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IT’S MILLER TIME: Bill Rabinowitz of The Columbus Dispatch has a great article on the senior leader of the Buckeyes, Braxton Miller. There’s lots of great stuff here, so you definitely should read the whole thing, but here a couple pieces I particularly enjoyed. The first was Braxton’s hesitancy in telling the new coaching staff about his new born son, Landon. There was only one person he trusted enough to tell the news:

In fact, the only one he confided in was his roommate, fellow quarterback Kenny Guiton, who also became a father two months after Miller.

There were times during last season when people wondered out loud if Kenny G should be starting instead of Miller, who had some ups and downs. In our own minds we had built up this rivalry, but there clearly was a relationship not everyone was privy to.

I also enjoy his candidness when asked about having the Heisman Trophy as a goal:

“If I just play my game, play smart and play within myself, a lot of good things will happen,” he said. “If we do what we’re supposed to do on offense and defense and score a lot of points and be Big Ten champions and get to the national (playoff), I would really love to accept that Heisman award.”

A great read about a great kid.

BUCK NAKED: Late last week it was announced that Jonathan Waters, the Ohio State Marching Band director was fired after an exhaustive investigation was done and found a troubling “”sexualized” culture of the band”. You can read all about the investigation here and a lot of the fallout here.

If you were on Twitter when the new broke, I’m sure you saw much of the reaction that trended toward Ohio State acting too harshly. You can read the investigation and come to your own conclusion. I’ve certainly come to mine.

I think what bothered me the most about this situation was the number of hot takes that basically blew this off as “things college kids do”. While that may be entirely true, why is that excuse valid? Why can’t we demand that “college kids” be better? And aren’t people like Dr. Waters tasked with teaching them that they should be better? I know there is going to be a lot of this kind of thing happening, but I guess I’d rather see things like this not be swept aside with another shrug of the shoulders and “kids will be kids” excuse. Maybe I’m getting to be an old fuddy-duddy, but that’s just me.

(I have to give a h/t to future MotSaG’er Frenchie on that title)

B1G! B1G!: The B1G Media Days kick off tomorrow in Chicago, which will be the first real chance the media has to get access to the football coaches, and Ari Wasserman has a few questions that Urban Meyer might have to answer. Dave Biddle has a five storylines for the Buckeyes going in to B1G Media Days, as well. What are a few questions you’d ask Coach Meyer, given the opportunity?

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS (AND CARLOS HYDE KNOCKS OPPORTUNITY DOWN): With San Francisco’s running backs dropping like flies to injuries, it looks like Carlos Hyde is going to get some early chances to show off what he’s got:

“El Guapo” is a “throwback runner” – he knows the shortest distance between A and B is a straight line, often running over his opposition en route to a big gain. Times have changed and football has evolved into a passing game, eliminating the need to draft running backs early in the first round. Hyde slipped to the 49ers at #57, and when considering recent injuries to the backfield, it’s starting to look like one of the best picks in the draft.

#23 IT IS:

23 it is! It's only right I go back. 2·3=6  We still family 6. #HomeTeam #StriveForGreatness

ETC: It looks like Kyle Trout will probably redshirt this season. Get to know Mrs. Urban Meyer.

MotSaG Reader’s Digest for July 20, 2014

osuHelmetThe MotSaG Reader’s Digest is back! The MotSaG Reader’s Digest is just that — a quick glance at the past week of content here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray. This will give you a chance to catch up on anything you may have missed during the course of the week. This isn’t everything we posted this week, so we always encourage everyone to subscribe to our feed, sign up for email alerts or simply check the website on a regular basis.

Site News

Not a lot of site news this week. We will be adding a new writer to the ranks shortly, but we’ll hold off on announcing who that is until a little later. We’re also hoping to start up a podcast so look here for updates on that, as well.

Ohio State Football

We didn’t post much about the football team this week other than Jeremiah’s post about the JT Moore situation (which led to our favorite thing, a Twitter slap fight between fellow Buckeye Bloggers. We’re all on the same team, guys!).

We did have a little fun looking at Mike Vrabel’s liquidation sale. The dude had like seven TVs. Who needs that many TVs?


Mike continues to bring recruiting news on a daily basis (You should be following him on Twitter, he is a wealth of recruit information there). Earlier this week, he took a look at the 2015 offensive linemen commits and targets.

Jeremiah chatted with 2016 LB prospect, Ethan Tucky (how do you have this last name and not name your kid “Kenneth”?!) and 2015 OL Kieffer Longson.

Mike spoke with 2017 WR Donovan Peoples, an Ohio State offer, who is showing a lot of interest in the program. He also chatted with another WR prospect, Lawrence Cager of the 2015 class.

MotSaG Reader’s Digest for July 13, 2014

osuHelmetCavaliersThe MotSaG Reader’s Digest is back! The MotSaG Reader’s Digest is just that — a quick glance at the past week of content here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray. This will give you a chance to catch up on anything you may have missed during the course of the week. This isn’t everything we posted this week, so we always encourage everyone to subscribe to our feed, sign up for email alerts or simply check the website on a regular basis.

We’ve all been on a little hiatus except for Michael, so this should hopefully signal a return to more content moving toward the upcoming season. Less than 2 months away!

Site News

We haven’t had a chance to formally introduce him, but we’ve added a new writer in Michael Rockstedt to our writing ranks. Mike has been covering recruiting for us and has been on a tear the last couple months. He’s also a great follow on Twitter, so make sure you add him. I’m pretty sure he’ll answer any recruiting question you might have. We look forward to having him on staff and hearing more than just about recruiting from him.

Another one of our writers, Garth, has been asked by the OSU Wrestling Team to cover the team for the official Ohio State Athletics website. You can follow his wrestling writing over there, including his latest on Hunter Stieber. But we’ll still be hearing from Garth around these parts. As a former Golden State Warriors blogger, he’s planning on covering the Cleveland Cavaliers for the website. I know that for the past few years this site has been mostly about Ohio State football and basketball, but we’re all fans of professional sports and we can’t help but be excited about the return of LeBron James to the Buckeye State. The excitement is palpabale in Cleveland and his return will pay dividends for Ohio State on the recruiting front, as well. Expect to see some Cavalier content moving forward.

Ohio State Football

We haven’t talked much about the actual team that will take the field in 2014 (that should change shortly) but we did have to mention the unfortunate circumstances of Tracy Sprinkle’s dismissal from the team.


Michael spoke with a few future recruits. From the 2016 Class, he talked to RB Robert Washington from North Carolina. With offers from a third of the major football programs out there, he’s going to be able to go pretty much anywhere he wants. He has Ohio State in his top 15, but that’s about it. But he does love the tradition, especially at running back:

“I love the tradition that Ohio State has, especially at running back,” he said of why he loves Ohio State. “The running backs they have had like Carlos Hyde and Archie Griffin, are just special players. The coaches are amazing too. I love coach Drayton, he is a good coach and we continue to build our relationship. The university has so much pride and I love everything it has to offer.”

Michael also spoke to a pair of kids in the 2017 class, Aapri Washington and Marcus Williamson. Coach Coombs is heavily involved in their recruitment, so you can probably just put these two guys down as future Buckeyes.

Tracy Sprinkle Dismissed From Team

osuHelmetAs reported by Doug Lesmerises (and others), Tracy Sprinkle has been kicked off the team (pending further legal proceedings).

Urban Meyer dismissed Tracy Sprinkle from the Ohio State football team on Monday after the defensive lineman was arrested over the weekend and charged with cocaine possession after a bar brawl in Lorain.

Sprinkle, 19, entered not guilty pleas to charges of rioting, failure to disperse, possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia in a Monday morning arraignment in a Lorain courtroom.

Sprinkle was arrested on Saturday.

As the linked article points out, this is similar to the case during Urban’s first year at Ohio State, when legal troubles for Storm Klein resulted in his dismissal from the team, only to be welcomed back after things had cleared up. Klein’s missteps seem to be a little less severe than Sprinkles (possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia) but running afoul of the law is still running afoul of the law.

B1G Tournament Game 1 (Purdue) Semi-live Blog

Our basketball coverage has been a little light lately (totally my fault) but we love Buckeye Basketball just as much as anyone, so I’m hoping to live-blog as much of the B1G Tournament as I can, starting with today’s game against Purdue.

After a quick start from Purdue, Ohio State’s defense tightened up and they converted a couple transition buckets to pull even.

Ohio State 11 Purdue 9

With five minutes left in the first half, Ohio State and Purdue have gone back and forth with neither team able to pull away. Both teams have made a couple mini runs but no one has been able to sustain any momentum.

Ohio State 21 Purdue 19

And as soon as I say no one can pull away, Lenzelle Smith Jr. hits a three pointer and Sam Thompson connects on a nice little floater on the baseline.

Ohio State 26 Purdue 19

Of course, as soon as I update with that, the Boilermakers go on a mini run to pull themselves right back up alongside Ohio State. LaQuniton Ross’ jumper keeps the lead to three at the half, Ohio State 30 Purdue 27.

Purdue maintains their hot shooting with nine points to OSU’s four early, Ohio State 34 Purdue 36.

Meanwhile, Ross is starting to have another March renaissance as he carries Ohio State on his shoulder.

After Purdue went up 3, Ohio State’s defense and Aaron Craft specifically, decided to clamp things down while Ross makes an awkward running hook to put the Buckeyes up, 45-44

I’m just going to throw this Twitter worthy statement as the Buckeyes go up 3: March Craft > Nov-Feb Craft. The same thing can be said about LaQuinton Ross.

Ohio State 54 Purdue 51

Aaron Craft doing Aaron Craft things.

It’s not supposed to be like this, but 2013-14 has just not been Ohio State’s basketball season. With less than 90 seconds left against Purdue, Ohio State clings to a one-point lead. Let’s see if the Buckeyes can hold on.

Buckeyes hold on to that one point lead, finishing off Purdue’s upset bid. The Buckeyes are going to have to shoot better from the free throw line and behind the three point line if they want to run with the hot Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Ohio State 63 Purdue 61

Minnesota vs. Ohio State, Take 2

OSU LogoMinnesota at Ohio State
Value City Arena, Columbus, Ohio
Feb. 22nd, 2014 at 6:00PM ET (BTN)

The first time these two teams met this season, Minnesota came in unranked with a 13-4 record. Ohio State was 15-2, ranked #11 but had just came off two losses to Michigan State and Iowa.

Minnesota would go on to upset the Buckeyes, handing Ohio State its third loss that was just he beginning of a slide that had people wondering if Ohio State was even a tournament team.

Since that game in January, Ohio State has won six of the next nine games while Minnesota would only find success in three of their next nine (even though one of those wins was a solid victory over Wisconsin). Divergent paths, indeed. Minnesota is now the team in need of another signature win to bolster any kind of tournament resume they can. Ohio State twice in one season would be quite the feather in their cap.

Not much has changed from the preview that Chris K did earlier. Minnesota is still going to rely on Andre and Austin Hollins to lead the way against Aaron Craft and LaQuinton Ross of the Buckeyes.

Look for Ross to have a big game after his ejection in Ohio State’s victory over Northwestern. Thad Matta (and I’m sure Ross as well) wasn’t proud of the outburst and I’m sure has been riding Ross. This is a chance to LaQuinton to show he’s moved on and is able to concentrate on getting his game right.

Game tips off at 6 on Big Ten Network

My Buckeye Bucket List

Let’s get this over with quickly: we’re all gonna die. It’s not a pleasant thing to dwell on, but it’s going to happen eventually. Everyday you wake up, you break your personal record of how many days you’ve been alive. But even that record isn’t meant to be broken forever. So while we’re still breathing, let’s talk about what kind of things we’d like to experience as a fan of the Ohio State University.

Let’s talk about our Buckeye Bucket Lists.bucket list

I’ll start by sharing mine. This list is my personal Bucket List for what I’d like to experience as a Buckeye fan. Some of these things have already been accomplished, so they’ve been crossed off the list. But they’re here for completeness sake. Here is what I want to see and do in the next 40+ years I have left on this planet.

You’ll notice the absence of meeting a current (or former) Buckeye on my list. I’m not sure why that is. There are plenty of guys that played for the Buckeyes that I would love to meet in person (a certain biceped gentleman comes to mind, as well as a particularly righteous stiff arm) but I don’t know what the outcome of that meeting is. What would I say? How would I react? Would I go full-Troy Barnes-meeting-Levar Burton? Or would there be a lot of uncomfortable silences and staring at the ground? How inappropriate would it be to ask Vernon to feel his biceps? This is uncharted territory here, people. To avoid such unpleasantries, I’m not going to include “Meeting So-and-so” on my list.

So here are some of the things on my Buckeye Bucket List:

Witness Michigan get WHOOPED in the ‘Shoe: I’ve already done this and it was AMAZING. It was a couple weeks after the ill-fated loss to Michigan State, but the 1998 OSU/UM match-up will forever live in my memory banks as the time I witnessed a more talented, better in every facet of the game Ohio State team dismantle Michigan instead of inexplicably crap the bed and lose to a worse team. This victory solidified an already die-hard mania within my soul. Sacrifice, pain and ecstasy were all emotions I experienced. For reference sake, the week leading up to this game, I was in a TREMENDOUS amount of pain. I could barely walk, but I made the trek from my apartment in Grandview to the Horseshoe, screamed my guts out for three hours and sat for another hour after the game, basking in the joy of beating Michigan (also, I really didn’t want to walk home). A week later I was in the emergency room, prepping for emergency surgery on my backside. But nothing, not even the most painful abscess in the history of abscesses, could keep me away from witnessing this game.

Tailgate for the Michigan Game: These two probably could have been grouped together, because I tailgated at the Michigan Game in the same year. I had never really tailgated before this season. 1998 was the first season my wife and I got season tickets but we lived within walking distance, so we never had a reason to tailgate. But for the Michigan game we were invited to tailgate with my wife’s boss and it was amazing. I have never been around a more raucous, insane group of people this energized at 8 o’clock in the morning. Even through the haze of pain, I was able to enjoy every minute of that beautiful Saturday in November.

Graduate from The Ohio State University: I wanted to do this item on my list so bad, I did it twice. Once, in 2000 with my Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and again in 2003 with my Masters in Electrical Engineering. Even though we weren’t able to make it to many games in 2002, being on campus during that magical season was amazing. My six-plus years on campus were some of the greatest times of my life. Ones I will cherish, and even if I’m never able to accomplish any of these other goals, I will feel like my life as a Buckeye is complete.

Tour the Woody Hayes Athletic Center: This is also probably within the every-day Joe’s grasp. I’ve never really looked in to what I need to do to tour the WHAC, but it’s something that I hope to be able to do one day. To see the trophies, to see where the magic happens, to maybe glimpse a current or former Buckeye and shake their hand and thank them for their dedication and for the joy they provide, it would be awesome.

Own an Official (preferably autographed) Jersey: I’m not a huge memorabilia guy, but I have collected baseball and football cards since I was a wee lad. I’m also not a jersey-wearer. I prefer t-shirts as my game-day attire. But I’d love to find an autographed jersey that I could hang on the wall of my home office (or in my man cave, whenever I get one of those), next to my collection of SP Authentic autographed cards of various Buckeyes. It would make a perfect centerpiece to my Buckeye card collection and more importantly, would make Jeremiah insanely jealous.

Have Field Passes for a game: This, of course, was why I started this blog (not really, but sort of). I have been on the field in the Horseshoe before, but never during a game. It doesn’t even have to be the Michigan game. But there are certain body parts I am willing to part with if it meant an opportunity to be on the field when the band is playing, the stadium is rocking and the team comes running on to the field. My wife and I joke all the time about how we feel the Holy Spirit in the stadium as the band plays “Carmen Ohio”. I can only imagine that feeling amplified to the nth degree as you’re standing on the field. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Go to the Rose Bowl: I want to go to a bowl game that the Buckeyes are playing in. But if I’m being picky, I don’t want to go to any old bowl game. I had a chance to go to this year’s Orange Bowl but passed. Not because I didn’t want to go. I would have loved to have gone to Florida and cheered on Ohio State. But I want my first experience to be special, and to be pure. I want to attend the Granddaddy of them all, I want to see the Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl. And if I’m having my way, I want it to be against a traditional Rose Bowl opponent, like USC or Stanford. Good, old-fashioned Big Ten/Pac Ten matchups.

Go to an OSU NCAA Tournament Game: This is another experience that should be within my grasp. Tournament games are being played within a three-hour drive every year, and there’s always a good chance that Ohio State will be playing in one of those arenas. I want to see a group of Buckeye Ballers I’ve watched and rooted for all year and support them in their tournament run. Of course, I’d also love to be watching them in a game that is a little more meaningful…

Attend a Final Four that includes the Buckeyes: If you’re new around these parts, you might not have known, but I actually had a chance to go to the 2011 Final Four in Houston if the Buckeyes had made it, courtesy of Buick. If I could have crossed this particular item off my Bucket List, I think I could have been happy not crossing anything else off the list. This would have been enough.

Witness a Football Championship Firsthand: This, of course, is Mecca. This is the dream of millions of fans and has only been experienced by thousands. Watching the 2002 National Championship with co-bloggers Jeremiah and Trevor will be a lifelong memory that I will cherish and never forget. Being able to see it in person? I’m pretty sure death would hold no pallor over that occasion.

I’d like to add that including my best friends in any of these Bucket List items would be great, but what would make it perfect would be able to experience one of these with my Dad. It was his love for the Buckeyes that made me the fan I was. I distinctly remember being at a family friend’s house watching Ohio State dismantle BYU in the 1982 Holiday Bowl. I don’t remember who played for either team (it was actually a Steve Young-led BYU team). I don’t even remember the final score (Ohio State rolled BYU, 47-17). What I do remember was everyone rooting for BYU except my dad. There, in that living room, as half a dozen grown men cheered on the Cougars, my dad was there, loving every minute of Ohio State crushing BYU, hooting and hollering after every score. I was caught up in it and I couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t born in Ohio, but I was born a Buckeye on that fateful December day.

So that’s my bucket list. It’s pretty all-inclusive. Heck, I’ve already started working on it. But I’d love to hear what’s on your Buckeye Bucket List. What’s the one thing you’d like to see? To witness? To be a part of? Or who you’d love to meet, if that’s your cup of tea?

Ohio State Men’s Basketball Back in the AP Poll

basketball_iconOhio State, sporting an uncharacteristic like record of 19-5 has made its way back in to the AP Poll, clocking in at #22 (they also moved up from #25 to #20 in the Coaches’ Poll).

After three straight wins (over Wisconsin, Iowa, and Purdue), Ohio State seems to be on a little mini-run heading into the game against Michigan, a showdown of two previous conference front-runners. Ohio State has showed steady improvement while Michigan is struggling to find an answer to when teams stifle Nik Stauskas’ prolific offense.

The B1G still boasts five teams in the Coaches’ Poll. You can see the rest of the rankings over at ESPN.

Ohio State Finishes Off Wisconsin, 59-58

OSU LogoDesperate times call for desperate measures. Desperation like Aaron Craft shooting a three after playing almost 30 minutes without a field goal.

Desperation like playing extended minutes for Trey McDonald.

And yet, there was no desperation. This was the most complete game Ohio State has played all year.

The first half between the Badgers and Buckeyes was a fairly tightly contested battle with both teams playing fairly well although outside shots were not dropping for the team.

Fan favorite Sideshow Bob Jr. had a good first half, hitting threes (and missing them) keeping Ohio State close during a back-and-forth battle. He may have gotten a little greedy with a heat check that didn’t draw iron, but you have to love the heart and confidence.

The Buckeyes came out red-hot in the second half, starting off 6-6 and actually clawed to a lead about five minutes in. Then, looking to push the lead, Shannon Scott’s drive was swallowed up and Wisconsin went on a run. Freshman Nigel Hayes caught fire and Ohio State couldn’t match up with him on defense. Wisconsin extended their lead to seven, and things looked like they were slipping away.

Aaron Craft would impose his will on this game, hitting a three pointer after barely being involved with the offense to that point and his defense became even more suffocating than it had before.

The game was almost taken away as the officiating, which was uneven in the first half become very lopsided the second, favoring Wisconsin. The touch foul on Shannon Scott, where he literally JUST TOUCHED Trey Jackson could have been the difference.

In the end, it was Craft on Jackson, and we know how that ends. (Poorly for whoever Craft is guarding).

This game is a huge collective sigh of relief for the Buckeye faithful. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a huge improvement over the past six game. Everyone played hard (even Amir, who was involved in a lot of clutch plays, including free throws) and confidence is starting to bloom again. Bench players played a large part in the first half with Trey McDonald and Amadeo Della Valle playing well and Marc Loving getting involved in the second.

The Buckeyes don’t have much time to breathe, but they should enjoy this victory. A win against Bo Ryan in Madison is not easy to come by.

Wisconsin Basketball Preview

OSU LogoOhio State vs. Wisconsin
The Kohl Center, Madison WI
Feb. 1st, 2014 at 12:00 PM ET (ESPN)

Well, it certainly wasn’t supposed to be like this.

If you’ve been on Twitter in the past month, you’ve seen some variation of the tweet that lumped Ohio State with Wisconsin (and some other teams) that started off the season undefeated and then collectively had lost a number of games in a row.

For Ohio State, it’s been a rough road after dismantling Nebraska on January 4th. Ohio State has lost five of its last six games, including laying a couple real stinkers against Nebraska and Penn State. Many point to the strength of the conference. This is true. The B1G, top-to-bottom, is a very talented conference. But, to quote the wise Boromir, “One does not simply lose to Nebraska AND Penn State.” Many reasons have been bandied about by fans — “this team is soft” or “lacks heart” or “doesn’t have a leader”. All of these hold water. This team’s problems are legion. And hopes that one game will “snap them out of it” have been dashed once again.

Wisconsin’s four game skid in its last five has Wisconsin fans asking the same question. “What happened?” Like Ohio State, they handily beat Northwestern only to lose to them a couple weeks later. That kind of stuff isn’t supposed to happen. This has become Bizarro B1G land, where anyone can win and Ohio State and Wisconsin find themselves in a game that could land them in a three-way tie with Northwestern for fifth place in the conference.

Fifth. Place.

It’s a legitimate concern now of whether this Buckeye team is a tournament team. Losing in the manner they have recently suggests that they are not. They need a couple of “signature” wins to bolster their currently weak resume. They can start by showing up this afternoon at the Kohl Center against the hated clean-cut Bo Ryans.

You know what you’re getting with a Ryan-coached team. Good, patient ball movement, solid shooters and a couple white bread seven-footers that no one would give a chance but end up flourishing in Bo Ryan’s style of bore-you-to-death basketball. The Badgers are led by Sam Dekker, who, according to ESPN, has no hometown. This can only mean one thing — he was born in a test-tube in Bo Ryan’s underground lair, specifically developed to play the game “the right way” and to infuriate teams with more athletic, talented players. He’ll have you tearing your hair out by the ten minute mark of the first half.

At this point, you sort of know what you’re getting with the 2013-4 version of this Ohio State team. Aaron Craft and Shannon Scott will play lock-down defense but will also play hot potato with the ball on the offensive end. LaQuinton Ross will play the majority of the game but play so unremarkable you’ll look at the box score and say, “how did he score 17?” Amir Williams will… You know what, it’s probably better I keep my opinions of what Amir Williams “does” to myself.

Lenzelle Smith and Marc Loving are the keys to this game, in my mind. If Lenzelle can find his range early, the Buckeyes will be in a position to compete. Marc Loving is the only player I see that is unafraid to take the ball to the rim that don’t make me cringe when they actually get the rack. Marc has the toolset but simply hasn’t had the time to get a handle on them against top competition. If Thad goes small against Wisconsin, Loving can get meaningful minutes this afternoon which will go a long way boosting his confidence and development.

The Kohl Center is not an easy place to play. Wisconsin, three game losing streak or not, is still a good team. I’m not sure the same could be said about these Buckeyes. But a win today will change a lot of people’s minds. And things don’t get any easier with a rematch with Iowa and the hated Wolverines on the upcoming schedule.