Buckeyes Look To Sprint Past The Maryland Terrapins

Ohio State is favored by 33 points over Maryland in the Buckeyes’ homecoming game that kicks off at 12pm EST on The Big Ten Network. While Ohio State fans are hoping for the Buckeyes to come out with an impressive performance against the Maryland Terrapins, Maryland fans are wondering if this will be the final coaching appearance by Randy Edsall. Edsall is rumored to be on the firing line, according to social media…

While Randy Edsall has been rumored to be on the hot seat, I must confess that I believed Maryland would not fire him until January 2017. My reasoning is that Edsall signed a contract extension that would obligate Maryland to pay Edsall millions if terminated before January 2017. Maryland also made the move to The B1G in an effort to improve its financial standing; this move would certainly put a crimp on those financial plans. (My podcasting partner Shannon Sommers did ask our guest Daniel Gallen (@danieljtgallen) about Edsall’s job security on the latest Men of the Scarlet and Gray podcast, by the way.)

Instead of dwelling on ‘what if’s’ and ‘what might be’s’ that may happen as they relate to Maryland’s coaching situation, here are three areas that I will be focusing upon during the actual game between Ohio State and Maryland in Ohio Stadium…

1. Ohio State Establishing An Offensive Identity ~ Run the ball with Ezekiel Elliott. Hit Michael Thomas for easy short gains along the sideline. Throw deep to keep Maryland from putting eight or nine in the box. Once these elements have been established, then the lateral plays involving Braxton Miller or Jalin Marshall can be incorporated.

2. Avoiding Turnovers ~ Easier written than done for this Ohio State team. Ohio State has been far too generous with the ball. It is time for Ohio State to not only demonstrate true ball security, but also punish players with loss of playing time if the transgressions continue.

3. Red Zone Efficiency ~ Field goals are nice, but touchdowns are what put a smile on the face of Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer. Once within the red zone, figure out the easiest and most efficient way to get the ball into the end zone for six points.

Maryland was facing an uphill battle coming into this game, and the Randy Edsall rumors are only pouring gasoline onto the fire. Coach Meyer can use this game to get ready for the big November stretch run. I have it Ohio State 42, Maryland 7.

Is Wide Receiver Depth an Issue?

Exactly 12 days before the game at Virginia Tech, controversy struck. As the media walked in to do their interviews, they witnessed a team that was out of the norm. There was no dancing like normal, the guys were quiet and the environment was strange. The interviews scheduled were cancelled shortly after they arrived. Something was wrong.

Rising star, and the most improved player on the team, who was “unguardable” at times during camp was injured. Noah Brown, true sophomore, who many had pegged to be a breakout star, broke his leg and was instantly ruled out for the season.

Fast forward to the 5th game of the season at Indiana. Corey Smith was blocking on the edge, and got hit from behind. He suffered a similar injury as Noah Brown, and is, of course, out for the season. “But my heart bleeds for that guy… He was on all special teams for us, played really, really hard.” said Coach Urban Meyer.

Although Corey hadn’t quite lived up to the potential and hype many people had placed on him, he was the type of player you want on your team. Like Urban said, he was a do-it-all type of guy. Corey was also looking to fill a certain void this team desperately needs. According to Urban, Corey was one of two guys that was going to be used to help replace the deep threat that Devin Smith took to the NFL.

After being considered one of, if not the deepest units on the team before the season, many people are concerned with the potential lack of depth at Wide Receiver. With the loss of Corey and Noah, people have questioned if the team has enough true wide receivers to be successful moving down the road. And with that concern of lack of true wide receivers, comes concern with perhaps even more trouble blocking on the outside.

Firstly, I don’t think depth at WR is as big of a problem as people are thinking. It’s certainly different circumstances, but while missing Noah Brown, Corey Smith, Dontre Wilson, and Jalin Marshall in the first game of the season against the best defense the team has faced so far, the team put up the most points they’ve had all season (42). Also, this team has so many viable weapons at WR that Ohio State ended up putting an extra WR position on the depth chart; making 12 positions on offense.

Below, and on the left is a picture of the depth chart for this upcoming game against Maryland. On the right is a depth chart heading into the Penn State game last year. Last year, the team only listed 7 wide receivers on offense. This year, as you can see, they list a total of 10 wide receivers. 3 players is a huge difference when speaking in terms of depth. And, even with those ten listed, they don’t have true freshmen K.J. Hill or Torrance Gibson

“K.J. (Hill), he certainly has earned a right to mix in there a little bit, but we’re not sure we’re going to do that yet. He had a little injury too, but he’s fine now. You wish you’d play more, but right now we’ve got a little bit of depth.” Also elite QB-turned-WR Torrance Gibson, who may be raw, but is an athletic freak  isn’t listed, but could play if absolutely necessary.





Although the depth is fine, experience is one thing the unit lacks.

Braxton Miller is obviously very inexperienced at H-Back, having only played 5 games at that position. He still has work to do with blocking, and ability to be on the field without having to get the ball. When that happens, and he gets the ball in open field, you know the outcome.

Dontre Wilson and Jalin Marshall are both in their 2nd full year playing as WRs, but there are some questions with their ability to block and ball security. Because of their small size those two things have been an issue, but they are definitely improving. “He’s never been a full-time player because he’s never been big and strong enough. This is the first year, I have no doubt that he can go out there and hold the point blocking on the perimeter. The first maybe year and a half, he couldn’t do it.” Urban said about Dontre.

Michael Thomas is arguably the best WR in the country. He is the leader of this “Zone 6”  unit, and whenever a big play is needed, you can always look towards “@cantguardmike .”

Parris is a redshirt freshman (who was offered after one game where Urban witnessed his speed) who has been injured the past two games with a knee injury, but had earned praise from Urban before that. “He’s big and strong and tough,” Urban said. “And he’s showing that. I love him. I think he’s going to have a really fine career here.” Jeff Greene is a transfer from GA Tech, he is the tallest WR for the Buckeyes, and he is one of the veterans of the unit. Although he doesn’t have many stats to show for it, Jeff is a good WR, and will be ready when his number is called.

Curtis Samuel is a guy that excites many of the coaches. He doesn’t have much experience at WR because he played in the backfield all last year, but he is looked to be a playmaker. He is averaging over 15 yards per touch, and he even caught the 1st TD pass of the season. Though he was slightly injured last week with back spasms, he is back to practicing, and the coaches will continue to look to give him more touches. James Clark is a fairly young guy, even though this is his 3rd year in the program. He broke his ankle during his freshman season, and he is finally healthy, and he’s begun to turn heads within the staff.

Johnnie Dixon and Terry McLaurin are two speed demons who are in their first real year of playing for the Buckeyes. Johnnie has been plagued by knee tendinitis throughout his Ohio State career, and he hasn’t done much since Virginia Tech. Terry McLaurin hasn’t done much receiving but he has produced greatly on special teams.  “They tell us around here, the best way to get on the field is through special teams,” McLaurin said. “I felt like any special teams they needed me on – punt, kickoff, kickoff return, whatever it was – I was just going to be willing to help the team any way I can. I found that through the first four games, I’ve been trying make just the biggest impact I can.”


Overall, the depth in the wide receiver unit is fine. That’s one of the perks of top-notch recruiting, you get plenty of depth and skill. The argument was that there may be too much depth at WR, but now since Corey got hurt, many people have started to believe that the unit is “extremely thin.” Of course, any type of injury is terrible, but this team can afford it for now. There are a sufficient amount of bodies, and even though they are inexperienced, the talent they have makes up for it. So, as long as Zone 6 keeps working (which they will), continues to improve blocking on the edge, and continue to build chemistry with Cardale, the unit and the team will be just fine.

The Roast of the Big Ten

By: Ryan Black

Image result for marshmallow roasting

Big Ten play has started and an annual gathering went down last night for the people of the conference only. This secret roast took place Wednesday evening and players and coaches from all 14 B1G schools were in attendance.

A roast is somebody like me’s worst nightmare; I hate conflict and I just wish everybody could say nice things to one another. This is the opposite of that. Imagine being the center of attention in front of a crowd of people while strangers pick at your every insecurity.

If this is your thing then you are in luck. I peruse some very weird websites late in the evening and I stumbled upon a leaked transcript of what went down Wednesday night. Don’t ask my sources, just enjoy the roasting.


Here is the Big Ten Roast:


Host: Welcome! Welcome! You’re all here for the annual Big Ten Roast and boy are you in for a treat this evening. 

And I’m not talking about a Dilly Bar in 15 degree weather kind of treat Gophers, I’m talking about a nut punch from a BYU player kind of reward.”

(Reserved Laughter)

“Please remember that all cell phones and cameras are not allowed! Without further ado, here is a washed-up New York comedian to get us underway!”



Washed-Up Comedian: It’s great to be here on this night to honor this lovely conference; It really is.

I see a lot of beautiful faces tonight, in fact there is Kate Upton right over here.”


“Oh excuse me, that’s not Kate Upton, that’s Iowa Quarterback C.J. Beathard with his gorgeous long-blonde hair.”


“C.J. Really is the total package at quarterback-He’s got the feet of Warren Moon, the name of a pornstar and the arm of… Kate Upton”


“I kid, I kid.

I do wish Kate was here though. I don’t think, as a 5’7 230 pound Jewish man, that I’d have much of a shot with her but hey, the odds are still probably higher of that happening than Maryland ever winning the Big Ten East, so you never know.


“I also had a dig about Rutgers written here  but when their team heard about it, 5 players assaulted me and another one powerbombed my wife and my notes into the Hudson River.”


I had to apologize to the producers of tonight’s event for being a little late, I made the mistake of hiring Mike Riley as my schedule planner.”


“Guy manages time about as well as Jim Harbaugh manages two part questions from the media.”


“I mean for a guy who’s mouth is hanging open for 90% of the day, Jim sure does say very few words.

In fact his open mouth to word ratio is almost as stupid as Ohio State’s turnover ratio this season.”


“The turnover problem is one of two things-Either Cardale Jones and Jailin Marshall sweat popcorn butter or they care as much for the football as the average NCAA player’s father cares about their son… until right before the NFL Draft.”

(Gasps then quiet laughter)

“Well my time is almost done here and I’m glad I was able to go first because unlike Purdue, I hate finishing last”

(Laughter the Applause)


Host: “Ouch, I can still feel the burns over here. Up next we have a real home run hitter, the Giant Perverted Screaming Lady.”


GPSL: “It’s a honor to be here on this lovely evening.

As many of you may know, I get around.”

(Crowd Swoons)

In fact the only people here tonight who have had more college kids in their end zone than me is the Indiana defense.”


“Sorry, the Penn State players didn’t get that one.

Hey Christian Hackenburg, the end zone is the white line that you need to cross in order to get 6 points. You should try it some time.”


“Speaking of end zones, What’s up Mark Dantonio’s?

Guy is more grumpy than my ex husband after he finally saw what I look like with my clothes off on our honeymoon…


“Speaking of disasters, how about Illinois’ off-season?

My god, kids get better medical advice on the playground. 


“Yea, the word on the street is Michael Jackson’s doctor took orders from Tim Beckman.”

(Gasps then quiet laughter)

“Sorry, I’m trying not to get too offensive tonight…

I forgot we have Wisconsin and Minnesota here, two of the least offensive teams in the country.”


“Last but not least I’m supposed to mention the Northwestern Wildcats…

When I was looking at the team picture I assumed they were a chess club.

( Quiet Laughter)

“They are known for choking away games in horrific fashion at the end of every season. 

In fact, the last time the universe saw this many white boys falling off a sinking ship was the Titanic.



Well, that’s where the transcript cut off.  I’m told the rest of the night was just Wisconsin and Penn State kicker fat jokes?

What did you think? I personally haven’t seen that many burns since….

Nope, I won’t do it.

Have a good weekend.


Week 6: MotSaG B1G Pick ‘em and Tidbits

By: Phil Schoch, Twitter me @osuphil95

Each week in this spot, we look at college football’s point spreads and match-ups and predict each B1G game as well as a few national spotlight games.

After my savant-like selections in Week 4, Pick ‘em & Tidbits slipped below sea level with a 4-6 mark versus the spread and 7-3 straight up in Week 5. My PM Stukenborg Fearless Prediction (Bama over the Dawgs) covered for the 5th consecutive week and won outright for the second time. After five weeks, I am 34-39 against the spread and 56-17 straight up.

Bert the Head Hog put the brakes on the Razorbacks three game losing skid with a come from behind victory over Tennessee (more on them later). But fear not haters! The Hogs are 17-point dogs to Bama this week. #bucketsofbertsbacontears

Disclaimer: Warning! Do not try this at home! I am a trained professional (at something).

Around the B1G…

Saturday, October 10





Vegas says…

No point spread available

At Penn State


Oooooh-oo-oooh, sweet child o’ mine. Oh-oh-oh-oooh, sweet child o’ my-yine! Guns N’ Roses lead singer, Axl Rose, is originally from Lafayette, Indiana. Rock around the Clock-er’s, Bill Haley & His Comets, were from Chester, Pennsylvania.

Pick ’em says… This game currently has no point spread, because of injuries sustained by Indiana’s starting QB and RB in the Ohio State game. If Nate Sudfeld and Jordan Howard are near 100%, I like the Hoosiers in a close one. If not, Penn State  rolls into Columbus next Saturday at 5-1.





Vegas says… Bucks -33.5

At Ohio State


This could be the game that sends Maryland into the tailspin that costs Randy Edsal his job. If Ohio State’s offense can not get on track versus a hapless Maryland squad and continues to struggle, I will officially be concerned for the long-term outlook of this squad.  Excellent opportunity for a shutout this week as the Terps netted less than 100 yards of total offense last week against Michigan.

Pick ’em says… For the fourth consecutive week, I’ll call for the O to finally break out. 52-0. Eventually I’ll be right.





Vegas says… Hawkeyes -11

At Iowa

Kirk Ferentz can almost taste his fourth B1G Coach of the Year award! However a plucky crew of Cubit, Fitzgerald, Harbaugh and _______ (anyone who might beat Ohio State) are keeping the competition, lively, I guess.

Pick ’em says… Iowa’s 10-6 victory last week at Wisconsin was a sleep inducing beauty. If the Buckeyes were not playing in the noon slot, this would be a fantastic sleeper too. Hawkeyes, 24-14.





Vegas says… Michigan -8

At Michigan


Since 2005, Michigan has a record of 77-54 and their last true B1G Championship was in 2003. So it’s understandable why the Walmart Wolverines are so excited about four consecutive wins. Since 2005, Northwestern is 78-45 with their last true B1G Championship in 1995. All 20,000 Wildcat fans are mildly bemused by the team’s 5-0 start.

Pick ’em & PM Stukenborg says…

Let’s go Wildcats! Northwestern, 20-17.

From 1966 – 2012, legendary Minster (Ohio) resident, Paul ‘P.M.’ Stukenborg (pictured above) posted his weekly sports predictions in the hometown paper, The Community Post. Each week, Pick ’em will make a P.M. Stukenborg Fearless Prediction and call for an underdog to to knock off the favorite.

NSFW ALERT! Pure Michigan! Walmart Wolverines, https://youtu.be/01Kz6Rw99Kk





Vegas says… ‘Huskers -1.5

At Nebraska


These two proud programs are coming off mostly incompetent and embarrassing losses last week and now face each other in a B1G West elimination game. The loser can be assured that they won’t have to catch a whoopin’ in the B1G title game. Happy Oktoberfest!

Pick ’em says… Oktoberfest gals over amber waves of grain ev-er-y-time. Badgers, 16-13.





Vegas says… Gophers -3

At Purdue


What the heck, Gophers? In a month’s time, you’ve gone from B1G West favorites to 3-point favorites over Purdue? Not very B1G Coach of the Year of you, Jerry Kill.

Pick ’em says…  I would never wager on this game, because I don’t trust either team. But I have to make a selection to preserve the integrity of this weekly article. Why not? Boiler up? 17-13?

Michigan State




Vegas says… Sparty -15

At Rutgers

Sparty has under-performed all season and Rutgers is New Jersey Purdue, so forget the analysis.

While I was pecking away at this article, the news of legendary New Orleans drummer – Smokey Johnson’s passing was confirmed. Instead of thinking about Rutgers, enjoy a Smokey classic. SAFE LINK! https://youtu.be/SlBuc863hU0

Pick ’em says… Spartans, 38-13.


12:00 at Dallas


Vegas says… Sooners -17



Oh the bloodshot Eyes of Texas are upon you! No amount of Lone Star swill can erase the 50-7 spanking TCU applied to Bevo’s hindquarters. What’s worse Horn’s fans? 50-7 or that TCU let up after halftime so they wouldn’t run up the score? Now more than ever, Texas is a perfect fit for the B1G West.

Pick ’em says… The Sooners can’t possibly blow this one, right Bob? OU, 38-13.




Vegas says… Dawgs -3

At Tennessee


Of course Georgia wasn’t ready for prime time against Alabama last week and got drilled. Will the Bama loss carry over on the road this week at Tennessee? Tennessee was the preseason talk of the SEC East. Now the Vols are 2-3 with three double-digit, gag-job losses to Oklahoma, Florida and Arkansas. With the hot seat getting hotter and another high profile loss, either Mark Richt or Butch Jones, is going to need flame-resistant Underoos.

Pick ’em says… Tennessee at home, 27-24.

Miami, Fl



Vegas says… ‘Noles -9.5

At Florida State

C’MON, #FIREALGOLDEN THESE BANNERS ARE EXPENSIVE. Similar banners have been flown over every Miami game this season.

For a taste of the real Florida, follow @_FloridaMan on Twitter. Three of his most recent headlines are…

Florida Man Dances on Hood of Car in 7-Eleven Parking Lot While Swigging Brandy, Says It’s His “Chilling Day” 

Florida Man Says He Spends 8 Hours a Day Trying to Regrow His Foreskin 

Florida Man Denies Mutilating Goat; Says He Only Took Part in Religious “Animal Sacrifice”, Still Running For Senate.

Pick ’em says… You’re not going to watch this game. You’re going to watch the Columbus Blue Jackets at the New York Rangers on FOX Sports Ohio and listen to Canada’s version of @_FloridaMan, Jeff Rimer, on the call.

Seminoles, 27-20.


The Urban Dictionary

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer watches his team during NCAA college football practice Tuesday, March 4, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio. (AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer watches his team during NCAA college football practice Tuesday, March 4, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio. (AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)

The Urban Dictionary. Welcome to a new and (hopefully) recurring piece that will be a peek into Urban Meyer’s jargon, but more importantly – what it actually means when heard by different people and their reactions to said jargon.

They will typically involve looking at his post game comments from the previous week’s game, but anything that comes out of the mouth of the great one is fair game for analysis.

Granted I am not Meyer himself (…or am I?), so there is no way to tell how accurate these analyses will be, but it will be fun to try.

We’ll start with the narrow win over Indiana this past weekend…

Urban said – “We’re turning the ball over at an alarming rate. That’s obviously a difference in the game. And at some point, that’s going to bite you. We have to fix that.”

  • The Fans – No kidding. There’s an easy fix for this, start JT…
  • The Media – So, have you settled on a starting quarterback yet?
  • The Players – We’re still 5-0, but we need to be better still…our fans expect nothing short of a 70-0 win against every team we play. Back to the grind.


Urban said – “The turnovers have to change right now. I mean, right now. There’s a couple of ways to do it. Just keep coaching and emphasize what we do. And second, the guys who lay it on the ground just can’t play.”

  • The Fans – The guys who lay it on the ground? What about the guy that lays it into the hands of the other team? Start JT.
  • The Media – Do you think you need to re-evaluate who should be the starting quarterback?
  • The Players – Coach is gunna be on Jalin’s (Marshall) case in practice this week…I didn’t fumble the ball twice.

Urban said – “The best thing about being 5-0 is a chance to go 6-0.”

  • The Fans – We won’t go 6-0. Unless you start JT of course.
  • The Media – With Jones in the starting quarterback role, IS there a chance?
  • The Players – Everything will be fine. In the words of Michael Thomas: #shhhhhhh

Hopefully you have enjoyed the first page in The Urban Dictionary. Feel free to disagree with any and all, or none of my reactions. Because like I said, I am not Meyer himself…

A Look Around The Country

Upset Saturday shakes up the Playoff Race

Welcome back to my weekly column, A Look Around the Country. I’ll be highlighting notable games from the week before, the week ahead and of course, the Heisman and Playoff race. Special features include an in-depth look at the Buckeyes and a Michigan update, mainly for folks to bask in their misfortunes. Feel free to comment with your opinions, I hope you enjoy!

Georgia, Ole Miss, UCLA, Notre Dame all went down on Upset Saturday but that does not mean they are out of the playoff picture completely. Alabama and Florida both looked great and so did Oklahoma. This race is far from over.

Notable Games Last Week

Oklahoma 44, West Virginia 24

The Sooners won big over West Virginia and have gotten themselves into the Big 12 race. I mentioned this last week, but everyone is paying attention to TCU and Baylor as playoff contenders. I am starting to think Big Game Bob has one more big season in him. OU takes on Texas this week in the Red River Rivalry. Hate to see it because I like the guy, but Charlie Strong may not have much time left in Austin.

Alabama 38, Georgia 10

Who said the Tide was dead? Ok, I did. Alabama silenced a lot of doubters by demolishing Georgia and putting themselves back atop the SEC. I still think the Tide drops 2 more games this season but if they were to win out, they’ll be back in the Playoff.

Ohio State 34, Indiana 27

So, that was closer than expected. The Buckeyes nearly derailed their perfect season in Bloomington of all places but were able to escape in the final minute. The offense has been average thus far but Zeke Elliott exploded and even came close to Eddie George’s single game rushing record (314 vs Illinois, 1995). Urban has said that he thinks the offense is close to something big, which is good to hear. I do think they will get their act together and we will all be able to look back on this with good humor. Be patient.

Florida 38, Ole Miss 10

Gator Chomp! Florida was able to handle the Rebels quite handedly and are now in the driver’s seat of the SEC East race. I am very surprised that they won especially in the way that they did it. Jim McElwain has done a great job in year one and will be a popular candidate for Coach of the Year. Ole Miss will need to go back to the drawing board.

Clemson 24, Notre Dame 22

Clemson was able to hold off a late surge by the Irish for a 2 point win in Death Valley. Despite the victory, I am not high on the Tigers and expect them to lose at least once. Notre Dame can win out and maybe make the playoff, but they would have to be very impressive the rest of the season. Clemson’s big game with Florida State still looms.

Big Games this Week

Maryland at Ohio State

So, that was closer than expected. The Buckeyes nearly derailed their perfect season in Bloomington of all places but were able to escape in the final minute. The offense has been average thus far but Zeke Elliott exploded and even came close to Eddie George’s single game rushing record (314 vs Illinois, 1995). Urban has said that he thinks the offense is close to something big, which is good to hear. I do think they will get their act together and we will all be able to look back on this with good humor. Be patient.

Saturday, October 10 at Noon on Big Ten Network

Northwestern at Michigan

I’ve never been more excited for a Northwestern-Michigan game in my entire life. Both teams are ranked so I would expect the Big House to be rocking for this one. If Pat Fitzgerald and the Wildcats are able to pull this one out (and I think they will) they could very well be a top 10 team and will be a frontrunner for the Big Ten Title Game. This will be their toughest game for the rest of the season so if they win, they could be a playoff favorite !?!?!?? headed into December. Unreal.

Saturday, October 10 at 3:30pm on Big Ten Network

California at Utah

College Gameday will be in Salt Lake City for a game that is usually watched by nobody, including the team’s fans. Utah is the favorite in the Pac 12 and I see them taking care of business quite easily against Cal. It’ll be played at 10pm eastern so if you stay up that late, enjoy yourself.

Saturday, October 10 at 10pm on ESPN

Michigan Update

Michigan shutout Maryland in impressive fashion and take on a ranked Northwestern team next. But it doesn’t get any easier as they play Michigan State next week in Ann Arbor. Spoiler Alert: Sparty is going down.

Heisman Watch

1. Leonard Fournette, LSU

2. Trevone Boykin, TCU

3. Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State

4. Derrick Henry, Alabama

5. Seth Russell, Baylor

6. Nick Chubb, Georgia

My Playoff if the Season Ended Today

*Editor’s Note: This will be a volatile poll every week based on performance in the past week and resume to date, very similar to the Playoff Committee.

1. Ohio State (beat Indiana, plays Maryland)

2. Michigan State (beat Purdue, plays Rutgers)

3. Baylor (beat Texas Tech, plays Kansas)

4. LSU (beat Eastern Michigan, plays South Carolina)

Just Missed the Cut

5. TCU (beat Texas, plays Kansas State)

6. Utah (Bye week, plays Cal)

7. Clemson (beat Notre Dame, plays Georgia Tech)

8. Alabama (beat Georgia, plays Arkansas)

9. Florida State (beat Wake Forest, plays Miami)

10. Notre Dame (lost to Clemson, plays Navy)

Men of the Scarlet and Gray B1G Power Poll Week 6

The Votes are in!!

Teams Points Record Last Week
Ohio State 8 5-0 (1-0) 1
msu 17 5-0 (1-0) 2
northwestern 25 5-0 (1-0) 4
michigan 33 4-1 (1-0) 3
iowa 37 5-0 (1-0) 6
indiana 2 57 4-1 (0-1) 9
wisconsin 63 3-2 (0-1) 5
penn state 67 4-1 (1-0) 10
illinois 74 4-1 (1-0) 12
minnesota 78 3-2 (0-1) 7
nebraska 80 2-3(0-1) 8
rutgers 96 2-2 (0-0) 11
purdue 104 1-4 (0-1) 14
maryland 108 2-3 (0-1) 13

First week of Big Ten play excluding the big rivalry game between Penn State and Rutgers that was played a week ago. Michigan State stumbled beating Purdue by only 3. Buckeyes offensive struggles came back, thank god for Zekemode. TTUN received their second shutout in a row (yawn). Play someone with an offense yeah your defense is good but its only now week 6 see me in 4-5 weeks. Hoosiers move up with a loss and show they should be in our opinion a bowl team. Surprisingly Illinois is still motoring along and its not showing yet in our poll. Purdue finally got out of the basement now if they can start getting some wins to help Darrell Hazell keep his job.

As always feel free to let us know if you feel we got it right or if tou would change something.

Men of the Scarlet and Gray Podcast Homecoming Weekend

Another week another episode of MotSaG Podcast. Chip and I review the Hoosier game. We discuss some of the offensive struggles, coaches or Cardale who’s the problem. We take our first question from some of our listeners. That was a fun part of the show since both Chip and I love interacting with you, our listeners. You can submit a question on twitter by using #askmotsag or email us at askmotsag@motsag.com we really do hope more of you send questions in and we get to interact with more Buckeye fans.

We also had the privilege of previewing the upcoming Maryland game with the beat writer from the Baltimore Sun Daniel Gallen. It was really great getting some insight into the Terps football program. Daniel was gracious enough to join us for our Big Ten game predictions along with one big national game.

We want to thank everyone for listening to our show means so much to us that so many are enjoying our show. Next week our friend Kevin McGuire will be stopping by to discuss the Penn State game, that show will be another great episode as we always love having him on and talking college football with him.

B1G Weekly Recap: Iowa Knocks Off Wisconsin, Sparty Survives Purdue

The first full weekend of conference games for the Big Ten was filled with dramatic finishes, as only two of the seven games were decided by more than one score. Iowa went in to Camp Randall and took down no. 19 Wisconsin in a turnover-fueled battle. In the lone nonconference game of the week, Penn State needed a late 4th down stop in their own territory to avoid the upset against Army.

Michigan 28, Maryland 0

The Wolverines’ hot start continued into B1G play when they went on the road and easily dispatched Maryland. Despite leading just 6-0 at halftime courtesy of two Kenny Allen field goals, there was never much doubt of who was going to emerge victorious in this one.

Jake Rudock put up a very Jake Rudock-esque line of 16-32 for 180 yards while tossing a touchdown and an interception. The Wolverine defense was the star again this week, allowing just 105 total yards and holding the Terrapins to 1-18 on 3rd down. The Wolverines return home next weekend to host Northwestern while Maryland will try their luck on the road at the number one team in the country.

Michigan State 24, Purdue 21

It was a tale of two halves in a rain-soaked East Lansing on Saturday afternoon. Michigan State looked every bit of the no. 2 team in the country as they jumped out to a 21-0 halftime lead behind two LJ Scott rushing touchdowns and a touchdown pass from Connor Cook to R.J. Shelton.

The second half was the Markell Jones show, including two 4th quarter touchdown runs before finishing with 157 yards, as he lead put the Boilermakers on his back and got them to within 3 points with less than 7 minutes to play before the magic ran out. Purdue drops to 1-4 on the season and will try to turn things around back in West Lafayette when Minnesota comes to town and Michigan State remains undefeated and hit the road at Rutgers as a tuneup for their trip to Ann Arbor in two weeks.

Penn State 20, Army 14

One of these days, Christian Hackenberg will show why some NFL scouts had him as a potential no. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. This was not one of those days. Hackenberg was just 10-19 passing for 156 yards and a 3rd quarter touchdown pass to Mike Gesicki. The Nittany Lions were actually outgained by Army (293-264) and had less first downs (19-14) over the course of the game.

Nick Scott opened the scoring in the 1st quarter with an 11-yard touchdown run but finished the day with just 54 yards on 12 carries. Penn State is back in conference play with a home game this week against Indiana.

Northwestern 27, Minnesota 0

You might as well give the B1G Coach of the Year trophy to Pat Fitzgerald now, as the former NU linebacker has the Wildcats humming on all cylinders as they improved to 5-0. Clayton Thorson was effective again against the Gophers, completing 14 of 19 passes for 128 yards and using his legs to find the end zone twice from short yardage.

Minnesota managed just 173 yards of offense (99 passing, 74 rushing) while turning the ball over twice. The Gophers will be looking to even their conference record when they take a trip to Purdue and Northwestern will also hit the road in a Top 25 battle in Ann Arbor.

Iowa 10, Wisconsin 6

Sometimes a dramatic game is not necessarily a good game. That was the case in this one in Madison. The teams combined for 541 yards of offense (Iowa 221, Wisconsin 320) while turning the ball over six times and committing 14 penalties. Jordan Canzeri carried the load for the Hawkeyes but a C.J. Beathard pass to George Kittle from a yard out in the 2nd quarter was the difference.

Wisconsin rushed for just 86 yards as a team and Joel Stave was 21-38 for 234 yards but was picked off twice. Iowa takes their 5-0 record back home for a date with Illinois while the Badgers try to get back on track when they visit Nebraska in a do-or-die matchup for both teams.

Ohio State 34, Indiana 27

It took a red zone stand from the Silver Bullets as time expired, but Ohio State managed to escape Bloomington with their undefeated record intact. Ezekiel Elliott was the star for the Buckeyes as he rushed for the second-most yards in school history. Three second half touchdown runs of 50+ yards certainly helped that cause.

The Hoosiers took a big blow when star running back Jordan Howard went down with an ankle injury early in the game. Howard tried to tough it out but was never really effective and left the bulk of the carries to Devine Redding. Redding found the end zone twice but had just 45 yards on 30 carries on the day. Ohio State heads back to Columbus for a Homecoming matchup against Maryland and Indiana will look to bounce back against Penn State in Happy Valley.

Illinois 14, Nebraska 13

In this upset of the week, Illinois took down Nebraska in Champaign following a strong 4th quarter from Wes Lunt and company. Down 13-0 heading in to the final frame, Lunt found Marchie Murdock from 22 yards out early in the quarter and then connected with Geronimo Allison from the 1-yard line with just :10 left in the game to complete the comeback.

Tommy Armstrong struggled all day for the Cornhuskers, completing just 10-31 from 105 yards while throwing an interception. Nebraska will be desperate to avoid an 0-2 start to B1G play when they host Wisconsin and Illinois looks to keep the good times rolling into Iowa City to take on the Hawkeyes.

What was the biggest surprise of the weekend? The Spartans and Buckeyes struggling or the Wolverines and Wildcats posting big shutout victories?

Why the 2015 Season is Playing Out Perfectly for the Buckeyes

Despite entering the 2015 season with the highest of expectations, the Ohio State football team has, by all accounts, struggled through the first five weeks of the season. Despite compiling a perfect 5-0 record and extending their nation-leading win streak to 18 games – and their road game win streak to 15 games, the top-ranked Buckeyes have heard nothing but grumbles from their fan base. But Ohio State fans need to realize one thing: even though the offense isn’t tallying 1,000-yard/60-point outings each week, this Buckeye football team is exactly where we should want it to be.

For the sake comparison, I’d like you to bring two very memorable seasons to the forefront of your mind – the 2002 season and the 2006 season. Those two Ohio State football teams entered their respective seasons with drastically different expectations, and the style of their week-by-week outcomes had just as much contrast – other than the one main constant, winning.

Ohio State entered the 2002 reason ranked No. 13 in the AP Poll, following a loss in the Outback Bowl the previous year – Jim Tressel’s first year at the helm. Throughout the season, and en route to completing its undefeated national championship season, OSU won seven games by seven points or less, including two overtime wins. Every week seemed like a heart attack-inducing grind offensively, but the Buckeyes got the win every time it stepped onto the field. Fans’ hope skyrocketed as the season progressed, but expectations kept us grounded – all the way until the team defeated the big, bad Miami Hurricanes in the Fiesta Bowl.

Fast-forward to 2006, when the Buckeyes came into the season as the No. 1 ranked squad and perceived national championship favorites. That team had too much speed and talent throughout its lineup, the pundits said. With Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith dazzling fans each week – paired with the deep wide receiver corps of Ted Ginn, Jr., Anthony Gonzalez, Roy Hall, Brian Robiskie and Brian Hartline, and Antonio Pittman and Beanie Wells at running back – the offense just couldn’t be stopped. Outside of one-score wins against Illinois and second-ranked Michigan, the Buckeyes steamrolled their opponents throughout the season – as “steamrolled” as possible in the Tressel offense – as they advanced to the national championship game against the Florida Gators.

The correlation I want to make is that the 2015 Ohio State football team – the first team ever to be unanimously voted as the preseason No. 1 team – entered the season with the expectations of the 2006 team, but through its first five games, has performed at a level comparable to the 2002 team. While it has been frustrating for fans who have expected offensive fireworks on a weekly basis, Buckeye Nation should actually find some level of comfort in the team’s struggles.

Unlike the 2006 team that was able to coast through the majority of the season and read its press clippings as the anointed “champion-to-be”, the 2015 Buckeyes are starting to be doubted, blasted, mocked and disrespected. Those things equate to the extra hunger and motivate that propel teams with chips on their shoulders to greater things, whereas the lack of those traits often lead to the sudden demise of a much-lauded and much-favored team.

No matter what any Ohio State fan says – if the 2015 Buckeyes continue to plug away and record one ugly win after another en route to a 15-0 record and a repeat national title, all of us will enjoy the ride.