Buckeyes Dominate the Ducks, Win Inaugural College Football Playoff Championship 42-20


Ohio State has just completed the most improbable three-game stretch in recent history. Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliot came into their own in the B1G Championship game, got comfortable running all over the vaunted Alabama Defense and just shut down the even more vaunted Oregon Offense.

Outside of the first drive, Oregon’s fast up-tempo offense was more or less stymied time and time again. Even with four turnovers, Oregon was never able to grab the momentum, was never able to get in rhythm and was just out-physicalled by Ohio State’s defense.

Ohio State was able to move the ball on Oregon’s defense at will but with fumbles and interceptions, they weren’t able to pull away.

After giving the ball up in the red zone in the third quarter, Oregon had a chance to take the lead with a score and possibly take control of the game. Ohio State’s defense stepped up to the task and held them to a field goal and got the ball back, clinging to a sliver of a lead, 21-20. Fans were begging to just feed the Zeke.

Which is just what they did. Elliot got 7 touches (6 carries and one reception) and they straight-man balled the Oregon defense right down the field to take the lead, 28-20 and never let go of that lead for the rest of the game.

No lead is safe, of course, against Oregon but they weren’t able to move the ball. Cardale Jones then drove Ohio State another 70 yards for a back-breaking two touchdown lead, 35-20.

Oregon would come up short again, turning the ball over on downs at their own 14 yard line. Six plays later, Elliot punched it in for game sealing score, 42-20, and that was all she wrote.

Oregon is a good football team. A great one, maybe. In the end, though, they simply did not have the physicality and depth Ohio State was able to throw at them. They struggled to get any flow and rhythm, which is of utmost importance for their success. Ohio State just outplayed them.

So hats of to one of the greatest seasons of Ohio State football. Through adversity, tragedy and early disappointment, they stuck together, allowed themselves to be coached and got better every week and finished the season as strong as ever.

Congratulations to Urban Meyer, the 2014 Ohio State Football Team and Buckeye Fans everywhere!


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