Come on, Ohio!

OSU FootballWelcome to the Men of the Scarlet and Gray, an Ohio sports blog that will, as the fight song goes, “Our honor defend.” The bloggers here are Ohio sports fans, but first and foremost Buckeye fans. We love the professional teams (we believe, LeBron!) and follow them closely, but our true passion is Ohio State football. Our ealiest sports memories are watching the Buckeyes of years gone by and our hearts still rebound with joy following the magical 2002 National Championship season. To say we’re anxious for the 2006 season to start is to say we sort of like breathing air.

So here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray, you’ll find all sorts of Ohio sports commentary, snarky jabs at the State up North, lamentations of another season down the tubes (Eric Wedge, what have you done to my Indians?!) and of course all things pertaining to the Ohio State University.

The name of the blog will be familiar to any self-respecting OSU fan, but for those who don’t know, it’s from the Buckeye Battlecry, the very popular and very sing-able fight song. You’ll hear The Best Damn Band in the Land blasting it out in the Horsehoe during any given Saturday. It’s the quientessential fight song and captures the spirit of what the Buckeyes are – men of the Scarlet and Gray.

So we hope you’ll bookmark us, add us to your feed reader, heck, make us your home page and let us be your guide to the sports that happen in the great state of Ohio. Your state, and mine.

So after that introduction, let me leave with a clip of things to come, by way of Ted Ginn, Jr.

Turning off the lights and getting back in bed before it gets dark.


  1. The guy can motor. I almost felt embarrased for the guys trying to cover him. Almost.

  2. This kid has more highlights than GAMES he’s played in. Nice average.


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