Championship Game – Semi-live update

We’ll be checking in from time to time for a semi-live blog. We know most everyone will be watching, so it won’t be anything great, but we hope everyone enjoys the game.

End of the first half

Florida: 34
OSU: 14

Ugggh. I’m not feeling very good right now.


Florida: 41
Ohio State: 14

Now that I’ve had a few minutes of “alone time” I’ll just share a few observations. Not really in the mood for some in-depth analysis, for obvious reasons.

First and foremost, even though our Buckeyes got out-played in every way tonight, this has still been an excellent season. 12-0 was no small feat, with big wins over Texas and Michigan. The Heisman Trophy for Troy Smith was a fitting end to a superb regular season. The Buckeyes provided with thrills and happiness for 12+ weeks, and for that, I’m thankful.

Secondly, all the credit to Florida and Urban Meyer. They had a great game plan and executed it well. They were well coached and that defense was stifling. Congratulations to them.

It’s hard to pinpoint a moment in the game or a particular weakness or strength that made the difference, but here are a few:

Losing Ginn to injury was a huge loss. Not having a burner that could stretch the defense and occupy two defenders cannot be understated. It was a huge loss.

The fumble on the 5 yard line the possession after failing to convert on fourth down. That hurt. Going for it on fourth on our thirty was gutsy and I think it was the right call, but it ended in disaster. That 10 point swing was huge.

Their defensive front four was huge. They played lights out, and we could not find any offensive rythm. We were playing on our heels all night.

The pass defense was horrible. It seemed like there was a gaping hole in the middle of the field EVERY PASSING PLAY. Adjustments weren’t made soon enough.

Our defense was put in a lot of bad situations early on. The aforementioned fumble, the two personal foul penalties on the kickoff and a subsequent punt really put a strain on our defense. That was huge, giving them short fields and they converted each opportunity. Our defense came out in the second half and played inspired but got no help from the offense.

I feel bad for the seniors going out on a sour note like this. It shouldn’t have to end like this, but someone had to win and someone had to lose.

Congratulations to the Gators, you guys played lights-out and shocked Buckeye fans (and everyone else) everywhere.

And thanks to the 2006 Ohio State football team. You came up short but we still love you. GO BUCKS!


  1. I don’t know who is playing this game, but it’s not OSU.

    I don’t know who is quarterbacking this game, but it’s not Troy Smith.

    At the half:

    I don’t know who is coaching this game, but it’s not Tressel. Worst play calling in his six years here. Only one quick pass?!? Hey, it works! Use it again. Only one drive with Pittman? Guess what, it worked. Why stay with the plan that isn’t working, especially when the plan depends on Ginn, who you’re not letting on the field? What’s the worse thing that happens? He can’t play? HE’S NOT PLAYING NOW. Ginn should have been on the field, whether or not they intended to use him. At least that occupies one of the Florida DBs.

    What’s with the seven step drops? What’s with fourth and one? What happened to Tresselball, where field position is somewhat of a concern?

    What stinks most is that if Florida wins, they will not have played against the “real” OSU. I will wonder forever what would have happened if OSU simply showed up. Clearly, and I mean this sincerely, OSU is not that interested in winning this game. Oh, sure, they’d love to, but it’s easy to see that beating Michigan was their finish line, not Glendale.

  2. OWNED!!!!!!!

  3. Great season OSU but welcome to the life of a Michigan fan. Still you have nothing to be ashamed of…you guys had a season to remember. We’ll see ya in Ann Arbor next year

  4. It wasn’t the Ohio State team we know. They had a seven week layoff, so Yes, Herbie. I’m going to ignore you and point out that’s too long…that’s more than half the season.

    We clearly got beaten by the better team last night. Michigan got beaten by a better team in the Rose Bowl, but neither team showed up for the bowl game. We both ended the season two weeks earlier than our opponent.

    Great season, yes. Horrible, terrible way to end it. I will never drink Gatorade again in my life. All of the sudden it tastes bitter.

  5. I love reading the blogs of teams that just got the crap beat out of them by a SEC school. The excuses are always good. To big of a lay off, whine whine. Florida had over 30 days off. Ginn was hurt, whine whine. One player makes the team?? Play calling was bad, whine whine, did you not just win 12 games with that play caller?? Offensive line didn’t block to give Smith some time, whine some more. Floridas defensive line IS that good. If either Florida or LSU would have played in that conference, either one of them could have been undefeated. In the SEC you don’t get that many off weeks like OSU or Mich. You play alot of tough schools, like Florida,LSU, Auburn, Arkansas, and Georgia.
    come back to reality, OSU showed up, and Florida showed them what a real Champion looks like.

  6. Nonon – Yeah, it hurts but we’re definitely not ashamed.

    buckeyy – I don’t really think we were making excuses nor whining. Simply stating some observations. Florida played a better game and was the better team. We never said anything else to the contrary.

  7. buckeyy – there’s no whining on this blog. Florida wanted it more, and they got it. Props to them. No excuses here.

    Avoid the melodramatic overanalysis. “zOMG!! OSU didn’t even care about winning, so that proves the SEC can beat the New England Patriots!!! 11eleventyone!!!”

    *throws crumbs to feed the troll*

  8. buckeyy:

    The bottom line is, we got beat, soundly, by a notably better team. We got outcoached, outplayed on both sides of the ball, and even the area we expected to have a clear advantage in, special teams. Florida had a better gameplan and they even had that thing we all wanted to argue before the game, better altheletes, at least on the defensive side. There’s no excuses here, Florida proved they were the better team on the field and probably the best team in the country so props to them.


    If you are delusional enough to think Ohio State brought their A game then that is far more blind and unreasonable than any of those things you accused us of doing. Is than an excuse? Goodness no, this was the National Championship, the most important game of the year and the most important game most of these kids will ever play in. Layoff or no you don’t show up and play like that. Last nights game showed an obvious deficiency in coaching, motivation and preparednesses and though they are less glamorous those are as much a part of the game as a talented offense and a rock solid defense.

    Florida won, they deserved to win and even if we did play our A game they still would have won. However, if you think Florida’s A game is 27 points better than Ohio State’s A game then you have been smoking some pretty strong stuff.

  9. Luckily it has been determined by local (Southern) bloggers that Urban’s spread offense won’t work in the SEC, at least not with Leak as QB. That theory may now be suspect.

    The Dawg Nation was also part of Florida’s road kill this year (but only by 7) so I feel for you Buckeyes. We hope to improve on that next year as I’m sure you will also. The SEC is tough but clearly OSU had what we call a “Tennessee” bowl game.

    Great season – a lot to be proud of.

  10. threadogie says

    Who let Cooper slip under the Vest? You can toss that “best play caller in the nation” crap out the window.


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