this: It really is just a game. We all have lives. Even the players on the field have lives, too. There will be a time to scapegoat Boeckman analyze the loss, but for now let’s just congratulate LSU on a very fine game, and give the Bucks a pat on the back for the success that they’ve earned in recent history, and the entertainment they’ve given us as fans.

Go Bucks!!


  1. Well…LSU was able to capitalize on all the refs penalties! Tell me that a team that had never had a Personal Foul the entire season actually committed them during the Largest Football Game of the Season! Don’t hang your heads, Buckeye Fans – we played an incredible Football Game – and an incredable Football Season – we’re #1 as far as I’m concerned!

  2. MilesWearsNoVest says

    Terrelle Pryor: you will never achieve your destiny at a university lead by the conventional likes of Coach Tressel. Rich Rodriguez will ensure you have the right platform to prevail. Win, Terrelle — and choose a place where you can do it! For YOU.

  3. This OSU squad knew how to compete, but they didn’t know how to win. There is a difference. Given that, it is indeed hard to play a football game that’s being officiated by basketball refs.

  4. MilesWears-
    Terrell, MilesWears speaks of “destiny,” but the facts are that if you come to OSU, you will play for a national title every 2 years on average.

    Tressel has taken three _entirely different_ quarterbacks and offensive schemes to the NC game. He can design a scheme around anyone. And none were as talented as you are at your age.

    He can do it. In fact, he’s probably the only coach that can come closer to guaranteeing it than any other. RR, while a talented coach, didn’t start having success until Miami and Va Tech left his conference. It is a _very_ risky assumption that his dominance will continue in an entirely different, much more competitive, conference. It’s entirely possible, but it’s unproven at this point.

    Your choice. Wanna be Pat White? Scary good sometimes, but a likely future CFL punt-coverage specialist? Or someone equal to or better than Vince Young, which Tressel is in the best position to provide – a shot at a NC game and a likely NFL career.

    Of your final choices, only OSU offers the provable history of offensive scheme flexibility and production. Oh, and it’s closer to home, too. You could have an early afternoon class on Friday and be home to visit your folks by dinnertime.

    Sorry, MilesWears. 😉

  5. I think there’s way too much “keep things in perspective” talk going on right now. I’m pissed. I’m a Buckeye fan to the core, but we play for championships here. Dealing with the gloating of the SEC and USC for the last year has been unbearable…and it’s now about to be turned up even more.

    The fact is, the only way the Bucks can change perception is to beat teams like this. God forbid if we lose to USC next season. We have a lot of players coming back, but the stigma on around this team will not leave. The pundits will not buy into this team without domination of USC and a better performance of the Big 10 overall..

    with that being said..Michigan still sucks.

  6. I watched this game with a room full of rabid OSU fans, and none of us could stomach this game.

    Defensively we blew it. Leading in tackles doesn’t mean a thing, what’s important is how you tackle. Instead of watching an aggressive, drive back tackling (Standing a player up and forcing them backwards) team that I’ve grown accustomed to watching, I saw a team making arm tackles.

    Fundamental football. That’s something that we lacked tonight.

    I read an article somewhere about Tressel calling the same play 6 times in a row when he was an assistant coach somewhere. Where was that tonight? Beanie Wells looked unstoppable, and for the most part he was.

    Overall this game wasn’t all bad. Outside of Rehring I think OSU’s line did a commendable job. I just hope that all those defensive guys considering the draft realize that they just got embarrassed, and come back for their senior year.

    For a year that started off with Tressel telling alums in August that it would be a rebuilding year, it’s been great. Making it to the NC game was a feat unto itself with the caliber of players that we lost.

    That said, GO BUCKEYES!!

  7. MilesWearsNoVest, find something better to do than spew crap on all the OSU blogs you come across.

  8. Blake,

    If you encounter any USC fans gloating about OSU’s losses, just remind them that they lost to that 41 point home…who had a brand new starting QB who had never played a snap in his life. If they whine about injuries for that game, the answer is “that’s college football”. If you can’t beat a 41 point underdog with your second string then stop talking. College Football is as much a game of depth as it is a game of strategic playcalling.

    As for the SEC, there’s not much we can say. You can call Tennessee a bunch of dirty players (Helmet to Helmet repeatedly against Wisconsin), taunt Florida for losing to the team that lost to Appy State, and maybe sorta mock Arkansas for the pasting they took at the hands of Mizzou, but that’s basically it. I suppose you could also taunt Kentucky with the knowledge that they almost lost to a team that was missing 36 players. =)

    I came out of that game feeling that we lost to a very good team. We shot ourselves in the foot a few times, and *still* didn’t stick to the running game enough, but LSU played a solid game. Heck, even Matt Flynn played better than I’ve seen him play *all year*. The only time he really looked like himself was when he threw that pick to Jenkins.

    Hat tip to LSU for a well executed game, now it’s on to recruiting.

  9. Time and change will surely show
    How firm thy friendship

  10. Purdue Matt says

    Go Big Ten!

  11. Sigh. OK. Let’s get some recruits at the DT, Mike and QB positions.

    Go basketball Bucks.

  12. – This post has been removed. –

  13. It was a great season and we surpassed expectations. The media is going to crucify us, as it already started today by Pat Forde on ESPN, and say we’re the best of an inferior conference and when we play big time talent we fold.

    It’s not true.

    We had a great season. If all our juniors return we have a legit shot to repeat as Big 10 champs and contend for another National Title.

    I love how the media is going to try to crucify us for success.

    We’re going to be in the mix every year for a long time.

    I love our Buckeyes, I’m proud of them and what they accomplished and I could give a crap what the rest of the nation thinks about us.



  14. AZTigerFan says


    “but the facts are that if you come to OSU, you will play for a national title every 2 years on average.”

    AND LOSE!!!!

    Come on, bro, give some props like the crest of the classy, except for KELLY. yEAH, THE REFS COST YOU THIS GAME.

    Anywayz, to the rest of you Buckeye fans, I enjopyed my conversations here with ya’ll and I respect what ya’ll did this year with such a young team. OSU football will be back, just hope you don’t play THE SEC again, 🙂

    Congrats on a great seaon Buckeye fans!!!!

    Geaux TIGERS!

  15. Georgia Buckeye says

    Here’s another stat for the Buckeyes under Tressel: five top 5 AP finishes in the last seven years. Only USC has better, OU, Miami, Texas, and LSU have three, UGA and Florida have 2, and eight teams have 1.

    Cooper only had three top TEN finishes, and was unranked 5 times.

    We have come to expect excellence, and Tressel has delivered.

  16. AZTigerFan says

    Go to LSU and play in the strongest conference and WIN a national title every 4 years.

    LSU, 2-0 in BCS Champ games 2 TITLES in 4 years, and 1st two time BCS champ

    OSU, 1-2 in BCS games (2 losses to SEC), 1 title in 5 years, 1st two time BCS champ game loser

    Where would you go to school if you were being recruited.

    But I agree, Tressel has rebuilt that program into a contender, just not THE best!

  17. Arkansas Buckeye says

    First, I am wearing my OSU scarlet and gray tie because they are my school and my team.


  18. Would be nice if LSU or Florida had to play a national championship game in the midwest once.

  19. AZTigerFan says

    Hey Arkansas…
    there is one positive in that area, Arkansas fans hate LSU. LOL

  20. AZTigerFan says

    That is a great point and another flaw of the BCS. If we had a plaoff, the Higher ranked tean would have home field advantage throughout the playoffs and they could rotate locations for champ games. I would love t see an SEC team (especially LSU) beat, ooops I meant play in the shoe for a NC.

    Great point!!!!

  21. How about in Cincinnati? Or in Cleveland? That’s not homefield advantage is it?

    By Arkansas Buckeye on Jan 8, 2008

    Probably as bad as it would be to be an LSU fan in Buckeye country right now! At least I no longer have to worry about having a Florida tag on my car next time I drive thru Ohio.

  23. Would be nice if LSU or Florida had to play a national championship game in the midwest once.
    By Chris on Jan 8, 2008

    Chris, I would hardly call Tempe a homefield advantage for the Gators. If you think that the SuperDome in NOLA was a home field advantage, you should have to play these guys in their home stadium. Anyway, not that much of an advantage in these type of games. I was at the Cap One Bowl, and I’d say at least 90% of the fans were for Florida, and basically a home game UF, yet Michigan still prevailed. If I could have changed one thing though, I would make sure that it was not an overcast & cool day. I would have preferred the sun, heat & humidity – weather we are used to, but weather that wilts northern teams.

  24. We played a better team and made more mistakes than them. That’s usually not going to work out for you.

    My only fear is that future OSU teams deserving of a BCS NC bid will be left out because of the past 2 years. That’s extremely unfair and I’m surprised Forde from even had the audacity to suggest that. Talk about kicking someone while they’re down.

  25. I love my buckeyes, and I love being a buckeye, and yeah i know, we should be proud of them, but damnit. I am bumm, heart broken and pissed. Five (i believe) un-sportsman like conduct calls?!?!?

    Here is my question, wtf am I suppose to do know with the 10 freakin newspapers that I pre-ordered from the Dispatch. I still have the first 10 I ordered last year.

    Yeah maybe I am being a sore looser, so what. I think I have a right. I hear it all year long from the OSU haters, personal assoicates, media, who ever. DAMN IT…

  26. Hey AZTiger, you said:

    “OSU, 1-2 in BCS games (2 losses to SEC), 1 title in 5 years, 1st two time BCS champ game loser”

    Correction: 1-2 in BCS *Title* Games (2 losses to SEC), 4-2 in BCS Games (98 Sugar, 03 04 06 Fiesta for wins).

    2nd Correction: THIRD two time BCS champ game loser. Florida State and Oklahoma both did it before we did. (Ohio State is the third team to make it to the BCS Championship game three times). =)

    Once again, congrats on a well played game! We needed you to underachieve a little, and for us to overachieve like we have all year and we got precisely the opposite result. Luckily it was just a rebuilding year for us =D

  27. AZTigerFan says

    My bad, Eric G. No disrespect meant. Just having fun. See ya’ll in Miami next year!

    COngrats on a great “rebuilding” year!

  28. I have been a Buckeye fan since 1967 and I won’t fold on this team but I’m afraid that future Buckeye teams will not get the benefit of the doubt in future BCS polls and may be passed over for another shot at the NC until they prove their “worthiness” by beating quality opponents during the regular season. That means no more Youngstown State, Troy, and Kent State. Does anybody know the reason why the SEC and the Big Ten don’t play during the regular season? Thanks and Go Bucks! Oh yeah, LSU was beatable.

  29. To Chazz – Ohio passed a law that makes OSU play 3 games in the state to give money to the other schools in Ohio to fund their athletics program and then we have our conference games…That is why no SEC play during regular season…The state has done this to Ohio State in order to keep more money in state. Bad for us Buckeyes!

  30. Woody Hayes says

    Good post.

  31. chazz – This whole YSU, Akron, and Kent St. stuff is overblown.

    LSU played Miss. St., Middle Tennessee, and Tulane – three programs just as “bad” as OSU’s worst three.

    The only difference between the teams’ schedules is Va Tech (LSU) vs. Washington (OSU)… and when OSU scheduled Washington, they were a top team in the Pac 10 (no way to predict that Washington would lay an egg this year).

    Everyone schedules patsies… It’s puzzling why dumb-dits like Mark May gives OSU trouble for doing it when LSU/Fla/Ga did the exact same thing.


    Mary – That’s a myth… there is no law.

    OSU plays plenty of tough non-conference opponents (they had those exciting home & home with ND a few years ago, then Texas in 05/06, we start a home & home with USC next year, etc.)

    The reason that the Big 10 doesn’t play the SEC is because the SEC has _repeatedly refused_ these matchups, because it requires them to travel northwards – which they have historically, with very rare exception, not been willing to do.

    E.g., Florida hasn’t traveled out-of-state for a nonconference game in SIXTEEN years.

    Thankfully, the SEC is starting to join the other conferences, but it’s only because the other conferences are moving forward and they had not been. Ergo, recently we’ve seen Tenn/Cal, and LSU/Va Tech, and Georgia finally agreed to a home & home matchup with the Bucks, which will start in 2009. They’re starting to come around.

  32. E.g., Florida hasn’t traveled out-of-state for a nonconference game in SIXTEEN years.

    Ah, that ‘Evil Genius’, Steve Spurrier! Gotta love him. Nothing like your HBC being an alum, too. In the SEC, these patsy games do not really seem to matter in the long run, anyway. You certainly do not want to go into our conference schedule without some kind of game experience, but then you do not want to go into the SEC wars with injuries, etc., incurred during meaningless games. The patsies at the beginning of next year’s schedule at Miami (the REAl Miami) and Hawaii – much better than Florida A&M and Georgia Southern.

    I’m all for playing the stiffs – it’s the only time I can get tickets!

  33. “at Miami…” – shud read as “are Miami…”

  34. Sneaky Pete says

    Blah,Blah,Blah… Ohio State plays in a weak Big Ten conference. This is why they get spanked by Florida and LSU. Michigan was banged up with injuries, Penn State has been on the decline for 6 or 7 years, and Wisconsin underachieves year after year. Is Ohio State a good football team? Yes. Tressel a good coach? Yes. Within the Big Ten. Boeckman cruised through the Big Ten with no defense to challenge him, then came LSU. Yes, Illinois showed up in Columbus in 07. They refused to be intimidated by the big bad Buckeyes. I hope all of you got a good look at the Rose Bowl(Ill. vs. USC). Fast foward to OSU @ USC in 08. The Buckeyes won’t get pounded like Illinois, but USC will win by two touchdowns. After that, Ohio State can get back to it’s easy Big Ten schedule.

  35. Wow… bit late for the trolls to still be coming out of the woodwork, eh? Still, it’s been too long since I’ve had an opportunity to talk about OSU football. This’ll be fun.

    >>Michigan was banged up with injuries, Penn State has been on the decline for 6 or 7 years, and Wisconsin underachieves year after year.<< If there's anything that proves Sneaky Pete doesn't know much about CFB, this statement is it. PSU hit rock bottom 6 or 7 years ago, and has been rising (did you forget their top three finish in 2006?). Wisconsin "underachieves year after year." (?!?) Yeah... right... with the past three years going 9-4, 10-3, and 12-1... and beating Auburn and Arkansas in that time frame... (And coming within seconds of beating Tennessee...) sounds like underachievement to me... And that UM team that was "banged up with injuries" had no problem spanking the defending national champs "zomgSEC hide the children" Florida. Finally, Tressel is 4-2 in BCS bowl games, and has had an impressive resume against non-conference opponents (Big 12, Pac 10, ND, etc.). His success hasn't been measured just against Big Ten teams. Basing your opinion on what happened in two games out of almost 100 is a pretty unpersuasive argument.


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