Final Four: Ohio State vs. Georgetown – Open Thread

OSU LogoThe Road to the Final Four has ended with Ohio State clashing with Georgetown, the team that sent the Buckeyes packing in last year’s tournament. While this Georgetown team looks similar to last year’s team, Ohio State definitely does not. There are many intriquing questions to be answered this Saturday in Atlanta:

Who will win the Battle of the Bigs?

Who will step up to be the hero?

Can OSU stop Jeff Green?

Can anyone stop Mike Conley Jr. from getting to the basket?

Consider this your open forum to discuss all things Final Four. We may not have a chance to live blog the actual game, but post your comments before and after the game here!


  1. My predictions:

    Who will win: OSU should win another nailbiter. I think officiating will determine the game, though. Will the tourney officials continue their bias against Oden? If so, OSU might lose this game.

    Who will step up: The young studs got OSU to the tourney, but it’s been the seniors that have taken the team to the final four. If OSU wins today, chances are that Lewis, Cook, et. al will (rightfully) get most of the credit.

    Can OSU stop Jeff Green? I don’t think so. I think it’ll come down to how much or little the officials let the players play.

    Can anyone stop Mike Conley, Jr.: Sure. Conley can stop himself if he insists on using his poor jump shot… he needs to abandon it and either drive the lane to draw fouls or keep giving the ball to Oden or the perimeter. (In other words, keep doing what he’s been doing, minus those awful medium-range jumpers).

  2. So here’s some live blogging of the miserable ref”ing” here at 7:20. Ivan Harris gets raped underneath and Summers gets to take a leisurely stroll of about 8 or 9 steps down the lane. This is bogus.

  3. Dave,

    I know exactly what you mean. The refs dictated the flow of the game. Odd that they weren’t calling anything in the first half, but then changed & got more strict in the second half.

    David Lighty! David Lighty! Whoda thunk Lighty could shut down Green like that? Made him look like a high schooler. Conley (rightfully) gets the props for another great game, but Lighty had the toughest job, and pulled it off right when his team needed it the most. Awesome

  4. What a game/season this has been. I can’t wait for Monday. My friend and I were talking and neither of us thought we’d see a Men’s Buckeye team make it to the Final game in Basketball, let alone in the same year as football.

  5. …by the by. Are “Don” and I actually tied in the Pick ‘Em contest or not. We both have the same number of points, but I have more correct picks than he does. Not to get geeky, but if I don’t have to leave it up to the random powers that be, then I’d obviously prefer not to.

  6. Dave – We are tied, it goes by points, not correct picks. If two or more players are tied at the end of the tournament, Yahoo uses our guesses for the score of the championship game as the tiebreaker in this order:

    1. Closest to the total points scored by the winning team in the final game
    2. Closest to the total points scored by the losing team in the final game
    3. Closest to the total points scored by both teams in the final game

    If, at this point, a tie still exists, the entrants will remain tied in the standings.

  7. Screw Florida. I can’t wait to see this on a neutral floor.

  8. Here we are again… Florida and Ohio State..

    I think it will be much closer than most people think and be a really good game down to the wire..

  9. I did everything possible not to jinx a damn thing heading into last night and it didn’t even matter. At least the spring game is coming up soon.

    P.S. Oden at least looked great…I could only imagine how he’d look if Thad would give him a break now and then. He locked up the #1 slot. One year here was better than seeing him somewhere else.


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