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Class of 2017 Star Corey Malone-Hatcher Recaps FNL

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The coaching staff at Ohio State has been recruiting the state of Michigan strongly since taking over.  Ohio State is hoping to keep that going with class of 2017 star defensive end Corey Malone-Hatcher.  Malone-Hatcher a 6-3, linemen, does not hold any offers but has been gaining some strong interest from the likes of Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Alabama.  Although Malone-Hatcher does not hold any offers, the accolades are already rolling in for the star linemen.  He was a part of the freshman all-american second team and hopes to build upon the success from last season.  He has been following Ohio State for a while now and has a strong interest to come here.

Corey Malone-Hatcher loves Coach Johnson.

“Any team that goes 24-0 over two season span, is definitely a real good team,” Malone-Hatcher said of the reasons he loves Ohio State.  “I have been following them closely for a couple of years now and I think it’s a great program.  I was at the Michigan  for the Ohio State versus Michigan game and they just looked physically dominate.  I really have a strong interest in them.”

Ohio State has always been on his radar and being from Michigan you know a lot about the rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State.  He recently visited for Ohio State for Friday Night Lights and was able to compete and get a feel for the atmosphere.  He felt that the camp helped him gain a better understanding of the game.  “I participated in the camp and the competition was good,” Malone-Hatcher said of the camp. “It was good going against the older guys and I think the coaches were impressed with how explosive I was.  I also loved learning from Coach Johnson.  He is passionate about his work and I loved that.”  Coach Johnson is paying huge dividends on the recruiting trail with his reputation.

Corey Malone-Hatcher still has a long way to go until his recruitment is over, but he knows that Ohio State has been showing him a lot of love.  He told me that Ohio State is definitely in his top group of schools, most likely his top 5 list.  He is just beginning the recruiting process, but the offers are going to be rolling in.  He took a trip to Michigan yesterday for the BBQ and his father told me that everything went well on the visit to Ann Arbor.  When he is not playing football, he enjoys relaxing with friends.  I asked him what he would like to say to Buckeyenation and he responded with, “I love the atmosphere in Columbus! I definitely can picture myself playing under those lights!”  I like where Ohio State has put themselves in his recruiting process. I think Larry Johnson is going to be a big factor in his recruitment.  His dad and him both really like Coach Johnson a lot and thing he is a great coach.



Three Yards and a Cloud of Links

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IT’S MILLER TIME: Bill Rabinowitz of The Columbus Dispatch has a great article on the senior leader of the Buckeyes, Braxton Miller. There’s lots of great stuff here, so you definitely should read the whole thing, but here a couple pieces I particularly enjoyed. The first was Braxton’s hesitancy in telling the new coaching staff about his new born son, Landon. There was only one person he trusted enough to tell the news:

In fact, the only one he confided in was his roommate, fellow quarterback Kenny Guiton, who also became a father two months after Miller.

There were times during last season when people wondered out loud if Kenny G should be starting instead of Miller, who had some ups and downs. In our own minds we had built up this rivalry, but there clearly was a relationship not everyone was privy to.

I also enjoy his candidness when asked about having the Heisman Trophy as a goal:

“If I just play my game, play smart and play within myself, a lot of good things will happen,” he said. “If we do what we’re supposed to do on offense and defense and score a lot of points and be Big Ten champions and get to the national (playoff), I would really love to accept that Heisman award.”

A great read about a great kid.

BUCK NAKED: Late last week it was announced that Jonathan Waters, the Ohio State Marching Band director was fired after an exhaustive investigation was done and found a troubling “”sexualized” culture of the band”. You can read all about the investigation here and a lot of the fallout here.

If you were on Twitter when the new broke, I’m sure you saw much of the reaction that trended toward Ohio State acting too harshly. You can read the investigation and come to your own conclusion. I’ve certainly come to mine.

I think what bothered me the most about this situation was the number of hot takes that basically blew this off as “things college kids do”. While that may be entirely true, why is that excuse valid? Why can’t we demand that “college kids” be better? And aren’t people like Dr. Waters tasked with teaching them that they should be better? I know there is going to be a lot of this kind of thing happening, but I guess I’d rather see things like this not be swept aside with another shrug of the shoulders and “kids will be kids” excuse. Maybe I’m getting to be an old fuddy-duddy, but that’s just me.

(I have to give a h/t to future MotSaG’er Frenchie on that title)

B1G! B1G!: The B1G Media Days kick off tomorrow in Chicago, which will be the first real chance the media has to get access to the football coaches, and Ari Wasserman has a few questions that Urban Meyer might have to answer. Dave Biddle has a five storylines for the Buckeyes going in to B1G Media Days, as well. What are a few questions you’d ask Coach Meyer, given the opportunity?

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS (AND CARLOS HYDE KNOCKS OPPORTUNITY DOWN): With San Francisco’s running backs dropping like flies to injuries, it looks like Carlos Hyde is going to get some early chances to show off what he’s got:

“El Guapo” is a “throwback runner” – he knows the shortest distance between A and B is a straight line, often running over his opposition en route to a big gain. Times have changed and football has evolved into a passing game, eliminating the need to draft running backs early in the first round. Hyde slipped to the 49ers at #57, and when considering recent injuries to the backfield, it’s starting to look like one of the best picks in the draft.

#23 IT IS:

23 it is! It's only right I go back. 2·3=6  We still family 6. #HomeTeam #StriveForGreatness

ETC: It looks like Kyle Trout will probably redshirt this season. Get to know Mrs. Urban Meyer.

FNL Recap

It was another very successful Friday Night Lights event for Urban Meyer and the staff.  They were able to secure two commitments from Josh Moore and Josh Alabi, both are members of the 2015 class.  They are both huge pieces of this class as Josh Moore gives Ohio State the coveted tight end they so desperately wanted.  Josh Alabi plays both sides of the ball as a guard and a defensive linemen so it is going to be interesting how his career develops. I think he is  going to be a good player on either side of the ball but people think he is a good defensive linemen. Here are some updates from other prospects at the camp. I am going to update this as more recruits get back to me.

Lawrence Cager


Lawrence Cager- WR- Towson, Maryland
-Got an offer from Ohio State at the camp
-Ohio State is the Leader.
-Favorite part was reuniting with Torrance Gibson and completing some routes
-Said it was amazing that a lot of fans knew who he was and wanted to take pictures with him

Torrance Gibson-QB- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
-Ohio State is the leader
-He is not changing his list anymore
-Wanted to keep list the same
-Is making this decision for HIM, not anyone else
-On why he likes Ohio State: “Urban Meyer has proof & he develops QB’s into Heisman trophy winners and the system fits me.”


Austin Mack- WR-Fort Wayne, Indiana
-Told me that he thought he performed very well today
-Speaking with Coach Meyer one on one was the best part of the day
-Loved the fans being there and their O-H! Chant.
-Told me, “It does not get much better than Ohio State.”
-Attending the Ohio State vs. Michigan game, and another game TBD.

Elijah Holyfield-RB-Atlanta, Georgia
-He did not camp but spent a lot of time with Coach Drayton
-Coach Drayton told him to keep working and they talked about coming for a game
-The best part was getting to talk to the players
-Ezekiel Elliott came and talked with him about playing for Ohio State
-He thought that was awesome, that a big player in Elliot came and talked to him

Binjimen Victor- WR- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
-Had a lot of fun and called it a great experience
-He thought that he performed well
-He loved competing in the one on ones

Jared Mayden- CB- Sachse, Texas
-Did not think he performed well to his standards
-Enjoyed everything about the visit
-Really enjoyed the campus and the participants at the camp
-OSU is near the top now
-Overall a good experience!

Luke Farrell-TE-Perry, Ohio
-His favorite part was the one on one and thought he did very well
-Coach Hinton and him were able to talk for a while and Hinton told him how much he wanted to be a Buckeye
-Told me Ohio State is the leader
-Hopes to decide during his Junior Season

Jake Hausmann-TE- Cincinnati, Ohio
-Did not participate but was able to talk to commits and other recruits
-Loved talking with Nick Conner, Justin Hilliard, and Jashon Cornell
-Got to talk with Tyler Gerald also, and told me he is someone he wants to play with
-Loves Ohio State and Notre Dame and a few others but those two are the two that are serious contenders
-Hopes to decide before senior season

DJ Turner-WR/DB-Hyattsville, Maryland
-Best camp that he has been to
-Enjoyed all of the presentations and videos
-Has Ohio State in top 3
-Teammate of OSU commit Tyler Green



Donovan Peoples Jones-WR-Detroit, Michigan
-Did not participate at the camp
-Told me the feeling of being out there on the field was amazing!
-The intensity of the 1 one 1 battles was his favorite part

Trevon Grimes- WR- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
-”The camp was Great!”
-Favorite part was learning the techniques from the coaches
-Overall a great experience

Danny Clark-QB-Massillon, Ohio (Ohio State Commit)
-Loved everything about the camp
-Loved every second of the atmosphere
-The people and enthusiasm of those people he competed with was awesome
-Some really good receivers to throw to.

Bruce Judson- ATH- Cocoa, Florida
-Loved Everything about the camp and visit
-Played QB and WR
-Staff loves his abilities at WR
-Ohio State is his leader!

Juwan Armstrong- WR- Cocoa, Florida
-Great experience
-Best camp that he has been to
-Loved competing

Corey Malone-Hatcher- DE- St. Joseph, Michigan
-He loves competing against the competition
-It was neat for him going against the older guys of the camp
-Learned a lot from the coaches and he coaches loved how explosive he is
-The best part for him was being coached by Coach Johnson
-Ohio State is in his top 5

Josh Myers-OT-Miamisburg, Ohio
-Told me the camp was a lot of fun and it was good going against top competition
-Getting coached by Coach Warriner was his favorite part
-Learned a lot from the coaches that he can use for practice
-More people showed up then he thought would in the crowd
-He told me overall the atmosphere and camp were great

Friday Night Light Commitments Continue

Earlier we told you all about Josh Moore committing to Ohio State. Also it was the first ever live commitment to OSU during the annual Friday Night Lights camp. Less than 2 hours later and OSU has their 2nd commitment of the night. This one came as a shock to most but if you follow recruiting at all OSU has been putting in work to break up the pipeline of Cass Tech kids in Detroit going to Michigan. Last year they STOLE Damon Webb and tonight they took another Cass Tech Stud…

Joshua Alabi is a 6’5″ 270 lbs 3 star DL/OL from Detroit, Michigan. He is a huge kid with a lot of upside. He can play pretty much any position on the Defensive Line and Offensive Line. He brings a real toughness to the class and will help keep the pipeline going to Ohio State that is loaded with talent.

Lucky Number 13 is….

Well as we told you all week there would be some real excitement at Friday Night Lights the annual recruiting camp put on by OSU to showcase everything OSU has to offer. There has never been an actual commitment at this event in its history but that all ended tonight when Olathe, Kansas 3 star TE Josh Moore committed to play for the Buckeyes in 2015.

Josh Moore is a 6’5″ 250 lbs Tight End who brings a lot of athleticism to the position and fills a real hole for OSU. After missing on many of the TEs they coveted this year Josh took his time and waited for this event to showcase to the staff what he can bring. He may not be the only TE to commit from this event as CJ Conrad the UK commit is still there working out and trying to earn his offer.

FNL Primer

Urban Meyer has brought many great things with him from Florida and this may be his best.  Friday Night Lights is a camp for the best of the best who hope to play for, or be recruited by Ohio State.  The past two Friday Night Lights have been a huge success, as some of the best talents travel from all around to be there.  This year is not going to be any different.  The lineup for this years event is stacked with some of the top talent from Florida, Ohio, Texas, and anywhere else around the country.  I am going to get you ready with three recruits I think you should follow closely at the event, from the 2015 class.  One of them has an offer and I think the other two are going to earn an offer today.

Is Torrance Gibson and Ohio State actually going to work out?

Torrance Gibson- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Torrance Gibson is actually on the Ohio State campus right now.  This is huge for both Gibson and Ohio State.  Gibson has told people that he has not talked with Ohio State in a while, but that all seemed to change now with his visit taking place for FNL.  He has tried to make it to Ohio State before but had issues getting there and was not able to make it.  Gibson was very excited when I spoke with him the other day, about the visit to Columbus.  He told me that if the visit goes well, they would move up into the top three along with Auburn and UT.  I think that Ohio State has a really good shot with Gibson and I think this is going to help a lot.  If Gibson is blown away on his visit, I wouldn’t be surprised if we became the favorites again.  He is very adamant about playing quarterback at the next level, but even with Joe Burrow in the fold already, I think Gibson brings a whole different aspect to the offense.  His recruitment is going to be exciting to follow.

C.J. Conrad- Lagrange, Ohio (Kentucky Commit)

Here we are again with C.J. Conrad.  News broke that he was going to be camping at Ohio State today, and it may or may not come as a surprise to many.  He has made it no secret that Ohio State was his love growing up in Ohio.  He did not earn an offer from Ohio State after multiple camps, etc, and then committed to Kentucky.  Ohio State really wanted him to camp and he was reluctant to do so, because of his Kentucky spot.  He has thus decided to camp today and I think he is going to earn an offer.  I think if/when he earns an offer, he is going to flip his committment not much after.  I think he is going to earn it today at camp and could be an Ohio State commit by the beginning of next week.  This just shows how much he really wants to be a Buckeye.  I think he gets offered and commits soon after.

Lawrence Cager- Towson, Maryland

Lawrence Cager is one of my favorite WR targets in this class.  He has recently received offers from Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia Tech, and Alabama.  I think today he is going to earn an offer from Ohio State at the Friday Night Lights camp.  He is the type of receiver that Urban Meyer wants for the vertical passing game, as he stands 6-5.  He has been showing out at recent camps and even The Opening.  He is very open about how much he loves Ohio State and they are his favorite.  This is an offer he wants more than any other.  He has told me before that he wouldn’t commit on the spot, but might commit soon after the offer.  I think Cager is going to get an offer today, then commit soon after.  If he does not get an offer tonight, I think he could get one shortly and commit soon after that.


There’s a Great Chance Cedrick Wright Chooses Ohio State

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Earlier this week, I did an article on Gulliver Prep runningback Robert Burns.  His teammate and class of 2016 star also has a strong interest in Ohio State.  Cedrick Wright, a 5-9 safety, has garnered attention from everyone across the country.  He has received offers from some of the top programs nationally, including the likes of Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Miami (FL), Call, and USF.  Wright has a strong interest in Ohio State because of a former player he has a strong relationship with, Ryan Shazier.  Him and Shazier have become good friends after playing on the same 7 on 7 team in Florida.  That is not the only reason that Wright is interested in Ohio State, but says that is one of the biggest.

Cedrick Wright Loves Coach Meyer

“One of the biggest reasons that I am so strongly considering Ohio State is because of my good friend Ryan Shazier,” Wright said of his interest in Ohio State.  “”Me and him played for the same seven on seven team down here in Florida and we have become good friends.  He is always telling me about the tradition Ohio State has.  I also am a huge fan of Urban Meyer.  Being from Florida, I would follow the Gators and Meyer, and he always had good teams there.  Then he took a year off, came back to coaching, and Ohio State went undefeated.  He has great success everywhere he goes.”

Urban Meyer has made it a point to recruit the top players in Florida, as he as many connections from his coaching days down there.  He hopes that this can continue with Cedrick Wright.  Wright does not have a favorite or any type of list, but told me that Ohio State is going to be there until the end.  Him and his two teammates, Robert Burns and Joseph Jackson, are hoping to be a package deal to a school.  The plan is for them to all pick the same school, but Wright told me that,” We do need to make the decisions what is best for us.”  He is hoping to make a decision at Nike’s “The Opening,” next summer, which he is going to work for to earn an invite.  When he is not on the football field, you can expect to find Wright on the basketball court.  He enjoys playing basketball for fun, but does not play it as serious as football.  I asked Wright what he would like to say to Buckeyenation, and he said, “Ohio State is really in my mind.  There is a GREAT chance I could come here.  Go Bucks!”  Wright is one of the best safeties in the nation for the class of 2016 and I think Ohio State is in a good position with him.




Darnay Holmes is one of the best for 2017

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Darnay Holmes is already beginning to get the attention of some of the top programs across the country.  Holmes, a 5-11 Athlete, from Newbury Park, California, holds offers from some of the top programs in the nation.  His offers include, Arizona, California, Clemson, Tennessee, Louisville, and Ohio State.  Holmes has always been an Ohio State fan and some of his favorite players growing up were Terrelle Pryor and Ted Ginn Jr.  Holmes explains why he has such a strong interest in Ohio State and even credits his favorite players for that.

Holmes always was a fan of Ohio State

“I was always an Ohio State fan, but I really loved Ted Ginn and Terrelle Pryor,” Holmes said of why he loves Ohio State. “They were two of my favorite players in football.  I love that Ohio State is always in the national title contention and always competing for big bowl games.  I also really like Coach Coombs.  He puts a lot of players in the NFL, especially Bradley Roby.  I like coach Coombs a lot. ”

Holmes and coach Coombs have begun to build a strong relationship.  He respects Coombs a lot and was very excited to meet him and all the other coaches on his visit in April.  “I got to check out a practice and some of the facilities,” Holmes said of his visit.  ” The facilities and practices were really neat.  The coaches and athletes at Ohio State have such a good relationship.  They all compete with each other, but they love each other also.  The visit was really cool.”  Holmes said the best part of the trip was just being around the relationship the coaches and players have.

Darnay Holmes was also a part of the Freshman All American team for, for the 2013 season, an award he said he was very honored by.  As for where he wants to play college football, he knows he does not have to travel very far if he wants to play for some of the best programs in the country as USC and UCLA are in his own backyard. But he told me that he is going to go wherever he feels is the best fit for him.  He understands that Ohio State is a hike, but if they are the best fit, then that is where he is going to go.  When he is not training for football, he likes to be with friends and family, and just be a normal teenager.  He enjoys the attention he is getting but at the same time, he wants to be a regular person, just like his friends.  I asked Holmes what he would like to say to Buckeyenation, he responded with, “Go Bucks! O-H!”  Darnay is one of the best players in the nation for his class and is going to be very successful.



Trevon Grimes Hopes to Earn Offer at FNL

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St. Thomas Aquinas is one of the best high schools for high school football in the country.  Year in and year out, they produce top teams, while also sending players to Division I programs all across the country.  Ohio State has dipped into the talent at St. Thomas Aquinas, most recently with Joey Bosa.  Class of 2017 star  Trevon Grimes hopes to be the next great player from the school to translate his game to the next level.  Grimes, a 6-3 wide receiver, is only a rising sophomore but already holds offers from some of the top programs nationally.  He has offers from Tennessee, Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, LSU, UCF, and Syracuse.  While he holds those offers, one offer he really wants is from Ohio State.

Trevon Grimes Really Wants an offer from Ohio State

“I grew up watching them,” Grimes said of why he has a strong interest in Ohio State.  “I have family in Cincinnati and now If I have an opportunity to go there, I really would like to.  If they were to offer me, they would probably be my leader.”

Grimes has not been to Ohio State, but he is going to Columbus this weekend with his team to compete at Friday Night Lights.  He is very excited to compete and prove to the coaches that he deserves an offer.  He is also hoping to check out some of the things that Ohio State and the coaches, have to offer.  “I cannot wait to get to Columbus and check everything out,” Grimes said of his upcoming visit.  “I am also excited to get some advice from the coaches, and get better at the game.”  This is a perfect chance for him to show his skills on the football field in front of Urban Meyer and staff.  If Grimes performs well enough at the camp, I think he could earn an offer.

There are many players on the team that are going through the same recruiting process right now as Grimes and it definitely helps him with his process.  He told me that some of the older guys have given him some good advice for both the process and football in general.  Sam Bruce, who recently committed to Miami (FL), has given him the best advice telling him, “Stay humble, and never be satisfied.”  This is making the process for Grimes a lot easier by having such good role models.  Trevon enjoys working out for football and getting ready for the season.  He and his team are focused on a state championship this upcoming season and he should to be a huge impact on the talented team.  I asked Grimes what he would like to say to Buckeye fans and he told me, “I am glad to be apart of the legacy ! And hope to gain many more Buckeye fans! Go BUCKEYES !”  He is very excited for Friday Night Lights and I think he could earn an offer.  They are going to be the leader if they offer him.