Buckeye Commits & Targets In The New 2016 Rivals 250

Here is how all of the Buckeye Commits and Targets fared in the newest recruiting website rankings list. The Rivals 250 is out for 2016 and there are lots of names to list so bare with me…


George Hill- #128
Tyler Gerald- #212


Nate Craig- #1
Rashaun Gary- #8
Malik Henry- #9
Keion Joyner- #13
Tommy Kraemer- #20
Shane Simmons- #25
Jake Hausmann- #33
Ben Bredeson- #36
Nick Bosa- #46
Cameron Chambers- #48
DeMario McCall- #57
Dwayne Haskins- #62
Jarrett Guarantano- #85
Brendan Ferns- #102
Binjimen Victor- #115
Elijah Holyfield- #130
Malik Barrow- #138
Justin Layne- #146
Michael Onwenu- #147
Luke Farrell- #165
Austin Mack- #170
Steven Smothers- #201
Prince Sammons- #205
Robert Washington- #213
Lavert Hill- #222
Ethan Tucky- #241
Patrice Rene- #248

Other B1G Commits

Miles Sanders- #48 PSU
Erik Swenson- #70 UM
Messiah DeWeaver- #210 UM

Lucky Number 13 is….

Well as we told you all week there would be some real excitement at Friday Night Lights the annual recruiting camp put on by OSU to showcase everything OSU has to offer. There has never been an actual commitment at this event in its history but that all ended tonight when Olathe, Kansas 3 star TE Josh Moore committed to play for the Buckeyes in 2015.

Josh Moore is a 6’5″ 250 lbs Tight End who brings a lot of athleticism to the position and fills a real hole for OSU. After missing on many of the TEs they coveted this year Josh took his time and waited for this event to showcase to the staff what he can bring. He may not be the only TE to commit from this event as CJ Conrad the UK commit is still there working out and trying to earn his offer.

Darnay Holmes is one of the best for 2017

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Darnay Holmes is already beginning to get the attention of some of the top programs across the country.  Holmes, a 5-11 Athlete, from Newbury Park, California, holds offers from some of the top programs in the nation.  His offers include, Arizona, California, Clemson, Tennessee, Louisville, and Ohio State.  Holmes has always been an Ohio State fan and some of his favorite players growing up were Terrelle Pryor and Ted Ginn Jr.  Holmes explains why he has such a strong interest in Ohio State and even credits his favorite players for that.

Holmes always was a fan of Ohio State

“I was always an Ohio State fan, but I really loved Ted Ginn and Terrelle Pryor,” Holmes said of why he loves Ohio State.¬†“They were two of my favorite players in football. ¬†I love that Ohio State is always in the national title contention and always competing for big bowl games. ¬†I also really like Coach Coombs. ¬†He puts a lot of players in the NFL, especially Bradley Roby. ¬†I like coach Coombs a lot. ”

Holmes and coach Coombs have begun to build a strong relationship. ¬†He respects Coombs a lot and was very excited to meet him and all the other coaches on his visit in¬†April. ¬†“I got to check out a practice and some of the facilities,” Holmes said of his visit. ¬†” The facilities and practices were really neat. ¬†The coaches and athletes at Ohio State have such a good relationship. ¬†They all compete with each other, but they love each other also. ¬†The visit was really cool.” ¬†Holmes said the best part of the trip was just being around the relationship the coaches and players have.

Darnay Holmes was also a part of the Freshman All American team for MaxPreps.com, for the 2013 season, an award he said he was very honored by. ¬†As for where he wants to play college football, he knows he does not have to travel very far if he wants to play for some of the best programs in the country as USC and UCLA are in his own backyard. But he told me that he is going to go wherever he feels is the best fit for him. ¬†He understands that Ohio State is a hike, but if they are the best fit, then that is where he is going to go. ¬†When he is not training for football, he likes to be with friends and family, and just be a normal teenager. ¬†He enjoys the attention he is getting but at the same time, he wants to be a regular person, just like his friends. ¬†I asked Holmes what he would like to say to Buckeyenation, he responded with, “Go Bucks! O-H!” ¬†Darnay is one of the best players in the nation for his class and is going to be very successful.



Trevon Grimes Hopes to Earn Offer at FNL

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St. Thomas Aquinas is one of the best high schools for high school football in the country.  Year in and year out, they produce top teams, while also sending players to Division I programs all across the country.  Ohio State has dipped into the talent at St. Thomas Aquinas, most recently with Joey Bosa.  Class of 2017 star  Trevon Grimes hopes to be the next great player from the school to translate his game to the next level.  Grimes, a 6-3 wide receiver, is only a rising sophomore but already holds offers from some of the top programs nationally.  He has offers from Tennessee, Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, LSU, UCF, and Syracuse.  While he holds those offers, one offer he really wants is from Ohio State.

Trevon Grimes Really Wants an offer from Ohio State

“I grew up watching them,” Grimes said of why he has a strong interest in Ohio State. ¬†“I have family in Cincinnati and now If I have an opportunity to go there, I really would like to. ¬†If they were to offer me, they would probably be my leader.”

Grimes has not been to Ohio State, but he is going to Columbus this weekend with his team to compete at Friday Night Lights. ¬†He is very excited to compete and prove to the coaches that he deserves an offer. ¬†He is also hoping to check out some of the things that Ohio State and the coaches, have to offer. ¬†“I cannot wait to get to Columbus and check everything out,” Grimes said of his upcoming visit. ¬†“I am also excited to get some advice from the coaches, and get better at the game.” ¬†This is a perfect chance for him to show his skills on the football field in front of Urban Meyer and staff. ¬†If Grimes performs well enough at the camp, I think he could earn an offer.

There are many players on the team that are going through the same recruiting process right now as Grimes and it definitely helps him with his process. ¬†He told me that some of the older guys have given him some good advice for both the process and football in general. ¬†Sam Bruce, who recently committed to Miami (FL), has given him the best advice telling him, “Stay humble, and never be satisfied.” ¬†This is making the process for Grimes a lot easier by having such good role models. ¬†Trevon enjoys working out for football and getting ready for the season. ¬†He and his team are focused on a state championship this upcoming season and he should to be a huge impact on the talented team. ¬†I asked Grimes what he would like to say to Buckeye fans and he told me, “I am¬†glad to be apart of the legacy ! And hope to gain many more Buckeye fans! Go BUCKEYES !” ¬†He is very excited for Friday Night Lights and I think he could earn an offer. ¬†They are going to be the leader if they offer him.


Jared Mayden Previews Visit for Friday Night Lights

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Texas is one of the richest states in terms of high school football talent.  The movie, Friday Night Lights, is based in Texas.  They compromise a good percentage of a lot of recruiting rankings and that does not change with class of 2016 cornerback Jared Mayden.  Mayden, a 6-0 cornerback from Texas, has offers from all of the top programs around the country.  His list includes the likes of Baylor, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M, and Ohio State.  Mayden was offered by Ohio State on June 26th and is being heavily recruited by Coach Ash.  He has a strong interest in Ohio State for a number of reasons, one of them being the success the program has had under Urban Meyer.

Jared Mayden Really Likes Ohio State

“I love how the program is doing and the continued success they have there,” Mayden said of why he is very interested. ¬†“They have such a strong tradition. ¬†They win a lot of bowl games and they also send a lot of defensive backs into the NFL.” Mayden is visiting for Friday Night Lights this Friday and is really excited about it. ¬†He has not been to Ohio State and is excited to meet all of the coaches in person. ¬†“I cannot wait to get to Columbus,” he said of his upcoming visit. ¬†“I am excited to meet the coaches in person and to improve my game with them. ¬†I hope I have the chance to check out the campus and facilities while I am there also. I am very excited to go on this visit.” ¬†Chris Ash is his main recruiter and the two are starting to build a strong relationship. ¬†He told me that he and Ash talk quite a bit and he is excited to meet him in person. ¬†Tom Herman usually covers Texas when it comes to recruiting but I am guessing that because Ash is the position coach, Urban told him to get his guys on the field.

All of the big Texas schools have offered Mayden except for Texas Tech, so he does not have to travel far if he wishes to play college football. ¬†I asked him whether or not there was any pressure or necessity¬†to stay in Texas for football and he told me that he is going to go wherever he feels is the best fit for him. ¬†He is open to everyone recruiting him and pretty soon he is going to have offers from everyone across the country. ¬†When he is not training for football, odds are he is sharpening his guitar and piano skills. ¬†We were joking around that if football does not work out, he could start a band.¬† I asked him what he would like to say to Buckeyenation and he answered, “I am excited to visit Ohio State!” ¬†Jared is one of the best cornerbacks in the 2016 class. ¬†I am interested to talk with Jared after his visit to Ohio State and I think with a good visit, they could become a serious contender for his services.


MotSaG Chat with Kieffer Longson

3star_recruit_iconCoach Meyer and Ohio State have proven over and over they will go anywhere in the country to find talent that can succeed at OSU. Offensive Line is always an area of need and the 2015 class is no different. There is however one 2015 OLman who is a little different than most of the guys OSU is recruiting. You see Kieffer Longson is LDS (Mormon) and recently he named OSU in his top 6 schools. But you see even if he does pick OSU he won’t be enrolling at OSU for at least 2 years as he goes to serve a mission for his church. The beauty of this is OSU has a chance to grab a kid who is very talented but it would not count against the 2015 class size.

Let’s get to know Kieffer who is a 6’7″ 290 lbs 3 star OG from San Ramon, California. See I told you Coach Meyer will go anywhere to find talent. I sat down with the young man and got to know him and we talked about all of the schools he is currently leaning towards.

I will let you decide which guy is Kieffer.

I will let you decide which guy is Kieffer.

I asked Kieffer about serving a mission and whether or not it would affect his standing with any of the schools he currently favors he said… “All 6 of my Top 6 schools have experience dealing with LDS kids and have no problem with me going on a mission.”. When you think about LDS kids most people instantly think about BYU and Utah so I asked him about growing up in the church and which way his family leaned in the Holy War he said… “Haha my family is happy whatever school I go to. They are not really a fan of either school but my dad went to BYU and UCLA so he is more of a Cougar fan but wants what is best for me.”. You see for any member of the LDS church you almost have to choose a side in the Holy War and while Kieffer didn’t come out and say it my guess is his family would chose BYU.

We talked about why of all the schools he is currently favoring Ohio State is the only one east of the Rocky Mountains and his answer was pretty telling… ” I really like the coaches and the place! It is a great way to get to the NFL. They put 4 guys in the NFL this year and I’d love to maybe be apart of the program.”. Kieffer visited OSU about a month ago and loved it and said… “I might take an official visit soon too.”.

When foes he believe he will commit? He does not have a firm commitment date yet but he said… “The Sooner the better but at the same time I want to make sure I choose the best school for me.”. He would like Buckeye Nation to know that he is… “Very interested in OSU and that I’m looking for the best way yo get to the NFL while getting an education.”. At this point he says “Everyone is even” and he has no favorites but it is great for OSU that he has visited and is considering an official visit. If Coach Meyer can get him back on campus I have no doubt he can’t close the deal and land this talented kid.

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Quick Hitter: Van Jefferson Visit Recap

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I was able to talk to Van Jefferson’s Head Coach at Ravenwood High School Coach Hester and he was able to share a few things about the visit after he spoke with the Jeffersons.

  • It was a great visit and all of the Jeffersons enjoyed themselves.¬† They were there for 24 hours
  • They got to spend most of the time with Urban Meyer one on one.
  • The negative things out there about Urban Meyer and the system¬†were a concern to the Jeffersons,¬†but they have all been answered on this visit and by the visits in Spring Ball.
  • Urban Meyer has taken over his recruitment, very good news for all involved, and is important to the Jeffersons.
  • He told me that this visit reassured Van WHY Ohio State is one of his favorites.
  • Coach Trakas used to coach at Ravenwood, now he is a coach at Ohio State as a QB intern.
  • We talked a little bit about Urban’s “system” and he told me that all those questions have been answered.
  • Van is still planning on visiting UGA next weekend.


Which Top 2015 WR is Hoping to Earn an Offer at FNL?

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Lawrence Cager grew up rooting Ohio State.¬† The 6-5, 210 pound receiver from Maryland, was a huge fan of Troy Smith and he is one of the main reasons why he is a Buckeye fan. ¬†He also liked the USC Trojan teams of the 2000′s, and what is not to like? They won almost every game during that era and were the most dominant team during that time. Cager is one of the best receivers in the nation and might be playing for one of those teams in the future. ¬†He is rated by 247sports as the #151 player in the nation, which he says is a huge honor but he is not satisfied with that. ¬†Cager is working to be the best. ¬†Last week, Cager was able to showcase his talents on national television at The Opening at Nike’s headquarters.

Lawrence Cager Loves Ohio State

“The Opening was a lot of fun,” Cager said of the event. ¬†“The best of the best was there playing against each other and competing. ¬†I thought that I performed very well against the competition. ¬†Overall, it was a lot of fun to be there.”

Cager is hoping to take the things he learned at The Opening and showcase them at Ohio State’s Friday Night Lights. ¬†He is hoping that with a solid performance, he could get an offer from Ohio State. ¬†It is the offer that he wants the most. ¬†He loves everything about Ohio State. ¬†He talked to me a little bit about why he is so intrigued by Ohio State. ¬†“I grew up rooting for Ohio State,” said Cager of why he likes Ohio State. ¬†“I loved Troy Smith, he was my favorite player. ¬†I also really like Coach Zach Smith, Larry Johnson, and Urban Meyer. ¬†All of them are great guys. ¬†Urban Meyer always has a winning program and I love that.”

Before he receives an offer, he knows that he needs to perform well in front of the coaches. ¬†He is very eager at the chance to do that and is getting ready for the camp. ¬†He told me that he can’t wait to compete at the camp and prove to the coaches that he is a great receiver. ¬†He recently took a trip to Alabama and camped there, and he feels that they are close to offering also. ¬†Alabama is another offer that he really wants.¬† He is hoping for the same at Ohio State Friday Night Lights. ¬†Ohio State is at the top for Cager and he has made no secret about it. ¬†I asked Cager what he would like to say to Buckeye nation and he told them, “Watch out for me! I am going to ball out at FNL, and if I play at Ohio State, I am going to make a huge impact.” ¬†Cager should get an offer after the camp.


Neville Gallimore Brings Canadian Flavor to The Opening

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The Opening, held each year at Nike’s headquarters in Oregon,¬†is a prestigious event held for the best of the best in high school football. ¬†Neville Gallimore, with his participation, became the first Canadian prospect to play in the event. ¬†Gallimore, as we all know, dominated the Columbus NFTC and as a result, was invited to this all star challenge. ¬†He is not only showing off his skills for himself, but wants to prove to people that Canada has a lot of talent, just like the United States. ¬†The Opening was his chance to show the nation why Canada deserves a fair shot at gaining credibility for football. ¬†Gallimore, of course, did not disappoint, and he was able to enjoy every moment of it.

Gallimore is a huge prospect.

“Everything from the plane ride to chilling in the hotel room was awesome!” Gallimore said of the event. ¬†“Everything about The Opening was great and I had a lot of fun.”

Gallimore’s roommate was non-other than Ohio State’s very own Jashon Cornell. ¬†Of course, this is a time to enjoy but Cornell was recruiting him here and there. ¬†He told me that he got to spend some time with both Cornell and Justin Hilliard, and not all of the conversations were about football. ¬†They have truly built a good relationship off the field as well and it has helped Ohio State’s chances for landing the big target. ¬†Gallimore talked a little bit about how their friendship helped Ohio State.

“It’d be awesome for all of us to play together,” Gallimore said of his new friends. ¬†“It definitely helped the chances with Ohio State because it shows the type of players they recruit. ¬†Justin and Jashon are great guys and it kind of shows the team that Ohio State wants. ¬†They are guys I would love to play with.”

As for the rest of the summer, Gallimore is unsure of what visits he is going on, but is hoping to come to Ohio State for Friday Night Lights.  He has just been invited to and accepted an invite to the Army All American Game and is very excited for that.  Gallimore is still pretty open in his recruitment and is enjoying everything about it.  I like Gallimore a lot as he is very humble and talented.

Could Donovan Peoples Jones Be the Next Michigan Star at OSU

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Michigan was good to Ohio State in the 2014 recruiting class.  Ohio State landed one of the best corner backs in the nation in Damon Webb from Cass Tech in Michigan.  Ohio State is hoping to continue that trend with class of 2017 WR Donovan Peoples Jones.  Jones already has a couple of offers from North Carolina, NC State, Ohio State and Miami and  other schools have been showing interest such as Michigan, Michigan State, Tennessee, and Penn State.  Ohio State has really been recruiting him hard he tells me and he is very interested in Ohio State.

Donovan Peoples Jones already has an Ohio State offer.

“They have a great program all around,” Jones said of why he likes Ohio State. ¬†“They have a great tradition and I have a good relationship with all of the coaches. ¬†I also want to major in a medicine field and I love the medicine school at Ohio State.”

Jones told me that he knows he wants to study medicine but is not sure which specific part of medicine. ¬†The medicine school has a big appeal to Jones and it shows how much effort he puts into academics by considering the academic side of things. ¬†He has been to Ohio State before and got a chance to get a better feel for the overall feel in Columbus. ¬†He got to check out the facilities and be in on the position meetings. ¬†He had many good things to say about Ohio State’s facilities. ¬†“The indoor field was pretty nice,” Jones said of the facilities. ¬†“The weight room was also state-of-the-art.”

As for the rest of the Summer, he is going to camps at Tennessee, Penn State, and Ohio State for Friday Night Lights. ¬†He has been busy this summer with camps and visits to many different schools across the nation. ¬†I asked him what Damon Webb has told him about the recruiting process and Damon has been talking to him a lot. ¬†“Damon is telling me to keep working hard and that if I continue everything is going to fall into place.” ¬†Donovan is very excited for the season. ¬†His recruitment is just getting started and I think he is going to get more and more offers. ¬†He already has an impressive offer list but it is only going to get bigger. ¬†It can only help that Damon Webb is at Ohio State for Jones’ recruitment as I am sure Damon Webb is going to try and bring him here. ¬†Jones is very talented and he going to be one of the top WR’s in the nation for the 2017 class. ¬†He is a recruit that every recruiting ¬†fan should follow.

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