Maryland Open Thread

It’s the Noon Game Open Thread, which means you’ll be watching the Buckeyes and who cares who else is play?

But seriously, feel free to rant, rave, complain and chat about the games going on this early afternoon, but most especially the Buckeyes beating Maryland on Homecoming.


  1. Love my Buckeyes!! But seriously, our defense needs improvement or were going to take a hit down the road. Michigan shut out Maryland and they score 28 on us, unacceptable!!

    • Mark – I agree, the defense wasn’t stellar but Michigan didn’t play against Perry Hills, so it’s not exactly apples-to-apples. More like golden delicious to Granny Smiths 🙂

      28 points wasn’t great, but it was nice to see the offense look much more in rhythm.

  2. Agreed. Offense starting to come around especially with the ball touching all of our playmakers. Defense could keep us from winning the Big Ten though if not shored up!! Worst case scenario of course.

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