Ignore Hoke

He’s outta there! Brady Hoke is out as Michigan’s Head Football Coach:

Brady Hoke’s tenure at Michigan has been terminated, finally. The school’s interim AD Jim Hackett opted to move in a different direction. The decision, a fait accompli for quite a few weeks, surprised no one.

Back a couple years ago, a popular App had everyone playing Pictionary 2.0, called Draw Something.

ignorehoke_2I played quite a few rounds with my fellow MotSaG’er (and much better artist than me) Jason. The game started out innocently enough, each of us drawing something for words like butterfly and totem pole. Then Jason started adding a little flair to his posts:

Around this same time, there was another guy adding some “flair” to some of the things he was drawing. His instructions to his friend were to “ignore Hitler”. He then collected them in a Tumblr called (appropriately enough) “Ignore Hitler“. I told Jason I was saving his pictures and I was going to start a Tumblr called “Ignore Hoke”. We had a good laugh, and because I’m a lazy bum, I half-assed it and saved a bunch of his pictures but never actually followed through and started that Tumblr. Yet another quality opportunity to troll gone by.

I see those pictures on my phone all the time and I have a pang of guilt because that window of timeliness has come and go. But I’ve held on to the pictures nonetheless because they bring me joy.

And now, in honor of Brady Hoke’s firing, I FINALLY have a reason to share them here.

So, in the immortal words of Jason, IGNORE HOKE (click to behold the Hokeness in all its glory):

ignorehoke_12 ignorehoke_1

ignorehoke_13 ignorehoke_11

ignorehoke_10 ignorehoke_9

ignorehoke_8 ignorehoke_7

ignorehoke_6 ignorehoke_3

ignorehoke_4 ignorehoke_5

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