Always bet on Beanie

FootballAccording to The Trenches blog over at Sporting News, Vegas is giving Chris “Beanie” Wells 7-2 odds for finishing as NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the year this season. Those odds are second to only Knowshon Moreno, who they’re pegging at 5-2. Pretty good company, there.

Chris "Beanie" Wells Stiff Arm MSU

I’m not sure how the Cardinals plan on using Beanie, but we will be rooting for the Stiff Arm of Justice, wherever it goes. But with Knowshon playing in Denver’s system, he may have the upper hand. Both should have good rookie seasons as both are great backs, but I still maintain that even if Moreno did it first, Beanie did it better.


  1. buckeyebrowny919 says

    All hail the SAoJ

  2. First, let me say it’s nice to see the post coming out more frequently. That can only mean one thing…the season is right around the corner!!!

    Now, Moreno is in a good “system” so his chances are good to be ROY, but McD’s system isn’t Denver’s typical system. Plus they have a new QB and a WR who isn’t happy, and might get traded. Don’t get me started about the D either. They will be playing catch up all year and I don’t see running too much when your down by 14 or 21. So with that said…

    IF(BIG IF) the Cards use Beanie like they should(pounding up the middle and stiff arming DL’s and LB’s all over the field), he will win. The are coming off the Super Bowl! What were they missing? A consistent running game, and in comes Beanie. I was pretty surprised to see him taken so low in the draft, but for his sake, it was a blessing! We can only hope he stays healthy. Again, good to see you guys back to the regular posting!

  3. John Moriarty says

    Beanie is a great talent and was a great Buckeye no doubt. Imagine what the team’s record would have been over the past two seasons without him. But unfortunately I don’t think his NFL career will be as long and successful as we all wish it would be. Bottom line is that he is just too injury prone. He got injured on the first day of camp in Arizona. The first day! I wonder how that affected the 7-2 odds. The NFL season is much longer and the hitting is much harder than in college. Good luck Beanie and the rest of the Buckeyes in The League.


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