Salt, meet wound

Ugh. I don’t know if you’ve seen this already or not (I haven’t perused today’s Buckeye Blogosphere yet) but reader Andrew sent us this image (screen cap credit goes to Becca Howard) that is just gut wrenching:


You are looking at USC’s first “touchdown” on the fourth and goal play. The Buckeyes’ D-line just got infinity more Buckeye Leaves.


  1. Oh god, really? That just hurts…

  2. Well, I’m not surprised.. and the entire evening just took off from there.

  3. Holy Heyzues. Why’d you have to go and share that? I want to cry.

  4. I was screaming for a replay! Oh well it’s over now

  5. “KNEE DOWN”


    Image author also forgot to add “HOLD HOLD HOLD HOLD.”

  6. What I hated about that was the fact that they didn’t review it…but they did review the Boom TD moments later.


  7. As much as I hate to see this, and as close as the game ended up being, I always hear in the back of my head after wanting to complain about the officiating, “Referees don’t win games.” Painful to see? Of course. The root cause of our pain? Sadly, no.

  8. German Buckeye says

    caption should have also pointed out a minumum of three USC linemen with penalties for holding

  9. That makes me sick…

  10. It’s our fault. USC knew what happened and snapped it fast. We didn’t call a time out to force a review or review it ourselves.

  11. Actually, there were a few things seen in review that were problematic. Jeff Amey at the O-Zone pointed out that there was an issue with the intentional grounding call, that the spot should have been at the point of the call (a 10-yard difference that might have given us a 1st down there).

    There was also a very significant missed facemasking call; Boom was taken down from behind with his facemask on 3d down on one of the later drives (I believe it was the one where we punted instead of kicking the field goal), which should have given us 15 yards and a first down.

    I won’t blame the refs for the game—we should have trounced USC—but those were pretty significant.

    The D-Line rocked everyone on Saturday. Completely awesome performance, and the first time I’ve felt that way since 2002.

  12. The more I look at the data from that game, the more I absolutely HATE how Jim Tressel called the game when OSU had the ball.

    I’ve also heard that there were several packages for players like Thomas and Stoneburner and they weren’t used.

    I’ve also heard that there were several half time adjustments on offense as far as plays and players go that weren’t used at all in the second half.

    I feel so bad for those kids that felt their hearts on the field…

  13. Hard to blame anyone but Tressel for this not being reviewed at the time.

  14. I’m sure the more that Jim Tressel looks at the data he hates how he called the game too. The point is, hind-sight is 20-20 and is easy to judge. In the heat of the battle, however it is very difficult to make those decisions.

  15. Sherwin Amazan says

    Wow, and the refs reviewed Herron’s TD run on 3rd down right away, this was 4th down for God’s sake!!!!

    ESPN didn’t even question that touchdown run, the announcer’s just automatically gave it to SC, this is just ridiculous…

  16. I just threw up.

  17. The thing is, the rule states the ball must cross the goal line… before his knee hits the ground, which it did, this picture is falsifying what actually happened… sorry buckeye fans.

  18. By the way… FIGHT ON!

  19. Yes, his knee is down, but the ball has already crossed the plane. The ball is beyond the line, so who’s to say from this freeze-frame shot that the knee was down before the ball crossed the plane?

    USC can complain about the controversial touchdown Texas got in the Rose Bowl when Vince Young’s knee was down, too.

    That “great” D-line wasn’t so great in the game-winning drive by USC.

    Get over it.

  20. Oops. Just saw the arrow with the ball behind the line. OKAY so that’s 1 less touchdown for USC, but it’s nonetheless insignificant. What happens in the 1st quarter doesn’t affect what happens in the 4th quarter if the game is still close. You do what you gotta do with what you have. If you’re down 2 points, you go for a field goal. If you’re down 6 points, you go for a touchdown.

    Had USC not received that 1st touchdown, they would’ve done something else to score later. It’s insignificant.

    Ohio State got dominated on the final drive of the game.

    USC won.

    Get over it.

  21. So, if I show a picture of a guy who caught a ball, controlled it all the way to the ground, then after he was on the ground let go of the ball, he didn’t catch it? It is easy to take one snapshot of a scene AFTER the guy is down and say he didn’t go in. What we can’t see is where the ball was seconds BEFORE he went down. He doesn’t need to have it in WHEN he is down, just BEFORE he is down. Just because it isn’t over the line here, doesn’t mean it wasn’t 2 seconds before that. But of course, OSU fans always need to find an excuse for why they lost

  22. USC pays it’s players and i am sure they also paid the ref’s, Pete’s pocket’s are very deep.

  23. All of you morons saying that this photo was taken “after the ball had crossed the line,” need to review their physics notes. Look at the other players, including the running back. They are moving FORWARD. Objects moving will continue to move in the same direction unless acted upon. So Stafon Johnson is falling down to the ground, knee already having made contact. The ball is also moving in the same direction.

    Unfortunately for you all, the distance between the goal line and the ball in Johnsons’ arm is about as thick as the hand icon that pops up when you mouse over the photo.

    Conclusion: knee is down, ball did not cross the plane.

    The ball, which he is carrying between his elbow and hand

  24. USC thats how we do!

  25. BaldWolverine says

    A smart coach would have called a time out. Like your new problem up in Ann Arbor, RichRod, did against Notre Dame to get the touchdown overturned.

    Whats the overunder on JT not comming back next year after UofM beats Ohio State with Freshman?

  26. Stay classy USC fans!

    Don’t worry…at some point this year, your team will lose to East Montreal Tech…

  27. All i hear is a bunch of babys whinning about 1 call. If that were the case all you buckeye fans would probably kill yourself on how many games you loose to a bad call get over it, it happenes to every football team… im sure OSU has won alot of games due to a bad call by the refs… You guys are just pissed because you got beat and have to find a reason to bring closure to your loss… Oh Go USC fight on! 1-0

  28. make that 2-0 hahahahaah

  29. Oh and did someone forget to mention it was a Big Ten officiating crew for the game.

  30. Yes…every team gets screwed by a call or two…

    I can’t wait until USC losses to Stanford again and their are actually USC literally crying.

    USC losses to terrible teams…every single year. Ohio State losses to the very best the country has to offer.

    With all that said, this call didn’t win USC the game…Ohio State’s poor coaching lost the game for Ohio State.

  31. …Is that a Michigan fan talking smack?



    Lets see how UM does against a good football team first? Lets see how they do against PSU.

  32. Does anybody remember John Cooper. People need to get off Tressels back.

  33. more whinning and excuses!

  34. Tressel Punts says

    Is it just me or did Michigan suddenly get relevant again. I know we are still much more talented at most positions, but RR makes me nervous, espicially given Tressel’s conservative game calling. The loss is on JT not Pryor in my view. I really worry about when RR gets a few of his own recruiting classes under his belt…..I hope Tressel doesn’t become the next LLLLLLoyd Carr…..Under achieve with a bunch of talend cuz of pussy coaching. Pryor >>>>>> Forcier in terms of talent, but Forcier looks nasty in RR’s system. Had TP gone to Mich last year, we would totally be screwed right now….he would be a sophomore in that system where a less talented freshman is tearing it up.

  35. well so far OSU dosent look good aginst teams with freshman QBs(USC). Michigan Might pull it off.. haha ok im done with the crap talking… OSU and USC was a great game defensive game but still good. OSU played a tough game but unfortunatly came up short… Good luck to everyones team this weekend new week new teams to beat.. everyone shold let last week go now…

  36. oh and OSU and Michigan…. OSU would stomp them… Just mine of many perdections

  37. Would it have really mattered? If they wouldnt have gotten that TD USC would have opened their playbook up a bit more instead of just having the TRUE FRESHMAN manage the game and being content with just the victory. It wouldnt have matter anyways. Not like T Pryor couldve gotten a first down anyways, they wouldve punted from their own 5yard line and USC wouldve had short field. Stop the excuses and be content with what your team is, a good team in a mediocre conference that cant win the big one(s). “THE TIDE IN THE STATE OF OHIO HAS SHIFTED AND ITS HEADED DOWN 71 SOUTH TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI WHERE BRIAN KELLY COACHES HIS 2 AND 3 STAR RECRUITS TO PLAY LIKE 5 STAR RECRUITS.”


    Sorry forgot to include that in the above post

  39. It makes no difference, we lost. I wouldn’t review too much old film or they may give Miami our National Championship Trophy….


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