Thank you, Penn State fans

FootballFor making idiotic Ohio State fans look like civilized gents who sip their tea with their pinky fingers extended. This video is NSFW for multiple reasons (foul language, pure, unadulterated putrescent behavior, the seething rage you will feel will compel you to punch out your work provided monitor):

(h/t: Yost)

I’d love to post more, but like Yost, I’m supposed to be working. Also, I am speechless. This is simply disgusting and absolutely indefensible behavior. Those mouth-breathing mongoloid beer chuckers are the lowest form of garbage on earth.

Given the fact that the cameraman is (at least) guilty by association, how stupid is it for him to incriminate himself by posting his own handmade video to the most trafficked website on Earth? Oh, that’s right. He goes to Penn State.

Also, thank you Penn State morons for forcing The M-Zone into posting something that isn’t anti-OSU. We know it kills them to do it, but the truth must be told. Even if it doesn’t involve Buckstaches.

(If you’re a PSU fan and have a hard time loading the video above, click here).

Update: Run Up The Score has posted a response from Penn State’s Associate to the President for Administration.


  1. I just watched this over at the M Zone. Such a shameful act. I love good natured ribbing. But outright assult? RIDICULOUS!

  2. They say something like you ain’t pike at the end of that. Pi Kappa Alpha, biggest douchebag fraternity in the world.

  3. Yeah, I saw this over at M-Zone. It is bad, in fact, it is terrible. Apologies to all. Why can’t the fans learn that one can be fired up in the stands and still not be a complete asshole before & after the game?

    Let no act of ours bring shame….

  4. Elno Lewis says

    Sad. Just sad.

  5. Here is how the day ended for OSU – a satisfying conclusion to the unpleasantness.

    Of course, it’s a shame that the song had to be “a-cappella,” but the band wasn’t willing to risk another trip to Happy Valley.

  6. video no longer available sucks lol

  7. Damn, I missed it. They’ve already yanked the video.

    Can I get a color commentary?

  8. YouTube says “This video has been removed by the user.” Someone smelled a media firestorm brewing.

    Did anyone get a copy before it was pulled?

  9. westy81585 says
  10. Eric/Westy/SYR… thanks guys. Your interweb fu is most impressive.

  11. I’ve already emailed this video to the Penn St president. I’ve read on the EDSBS blog that many readers have also done the same, as well as emailing the vid to State College Police. This kids are done.

  12. PSU Alum here – sorry to see these jackasses’ little video. I sent a link of the video to the University Presidents office and to the State College Police.

    My deepest apologies.

  13. In no way do I condone this behavior. I’m glad it was caught on tape and they were dumb enough to post it on you-tube. I also don’t know the events leading up to this, looks like some buckeye fans being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not saying it was the buckeye fans fault as there is no excusing such actions. What else bothers me is this; I could easily picture this happening at tOSU before a big game as well as most other sizable state universities.

  14. This is shameful. But I’m wondering why they were walking in that area in the first place. It’s like swating at a bee hive. We all know that they are the most bitter, jealous, pieces of shite on the planet.

  15. I was at the game Saturday with my 12-year-old son. Had lots of F-bombs thrown our way before the game by drunken students and would-be students, but nothing we did not expect. Most of the time, we laughed it off, and shouted them down (sans profanity) a few times. That’s part of the experience. After the game and inside the stadium everyone was good natured and polite. Not to say their fans are not intense. They are indeed intense.

    But Penn State has a lot of classy fans. This was my third game in State College and all experiences were good. This video needs to be addressed by the college, but it is not normal. And no OSU fan should be going into a Penn State frat party (what would happen to a meechigan fan at an OSU frat party??)

  16. Penn State Nark says

    The person working the camera was Gaetano Sacco and he is a Junior Film Major at Penn State. He is also the VP for the Pike House where the incident occurred.

  17. This is absolutely ridiculous. Being a Penn State Alum this sickens me. As many of you said, it’s OK to stick up for your team and give the friendly ribbing but this is pathetic. I hope that there arrests and anyone that can be seen on the video is punished. I know the University has already made a response after the video and a plethora of emails were sent. Hopefully justice is served.

    Don’t think that this is any reflection of the true Penn Staters. This frat retards are definitely the minority.

  18. I would like to join with true PSU fans in apologizing for the behavior of these douchebags. They do not represent all of us. Rivalry is one thing, but sweet Jeebus, these drunken frat boys went way beyond the pale.

  19. According to another site I read thatthe 2 OSU students are emmbers of the same fraternity and were visiting the Penn State chapter. If true, I would expect them to lose their charter.

  20. PennState08 says

    First off, this is completely unacceptable. This fraternity should be punished to the fullest extent. However, don’t you dare put the rest of us into the same category as these idiots. This is a small minority of douche bags that should not be allowed to wear our name.

    Interesting to note that the OSU fans they were throwing beer at are in the same fraternity (OSU chapter Pika). Just shows you the level of intelligence shown in this video.


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