Preview: Rutgers vs Ohio State

This weekend will mark the first time the Buckeyes Head Coach Urban Meyer goes toe to toe with one of his former coaches, Chris Ash who was the Buckeyes Co-Defensive Coordinator/Secondary Coach for the last two seasons.  Ash took a Head Coaching job within the BIG 10 and he is the newly minted coach at Rutgers.  This will be one of those games that could get out of hand quickly, but I look for Urban Meyer to show "some" mercy for his first clash or encounter with a former member of the Urban Meyer coaching tree. Chris Ash spent two years at Ohio State coaching up the Defensive Backs.  During his tenure, he helped develop players such as … [Read More...]

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Ohio State vs. Oklahoma Highlights

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Buckeyes Have Sooner Fans Thinking Super Bowl

Oklahoma Sooner fans went to bed last night thinking the “what if” game so well known to Browns fans. Every week since before the Roman Empire, Browns fans have, win by win, imagined their team in … [Read More...]

Game Recap: The Ohio State Buckeyes vs The Oklahoma Sooners

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Coming into the game the Buckeyes lack of experience was the biggest question mark, but most  if not all questions were answered after a … [Read More...]

Preview: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Oklahoma Sooners

    After two weeks of games in the books by both teams, their highly anticipated matchup with enormous College Football Playoff implications, is upon us.  Ohio State and Oklahoma were … [Read More...]

Recap: Tulsa vs. Ohio State

Well, it was a warm, sunny day but the swirling winds had hindered the Buckeyes offensive attack for the majority of the afternoon.  With thunderstorms looming and the weather becoming more and more … [Read More...]

Preview: Ohio State vs. Tulsa

PREVIEW:  TULSA vs. OHIO STATE: With week 1 in the books for Ohio State, we can only look ahead to our next opponent.  Yes, technically the week isn't over yet, but it is for Ohio State.  So like … [Read More...]

Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Bowling Green Highlights

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Recap: Ohio State v. Bowling Green

If you expected a tightly contested game at The Shoe, you should be ashamed of yourself for ever doubting the potency and potential of The Ohio State Buckeyes.  In what seemed like a flash, the … [Read More...]

Preview: Ohio State v. Bowling Green

Here we are a day prior to the start of the 2016 season and with Bowling Green on deck we look ahead to seeing our Buckeyes in action.  With the mass exodus that occurred after last season, Coach … [Read More...]

Kyle Snyder: Olympic Champion

In September, 2015, Steve Snyder was pensive as he headed to a celebratory dinner with family. Still a little stunned by what his 19 year old son had just accomplished, he could not help but fret for … [Read More...]

Buckeye Kyle Snyder Wrestles for Gold

Accomplishing what no other American male has done at these 2016 Rio Olympics Games 20 year old Ohio State Junior Kyle Snyder will wrestle for gold. Snyder overcame an early four point throw … [Read More...]

The Dream 17: Urban Meyer’s Stranglehold on the Recruiting Game Part III and IV

THE DREAM 17:  Urban Meyer's Stranglehold on the Recruiting Game, Part III and IV The Buckeyes are just a mere two weeks away from their first game of the season against the Bowling Green Falcons and … [Read More...]

On Deck for Olympic Wrestling: Ohio

From a big picture perspective, American wrestling got a huge boost from an unlikely source. Helen Maroulis of Maryland not only became the first American woman to win a gold in Olympic wrestling, … [Read More...]

How Heavy Lies the Crown?

If Kyle Snyder's collegiate wrestling career to date could be summed up as dramatic, his international career has been astounding. For the five or six years preceding 2015, the 96/97kg weight class … [Read More...]

Kyle’s Garden Party

To this point, 20 year old Kyle Snyder has enjoyed success in the two main avenues of American wrestling: freestyle (think international and Olympics) and folkstyle (high school and college). The … [Read More...]

Kyle Snyder, Man of Steelwood

On January 1, 2013, OSU Wrestling coach Tom Ryan received a call from a high school aged wrestler committing to Coach Ryan's program. The call, from Marylander Kyle Snyder was like an earlier Ohio … [Read More...]

A Buckeye’s Road to Rio

Hope you are having a great summer and that you are especially enjoying the summer sports. We at Motsag are in the midst of a re-invigoration to become a premier destination of Buckeye related sports … [Read More...]

The Dream 17: Urban Meyer’s Stranglehold on the Recruiting Game Part II

Another week closer to the College Football season and Coach Urban Meyer and his band of merry men have been taking the recruiting world by storm.  Their status, whether committed or uncommitted--THEY … [Read More...]

The Dream 17: Urban Meyer’s Stranglehold on the Recruiting Game

Here is my first installment of The Dream 17:  Urban Meyer's Stranglehold on the Recruiting Game.  I will be giving you a brief summary of four (04) committed recruits over the next couple of weeks … [Read More...]

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