Recap: #2 Ohio State vs Penn State


The Ohio State Buckeyes are traveling away from the shoe for the second straight week and they look to beat rival Penn State at their house heavily influenced by the White Out conditions.  The Buckeyes are fresh off of an ovetime win against the Wisconsin Badgers while Penn State enjoyed a bye week to prepare for a battle with the Buckeyes.

imgres-1The game started off with the battle of the defenses.  Another slow start and a scoreless first quarter for the Buckeyes.  Special Teams has helped the team and tonight is no exception.  Tyler Durbin has been a godsend for the Buckeyes with Sean Nuernberger being sidelined due to injury.  Durbin has kicked in a pair of field goals, but he missed an extra point due to fellow Special Teamer, Cameron Johnston’s inability to maintain control of the snap.  Cameron Johnston is also contributing to the cause, during the first half he punted the ball 4 times and has 199 yards.  Per punt, Johnston is averaging 49.8 yards per punt.  Crazy.  To think that Special Teams is keeping the Buckeyes afloat until they get some momentum, hopefully the Buckeyes wake up in the second half.

JT 2J.T. Barrett and the offense has struggled through the first half, but prior to halftime, he picked up the team and threw a touchdown strike to Tight End Marcus Baugh.  Barrett finished the first half 13 for 24 for 125 yards and a touchdown.  He has 34 rushing yards on 6 carries and he pulled a Houdini as he used the football to stay upright to scramble for a 19-yard gain.  Curtis Samuel is trying to help out, but the inconsistencies with the playcalling is evident and it is hurting the production of the offense once again.  Mike Weber is also running with a purpose as he looks to become a mainstay in the Buckeyes offensive attack.  Weber has 60-yards total and on 12 carries.  Barrett is looking to share the load, but the Penn State Defense seems to be ready for the Ohio State Offense.

RMThe Silver Bullets are flying around once again and they will look to assert their will and keep the Penn State Offense from making big plays.  The Rushmen are looking as lethal as ever, constantly causing pressure in the pocket.  The Scarlet Curtain has smothered the Penn State Receivers, but prior the halftime, they gave up back to back 20-yard plays that resulted in a touchdown.  Nick Bosa also notched another sack to his season statistics.  This is tough sledding for now, but the Buckeyes will weather the storms like they did against Wisconsin and they will do their job until they slow down the Nittany Lions.  Good news is they struggled early against Saquon Barkley, but they have slowed him down enough to only allow him to gain 56 total yards.

z-osu-qb-rbCurtis Samuel scored on a 74-yard scamper on his first carry of the second half.  This is the longest rushing play the Buckeyes have had this year and it comes during a perfect time to kill the vibe of the White Out.  Ever since the play the crowd is noticeably quiet and they were silenced by the Buckeye Silencer Curtis Samuel.  You think he single-handedly silenced the White Out?  Penn State gave up a Safety to the Buckeyes Defense and they are now up by 14 with the ball after the punt.  That is where the momentum stopped.  The Buckeyes coaches got too cute and J.T. Barrett should just change his name to Captain Checkdown.  Someone needs to go and the Receiver flat out stink.  A nice pass get thrown to you and you lose it?  Sour grapes.  Bad taste in my mouth.  Everything.  I never thought that a Special Teams blunder which led to a touchdown would do the Buckeyes in.  Meyers road streak is over and TTUN will probably wreck the Buckeyes at the end of the season.  I am pessimistic, but this hurts.  I am upset.  Goodbye CFB Playoffs.  Whoever calls the offensive plays…  Please quit…


Preview: #2 Ohio State (6-0) vs Penn State (4-2)


The Ohio State Buckeyes face another tough road test against a rejuvenated Penn State team that regained traction with their threatening run offense.  A rivalry game with rabid and ruthless fans, decked in white causing another White Out against Ohio State.  This will be another hard-hitting rivalry game and Ohio State is yet again, the target for Penn State’s best effort or best shot.  Ohio State has its work cut out for them and this will be another stressful night for Buckeye fans.  For the second straight week the Buckeyes are on the road against a raucous crowd that is looking to give their home team an edge against the competition.

Ohio State

img_3627Coach Meyer and his staff will look to extend their road winning streak against the dreadful White Out conditions that will be in full effect upon their arrival to Happy Valley.  Urban Meyer as the Head Coach is currently 20-0 on the road and it has been that way for a couple of years now.   He now has his sights set on besting his record against a scrappy Penn State team that has won its last two games after a loss to TTUN.  This will not be an easy game and a cake walk is not expected in this contest.  The last two games against the Nittany Lions were two different types of games.  Last year was in Columbus and that was a snoozer of a game, the Buckeyes won handily by a 28-point margin 38-10.  Ezekiel Elliot ran wild during that game and racked up the yardage on the ground.  The year before that?  Ohio State escaped a White Out after the extra period on a walk-off sack by now San Diego Charger Joey Bosa 31-24.  This year looks to be the same after Saquon Barkley regained his confidence.  He will look to soften up the Silver Bullets and attempt to wear them out.  This, of course, would not be as easy because Dante Booker will return and he will look to reestablish himself into the lineup.


The Rushmen will be a key factor during the game.  With Booker reinserted into the lineup and with the players such as Jerome Baker waiting in the wings, the Silver Bullets will more than likely keep a rotation to where no one is tired and fresh bodies will come into and out of the lineup.  The BIA Crew will look to shut down the opposing Wide Receivers to help the front seven wreak havoc on the Penn State Offensive Line for the entirety of the contest.  BIA or Best In America is cool and all, but I would like to put my two cents in and I would like to add my personal touch to it by finding a nickname for the unit.  Most of the units on the team have awesome nicknames, The Slobs for the O-Line, The Rushmen for the D-Line, Zone 6 for the Wide Receivers, Tote Nation for the Running Backs and that leaves the Linebackers and Defensive Backs without a nickname.  For the Linebackers and the Defensive Backs, jointly, they work well with each other and I will go ahead and call them the Scarlet Curtain, a tribute to the Pittsburg Steelers suffocating defense.  Look for the Scarlet Curtain to blanket the offense and pepper them with unexpected blitzes from all angles.  The Linebackers and the Defensive Backs will look to continue this years trend of causing turnovers and making plays in the backfield.


The Offense along with J.T. Barrett will be looking to rebound from another porous first half performance.  Barrett and company turned it on in the second half against Wisconsin and even the 4th Quarter Jump Around session was no match for General Barrett and his second-half magic.  Almost the whole Buckeye seemed to be dazed, but when Coach Meyer needed them the most, they all showed some fight and they eventually turned the tide.  This week the Buckeyes will go up against another stout BIG 10 Defense that is going to give the Buckeyes their best shot.  White Outs are a pain and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.  With the way the offense hasn’t been automatic, it should worry some folks, but we will have to see.  The Slobs will look to establish the line of scrimmage and the run.  Mike Weber should be able to find some holes, but again Penn State will look to take it away and force them to pass the ball.  Samuel and Wilson will be used throughout the game as well.  We never know and we will just have to see what they will do tomorrow.

Penn State:
imgresDuring the last White Out game in Happy Valley, Ohio State barely escaped with a win.  It took an extra period in Overtime on a walk-off sack to beat Penn State.  If I remember correctly, Saquon Barkley was a huge factor in that very game and he is back again for another contest against the Buckeyes.  He recently reestablished his presence in the run game and he is as confident as ever.  He will look to gain huge chunks of yardage against the just as Corey Clement did when Wisconsin nearly upset the Buckeyes on their home field.  I fully expect Trace McSorley to utilize his receivers on jet sweeps to confuse the Silver Bullets to open up the runs down the middle.  McSorley is a scrambler and a passer and that could also be a factor in their strategy to defeat the Buckeyes.  McSorley has 1436 passing yards and 8 touchdowns with 3 interceptions.  Barkley has 582 rushing yards on 117 carries and 8 touchdowns.  The leading receiver is DeAndre Thompkins and he has 328 receiving yards and a touchdown.  The three will try to take down the Buckeyes and there is also a ton of intrigue behind the scenes as well.  Receiver Chris Godwin, Quarterback Tommy Stevens and Tight End Mike Gesicki were all huge Buckeye targets that went elsewhere.  Gesicki was the more outspoken out of the bunch and he will look to make an impact during the game.

Prediction:  Buckeyes 41-21  

All in all, the Penn State team as a whole is just a dangerous as Wisconsin is because they are a rival and it is a BIG 10 contest.  They will give it their best and they will put forth their best effort.  I think they will play their best game and that will keep them within striking distance.  The Buckeyes will struggle again through the air, but they will make up for it by wearing down the defense with their ground attack.  I was to say this will be a blowout, but my predictions are always way off when the final score is recorded.  I will predict another gutty performance by J.T. Barrett with help from Weber and Samuel.



Recap: #2 Ohio State vs #8 Wisconsin

imgresThe clash in Madison, Wisconsin between #2 Ohio State traveling on the road against a #8 Wisconsin who, earlier in the season upset LSU during the season opener at Lambeau Field.  Wisconsin also played valiantly against TTUN and only lost that game by the same margin of 7 points.

img_3770This game had big College Football Playoff implications and both teams looked to solidify their standing within the College Football Playoff conversation.  Ohio State and Quarterback J.T. Barrett added another hard fought, but yet impressive win against a raucous Wisconsin crowd that reacted relentlessly when their home team made a play on either side of the ball.  They made their presence known and through all the adversity J.T. Barrett, Pat Elflein and Billy Price, the three offensive holdovers from last seasons Ohio State Offensive team proved to be valuable just as the game looked to get out of hand.  After a poor first half and with a huge discrepancy with yardage gained compared to Wisconsin, the Buckeyes looked toward the three key cogs within their offensive scheme to compile positive plays to get the offense running smoothly and to right the ship that seemed to be on the verge of sinking.  Although the yardage discrepancy looked insurmountable, J.T. Barrett took over in the second half, making huge impactful plays. one after another and he willed the Buckeyes toward victory.  He finished throwing 17 of 29 passes for a modest 226 yards and a key touchdown pass during the overtime period of the game.  Barrett also rushed 21 times for 92 yards and two touchdowns to aid in defeating the Badgers pesky defense that shut down the Buckeyes offensive attack during the first half leaving the then defeated Buckeyes with only 6 points by the end of the first half.  Once again the Buckeyes offensive playmakers failed to be less predictable and it showed.  The loss of Tom Herman has left the remnants of their players with a far more conservative gameplan game after game and questions need to be answered before The Game because their passing deficiencies need to be addressed and improved because The Game could be for all the marbles this year.  Although dependable playmakers such as Samuel, Wilson and Weber were “contained” they did manage to pick up key first downs and it proved that they can be depended on during big moments during a game.

img_3663J.T. Barrett wasn’t the only person who made plays when they counted the most.  The entire Ohio State Defense made up for their lack of discipline and came back from the depths of oblivion.  They weren’t tackling like they normally did throughout the season and they look visibly shaken for the first time and it showed.  The halftime speech from Defensive Captains and the coaching staff had to be epic for the Silver Bullets to rebound the way that they did.  They left the field during halftime with a 10-point deficit and they came back and allowed just 7-points during the second half which ended up as the first rushing touchdown surrendered by the Silver Bullets by way of a Fullback Dive play that caught the defense off-guard.  They were ground up by Clements as he gashed the Buckeyes for huge chunks of yardage and it seemed like he would surpass the 164 yards that he ended the game with, but he looked visibly battered as he limped in-and-out of the offensive lineup.  The Silver Bullets were also gashed on huge plays made by Jazz Peavy (6 rushes on the same play for 70-yards and 4 receptions for 76 and a 36-yard touchdown reception).  The Badger Tight End Troy Fumgalli was also a huge part of the passing attack and he caught 7 passes for 84-yards, but he was held without a touchdown.  Peavy and Fumagalli were both held in check during the entire second half because Coach Fickell and Schiano’s second half adjustments were to negate huge plays from those two Wisconsin playmakers and they succeeded.  Factor that and the huge sacks during the second half and overtime victory, the young Buckeyes have grown from this near disaster.  Gareon Conley also came up huge and his experience and with him being on of the three holdovers from last years squad, he was clutch for Urban Meyer and his unit.  He ended with a single interception, but it should have been two.  I am not an expert by any means, but I don’t understand it up to this very moment.  A fumble was also not to be because Clement made contact with the ball when his elbow fell out of bounds.  Again, I am not an expert but that was more plausible than the interception, but that is none of my business.  There is still going to be some growing pains, but I think with these testy games against good competition against Indiana and Wisconsin, we will have to see where this leads and if they could execute better in the future.

Next week we have the same scenario laid out for us.  Another away game at Penn State, after a bye-week and two weeks to prepare for a Buckeye squad who is still in the midst of regaining momentum for their offense.  Oh and factor in another White Out scenario as well.  The last White Out that I can remember was during the Championship run and Joey Bosa’s Walk-Off Sack of Christian Hackenberg in overtime at Happy Valley.  I for one hope that the offense picks it up and the defense continues to improve and get better.  Will it happen?  You never know in College Football, but anything can happen.

Preview: #2 Ohio State Buckeyes vs. #8 Wisconsin Badgers


Fresh off of a poor passing performance at home against those pesky Indiana Hoosiers, the Buckeyes face a stiff test, with huge College Football Playoffs implications.  The Buckeyes are traveling on the road, for just the second time this season, but this time, it will be against BIG 10 foe Wisconsin on their home turf in Madison.  The battleground is set, the stakes are at an all-time high (until we play TTUN) and this showdown between two BIG 10 powerhouses will be an epic showdown and possibly one for the ages.  Ohio State is coming off of a 21-point win against a Hoosier team that has exposed them a bit.  They played to their Ohio State is coming off of a 21-point win against a Hoosier team that has exposed them a bit.  They played to their strengths but weren’t fooled by the constant movement by the Buckeye offensive playmakers, essentially shutting off Ohio States ability to pass the football downfield.

img_3773Ohio State is coming off of a 21-point win against a Hoosier team that has exposed them a bit.  They played to their strengths, which is the run to make up for their lack of an effective passing attack.  The Buckeyes used a lot of eye candy to try to fool the Indiana Defense, but the were prepared.  They weren’t fooled by the constant movement by the Buckeye offensive playmakers and the constant shifts along the offensive side of things and it essentially shut off Ohio States ability to pass the football downfield.   Their inability to throw the ball is one of the biggest concerns for the Buckeyes and Coach Meyer and we will have to see if they can succeed against an experienced Badgers Secondary that is looking to further entrench themselves into the College Football Playoffs conversation.  The Buckeyes have a tall task on their hands because this Badger Defense has a ton of talent left over from the 59-0 shellacking that started the run to becoming the Inaugural College Football Playoff Champions.  Most Buckeye sites are claiming that a few still have that bad taste in their mouths and that they believe that it is their turn to embarrass the unbeaten Buckeyes squad that is young in just about every position on offense and on defense.  My biggest concern is that the Buckeyes aren’t an elite passing offense and that they will be one-dimensional.  The  Badgers will do their best to ensure this happens to increase their chances to secure a win, but we will see what Urban Meyer will do because he is a tactician during big games like this.  The Silver Bullets will be ready and luckily, they weren’t called out like the backup Oklahoma Quarterback did.  The bulletin board material was provided by former Badger Defensive Back Jim Leonhard.  He stated that the Buckeyes Receivers, namely Noah Brown “will not run away from you” and that no corner this season has “utlitlized the proper press technique” against him.  Basically saying that they run a “simple offense”.  I don’t know about you, but I see Coach Meyer mentioning this every chance he gets to J.T. Barrett and company.  I would like to see some offensive fireworks just like that BIG 10 Championship Game, but it is easier said than done and we will just have to see it live this Saturday.

imagesWisconsin is coming off a bye week and they had two weeks to prepare for the visiting Buckeyes.  They suffered their first loss of the season to TTUN in what was a hard-hitting affair with TTUN outlasting the Badgers 14-7.  The revamped Badgers Defense looks like a stiff test for the Buckeyes and the crowd will look to get their team into the swing of things.  Their offense looked bleh against TTUN, but that might not be the case against the Buckeyes.  The Buckeyes play similar to TTUN’s Defense and they could go player for player, at just about every position because both teams recruit well enough to stay dominant.  The Quarterback position is the key part and we will have to see if he can withstand the pressure from the Buckeyes Defense, the Silver Bullets.  The pressure will surely be turned up because the starter looked uncomfortable for the majority of the game against our Arch Rival.  The strength of this Badger team is with their Defense.  They match up similarly with the Silver Bullets, but with one major difference, Wisconsin is tied for 22nd in total sacks with 15 total and they average 3 per game.  The Buckeyes Defense leads in Defensive Scores, Interceptions and Turnovers Forced. The Art of Defenses.  This will be a test for both teams and the chip on the remaining BIG 10 Championship Game players shoulders will play an integral role during this game because it is the first time in two years since that beat down and they will look to return the favor.


One more stiff road test equipped with another hostile crowd and bulletin board material for this resilient Buckeyes team.  This will not be a cakewalk by any means, but the Buckeyes and the Badgers need a win to stay in Playoff contention.  This will be the Buckeyes first Top-10 battle and this is the Badgers’ third.  The Badgers are 1-1 with a win against LSU and a loss to TTUN.  This game is valuable to both teams, but I predict that this game will be another hard-hitting clash between two BIG 10 powerhouses. Both defenses are stout and they will both come out with a vengeance.  The offenses will be in the ground and pound variety and I think that it will be close for the entirety of the contest.  The chess match will be filled with bold moves that will occur throughout the contest until Ohio State makes the key plays to secure the win. J.T. Barrett will lead the Buckeyes toward victory 42-35.

J.T. Barrett:  279 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, and 100 yards rushing, 1 touchdown

Mike Weber:  126 yards rushing, 1 touchdown

Curtis Samuel:  170 all-purpose yards, 1 receiving touchdown, 1 rushing touchdown

Dontre Wilson:  47 receiving yards, 1 receiving touchdown

Noah Brown:  136 receiving yards, 1 receiving touchdown

Silver Bullets:  4 sacks, 2 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles/recoveries

They will come out with their heads on fire and they will double their game average for sacks (2.2).  They will add 4 more turnovers to their quest for best defense with 2 interceptions and fumbles recovered, but they will fail to add another defensive score.

Final:  42-21

Recruiting Tidbit:  Buckeye Running Back Antonio Williams is a wanted man in Madison.  Partly because he was once a prized commit for the Badgers and that he spoke up against the future of the team when Joel Stave was the starting Quarterback.  If Williams sees the field, there are a few Badgers that would love to hit him.

Recap: Indiana vs Ohio State


Here I am fuming after this poor showing, but after putting all the anger and bad thoughts, Our Buckeyes earned a tough, hard-fought victory over an Indiana team that just wouldn’t die.  I understand that there are games that are considered to be “trap” games and this game?  WAS THE TRAP…  At home too…  But that is neither here, nor there.  Let’s be real, there were very few highlights, so I will mention the very few that had occurred.


J.T. Barrett was not his usual self.  He struggled mightily and that is rare for the anointed leader for Ohio State.  He finished 9 for 21 for 93 measly yards through the air with a single touchdown strike to Dontre Wilson who shed a tackle en route to a 37-yard sprint to the end zone.  J.T. Barrett had 26 carries for 137 yards and a touchdown.  The touchdown came on a Quarterback run for 5-yards.  The other touchdowns scored were courtesy of Mike Weber and Curtis Samuel.  Both were scored deep within the red zone, Weber chipped in two scores from 9-yards and 1-yard out and Samuel chipped in his lone touchdown from 5-yards out.  This game was not the ideal showing prior to the two-game road trip to Wisconsin and then Penn State.  Wisconsin will have two weeks to prepare and I guarantee you that they watched this game for some weaknesses and I for one think that Indiana exposed the Buckeyes.  Not too much, but enough to give the Buckeyes fits.  They will most likely look at what Indiana did and use it with their personnel to try to secure a win at home.  I don’t know if the wind was that bad or J.T. Barrett had a bad day, but things better pick up because the latter half of the season is upon us and that is when the tougher matchups come up.  The offensive line needs to be more disciplined and they need to cut down on the dumb penalties because it prevents the team from reaching their potential.  That and the Wide Receivers and the Tight Ends need to make more of an impact.  You can’t mess this up because once again, the harder part of the schedule is upon us.

z-osu-dThe Buckeyes Defense was pretty good when they sorely needed a key stop.  Although the Buckeye Offense put up numbers well below their season average, 383 total yards rushing and passing, they did their best and kept Indiana below their season averages, 281 combined.  The offense gave up two turnovers, but the defense took it away twice and one was a pick-six, but it was negated due to a chop block during the return.  This was a game where the defense looked like they were just going through the motions, expecting to show up and win, but for some reason, Indiana came out swinging for the fences and every time they hit the Buckeyes, the Buckeyes responded accordingly.  This game baffles me.  Indiana shouldn’t be in this, but like Jeremiah stated, Indiana IS the trap game, every year.  They always play Ohio State close and although they eventually lost by 21 points, the game was much closer than the final score looked to be.  There will be a lot of talk between the coaches and both units and I want them to be angry for the rest of the year.  Like angry after the Virginia Tech and Michigan State losses angry and I think that they will get lit up by Urban Meyer because he looked furious. Let’s hope the Silver Bullets reload because again, it is only going to get harder as the season progresses on. It always seems like, during a couple of games, our offensive play callers seem to forget our strengths, our bread, and butter.  This was close to last years Michigan State. Quarterback runs galore.  Cute, ineffective trickeration, mass movement, you name it.  Tim Beck and Ed Warriner tried it all.  Hope they fix it prior to our date against TTUN.  I am still a tad salty, but I still love my Buckeyes.  Now, on to Wisconsin.  O-H!!!

Preview: Indiana vs. Ohio State


For the fifth game of the season, our Ohio State Buckeyes face off against a 3-1 Indiana Hoosier team fresh off of an overtime upset of the Michigan State Spartans at home.  The Hoosiers travel to Columbus for a date against the undefeated Buckeyes, in what could possibly turn out to be an exciting game in BIG 10 play.  Obviously, the Buckeyes are 4-0 and playing at home after a homecoming game that saw them take on a Rutgers team that was ill-prepared for them.  They won that game 58-0 and they had 8 different offensive players score touchdowns during that game.  This could either be the final home game tuneup or another exciting BIG 10 Conference game.  Let’s take a look at the playmakers on both squads.


Last season, the Quarterback controversy hit the Buckeyes squad hard and with the indecision at the most critical position the Buckeyes struggled mightily against the Hoosiers. Now, J.T. Barrett anointed as the clear-cut starter at Quarterback, the Buckeyes have stability at the helm to combat against the new-look Hoosiers Defense that has retained 9 of the 11 defenders from last years team.  J.T. Barrett will lead the charge against an experienced defense and I know he will be up to the task.  He has proved to be the leader in the locker room and he and the Buckeye coaches will get the team ready to as the great Bobby Boucher would say,”Open up a can of…”.  You know what I am implying and it’ll be interesting to see how he leads and what he is capable of doing to this experienced set of defenders.  Tegray Scales and company will attempt to stop J.T. Barrett from putting up points and putting the game out of hand.  That is a tall task and with the surplus amount of weapons on this Buckeyes squad, we will just have to wait and find out.  Speaking of weapons, Curtis Samuel is also hoping to make an impact during the game.  Last season Samuel was not utilized as frequently as he is being used this season.  He will look to put up huge numbers against the opposing defense to make up for last season’s near letdown.

imgres-1On the other side of the equation, you have Richard Lagow and Devine Redding.  Lagow, a Junior from Plano, Texas has put up some eye-popping numbers so far this season.  He is 79 of 127 for 1278 yards, with 9 touchdown passes against 6 interceptions.  He completes 62% of his passes and has been sacked a total of 8 times so far.  He threw 5 of his 6 picks against a scrappy Wake Forrest Defense that forced him to make errant throws en route to a 33-28 win on Indiana’s own home turf.  If the Silver Bullets can force turnovers for the entirety of the game, they will be in good shape. The Buckeyes possess a stout defense that can turn offenses away and get to the Quarterback.  It might take a little bit, but they will get what they want.  At Running Backs Devine Redding returns and last season, he ground out 45 tough yards on 30 attempts for two scores and he will look for better results against a Buckeye Defense that made him earn every single yard from last year’s scrimmage.  With just as many defensive weapons donning the Scarlet and Gray, we will see if the depth at every position prevents Redding from having a great game.  The Buckeyes are a force to be reckoned with and they will impose their will against Indiana.


Last games prediction was close to being halfway correct.  The only thing I didn’t predict was the shutout.  I was close to the amount of points that the Buckeyes put up (55-12) and I was off by 3 points.  This week, I think the Silver Bullets get the turnovers that continue to make them one of the best defenses in the nation. Ohio State will look to make and impact on defense and to score.  I have a feeling that the Rushmen will put the pressure on the Indiana Offense, early and often and suffocate them against the run and pass.  The Secondary will also give no breathing room to the Hoosiers Wide Receiving corps.  I say the Buckeyes get to Lagow and sack him 4 times and add 3 interceptions and a fumble during the game.  J.T. Barrett goes off again and firmly places himself into Buckeyes lore with 242 passing yards with 3 total touchdowns, 2 passing touchdowns and a rushing score.  Weber goes bananas with another 100+ yards for the game and a score.  Samuel is used throughout the game and will rack up nearly 160+ total yards with a pair of scores. The defense turned the ball over and scores once.

Final Score:  49-3 Ohio State

Recap: Rutgers vs Ohio State


First off, yes, Chris Ash and his Rutgers are in the process of implementing the correct system to compete with the big boys of the BIG 10 and they are visiting the Ohio State Buckeyes for their second game in conference play, but wow!  This blows my prediction out of The Shoe and into the atmosphere.  This is another pleasant surprise and I am liking what the Buckeyes are doing during all phases of the game. Offense. Defense.  Special Teams.  The Buckeyes are clicking on all cylinders and are gaining all the momentum prior to the latter half of their schedule.  Again, the Rutgers have new leadership at the helm, but you cannot take away from or discount the strides that the current Buckeyes staff has produced.  They have developed players at every level and it is as evident as it has ever been.  The Buckeyes always find ways to improve the team and they recruit at a higher level than most collegiate schools.  This game started off slowly, but just like last year, the Buckeyes proved to be a second-half team so they took it slowly until they turned on the afterburners as the game progressed on.


Dontre Wison started the party with an 18-yard touchdown strike courtesy of J.T. Barrett.  Barrett threw a pick early in the game on his second passing attempt, but after the slow start, he responded like you would expect him to.  He scrambled around the pocket and was nearly sacked, but he kept his composure and threw a strike, hitting the streaking Dontre Wilson on the run.  Dontre Wilson’s Buckeye career has been one to watch.  He came in as a highly touted recruit out of DeSoto High School in Texas and he possessed the ideal skills that Coach Meyer covets.  He was a speedy Athlete coming out of high school and he was once an Oregon Ducks commit at one point, but he backed out of it and the rest is history.  The intriguing part about it is he has been in and out of the lineup for most of his career.  He suffered many injuries and he often found himself buried on the depth chart.  It is nothing to be embarrassed about either.  He was behind Jalin Marshall and Braxton Miller.  He has been the story and he has been productive ever since he was named the starter.  In this game, he added 4 catches to his seasons’ stats for 53 yards and the opening touchdown of the game.  On the following drive after another Rutgers punt, 3 more points was added by Tyler Durbin to stretch the lead to 9.

i-2J.T. Barrett broke Ohio State’s record for passing touchdowns during this afternoon’s game.  He tallied 4 touchdown passes on his 29 attempts.  He finished the game with 284 total yards after being taken out by Coach Meyer late in the third quarter.  He slung the rock to four different receivers en route to another resounding, momentum building game.  Indiana’s own, Terry McLaurin brought in his first touchdown reception in his young Buckeye career, making a tough 14-yard grab over a Rutgers defender for six.  McLaurin reeled the ball in once, but he made it count.  California’s Marcus Baugh scored on a 16-yard pass from Barrett which also was his only catch of the game. He dragged a couple of Scarlet Knights en-route to a rare touchdown reception by a Tight End.  Curtis Samuel had another impactful game reeling in a 5-yard pass for another Buckeye score.  He racked up another 100+ yard game with 154 for the game.  Barrett and Joey Burrow spread the ball out to 12 different receivers throughout the game.  Outside of Samuel and Wilson, the Buckeyes have weapons waiting in the wings and you will never know who will shine for the Buckeyes.

imgres-4The Buckeyes rushing game was also highly effective, racking up 410 rushing yards on 53 carries for 4 scores.  Mike Weber led the way dicing up the Rutgers defense with 144 yards and a touchdown.  He scored on a 46-yard run and outran a host of defenders.  True Freshmen Demario McCall and Antonio Williams made the most of their opportunities when their numbers were called.  McCall showed his speed and he had 10 carries for 85 yards and a 39-yard scamper for a score.  Williams failed to score and he didn’t produce as much, but he toted the rock for 28 yards and the future sure looks bright for Ohio State at Running Back.  Receivers Parris Campbell and Johnnie Dixon both had one rush for 5-yards a piece, both for scores to put the game out of reach.  They will look to rebuild against Indiana prior to heading to Camp Randall Stadium and to Beaver Stadium.  With the lone road game being at Norman, Oklahoma, it is always interesting in the BIG 10.


The Silver Bullets had their first game without a forced turnover, but they surrendered zero points.  They had 3 sacks and youngsters, Nick Bosa and Robert Landers showed that they are the furthest from “basic” with both players notching a single sack a piece.  The Rutgers couldn’t get anything going despite seeing regular success on the ground in the opening quarter.  The Buckeyes eventually locked in and shut everything down that the Rutgers even thought about executing.  Literally.  They held starter Chris Laviano to 33 yards on 3 of 12 attempts passing and Tylin Oden to 0 of 4 attempts for zero yardage.  The rushing game was also ineffective.  The Rutgers had it going early, but the Buckeyes shut them down.  The lead rusher for Rutgers was Robert Martin with 40 of the 83 rushing yards given up.  The Buckeyes put the clamps down and allowed only 203 total yards to the Rutgers offensive unit.  If you are wondering, they Buckeyes gave up 33 through the air, 83 on the ground and 87 on Special Teams.  No touchdowns were surrendered during this game.  The Bullets must have been really upset at the fact that they surrendered two to Oklahoma two weeks ago and they were relentless. Next week they play at home against an Indiana team who kept it close last season.  It will be interesting to see how they approach this game, but for now, let’s enjoy the win.  I will see you next week Buckeye fans.













The interception by Anthony Cioffi was just about the only highlight for Chris Ash’s Rutgers squad who plays TTUN


Preview: Rutgers vs Ohio State


This weekend will mark the first time the Buckeyes Head Coach Urban Meyer goes toe to toe with one of his former coaches, Chris Ash who was the Buckeyes Co-Defensive Coordinator/Secondary Coach for the last two seasons.  Ash took a Head Coaching job within the BIG 10 and he is the newly minted coach at Rutgers.  This will be one of those games that could get out of hand quickly, but I look for Urban Meyer to show “some” mercy for his first clash or encounter with a former member of the Urban Meyer coaching tree.

ash1Chris Ash spent two years at Ohio State coaching up the Defensive Backs.  During his tenure, he helped develop players such as Doran Grant, Eli Apple, Tyvis Powell and Vonn Bell.  He helped secure the commitments of some notable players like current players, Defensive End Jashon Cornell, Running Back Antonio Williams and Wideout K.J. Hill.  He brought in Safeties Isaiah Pryor and Brendon White for the 2017 Class.  He has proven that he was one of Ohio State’s best recruiters during his tenure and now that he is the head man at Rutgers, it is just a waiting game until he can stop the TTUN’s pipeline in the talent-rich state of New Jersey.  You can expect to see a lot of rugby-style tackles from the Scarlet Knights’ defense.  A lot of man to man defense.  A lot of press coverage.  I am not going to discredit Ash’s ability to turn a team around and I don’t plan on starting.

imgresWhat if I had told you that sure, we lost Chris Ash to Rutgers, but we gained a former Rutgers Head Coach of 11 years and a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach in Greg Schiano?  Well, it happened as quickly as Ash left for the Rutgers job.  Greg Schiano basically built his career up from the dust during his tenure in Piscataway, New Jersey.  He wasn’t known for flashy offenses, but he had a reputation for coaching high-caliber, highly effective defenses.  He mirrors the defensive scheme that Coach Ash left behind.  They both play man coverage and place their corners on islands.  They both preach hard-nosed defense that covers opposing Wideouts for the duration of the play, so the front seven can put additional pressure on the Quarterback.  The only difference?  Coach Ash wanted to minimize big plays by shutting down the opposing offense, forcing punts.  Coach Schiano craves and wants takeaways.  Now seeing how Ohio State’s defense is leading the nation in takeaways and scoring defense, I think they responded accordingly without any dropoff in production.


J.T. Barrett will go up against a Rutgers defense that is giving up  362 yards per game, 180 through the air and 181 on the ground.  J.T. Barrett and his offense average about 545 yards in total offense, 239 through the air and 306 on the ground.  That is well over the averages that the Rutgers have been giving up after three weeks into the young College Football Season.  Barrett is completing 67% of his passes, averaging 8.90 yards per attempt. He has 650 passing yards with 10 touchdowns against one  interception.  Barrett, being the Dual-Threat that he is, has 159 rushing yards for three scores.  The Slobs are also gelling together and they have given up two sacks in the season.  The Slobs are young, but minus the penalties, they will grow into their roles as the season advances.  They will be prepared to grind out the meaty, more difficult portion of their schedule during the last half of the season.

Chirs Laviano will be the starting Quarterback, opposite of Barrettchris-laviano-2. He has an almost identical numbers compared to Barrett.  He has 647 passing yards with 5 touchdowns against two interceptions. The only difference is Laviano isn’t a Dual-Threat Quarterback. Laviano comes into the game with a 52% completion rating which isn’t good by any Head Coaches standards.  Add that to the fact that he has been sacked 8 times, let’s just say that he might not like what the Silver Bullets have in store for him once he visits during Homecoming.  He will look to take care of the ball and feed Robert Martin the rock to soften up the Buckeye Defense.  It is easier said than done, but you never know in College Football.  Things don’t always go according to plan and they MIGHT come in with a massive chip on their shoulders after they opened up as 38 point underdogs to start the new week.

imgres-2The “Basic” Defense comes into the game after a convincing and satisfying win in Norman against a Sooners team that began the season as the #3 team in the nation.  The Silver Bullets are back and they are feeding off of the mindset of Greg Schiano.  They are looking for the takeaways and they sit at +11 and the #1 in the Nation In Takeaways.  They will be going against a Rutgers offense that has struggled, so the results will vary, but I am feeling like since it is Homecoming at Ohio State, all bets are off.  The Silver Bullets will look to put the pressure on early and often, forcing Laviano and his offense to struggle mightily.  With no dependable Offensive Lineman on the roster, the Scarlet Knights might endure another long game.  For what it’s worth, the Buckeyes are giving up 278 yards per game, 176 through the air and 102 on the ground so we will see if the Rutgers can get something going against a stout and loaded Ohio State Defense.

julian-pinnix-odrickThe Rutgers Defense is the polar opposite of the Ohio State Defense.  They were lit up at Washington to open up the season and they currently are sitting at 2-2 coming into the game.  The defense surrendered a total of 42 points combined to Howard University and New Mexico which doesn’t bode well for the Scarlet Knights because Ohio State is averaging 56.7 points per game through 3 games.  They have a few sacks and interceptions, but they came during garbage time and against sub-par teams. The Rutgers will be tested early and often.  I expect J.T. Barrett and company to run in down their throats until they find passing lanes, then before you know it the Buckeye reserves will gain some valuable playing after the game gets out of hand.


J.T. Barrett:  245 yards with 3 touchdowns, 7 rushes for 1 touchdown

Mike Weber:  104 yards with 1 touchdown

Curtis Samuel:  120 yards receiving with 1 touchdown, 10 rushes for 70 yards and 1 touchdown

Noah Brown:  4 catches for 62 yards and 2 touchdowns

Buckeyes Defense:  4 QB Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, 2 Interceptions with 1 going for six

Although this will be a game early, the Buckeyes will blow the doors off and at least approach their season average for points per game.  J.T. Barrett lights up the Rutgers Secondary, Mike Weber grinds out the clock and gets his second score of the season, Curtis Samuel acts as the Swiss Army Knife once again and Noah Brown puts another helpless Defensive Back on a poster.  The Silver Bullets swarm and engulf Laviano forcing pressure from start to beginning.  Forcing him to make costly turnovers early and often.  The Defensive Unit surrendered two offensive touchdowns last week to the Sooners and they will be looking for redemption against the Rutgers.  The Rutgers line flounders once again and Baby Bosa garners another sack to make big brother proud.  The knockout blow will be a near deathblow and let’s just say Coach Meyer’s Special Teams Unit makes a play this week.  I don’t know who it’ll be, but I am calling for a blocked kick or punt or even a kickoff or punt return.  Maybe I am expecting too much, but it has been a while.

Final:  Ohio State over Rutgers 55-12


Recruiting Tidbit:

Mr. Ohio State Danny Clark has just decommitted from the Buckeyes after finally accepting the fact that he was no longer the future at Ohio State.  Clark had been committed for quite some time and it is truly sad to see him go, but I wish him luck with whichever team he chooses to play for.  Crystal Balls have been in Kentucky’s favor, but we will see.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up in the BIG 10..  Maybe playing for Coach Ash in Piscataway.  That would be crazy, but for now he will re-open it up.  His spot is now up for grabs and there are still a lot of fish in the recruiting ocean for Ohio State to catch.  Maybe Ohio State uses it to add another Playmaking Wideout or another Linebacker or Defensive Lineman.  Who knows and the recruiting world is unpredictable.  It is another interesting thing to follow as the path to National Signing Day appraoches.



Ohio State vs. Oklahoma Highlights