Accusations against Carlos Hyde

Saturday, I received a direct message on Twitter from a source whom I trust to be 100% reliable. That source had a very detailed (and troubling) story. Those details made a prominent member of the OSU FB team look extremely bad. The problem was, I couldn’t confirm or deny the claims. At best I am a blogger and at worst I am a stay at home dad. I am not a journalist or a reporter, we don’t “break stories” here at this site and I don’t have ways to confirm stories. So together with the editor of this website we made the decision to let the world know something was coming down the pike which would upset fans. We did so through Twitter and it was after a long and arduous discussion. The decision wasn’t easy and we could not imagine how it would be perceived. Some people were angry, others concerned, but overall the most consistent feeling was disbelief.

This story is starting to unravel on social media and it is becoming apparent everyone has some of the story. Here is the story through the eyes of our source who has information we couldn’t verify with multiple sources but do feel confident as being accurate given the rumblings we are hearing.

Below is a copy of the conversation I had with my source. I have redacted the source’s name and those involved.

Hey man whats up?

Carlos Hyde punched one of my roommates in the face last night at the club… And of course (as she should) she’s pressing charges

Her uncle already contacted Luke fickle.

Is this in public yet or just people in the know?

In the know.

Just happened last night

Think this is news I should share with public or wait for something official?

Wait for official. Please and thank you. I will at least keep you updated from what I hear. Ill talk to her later if anything

But something official will most likely come out on Monday… You know how it goes

ok I wont say anything unless I hear something is public…. Can I ask you what her name is just so I can search police records?

[Victim]. Her dad is a cop in Westerville. Thankfully (though unfortunately for her) he is on tour in Afghanistan atm

Have any more details? Where did it happen? When? Is she ok? Is there any injurues?

I want to say _ _ _ _ in Columbus, Friday night. She is fine, face is a little swollen. Other than that no, she has no apparent bruises

Is she sure it was him? Are they going to press charges?

She says that when he ran off, the other ppl in the VIP section said “I can’t believe [Player] just did that”

She is confident that it was him. She does plan on pressing charges, might have already. Apparently she went to police station…

Why did he punch her?

She says that he was insisting that he danced with her. She said not. Says he hit her.

Then he ran off after. According to (victim’s friend)

Ugh this is potentially huge news and I want to wait for something official but seems like too big not to at least allude to it…

But as we both know, allegations are just that, alleged.

I am going to allude to having knowledge of an incident but not use names on twitter…. is that cool?

I do appreciate that 🙂 I know it’s your job to provide as soon as you know. No need to blemish your name

Yeah it is tough not having enough proof but I also cant sit on this and pretend like it may not have happened

Dude I totally understand.

is it ok to give out details but leave names out or just leave it as I have already done?

Details are fine, but yes please leave names out

Any new info?

(Victim) just came and picked up the police report from my roommate. (Victim) is taking reports to police station as we speak

witness statements?

Yes, my bad

As you can see this was a fly by the seat of my pants situation. I have never had to deal with getting this kind of info. While it would have been great to be able to confirm the entire story with a second source or a police report it just wasn’t possible over the weekend. The info I had was specific and detailed and my source has an impeccable reputation with me. As most of you can see by now other sites are running with the info and using names. The victim in this case will not be named by us here at MotSaG and nor will my source. I hope people understand that lives are affected by this situation and we tried to do the best we could for all of them involved even the alleged attacker. We strive to do r best everyday and sometimes we have to just take the lumps with the praise.

Carlos was not arrested at the scene. He has not been charged with a crime as of right now. My sources believe the case is being turned over to the District Attorney to decide if charges are to be filed.

(Post originally published July 22, at 9:28 AM. Bumped to top of front page at 12:10 PM)


  1. It’s a sad situation that is still ongoing. Feel for everyone involved.

  2. Yep there is no positive to come out of this story…

  3. What worries me most about this is that everyone has pretty much already decided he did it. But let’s say that it can’t be proven it was him or witnesses aren’t reliable/consistent, etc. and charges aren’t brought or he is acquitted or whatever. (I went to the John Grisham School of Law, can you tell?)

    So, if he is indeed off the team for now, but nothing comes of it, will Meyer let him come back? In the light of all the complete nonsense about Aaron Hernandez and constant criticism of his Florida days, will he consider the media/public reaction if he lets someone who everyone has already decided hits women back on the team? And will that prevent him from allowing someone back who doesn’t really deserve to be punished?

    I hope not. I think Meyer is the type of person who does what he believes is right, regardless of what others say, but I could easily see there being pressure (either from himself or from administration) to do the best thing for his/OSU’s public image.

  4. If he did in fact forearm, punch, or elbow a girl in the face for any reason other than to defend himself, I hope he is gone. I see no call for it whatsoever and no reason to suggest to future prospects that this kind of behavior is tolerated.

  5. just suspend him for some creampuff—the buckeves need his game bigtime this fall.

  6. Desertbuk says

    And your source seems somewhat dubious now.

    • Thanks for stopping by Desertbuk….

      My source gave me info about the accusation and nothing more. They were 100% accurate in what Hyde was being accused of. They had direct knowledge of what the girl was saying happened and that turned out to be true. They had no idea if the girl was telling the truth or not.

      I stand behind my source being accurate because the story as I said 10000 times was about the accusation and was only the first chapter in this whole story which is still being written.

  7. Since the one thing that is clear in this is that the woman punched Carlos Hyde and it is on video , why isn’t her name public?

  8. Do you still “trust your source to be 100% reliable” after seeing the video?

    • Yes 100% because as I have said 1000 times not my source and story was about what she was accusing him of and not whether it was true or not.

      I said from the get go the accusation was the beginning of the story and not the end. We have covered every aspect of the story since it came out.


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