Darnay Holmes is one of the best for 2017

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Darnay Holmes, is already beginning to get the attention of some of the top programs across the country.  Holmes, a 5-11 Athlete, from Newbury Park, California, holds offers from some of the top programs across the nation.  His offers include, Arizona, California, Clemson, Tennessee, Louisville, and Ohio State.  Holmes has always been an Ohio State fan and some of his favorite players growing up were Terrelle Pryor and Ted Ginn Jr.  Holmes explains why he has such a strong interest in Ohio State and even credits his favorite players for that.

Holmes always was a fan of Ohio State

“I was always an Ohio State fan, but I really loved Ted Ginn and Terrelle Pryor,” Holmes said of why he loves Ohio State.  “They were two of my favorite players in football.  I love that Ohio State is always in the national title contention and always competing for big bowl games.  I also really like Coach Coombs.  He puts a lot of players in the NFL, especially Bradley Roby.  I like coach Coombs a lot. ”

Holmes and coach Coombs have begun to build a strong relationship.  He respects Coombs a lot and was very excited to meet him and all the other coaches on his visit April.  “I got to check out a practice and some of the facilities,” Holmes said of his visit.  ” The facilities and practices were really neat.  The coaches and athletes at Ohio State have such a good relationship.  They all compete with each other, but they love each other also.  The visit was really cool.”  Holmes said the best part of the trip was just being around the relationship the coaches and players have.

Darnay Holmes was also a part of the Freshman All American team for MaxPreps.com, for the 2013 season, an award he said he was very honored by.  As for where he wants to play college football, he knows he does not have to travel very far if he wants to play for some of the best programs in the country as USC and UCLA are in his own backyard. But he told me that he is going to go wherever he feels is the best fit for him.  He understands that Ohio State is a hike, but if they are the best fit, then that is where he is going to go.  When he is not training for football, he likes to be with friends and family, and just be a normal teenager.  He enjoys the attention he is getting but at the same time, he wants to be a regular person, just like his friends.  I asked Holmes what he would like to say to Buckeyenation, he responded with, “Go Bucks! O-H!”  Darnay is one of the best players in the nation for his class and is going to be very successful.



Trevon Grimes Hopes to Earn Offer at FNL

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St. Thomas Aquinas is one of the best high schools for high school football in the country.  Year in and year out, they produce top teams, while also sending players to Division I programs all across the country.  Ohio State has dipped into the talent at St. Thomas Aquinas, most recently with Joey Bosa.  Class of 2017 star  Trevon Grimes hopes to be the next great player from the school to translate his game to the next level.  Grimes, a 6-3 wide receiver, is only a rising sophomore but already holds offers from some of the top programs nationally.  He has offers from Tennessee, Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, LSU, UCF, and Syracuse.  While he holds those offers, one offer he really wants is from Ohio State.

Trevon Grimes Really Wants an offer from Ohio State

“I grew up watching them,” Grimes said of why he has a strong interest in Ohio State.  “I have family in Cincinnati and now If I have an opportunity to go there, I really would like to.  If they were to offer me, they would probably be my leader.”

Grimes has not been to Ohio State, but he is going to Columbus this weekend with his team to compete at Friday Night Lights.  He is very excited to compete and prove to the coaches that he deserves an offer.  He is also hoping to check out some of the things that Ohio State and the coaches, have to offer.  “I cannot wait to get to Columbus and check everything out,” Grimes said of his upcoming visit.  “I am also excited to get some advice from the coaches, and get better at the game.”  This is a perfect chance for him to show his skills on the football field in front of Urban Meyer and staff.  If Grimes performs well enough at the camp, I think he could earn an offer.

There are many players on the team that are going through the same recruiting process right now as Grimes and it definitely helps him with his process.  He told me that some of the older guys have given him some good advice for both the process and football in general.  Sam Bruce, who recently committed to Miami (FL), has given him the best advice telling him, “Stay humble, and never be satisfied.”  This is making the process for Grimes a lot easier by having such good role models.  Trevon enjoys working out for football and getting ready for the season.  He and his team are focused on a state championship this upcoming season and he should to be a huge impact on the talented team.  I asked Grimes what he would like to say to Buckeye fans and he told me, “I am glad to be apart of the legacy ! And hope to gain many more Buckeye fans! Go BUCKEYES !”  He is very excited for Friday Night Lights and I think he could earn an offer.  They are going to be the leader if they offer him.


Jared Mayden Previews Visit for Friday Night Lights

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Texas is one of the richest states in terms of high school football talent.  The movie, Friday Night Lights, is based in Texas.  They compromise a good percentage of a lot of recruiting rankings and that does not change with class of 2016 cornerback Jared Mayden.  Mayden, a 6-0 cornerback from Texas, has offers from all of the top programs around the country.  His list includes the likes of Baylor, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M, and Ohio State.  Mayden was offered by Ohio State on June 26th and is being heavily recruited by Coach Ash.  He has a strong interest in Ohio State for a number of reasons, one of them being the success the program has had under Urban Meyer.

Jared Mayden Really Likes Ohio State

“I love how the program is doing and the continued success they have there,” Mayden said of why he is very interested.  “They have such a strong tradition.  They win a lot of bowl games and they also send a lot of defensive backs into the NFL.” Mayden is visiting for Friday Night Lights this Friday and is really excited about it.  He has not been to Ohio State and is excited to meet all of the coaches in person.  “I cannot wait to get to Columbus,” he said of his upcoming visit.  “I am excited to meet the coaches in person and to improve my game with them.  I hope I have the chance to check out the campus and facilities while I am there also. I am very excited to go on this visit.”  Chris Ash is his main recruiter and the two are starting to build a strong relationship.  He told me that he and Ash talk quite a bit and he is excited to meet him in person.  Tom Herman usually covers Texas when it comes to recruiting but I am guessing that because Ash is the position coach, Urban told him to get his guys on the field.

All of the big Texas schools have offered Mayden except for Texas Tech, so he does not have to travel far if he wishes to play college football.  I asked him whether or not there was any pressure or necessity to stay in Texas for football and he told me that he is going to go wherever he feels is the best fit for him.  He is open to everyone recruiting him and pretty soon he is going to have offers from everyone across the country.  When he is not training for football, odds are he is sharpening his guitar and piano skills.  We were joking around that if football does not work out, he could start a band.  I asked him what he would like to say to Buckeyenation and he answered, “I am excited to visit Ohio State!”  Jared is one of the best cornerbacks in the 2016 class.  I am interested to talk with Jared after his visit to Ohio State and I think with a good visit, they could become a serious contender for his services.


Class of 2017 RB Robert Burns Loves Ohio State

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Urban and staff have made it a goal to take over the talent rich state of Florida in recruiting and they are hoping for more of the same in the class of 2017 with star running back Robert Burns.  Burns, a 5-10, 210 pound, back, already holds fourteen offers from some of the top programs around the country.  With offers from the likes of Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Miami, and Ohio State, he has many choices when it comes to his recruitment.  He is very excited about all of the attention he is gaining from these programs as he tells me that all of his hard work is paying off.  I asked him about his interest in Ohio State and he told me, “Who wouldn’t be interested in Ohio State?”  He attributes his strong interest in Ohio State to a couple of things including Coach Zach Smith.


Could Robert Burns be the next Florida Star at Ohio State?

“Coach Zach Smith is a big reason of why I am so interested in Ohio State,” Burns said of why he likes Ohio State.  “Meeting him was a blessing and we have been building a great relationship.  I also love the tradition that Ohio State has to offer and the football program is amazing.”

Burns told me about his meeting with Coach Smith on the night he got offered.  Smith came to his school and he was told to call him that night.  “I called him that night with my head coach and he told me that I had an offer!” he told me of Smith offering.  “I was so excited!”  Again this is showing how hard he works and that it really is paying off.

Burns was supposed to visit Ohio State during the summer but his coach recently took a job at Miami of Florida, and was unable to take them on anymore trips.  He is hoping to get back up there during the summer or for a game and is really excited to check out everything Ohio State has to offer.  He does not have a list of schools or a top group, but Ohio State is one of the schools he is focusing in on.  When he is not training for football or getting ready for the season, you can find Robert in one of two places, a boat or at church.  I asked Burns what he would like to say to Buckeye nation and he answered, “I am excited for what could possibly be!”  Robert is a very talented prospect and is one that every recruiting fan should follow throughout the process.




Mi’Quan Grace already gaining interest…As a 7th Grader

It is never too early to start recruiting as we all know nowadays.  Meet Cincinnati’s very own Mi’Quan Grace.  Mi’Quan has not graduated middle school, but that has not stopped college coaches from noticing the potential this prospect has.  The 7th grader, yes, 7th grader, is already getting strong interest from in state Ohio University.  This is not all that uncommon now.  David Sills, who recently just committed to West Virginia, committed to USC when he was in the 7th grade.  The recruiting process has evolved so much over the time that pretty soon kids in diapers might be getting offers.  Okay not that hardcore, but when that happens, you read it here first.  Some of the coaches at Ohio have told him that he has great feet work for his grade and his overall work ethic is amazing.   He has attended many camps already such as the NUC camp, Ohio University Camp, University of Cincinatti camp, and the FBU Camp. I talked briefly with his youth coach and he told me that he was one of the most coachable kids he has ever dealt with.  Mi’Quan told me of the many connections he has to Ohio State and they are some of the reasons he loves Ohio State.

“I love the coaches at Ohio State, especially Coach Coombs,” he said why he loves Ohio State.  “Coach Coombs and I have a good relationship and he has seen me perform at multiple camps including the Colerain camps and the UC camp.  I love coach Coombs and he gives me good advice to get better.  I also have met Adolphus Washington multiple times.  He is really cool.”

Grace’s trainer is also Ohio State great, Vinnie Clark.  Clark also played in the NFL and helps Grace get ready for the rigorous training needed to get to the next level. Grace’s  favorite player growing up was Terrelle Pryor.  He told me that he loves the way Terrelle Pryor played the game.  Not a bad athlete to model your game after as he was one of the most athletic players in Ohio State history.  When Mi’Quan is not working on getting better at football, he enjoys reading books and playing other sports.  He runs track and might go to the nationals for track in the 100m and 200m.  I asked him what he would like to say to Buckeyenation and he told me; “You can get ready for the next great Ohio State running back!”   He is attending an Ohio State high school camp next summer.  As a seventh grader he is already gaining interest from schools so that is very impressive.  He is a very talented prospect.

MotSaG Reader’s Digest for July 20, 2014

osuHelmetThe MotSaG Reader’s Digest is back! The MotSaG Reader’s Digest is just that — a quick glance at the past week of content here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray. This will give you a chance to catch up on anything you may have missed during the course of the week. This isn’t everything we posted this week, so we always encourage everyone to subscribe to our feed, sign up for email alerts or simply check the website on a regular basis.

Site News

Not a lot of site news this week. We will be adding a new writer to the ranks shortly, but we’ll hold off on announcing who that is until a little later. We’re also hoping to start up a podcast so look here for updates on that, as well.

Ohio State Football

We didn’t post much about the football team this week other than Jeremiah’s post about the JT Moore situation (which led to our favorite thing, a Twitter slap fight between fellow Buckeye Bloggers. We’re all on the same team, guys!).

We did have a little fun looking at Mike Vrabel’s liquidation sale. The dude had like seven TVs. Who needs that many TVs?


Mike continues to bring recruiting news on a daily basis (You should be following him on Twitter, he is a wealth of recruit information there). Earlier this week, he took a look at the 2015 offensive linemen commits and targets.

Jeremiah chatted with 2016 LB prospect, Ethan Tucky (how do you have this last name and not name your kid “Kenneth”?!) and 2015 OL Kieffer Longson.

Mike spoke with 2017 WR Donovan Peoples, an Ohio State offer, who is showing a lot of interest in the program. He also chatted with another WR prospect, Lawrence Cager of the 2015 class.

OSU Mens Bball Schedules Perennial Power

According to a report from Jeff Goodman of ESPN Ohio State will play Memphis in 2015 at a neutral site in Miami, Florida. Here is part of that report…

The Hall of Fame will debut a new event in Miami in 2015 in which Kentucky will play South Florida and Memphis will face Ohio State, an industry source told ESPN.

The neutral site doubleheader will be played at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on Nov. 27, 2015. The format of the event is that each host school will play three home games in addition to one neutral site contest.

This will add another marquee match-up for Coach Matta and an early season challenge to help prepare them for the B1G season and post season.

Kyree Campbell Has Strong Connection with Coach Johnson

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Virginia has been very good to Ohio State in recent recruiting classes.  Curtis Grant hails from that state and most recently Jayln Holmes came to Ohio State from Virginia.  Ohio State hopes to keep that pipeline coming with class of 2016 defensive end Kyree Campbell.  Campbell, from Woodbridge, Virginia, has offers from some of the top programs across the country.  He has offers from the likes of Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, UVA, Florida State, Maryland, and South Carolina.  He also has interest coming from Alabama and is hoping to land an offer from them during the season.  He has a very strong interest in Ohio State and one of the biggest reasons is Coach Larry Johnson.  Coach Johnson has yet to coach a down of football for Ohio State, but his presence can be felt on the recruiting trail, especially with Campbell.

Can Ohio State keep the Virgina-OhioState pipeline going with Kyree Campbell?

“Coach Johnson is one of the best defensive line coaches in the country,” Campbell said of why he loves coach Johnson and Ohio State.  “I have a great connection with him already.  He coached my father in football, so my dad has told me a lot of football stories about him.  I have always known of Coach Johnson through my father, but now I am starting to build a personal relationship with him.  I like him a lot and he is one of the biggest reasons why I love Ohio State.”

Campbell has not had the chance to go to Ohio State, but is visiting for Friday Night Lights, where he is going to visit and also compete at the camp.  He is very excited to get up to Columbus and be around such a rich program.  “I cannot wait to get up there and visit the campus,” Campbell said of his upcoming visit.  “I want to visit a couple of academic buildings and be around the tradition of THE Ohio State University.”  He is very excited to camp at Ohio State and is hoping to improve his technique with the coaching staff.  He is a student of the game his coach tells me, as he spends countless hours reading plays, studying film, and going over game situations.  He has already been voted a team captain by the coaching staff, something that shows you the kind of person, and player he is.

Campbell has no timetable for his decision and is enjoying the process.  He does not even have a list of any schools, as more offers are pouring in.  But, with Larry Johnson leading his recruitment, you can be sure Ohio State is going to on his list until the end.  Outside of football, you can find Kyree around his teammates.  He enjoys spending time with them and also loves oldies music, such as Tupac, Ice Cube, and French Montana.  I asked Kyree what he would like to say to Ohio State fans, and he responded, “I am excited to visit Ohio State!”  Kyree Campbell is a very talented prospect and is an even better person.  The captain role shows what kind of person he is because it was voted on by the staff, so it was not a popularity contest.  He is humble about the process and is enjoying every part of it.



MotSaG Chat with Kieffer Longson

3star_recruit_iconCoach Meyer and Ohio State have proven over and over they will go anywhere in the country to find talent that can succeed at OSU. Offensive Line is always an area of need and the 2015 class is no different. There is however one 2015 OLman who is a little different than most of the guys OSU is recruiting. You see Kieffer Longson is LDS (Mormon) and recently he named OSU in his top 6 schools. But you see even if he does pick OSU he won’t be enrolling at OSU for at least 2 years as he goes to serve a mission for his church. The beauty of this is OSU has a chance to grab a kid who is very talented but it would not count against the 2015 class size.

Let’s get to know Kieffer who is a 6’7″ 290 lbs 3 star OG from San Ramon, California. See I told you Coach Meyer will go anywhere to find talent. I sat down with the young man and got to know him and we talked about all of the schools he is currently leaning towards.

I will let you decide which guy is Kieffer.

I will let you decide which guy is Kieffer.

I asked Kieffer about serving a mission and whether or not it would affect his standing with any of the schools he currently favors he said… “All 6 of my Top 6 schools have experience dealing with LDS kids and have no problem with me going on a mission.”. When you think about LDS kids most people instantly think about BYU and Utah so I asked him about growing up in the church and which way his family leaned in the Holy War he said… “Haha my family is happy whatever school I go to. They are not really a fan of either school but my dad went to BYU and UCLA so he is more of a Cougar fan but wants what is best for me.”. You see for any member of the LDS church you almost have to choose a side in the Holy War and while Kieffer didn’t come out and say it my guess is his family would chose BYU.

We talked about why of all the schools he is currently favoring Ohio State is the only one east of the Rocky Mountains and his answer was pretty telling… ” I really like the coaches and the place! It is a great way to get to the NFL. They put 4 guys in the NFL this year and I’d love to maybe be apart of the program.”. Kieffer visited OSU about a month ago and loved it and said… “I might take an official visit soon too.”.

When foes he believe he will commit? He does not have a firm commitment date yet but he said… “The Sooner the better but at the same time I want to make sure I choose the best school for me.”. He would like Buckeye Nation to know that he is… “Very interested in OSU and that I’m looking for the best way yo get to the NFL while getting an education.”. At this point he says “Everyone is even” and he has no favorites but it is great for OSU that he has visited and is considering an official visit. If Coach Meyer can get him back on campus I have no doubt he can’t close the deal and land this talented kid.

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OSU Football Player Leaving the Team (Multiple Reports)

5th year Senior J T Moore has apparently left the team. Moore is a TE/DE who has played sparingly during his career has chosen to enter the real world rather than stay at OSU and play Special Teams.

Patrick Maks of Eleven Warriors had this to say…

Ohio State senior tight end J.T. Moore is leaving the Ohio State football team, sources told Eleven Warriors Thursday.

Moore, a fifth-year senior, will part ways with the Buckeyes due to chronic knee injuries. He played in 31 games during his career, including all 14 games in the 2013 season.

Bucknuts had this to say…

Sources at Youngstown Boardman tell us that J.T. Moore has given up his final season of eligibility and is already in the business/investment field.

Moore would have been a fifth-year senior this fall and would have provided depth at tight end. He played defensive end earlier in his career.

This is yet another reason why true freshman Sam Hubbard – who was recruited as a linebacker – will be playing tight end this season for the Buckeyes. Ohio State has good talent at the position with senior Jeff Heuerman, fourth-year junior Nick Vannett and redshirt freshman Marcus Baugh, to go along with Hubbard. Walk-on Chris Rock, a fourth-year junior who was formerly a scholarship player at Michigan, will also provide depth at tight end.

Dave Biddle of Bucknuts added this confirmation….

J.T. Moore’s football career at Ohio State is over, a team spokesman confirmed to Bucknuts on Thursday.

The 6-foot-3, 260-pound Moore would have been a fifth-year senior this fall had he returned to the team.
Sources informed Bucknuts Thursday morning that Moore would not return to the team and had already accepted a job in the investments field, which we reported in the Boarding House.

Moore played in all 14 games for the Buckeyes in 2013 as a reserve tight end and special teams mainstay.
He started four games during the 2011 season as a defensive end.

We at MotSaG wish JT nothing but the best if these reports are true. It will have no effect on the 2015 class size as JT is on his last year of eligibility.