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Men of the Scarlet and Gray is a site dedicated to Ohio sports, particularly those fine teams of The Ohio State University. We don’t claim to be analysts or journalists, nor do we claim to be unbiased. We’re just fans looking for an avenue to express our fan-dom. Maybe we’ll say something wise from time to time, maybe we’ll be entertaining from time to time, but probably not very often. Thanks for stopping by.

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We’re always up for a good natured ribbing at the hands of other fans; we like to do that ourselves (by the way, that reminds us: Welcome to you SEC and UM fans, and how did you figure out how to use the Internet to get this far?). But if your comment is vulgar, racist, explicit, abusive, or otherwise ignorant trolling, it will be deleted with extreme prejudice and you’ll be invited to try again. If you’re just going to be dumb or moronic, your comment will be altered to make you look stupid and you will be mocked for your moronity.

About the MotSaG’rs

Some of the bloggers here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray go by alternate ID’s (egos?) at the site for no other reason than sometime anonymity is a good thing. Here’s a little bit about the bloggers at the site:

El Kaiser
Tony is an alum of the Ohio State University’s College of Engineering (2000 BSECE and 2003 MSEE) which means he is a gigantic NERD (can’t spell geek without “EE”!). He has been watching the Bucks since he was a wee lad. He fights crime and pwns n00bs as his alter ego, the Buttonmasher.

The sportsMonkey occasionally leaps from his cage at monkeyPi.net to post here at MotSaG.

Sylvester Yon-Rambo
Jeremiah is a proud member of Buckeye Nation. I did not attend Ohio State except for a short stint at OSU-ATI where I studied Golf Course Design and Management. I count myself as a fan since 1983. My greatest moment as a Buckeye was my first game in the ‘Shoe in 1995 I saw OSU beat Illinois and watched Eddie George run for 314 yards in the single greatest rushing game in OSU history. I cry openly every time I hear TBDBITL and when I am within 100 feet of Ohio Stadium.


Andrew Chirico
Andrew was born and still lives in New Jersey. Andrew will be a freshman at Washington College this upcoming fall. Became an Ohio State fan as a young boy since his mom goes to Ohio for business. Brought home some Ohio State shirts for him and he just fell in love with the program. Joined the Motsag team a little over a year ago. He likes to write about recruiting and about Ohio State athletics (mostly football and basketball). Give him a follow on twitter @bucknut22 or add him on facebook- Andrew Chirico. He enjoys meeting new Buckeye fans!! Go bucks!!

Chip Minnich
In 1995, Chip was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to volunteer as a recruiting assistant for The Ohio State University. The volunteer opportunity led to a paid internship in the summer of 1996 within the scouting department of the NFL’s Washington Redskins. Chip’s scouting days have long ended, yet Chip’s love of Ohio State football remains strong as ever. Chip is grateful to contribute to MOTSAG whenever possible during football season, as Chip believes all of the other sports are merely filler time until football season resumes. Chip is a happily married man, with three beautiful children who have wondered why their father refused to purchase gas when the family took a summer vacation to a certain state that Chip refused to call by name.

Chris Kuhner
Chris is a proud graduate of Baldwin Wallace University (formerly College) and a true Buckeye fan. He grew up in Texas and let everyone there know of his affinity for Ohio State from a young age. Chris visited Ohio State every summer growing up and made sure he could “sneak” into the ‘Shoe for a peak. The love affair has only gotten deeper since then. One of Chris’ fondest memories as a youngster was hanging out with Coach Tressel on the field at Ohio Stadium. Additionally, Chris claims no one can out talk him when it comes to Buckeye recruiting. Many have tried, but no one has succeeded.

Josh Schott
Josh is a loud and proud Buckeye fan. In just his second season of being a fan of the Buckeyes, Ohio State went 14-0 and shocked the nation by defeating Miami to win the National Title. He absolutely loathes the SEC, almost as much as he hates TTUN. He once hated Urban Meyer with the passion of a thousand suns, but now he does no wrong in his eyes. When he’s not watching Ohio State, he’s watching his beloved Cleveland Indians come up short and crush his heart every season. Also likely to rant about something on Twitter at least once a week during college football season.

Kade Jetland
Once killed a bear with a Chuck Norris poster.

Mike Rockstedt
Michael Rockstedt is currently studying at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an avid Buckeye fan and has been following recruiting the past 4 years. He really does not like Michigan at all and also does not root for Florida, LSU, or USC. His favorite player of all time is Beanie Wells. When he is not being a recruiting analyst, he is at the beach, studying for his classes. He is studying to be an accountant and hopes to have a good job.

Ronnie Glickman
Ronnie was born and raised in Petersburg, VA. He lived in Columbus for a little over a year and fell in love with the program, university, and the fan base around the age of 19, so around 4 years ago. Proud alumnus of Old Dominion University, but a die hard Buckeye fan through and through. Favorite memory as a Buckeye fan (so far) was being able to meet Jim Tressel in his office at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. He enjoys writing about Buckeye recruiting, X’s and O’s, and will rant about anything sports related on my Twitter page @RonnieGlickman.

Shannon Sommers
Shannon is a graduated from the school of hard knocks currently working on his PhD. Wishing he was an alum of the prestigious Ohio State he chose to join the United State Naval Seabees. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio and has been subjugated to decades of abuse and torture being a Cleveland fan and living through the dreaded Cooper era, I find each day going forward is easier to deal with since it is one day closer to seeing multiple championships for my beloved Buckeyes, Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers. I like to find myself bragging about being a cancer survivor because well I am lucky but I also like to have fun with it. Remember fellas check your boys monthly so if you find something strange get it checked out catch it early and be like me lucky. Hit me up on the twitters and we can talk sports or even politics but i’m sure you wont like what I have to say and yes I am always right just ask my wife!!!! Love being a part of Buckeye Nation and stop tweeting to recruits when they don’t pick tOSU thats creepy and hey they are afraid of hard work.

YNBA graduated from Ohio State in 1998 with degrees in Economics & Computer Science.  This means he is the “Old Man in the MotSaG Club.”  He lives out in the Seattle area and appreciates 9AM Big Tweleven football like no other.  He also tortures himself by supporting Liverpool and the Cleveland Indians.

Emeritus Bloggers

Bacon Ninja
Air Force Veteran, philanthropist, and man-about-town, Bacon Ninja is an Ohio State graduate (BA Arabic, 2005) and current MBA student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. If the occasional gratuitous F-bomb doesn’t bother you, catch up with him at Not Dead Ninja Storage.