Sad day for Ohio State fans (UPDATED)

Reports out of Ann Arbor have the one and only Rich Rod being fired. Reports also say Jim Harbaugh isnt interested in replacing him but you never know. The only thing I know for sure is I will miss him dearly as the coach who never beat OSU.

Who do you think David Brandon will hire to replace such an awesome football coach? Do you believe Harbaugh isnt really interested? Does it matter who the next coach is after all scUM is well scUM?

UPDATE: el Kaiser here. In the spirit of complete coverage, there hasn’t been any final pronouncements by the Michigan AD Dave Brandon regarding Rich Rodriguez’s future.


  1. I’m sad. I need to listen to some Josh Grobin.

  2. I don’t think is bad news, the big ten and OSU need Michigan to get better and richrod was not going to get that done.

  3. So, where does DRob transfer to?

  4. Auburn 😉

  5. Well played, SYR.


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