Stiff Arm of the Week

What a welcome sight it was to see the return of the Stiff Arm of Justice®. With so many to choose from, it was hard not use this one.

Yes, the first score, when Shane Carter went for a ten yard ride aboard the SAoJ Express into the endzone, was beautiful. It just didn’t convey the power this one does.


  1. DublinSaab says

    Save all the extra ones so you can give us the SAotW during weeks that Ohio State doesn’t play. Like in March.

  2. we need to put together a youtube tribute to the SAotW. So we can play it always when we are feeling bad or angry or sad or happy.

    The Stiff Arm is perfect for all occasions

  3. Buckeye Dan says

    # 17 is Alan Lankford who took the backwards push into the endzone. Loved seeing it.

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