Stiff Arm of the Week

Ain’t no party like a Stiff Arm Party.

Co-Stiff Arms of the Week

Michigan State received a healthy dose of the Stiff Arm of Justice and was introduced to the as-yet named Stiff Arm wielded by one Terrelle Pryor (of Grace? of Righteousness?). So this week we’re getting a two-fer for the coveted SAotW:

“Separation, Holmes”

Which do you prefer?

Stiff Arm of the Week

Silly Beanie, stiff-arms are for faces!

Birth of a Stiff Arm

This first person to receive punishment from the Stiff Arm of Justice®? Beanie’s older brother:

He was a 6-year-old playing on his first pee-wee team, and the stiff arm came to him as naturally as running. That was bad news for his 7-year-old brother, Joey, the first recipient.

Want a tip on how to avoid the SAoJ? Attack, attack, attack. This, unfortunately, was something Shane Carter did not do:

“He didn’t attack me, so I attacked him,” Wells said.

Attacked him with a deadly weapon.

Stiff Arm of the Week

What a welcome sight it was to see the return of the Stiff Arm of Justice®. With so many to choose from, it was hard not use this one.

Yes, the first score, when Shane Carter went for a ten yard ride aboard the SAoJ Express into the endzone, was beautiful. It just didn’t convey the power this one does.

Stiff Arm of the Week

The Stiff Arm of Justice™ proves that it’s not one-dimensional. It’s true. The SAoJ can fly:

Stiff Arm of the Week

Stiff Arm of the Week

There wasn’t a whole lot of stiff-arming going on this past Saturday. There were stiffs out there, but that’s about it. Hopefully Beanie will give us our fill of his Stiff Arm of Justice against USC, but for now we’ll just enjoy Terrell’s mini SAoJ’s.