Happy Birthday MotSaG

This post should have went up Sunday, but like everything around here, it’s going up late. Better late than never, right?

Sunday marked two full years of Ohio State Blogging here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray. It’s crazy to think that since then, we’ve watched our Buckeyes compete for two football championships, one basketball championship and countless other milestones. We’ve witnessed mountains of men and watched them reach the highest peaks of the sport and the lowest of the lows. We had our guts wrenched, our breath taken away and our hearts thrilled.

And the best part of it all is that we’ve met some pretty cool people and pissed some people off. Since we missed our first birthday, allow us a bit of navel gazing as we look back on a few of our favorite MotSaG moments.

Our first “big hit” was the sportsMonkey’s Game Day Preview before the 2006 season started. We had mucho LOLs working on that one.

The 2006 season went rather well, culminating in an Armageddon-like OSU/Michigan bedlam for #1. What a rush that was.

The days leading up to the 2006 Michigan game were great. We stumbled across a 911 transcript of Ypsilanti dispatchers responding to a call concerning one Adrian Arrington. There was a visit from our own Tressnac to liven things up. And, of course, we all know how that game ended (best OSU/UM game ever?) and the instant backlash from certain bloggers and how they were treated down here in Columbus. I had enough of that noise and spoke my peace. That felt good. Of course, we couldn’t let any opportunity to needle our foes up north, and sportsMonkey did it was pizazz.

Yeah, so the BCS title game didn’t go how we planned. It sure started out how we planned, but went downhill from there.

After football season, the hits kept coming with the Thad 5. What a ride that was. The Xavier and Tennessee games were easily some of the greatest Buckeye basketball games I have ever witnessed. Holy smokes, that was a crazy ride.

After March Madness ended, things got slow around these parts but we began crushing on someone near and dear to our hearts, and Mount Vernon became our patron saint around these parts.

Again, the Game Day crew was lampooned to much hilarity again, in preparation for a new season of college football. We couldn’t wait.

The 2007 season rolled around and started out in a most humorous fashion. What a weird day that was. We eventually came to our senses and made sense of the whole mess.

The season didn’t start bad just for the Wolverines. We couldn’t help noticing Notre Dame was having a rough go at it, too.

In fact, the entire Big Ten had a rough time last year. Right in the middle of it all we were all witnesses to some ugliness at Penn State. In a year where we needed all the good karma we could get, this did not help things.

Things looked rather gloomy in Buckeye Nation on the fateful day in November. But that’s nothing a royal pounding of Henne & Hart couldn’t cure.

And so was born the legend of Mount Vernon. I don’t think we’ll ever see the likes of him again.

So once again, we found our Buckeyes poised for redemption against another Southern foe. People sure didn’t like them apples. We don’t need to recap what happened there. Everyone knows.

But it gave us a chance to really see who were fans and who were simply eating whatever was being feed at the hands of the backwards logic of the ESPN. It’s as it’s always been: Buckeye Nation versus the world.

Finally, we watched closely as the Buckeyes won the Pryor Lottery, complete with all the creepiness associated with recruiting. We were appalled by the spectacle of it all.

And now, here we are. That was a fun little look back at the goings-on around these parts. We’d also like to highlight a few items we think deserve a second look:

One of the posts we were rather proud of but didn’t get much traffic was a post sportsMonkey did looking back at some Sweatervest Memories. We highly recommend it.

Our favorite comment goes to Buckeye in Texas after the Michigan game. Thank you for that great, great piece of hilarity.

Our SMRTest commenter award goes to Steve, who read our “Colts embarass themselves post” and completely and utterly missed the point. Much to the delight of us MotSaG’ers.

So thanks for letting us indulge a little in selfish promotion. We’ve had a great ride these past two years, and hope to continue bringing the snark and wit to the Buckeye Blogosphere!


  1. Congrats on 2 solid, solid years guys. MOTSG is one of my first stops in the morning to see what you folks “down south” are up to. Keep up the great work.


  2. Congrats, the links in this post were a great trip down memory lane.

  3. Ahh yess….Steve with the airball on the colts sarcasm. I don’t comment much when I read blogs, but that was one occasion when I just couldn’t help myself.

    Congrats on the bday.

  4. Guys keep holding the fort down …. this MOTSAGer will be moving closer to home next year

    So Long Connecticut

    Hello Pittsburgh

  5. Buckeye in Texas says

    Hey fellas. Congrats on the anniversary, and thanks for the shout out. You guys are always my first stop on the CFB blog-roll. Keep fighting the good fight, keep the faith, and hopefully we can all meet up in Miami this January.


  6. Thanks for all the kind words.


  7. Two years old. Wow. It’s already time for potty training!

    Congrats and please keep it up!

  8. WoodyHayes says

    Happy birthday!

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