Stiff Arm of the Week

There wasn’t a whole lot of stiff-arming going on this past Saturday. There were stiffs out there, but that’s about it. Hopefully Beanie will give us our fill of his Stiff Arm of Justice against USC, but for now we’ll just enjoy Terrell’s mini SAoJ’s.


  1. tampa buckeye says

    Wouldn’t we be better served with him at qb or bauserman. Here is to Boeckman pulling a penn st out the hat sat.

  2. @tampa buckeye – He looks like he’s going to be the real deal, I just don’t think he’s ready yet.

    And we are ALL hoping for PSU Boeckman, not “Last Five Games” Boeckman.

  3. Also @ tampa buckeye
    Over at the Buckeye Battle Cry (A much more “homey” and miscellaneous type blog, but definitely worth a look) Jeff mentioned a very interesting thing: Todd Boeckman is very, VERY similar to Craig Krenzel in terms of his actual ability. Go check out his post on whether Pryor should play more. In short, Krenzel’s numbers were possibly even LESS impressive than Boeckman’s. All Boeckman needs to do is stop trying to make plays with his arm. He’s solid enough that those plays will come, he’s just way TOO confident in his ability to thread the needle, and he’s missing the easy plays for it.

    As for Pryor, he’s ridiculous, and he’ll be everything we want, but he’s still a freshman. If all of Buckeye Nation would just remember when they were 18, their first credit cards, their first parties on campus, I think you’ll get the point – you don’t want a freshman in charge of your team, no matter how good or mature he seems. He’s still a freshman.

  4. I am sure we all agree that Happy Valley is a much harder environment to win in than L.A. will be saturday … except for the team we are playing, of course. Petey doesn’t have that home record due to some raucous home crowd but simply having the best players … so that is encouraging as we consider TB’s upcoming performance.

    However, it is all about this O-line. If they play they way they have played against every other good team (shitty) then it won’t matter as TB will get sacked 6-7 times and it will be garbage time by half.

    if somehow this O-line all of a sudden gets talented this week, TB has at least shown he can perform in an intense night game on the road

  5. Hey, get to the picture guys…that is a picture perfect stiff arm! Good times in Columbus are coming as long as TP is in town.

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