Gee, thanks Roy!

OSU FootballHow Roy Hall (#8) ended his (and Ginn’s) Buckeye career, 14 seconds into the title game:


Image credit: Satan.


  1. are you sure that isnt Ryan Hamby in disguise

  2. Stop. It was just a freak accident. I feel pretty bad for Roy.

  3. Geez…I predicted that Ginn would take one to the house, and I said that Hall would be the senior that comes up big in the game.

    I just didn’t know that I meant Hall would come up big for the Gators……

  4. Graham – yeah, I know, it was an accident. Still stinks, though.

    I had a friend point out something interesting: the excessive celebration penalties don’t exist only for poor sportsmanship. They are also there to protect players.

    Hugs, high fives, helmet slaps, even a chest bump is cool. Not picking people up and swinging them around, tackling them. I know it was exciting and all, but they should act like this happens every day. Way cooler.

  5. The real goats were Boone and Barton

  6. im a definite gator fan but i still dont like seeing a player go down from the other team like that,even if it is in the bcs title game and it is the ohio state buckeyes star reciever

  7. Ginn could have continued to play. It was HIS decision not to play. He already had his sights on the big bucks waiting for him by going pro. And a few days later he proved us right –by declaring for the NFL draft. What a real team player! What a way to thank all the coaches and the linemen who worked their asses off for HIM! Move over Irvin you have been bested………..”Where’s the bucks?” (forget the Buckeyes)

  8. jay – the “official” line is that Ginn wanted to be out there, but the coaches wouldn’t let him.

    Then Jeff at the BBC scooped a rumor just last week that said Ginn had been playing on a broken foot all season long, and the injury was a serious risk to his future, and his father intervened to keep him out.

    I’m still angry too, but the fact is that only Ginn and Pittman showed up to play. Getting mad at Ginn, when he was the only competitor out there, and the only one of two players to get points on the board, might be a tad unfair, IMHO. Running a TD on a (possibly) broken foot should be good enough for us. He did more than what he was asked to do. Just my opinion, though.

  9. I was a neutral fan watching this game.

    My one comment is how Ohio State fans are complaining that they lost that game because Ginn got injured. Does one player let Florida go off for 41 points? I do not think that he personally could have won that game. If the game would have been close then yes his absence would have been pivotal. Otherwise, Ohio State just flat out got outplayed. End of Story

  10. I’m not saying that Ginn is the reason we lost, but lets think about what could have happened had he been in still. The Buckeyes most likely would have been able to sustain a drive and most likely florida would have had to pull a man out of the box to double on Ginn. Also, we all know what one big play can do for a game and Ginn was the big play maker!

  11. It doesnt matter what happened to Ginn, the Gators dominated on both sides of the ball the entire game. Ohio State was not going to score 42 pts on that defense regardless if Ginn was on the field or not. You might say the game wouldve been a little closer but it wouldn’t have mattered. The BIG 10 is the most overrated conference in the college football. I’m over the BIG 10 and Ohio State!

  12. Cory –

    The Big 10 finished with three teams in the top ten. Not overrated.

    The Big 10 went 4-1 against the “mighty” SEC. Not overrated.

    Florida was playing its best the night that OSU was playing its worst. Doesn’t make sense to claim that OSU was overrated, any more than it makes sense to say that Florida was underrated most of the season (which they weren’t).

    Had OSU and Florida met in October, when OSU was playing its best and Florida was at its worst, the outcome would have been just as one-sided, but in favor of OSU.

    Don’t confuse correlation with causation. Just because OSU didn’t show up to play Florida, doesn’t mean that it’s a weak team or comes from a weak conference.

    And I agree, Ginn’s injury did not affect the outcome of the game. OSU might have kept a few more drives alive, or might have gotten some decent field position in the second half (when OSU’s defense shut down the Gators offense and forced them to punt on all but one drive). But when it’s all said and done, the game was lost in the second quarter with the OSU turnovers. Ginn couldn’t have prevented those.

  13. Roy hall is Such an Idiot

  14. Lets all be honest about this … tOsu and Michigan were the best 2 teams in, at best, a bad conference. Neither team even began to keep up with their oppenents in their respective bowl games. Personally I believe the true championship game would have been played AFTER the “Championship” game and the Rose bowl between the Gators and USC. The one item that everyone may want to consider is the team that really got SCREWED was Boise State … the only team that finished their season un-defeated. It’s a shame that they aren’t even ranked number 2 in the nation when they should truly be ranked number 1…. Just a thought or two. And by the way, I do live in Big 10 country and am a Michigan fan living in hostile territory (Columbus Ohio) Just being honest about the whole thing.

  15. Ken – If the Big 10 was a “bad” conference, how come they went 3-1 against the SEC? Doesn’t that make the SEC “worse,” per your own logic?

    Also, if you watched the Rose and Title bowls, you know that OSU and UM just played flat. Not representative of how they played the rest of the season. Especially in OSU’s case.

    As we wrote months ago, it’s clear that both OSU and UM considered their own matchup to be the “true” title game. Nothing left in the tank for postseason. No hunger, no desire. USC and Fla deserved those wins for that reason alone.

    But that doesn’t mean that mediocre Boise St should get more respect than it deserves. Boise is a fine team, but not elite. Undefeated has nothing to do with it, as long as they’re filling their schedule with the likes of Joe Bob’s University & Mountain Man Pancake House. Play in a real conference, against tough teams that have similar quality and depth as you, and then we’ll see if you can make it to the title game. Playing a glorified high-school schedule, then taking a mediocre Oklahoma team into overtime after two months of preparation does not equal “the big time.” Doesn’t mean that they could have competed against Fla, OSU, USC, or UM. In fact, Boise probably would have been humiliated even worse than OSU had they played Fla.

  16. It doesnt matter what happened to Ginn, the Gators dominated on both sides of the ball the entire game. Ohio State was not going to score 42 pts on that defense regardless if Ginn was on the field or not. You might say the game wouldve been a little closer but it wouldn’t have mattered. The BIG 10 is the most overrated conference in the college football. I’m over the BIG 10 and Ohio State!

    ^ Not true, I’m not saying that ted ginn could have made OSU win, but i think he could’ve made the game a whole lot closer..

    he opens things up for the offense in many, many ways..

    for an example, look at ohio state’s basketball team, when you have Greg Oden playing, his presence just opens up the offense for open shots, and it scares the other team to go inside..

    In football, with ginn on the field, he’s our deep threat (IMO gonzales isn’t great on deep routes) it would take pressure off of troy, and it would open up things for other recievers…

    It would have been a different game, BUT it doesn’t matter, i give props to florida for outplaying ohio state..

    Now lets go OSU’s bball team, win a national tite 🙂

  17. I’m not saying ted ginn is 7 foot 280 pounds..

    i’m saying his speed just gives him a presence, and the defense better know where he is

  18. How could Roy possibly think it’s a good idea to tackle your own teammate from behind and pull him down with all of your weight. That is the most stupid thing I could ever imagine. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize you might hurt the guy if you do this.

    Thanks, Roy, for ruining the championship game for us. Did you kick Greg Oden in the knees after one of his dunks also?

  19. none of you know why we lost the game. My uncle knows someone in the coaching staff and he said that a bunch of players got drunk and stayed up way past curfue so the next day (game day) Tressel said that if they think that it is more important to get drunk and party then they can just figure out the game themselves and he won’t make any adjustments. So that explains why every play was a 15 step drop and troy got sacked just about every play.

  20. Kevin –


  21. Kevin – I am a student at tOSU currently, and one of my better friends is a manager for the football team. I heard almost the exact same sentiment, that the team was off goofing around the night before such a huge game. I think that what was supposedly done by Tressel is par with his belief system of the Block “O” of Life.

    I am not trying to propel this myth, as I cannot personally vouch for Tressel’s actions, it just seems realistic as the game plan was very suspect for Jim Tressel.

    Troy was a hell of a signal-caller, but he is no coach yet.

    While all of this contributed to the loss, I still see the biggest factor that Florida played well that night, which is to be expected, because Florida was a good team.

  22. Something bad happened, agreed?

    Is Roy Hall to blame? No.

    He is just a college athlete, great team player if I might add, who got excited over a huge play in a championship game. How would you react?

    I love Ohio State and always will, even when they do play extremely flat.

    Woot Go Bucks in ’07!


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