The Pride that is The Ohio State University

The last few years I have made the trek down I-71 from Northeast Ohio down to Columbus for the Arnold Classic. No I’m not into the whole weightlifting scene as time on that has passed me by, but I think (in my mind anyways) at my size I can get away at looking like a former lifter. Honestly its kind of refreshing that this is a place at my size that I don’t get any stares or people saying man your a big guy. I digress to what has brought me a sense of pride especially so much so this year. Columbus is like a second home to me, my second city behind Cleveland. The Land will always be my home and have that special tug at my heart but there is something about Columbus that has a special spot also. No its definitely not the drivers down here (your a bunch of crazy selfish thugs). Its The Ohio State University,The Scarlet and Gray, The Buckeye Leaf, The Buckeye Nation.

Many of us if fortunate enough to get to spend quality time with our fathers, want to be like them and love the same things as them. I was no different growing up watching Browns, Indians, Cavs, and Buckeye games with my Dad. When he use to score tickets to go to any of these events it was the best thing (there was no HD and 100 camera angles when I was a kid). Walking into the Old Cleveland Stadium had a great feeling but it honestly felt like it needed to be redone or fixed up especially when you were forced to watched a Browns game behind a pillar at least the Indians games you were able to move closer to the field because there wasn’t many fans showing up at all. Cavalier games were a trek to the Richfield Coliseum but that place was fantastic (sorry Q your really a good stadium but the Richfield was better IMO). Getting to go to The Shoe was the best. Nothing ever compared. You could tell that it was (and still is) an old stadium but even to this day I still get goosebumps every time I enter the Rotunda going into the greatest stadium in all of college football. The House that Harley built, the greats that have played on that field, coached on the sidelines, The Best Damn Band in The Land and what they do and have done on that field, the feats that were accomplished on that track (yes there use to be a track in The Shoe youngins Google it).

The last week there has been a flood of news coming out about The Ohio State University and its all been so positive its great. Yes I know that there is more to OSU than football (heck I’m going to the men’s regular season finale against Wisconsin). There is the B1G Championship Wrestling Tournament taking place on the campus right now, women’s basketball team has a really bright future with Mitchell and Hart plus the other sports in general are really on the rise. Buckeye Nation has so much to be proud of right now its not even funny. The reason we key so much on football especially here at MotSaG is that is what you our readers are telling us you are looking at which is great. 2010-2011 the Buckeye football program took a huge black eye and some really came after the Buckeyes (I’m looking at you four letter network). Jim Tressel “The Senator” “The Sweatervest” was forced to resign in May of 2011. Everything was so bleak, many were calling for AD Gene Smith’s head (I was in that camp) for what felt like his arrogance of not self imposing a bowl ban on 2011 season.

November 2011 a new era was born, Urban Meyer was hired as the leader of the Buckeye program. Buckeye Nation was ecstatic the rest of the nation was not at all.


I’ve had this on the back of my pick up truck since Jan 2012 “Urban Renewal- Restoring Greatness inside the Horsehoe”. Urban’s first season the man leads the Buckeyes to a 12-0 record and should have played against Notre Dame and won the National Championship that year but no we really were the one’s catfished thanks to Gene Smith right (more on that later). 2013 the Buckeyes go 12-2 only losses were the ones that meant something, MSU in B1G Championship game and Orange bowl to Clemson. 2014 starts off shaky with Braxton going down and the loss to Virginia Tech. Meyer and company kept the team together and grew stronger and was getting better. There were still skeptics like myself before the Michigan State game but they came out and showed this is a team lead by one of the greatest coaches of our time. We all know what happened to finish off the year and coach Meyer wasn’t even B1G Coach of the Year. Yes as a homer I and all of Buckeye Nation was out raged but the ones in the national media who know and understand football like Phil Steele claimed that Meyer was COY. What was interesting was what Jon Gruden recently said

“What he did at Ohio State, losing a Heisman Trophy candidate and then doing what he did with two different quarterbacks that were backups. Amazing to me.”

How can you argue with that? Urban Meyer has Restored Greatness inside the Horseshoe plus what he is doing with these kids and teaching them leadership and turning them into men . You aren’t hearing of the Florida problems that were all his fault that supposedly followed him here but mysteriously have gone away, because kids have bought in and know there are consequences for their actions in Ohio. In my opinion it seems like a lot of covering up going up in the Whole State of Florida. I don’t want to make accusations but honestly three different universities and their issues and its always business as usual just saying.

Remember the catfishing I was saying about the Gene Smith situation? Well lets be men here and say everyone makes mistakes, they still got a ring for that season (I’m looking at you Mark May, You mad Bro). Smith is only the eighth athletic director for The Ohio State University, been going strong since March 5, 2005. I know it can be easy sitting on the outside saying if “I was in that position I would do this”, until your in that position you don’t know all the variables. Smith has put the Buckeyes on the map as a destination to bring in the best coaches in all sports, Bringing in Meyer, Matta who has turned the Buckeyes into a school that you can say plays basketball too, and recently brought Kevin McGuff to lead the woman’s basketball program who is on the verge of blowing up if they can get past the injuries, just to name a few. Gene Smith has been the leader who has helped turned the Buckeye Athletic program into one of the Top 10 of all of Sports Programs in the Nation per Forbes.

“The culture of OSU Athletics is one of excellence that is focused on the growth and development of each person. It is an environment where all individuals are valuable members of the team with ideas to contribute and given the opportunity to lead those efforts. The department provides traditional education opportunities as well as engage’s employees with projects to stretch them and grow new skills. Individuals are given autonomy at the local level to determine what works best for their group. Gene [Smith] truly supports each individual and allows them to lead. It is a culture of we and not me as cliché as that sounds. I am very thankful for the opportunity the Buckeye’s have given me to grow my professional skills.” – Janine Oman, Assoc Athletics Director Sport Administration/Sport Performance

Yes a National Championship does bring in a ton of pride into a University and fan base, but honestly I can’t remember feeling so much pride for the Scarlet and Gray as I feel now as when they last won their National Championship. This is due to the leaders like Gene Smith who has went out and found quality leaders to lead each individual program with pride and turn the young men and women who play for the Buckeyes into great leaders of tomorrow. I would personally like to thank Gene Smith for what he has done and all of the coaches who work there butts off to help build a better tomorrow by being the greatest.

NegaBuck: The First Annual Big Ten Player Hatin’ Awards


The good guys pulled away late against the evil empi… well, more like a local coffee shop from the North on Saturday but it came with a price-J.T. Barrett is out for the season and Ohio State is down another leading man before taking on the Badgers in Indianapolis in a few days.

I’ve never seen a team have such horrible luck as the 2014 Ohio State squad- Oh wait, I have. Somehow it seems like every player on my Blue Jackets has AIDS…

Honestly I don’t think they have enough healthy bodies to change a light-bulb.

Unfortunate hockey players aside, somehow the regular season is over (except for the communist Big 12) and conference awards are being announced. Being a negative fan, this makes me sick.

These coaches and players don’t need their already huge egos fed so it’s time to put some people in their place. I’ve decided to give out some shame awards to some really messed up people. It’s time to make some people feel really bad.

Put on your nicest jean jacket-Here is the first ever Big Ten Player Hatin’ Awards:


Heathen of the Year:

What is the best food option if it’s ten degrees outside and you need a bite to eat? You eat a damn dilly bar as this Minnesota electronics coordinator did.

Frostbite and diabetes, does this man have no care for his limbs?

Minnesota coach

Congrats to Dan Lehman you goof.


The Patrick Bateman Bipolar Award:


There is a team this year that doesn’t know who they are most games. This team somehow has convincing wins @ Wisconsin @ Penn State and a neutral site overtime win over Notre Dame.

This same squad has also lost to Northern Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Illinois…

There is nothing more uncomfortable than dealing with somebody who doesn’t know who they are.

Northwestern you should be ashamed, find a way to define yourselves next year. Are you wusses or are you cold blooded killers?

The Anne Hathaway- Should I Kiss or Punch You- Coach of the Year:

Sometimes she looks like a ten, sometimes she looks like a gremlin…

Sometimes Tom Herman, Ohio State’s offensive coordinator,  will out think himself on a 2nd and 1 and call something stupid like a delayed quarterback run to the outside that will lose 3 yards.

Other times he looks like the Broyles Award candiate that he is. You can’t deny how amazing quarterbacks have performed under him for the last three years.

Similar to Northwestern, pick a trait you ignorant genius.

The Rickety Cricket Bum of the Year:

I’m in a giving mood so this prestigious award will go to 5 men- The Penn State offensive line. Maybe the worst position group I have ever seen from a Big Ten school and that’s saying something.

These clowns get beat more than me when my wife gets a little liquor in her and that’s also saying something.


The You Look Like Randy Bobandy Award:

Going to have to leave the conference this year but it’s finally good to see Randy isn’t hooking for cheeseburgers anymore- He’s a professional kicker! Randy Bullock wins the big one.


First Team All Conference Horrible Names Team:

This is more a hate indictment on the player’s parents but these kids should be ashamed nonetheless. Some names really piss me off.

QB: Reilly O’Toole, Illinois So Irish that he puts whiskey in his water bottle and prefers the center to snap him bangers over footballs.

RB: Keyante Green, Purdue–  Goes delicious with fava beans and dude brains.

WR: Connor Cummins, Wisconsin I think I’ve seen one of his “online videos” and it was definitely on accident, I promise.

TE: Freedom Akinmoladun, Wisconsin– …

FYI: Jake Butt was too easy and my brother actually is pretty good friends with him so I’ll leave him alone, for now.


Butt lol

OL 1: Mitch Keppy, Iowa–  Most Iowa white boy name ever. Guarantee you he loves Taylor Swift, pickup trucks and Chipotle. Get some culture bro.

OL 2: Bryan Stonkus, RutgersHe’s probably a nice guy but his name just gives off a vibe of a really gross dude.

DL 1: Thieren Cockran, MinnesotaHis first name reeks of a pretentious Shakespeare character, his last name…

DL 2: Taco Charlton, Michigan My brother also grew up with this young man but every time I see him play I get real hungry and somehow end up at Taco Bell which adds to my gut that is growing at an alarming rate. Please graduate soon.

LB 1: Zepheniah Grimes, IllinoisSimply dismal.

LB 2: D’Cota Dixon, WisconsinThis makes zero sense homey. Is substituting an ‘ really saving you that much more time than using an A?

DB 1: Lubern Figaro, WisconsinFor god’s sake Badgers, does Gary Anderson only recruit kids with terrible names?

DB 2: Godwin Igwebuike, Northwestern Holy hell, another Pickerington kid that I watched grow up with my brother. Maybe there is something to the crazy names and being successful in this city…

Now that I am married and live in Picktown, I have decided my first born will be named God-Butt Taco Black.

Kicker: Emmit Carpenter, MinnesotaSorry kid but watching the Cowboys growing up I just cannot accept an Emmit who looks like this:

Punter,: Logan McElfresh, MinnesotaAnother goofer, sounds like a damn Mcdonalds 5 dollar salad.


There it is you jamokes, the first edition of the Big Ten Player Awards is finally over. Thank God.

I’m headed to Indy in a few days and I hope to see you there.

I’ll be the ugly guy in the red scarlet shirt sitting with other lower middle class people in section 625.

Lucky me, as I just read that this is listed as a Wisconsin section so Badger fans come find me and we can do two things:

Get drunk and fight.


Bonus: This basically sums up one of the funniest shows on t.v.


Double Bonus: Severe spoilers from Season 4 of Boardwalk Empire below, you are warned. One of the most beautifully sad scenes in history in my opinion.












Ohio State @ Minnesota Game Preview

Sometimes you see all that white space and just get brain freeze [Jack Nicholson - The Shining]

Bring your heaviest winter coat and your harshest whiskey it’s the chilling Ohio State vs. Minnesota game preview-


The Bucks are 2 wins from clinching a berth in the Big Ten Championship game but the fans are thinking bigger. Ohio State is now just 4 spots away from a spot in the College Football Playoff and they are as hot as any team in the country. With more carnage to occur in spots 1-7 the Buckeyes simply need to take care of business and see what happens.

The toughest test left in the regular season is a road trip to Southern Canada… I mean Minneapolis and many are labeling the match-up with an all too familiar term-

Trap game: A game following an emotional and impressive victory against an underrated team that is a heavy underdog.

Oh and the game is being played in the North Pole…

With a high temperature of around 20 degrees and possible snow showers the game this Saturday will separate the manly men from the weak. There is no excuse for Ohio State to overlook a pretty good team on Saturday but crazier things have happened (I’m looking at you Auburn).

Here is everything you need to know about the game Saturday at noon:

Opponent: University of Minnesota Golden Gophers

  • Over 50,000 students
  • Established in 1851
  • 7 national championships
  • 18 Big Ten Championships
  • 660-493-44 all time record
  • 7-43 record vs. Ohio State
  • 7-2 record this season (4-1 Big Ten)

 Stadium: TCF Bank Stadium

  • Capacity: 52,525
  • Total cost: $303 million
  • Field tuf

Important Players:

  • QB- Mitch Leidner: 81/152 1,225 yards 10 TD 6 Int.
  • RB- David Cobb: 227 attempts 1,205 yards 8 TD.
  • TE- Maxx Williams: 22 receptions 326 yards 7 TD.

Buckeye Offense vs Gopher Defense:

Minnesota is ranked 22nd in total defense, 37th against the run and 26th against the pass. They are among the best in the nation at intercepting the ball with only 8 teams with more picks who have played the same number of games. The numbers don’t lie; the Gophers are a pretty good defense.

With the weather concerns Ohio State will certainly look to run the ball early against a solid Minnesota run defense. The loss of Rod Smith will probably hurt in this game more than any other left on the schedule. Coach Urban Meyer said that Ezekiel Elliot is a little banged up and another 230 pound running back to throw out there would be a nice luxury in a grinding November game.

The offensive coaches said they emptied the playbook against Michigan State and it will be interesting to see if the coaches will decide to air it out in rough conditions. As long as the wind is not hurricane-like, one can expect the Bucks to take a lot of deep shots. The two losses on Minnesota’s schedule were to teams that run the spread with mobile quarterbacks- TCU and Illinois. Expect Barrett to have plenty of space to make plays.

The matchup to watch will be the Ohio State wide receivers and H-backs against the playmaking secondary of Minnesota. The coaches said that Noah Brown is ready for playing time and the 240 pounder may help fill the void of Rod Smith. Jailin Marshall from the wildcat looks here to stay and don’t be surprised to see him throw a few passes Saturday afternoon.

Bold Prediction: Barrett rushes for over 100 yards.


Gopher Offense vs Buckeye Defense:

Minnesota is an old school offense that centers on the run and play action pass. They sit at the 59th scoring offense with a top 30 rushing attack. The weakness is the passing game which is the worst in the nation for a Power 5 team other than Boston College. Averaging 140 yards a game is pretty gross…

The Buckeye will certainly crowd the line of scrimmage and dare quarterback Mitch Leidner to throw deep to his wide receivers. The biggest threat in the passing game is tight end Maxx Williams. He caught three touchdowns last week and displayed outstanding hands to help destroy Iowa. All three touchdowns were inside the ten yard line so Chris Ash and Luke Fickell should know where the ball is going in goal line situations.

Like Ezekiel Elliot, David Cobb is flying under the radar in the best of the Big Ten running backs talk- and that’s a shame. The senior from Texas has already passed a thousand yards rushing and is averaging 5.3 ypc. He must be Ohio State’s main focus as the Buckeyes were gashed by the MSU running game in spots last week. Curtis Grant and Raekwon McMillan should be licking their chops because Ohio State will be in a 3 Linebacker set for the whole game.  This helps ease the loss of nickelback Armani Reeves who is somewhere in the Bermuda triangle… Nobody will say what his problem is. How the linebackers play will determine whether the Gophers can stay close in the scoring department. Missed tackle issues started creeping up against a very good Spartan offense last week.

Bold prediction: Minnesota will have less than 250 yards of offense.

How it will end up:

On an extremely cold day after an extremely tough win against a… pretty good team I think the Bucks win by a few touchdowns. Minnesota will be able to get some yardage on the ground and their defense will hold the Buckeyes to below their average.

It will be a lot tougher than most think but I think the Buckeyes control the whole game with a few scares here and there.


Ohio State 34 Minnesota 20


NegaBuck: I’m Dumb: A Time for Self Reflection

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas A. Edison


Ohio State sliced through the Michigan State defense Saturday night and made it look easier than finding a parking spot at a driver’s ed. class. The Buckeyes won 49 – 37 and there is not much to be negative about this week which makes it a perfect time for a little self reflection…

My preview post for last weeks game listed ten events that needed to happen/not happen for the heroes to return home triumphant after a short trip up north. I named each fact after made up movies for no reason at all- please ignore this. I have a feeling I was way off and I need to take my whooping. Come with me on a self centered journey and we’ll dissect my predictions together.


Let’s see how much I truly know about this great sport (last week’s post in Italics):


10. No More Carnage:

Plot: How much more confident would Ohio State feel if they walked into Saturday’s battle with Braxton Miller, Noah Spence and Rod Smith? The team has been relatively lucky with injuries and suspensions for the most part but no more A list actors can be cut or this movie will be the next Gigli.

Grade: C+ 

Tough to say either way. Only reason for the + is that Eli Apple was secretly hurt and his missing the first series cost the team 6 points.

9. Dos La rotación de existencias:

Plot: Yes I googled the Spanish word for turnovers and I’m still not sure if I used it right. I think Ohio State needs to create at least two turnovers to take down Sparty in this foreign film.

Grade: F-

Completely wrong- Ohio State needed 0 turnovers in the victory. I feel dumber than an Alabama fan trying to file taxes. Jimbo’s Coffee and Handguns Cafe does a horrible job of keeping W2 forms on file.

8. Reaction:

Plot: Tom Herman and Urban Meyer have taken some heat for the play calling in close games recently and it seems the answers to what opposing defenses are showing them are not figured out until after the game. That can’t happen this week; Dantonio will throw some confusion at the young guns and in game adjustments need to be on point or similar offensive outputs to VA Tech and PSU could be on the way.

Grade: A-

Coach Herman and Meyer were counting cards and knew what was coming from the Spartan defense. Fans couldn’t have asked for a better gameplan and in game adjustments.

7. Pick One:

Plot: Moving the ball will be tough against the Spartans and giving them a short field is a death sentence. J.T. Barrett will make some freshmen throws and for Ohio State to win only one of them can fall into a Spartan’s gut.

Grade: C-

Grading myself pretty hard here for assuming Barrett would have any bad throws at all. Man that kid was tossing the rock.

6. South of 250:

Plot: If Connor Cook goes over 250 passing yards then I would guess that Ohio State is dead in the water.

Grade: F-

If you would have told me Connor Cook would throw for nearly 360 yards I would have been booking my tickets to some poopy Florida bowl instead of buying Big Ten Championship tickets.



5. Eastern Silence:

Plot: Nothing helps a really young team win in a hostile environment better than a quick start. East Lansing needs to be punched in the face and shut up early to help with the audibles Barrett loves to call at the line of scrimmage. The crowd will be rough but not near as rambunctious as the Penn State bunch.

Grade: F+

I’ll give myself the generous + here for the fact that Ohio State moved the ball a little bit on their first drive before our favorite German left a 49 yard kick short. It showed the Spartan faithful that Ohio State was very capable of moving the ball right off the bat. The F is for falling for the fact that a MSU crowd could affect the game at all. Their students don’t even want to be at games.

4. Breakdown Limit:

Plot: The two least experienced units on Ohio State’s squad are the two that will decide the outcome in my opinion. How the offensive line and secondary handle the confusion that will be headed there way will mean everything. Breakdowns that allow sacks and give up big plays cannot happen often this week.

Grade: B+

The offensive line played great and the fat guys only had a few minor mistakes in the first half. The secondary wasn’t outstanding but they certainly limited the big play after the first drive.


3. Seven Touches:

Plot: Dontre Wilson and Jalin Marshall need at least 7 offensive touches each to exploit the Spartan defense as Oregon and Purdue seemed to use in getting the edge. If this doesn’t happen then some serious discussions need to be made about who the Buckeyes are.

Grade: F-

Not only did these two only have a combined seven offensive touches but they accounted for three fumbles total (I’m pinning the punt disaster on Marshall).

I am a complete failure; I thought these guys would be the difference in the game and they may have been the only reason this game wasn’t a four touchdown victory.


To be fair I still love both guys and they still each had a shining moment.



2. 40 Yards to Happiness:

Plot: Michigan State is not the type of team to give up chunks of yards at a time. To put up enough points to win I think Ohio State needs at least 3 plays over 40 yards.

Grade: A+

Ohio State had four crucial big plays over 40 yards. My saving grace was this very safe prediction and I guess I’ll take it.

1. The Man Who Saved the World in 60 Minutes Under a Full Moon Using Only His Bare Hands and a Ponytail:

Plot: Joey Bosa steals the show and Connor Cook’s girlfriend in the baddest ass movie of all time.

Grade: F-

Not only did Bosa have his worst statistical game, he put his beautiful hair on the bench with a ski cap…

Still my sun and stars was creating havoc and opening up the wormholes for Michael Bennett and caused a few holds.


Prognosis: Idiot      Total GPA:  1.71 = D



Ugggg that was as ugly as one of those greasy Ole Miss frat boy’s look. Live and learn right?



On deck: The fighting Goofs of Minnaysowta. They got a pretty good team and it looks to be a high of around 20. Yipes, glad I’ll be in toasty Columbus that day. I just booked my tickets to the BTCG and a loss to the Gophers would not only ruin the Buckeye’s national championship dreams but it will also mean I just over-drafted my checking account for nothing…

I’ll be doing the preview this week (assuming the higher ups don’t read this disaster) so look for that around Thursday or Friday.


Oh and don’t forget that Buckeye basketball tips off Friday against Umass-Lowell



Bonus: Those of you who haven’t gotten your new smart phone yet here is a hilarious Portlandia scene:


Double Bonus: Since the Browns are in first I can now laugh at this. THEY KILLED HIM!


NegaBuck: The Script to Win in East Lansing


by: Ryan Black

After a “country boy ass whoopin” of Illinois last Saturday night, the Buckeyes have now reached the climax of the 2014 football movie. Up next is the villain from last seasons film, the Michigan State Spartans. If you remember the final scene of the 2013 version, our hero Brutus was left in tears of rage in downtown Indianapolis after Mark Dantonio and his heinous thugs murdered our precious… The Big Ten Championship.

The sequel to that tragic movie is hopefully a story of redemption and doesn’t follow the George R. R. Martin path of killing the hope of all the honorable men and women. How can Brutus and the young Bucks get payback in Darth Dantonio’s own house?

Here are ten things that need to go Ohio State’s way to pull off a victory – In the name of made up movie titles for a little school girl fun :

10. No More Carnage:

Plot: How much more confident would Ohio State feel if they walked into Saturday’s battle with Braxton Miller, Noah Spence and Rod Smith? The team has been relatively lucky with injuries and suspensions for the most part but no more A list actors can be cut or this movie will be the next Gigli.

9. Dos La rotación de existencias:

Plot: Yes I googled the Spanish word for turnovers and I’m still not sure if I used it right. I think Ohio State needs to create at least two turnovers to take down Sparty in this foreign film.

8. Reaction:

Plot: Tom Herman and Urban Meyer have taken some heat for the play calling in close games recently and it seems the answers to what opposing defenses are showing them are not figured out until after the game. That can’t happen this week; Dantonio will throw some confusion at the young guns and in game adjustments need to be on point or similar offensive outputs to VA Tech and PSU could be on the way.

7. Pick One:

Plot: Moving the ball will be tough against the Spartans and giving them a short field is a death sentence. J.T. Barrett will make some freshmen throws and for Ohio State to win only one of them can fall into a Spartan’s gut.

6. South of 250:

Plot: If Connor Cook goes over 250 passing yards then I would guess that Ohio State is dead in the water.

5. Eastern Silence:

Plot: Nothing helps a really young team win in a hostile environment better than a quick start. East Lansing needs to be punched in the face and shut up early to help with the audibles Barrett loves to call at the line of scrimmage. The crowd will be rough but not near as rambunctious as the Penn State bunch.

4. Breakdown Limit:

Plot: The two least experienced units on Ohio State’s squad are the two that will decide the outcome in my opinion. How the offensive line and secondary handle the confusion that will be headed there way will mean everything. Breakdowns that allow sacks and give up big plays cannot happen often this week.

3. Seven Touches:

Plot: Dontre Wilson and Jalin Marshall need at least 7 offensive touches each to exploit the Spartan defense as Oregon and Purdue seemed to use in getting the edge. If this doesn’t happen then some serious discussions need to be made about who the Buckeyes are.

2. 40 Yards to Happiness:

Plot: Michigan State is not the type of team to give up chunks of yards at a time. To put up enough points to win I think Ohio State needs at least 3 plays over 40 yards.

1. The Man Who Saved the World in 60 Minutes Under a Full Moon Using Only His Bare Hands and a Ponytail:

Plot: Joey Bosa steals the show and Connor Cook’s girlfriend in the baddest ass movie of all time.



If Ohio State can follow this script then they will certainly walk away with a victory Saturday. Too many plot changes and Indianapolis dreams will evaporate.

I’m buying my Big Ten Title game tickets this week, are you? If Ohio State wins expect prices to skyrocket around midnight 11/8.


Bonus: How the greatest song of all time was created-


Double Bonus: The hardest part of making mistakes is facing loved ones afterwards:



Q&A with an Opponents Blogger: Rutgers

Finally we are one day away from the Battle of The Scarlets. The Scarlet Knights of Rutgers try to invade Columbus with hopes of upsetting the Scarlet and Gray of Ohio State. This week I have had the great pleasure of getting to work with one Rutgers blogger and one Rutgers successful podcast host. I know shocking Rutgers has fans right (I kid). It has been a pleasure to work with Sal from who not only is a big Rutgers fan but also a big B1G fan and have had the pleasure of working with him in the past. Also joining the conversation today is Jerry who is host of the R Big Show and in that link you can hear us talk some about the game last night.

Time to grab your favorite beverage and sit back and enjoy what they bring to the table for us today.

MotSaG: What are Rutgers fans thoughts of the Big Ten and becoming a part of the conference?

Sal Rutgers fans literally could not be more excited. There is a tremendous amount of pride that students, alumni and fans of the school feel in the acceptance into the premier athletic and academic conference in the nation. Most supporters of Rutgers realize this goes well beyond the athletic field and they understand how academic programs and research will benefit immensely. For half of a decade now Rutgers has been a team without a home. Fans and supporters feel that has ended now.

Jerry It has been everything we thought it would be. I’ve enjoyed the coverage on the Big Ten network. Rutgers has played Penn State. They have played Michigan. Both of the games were at home and were electric. They play Ohio State this week, with Nebraska next week and Wisconsin and Michigan State still down the road. As a college football fan you could not ask for more!

MotSaG: Whats more surprising that you didn’t think you would have heard in the preseason, Rutgers starts season 5-1 or Gary Nova first ever player to win Player of the Week award in three different conferences?

Sal I think that most would feel that one would have to come with the other. The only way that Rutgers could be 5-1 is with great quarterback play and the team has had great quarterback play this season. Including Nova’s forgettable game against Penn State he has completed 93 of 150 passes (62.0%) for 1601 yards and 13 touchdowns against 7 interceptions. He has thrown for over 280 yards in four or Rutgers six games. Nova also became Rutgers career leader in passing touchdowns this season. Most fans would have been excited by a 4-2 start so 5-1 has Rutgers fans very optimistic going into the second half of the season.

Jerry Gary Nova garnering POW is not the least bit surprising. He has always had very good games – he is the school’s all-time touchdown leader – it is the consistency against quality defenses that we are looking for. Many felt the Scarlet Knights could pull off a win against Penn State or Michigan. However, to do so and not stumble along the way with a tough road opener at Washington State and a gritty Navy team in the middle of the first part of the schedule has been a testament to the toughness of this team and the preparation of the staff.

MotSaG: Do you expect the Scarlet Knight players being lost in awe of playing in the Horseshoe?

Sal I think excited is more the correct term than awe. Certainly the players are recognize this opportunity. It will clearly be the biggest venue that the players have played in but two years ago the team went to Fayetteville, Arkansas in front of 70,000 plus and left with a 35-26 victory. At 5-1 this game on ABC at 3:30 is kind of like playing with house money.

Jerry They should be. It is one of the truly amazing venues in college football. Who could not take a moment, to imagine yourself as a kid on the Pee Wee fields and watching games Ohio State games on TV and then coming to the realization that here you are in front of 107,000 fans at Horseshoe! It is culmination of years of hard work and dedication that each player has put in over his career. However, don’t take awe as being shell-shocked. In fact, it is a great motivation factor to play in such an environment. Who wouldn’t want to star or put together their best effort on this stage?

MotSaG: Key players on defense Buckeye fans should keep an eye on?

Sal Well Rutgers defensive line has received a lot of credit this year and deservedly so. Redshirt freshman, athletic freak and pass-rushing specialist 6’6 235 Kemoko Turay leads the Big Ten with 5.5 sacks (and leads the nation with 3 blocked field goals). But the DL starts in the middle with the play of New Jersey native junior Darius Hamilton. Hamilton plays the 3-technique at 265 lbs so he will be undersized but he has been undersized all season and has still contributed 6 TFL and 3.5 sacks. Hamilton moves inside to nose on passing downs. Sophomore Steve Longa led the team in tackles last year from MLB but switched to play WILL this year. He has 41 tackles so far this season but has not put together a breakout game. That could come this week.

Jerry If they haven’t already, they should learn the name Kemoko Turay. Turay is already building his own legend with 5.5 sacks and three blocked field goals as a raw red-shirt freshman. A former basketball player, he is still very green and may be somewhat mitigated by the read-zone offense of Ohio State. But if it is 3rd and long, zero in on number 58 and you will see one of the most athletic players to ever don the Scarlet for Rutgers.

MotSaG: What concerns do the Scarlet knight fans have about Buckeyes offense?

Sal When a team averages 45 points a game the obvious answer is “a lot”. The biggest concern I have is the quarterback play of J.T. Barrett. Barrett seems to be getting better by the week. Certainly the first priority for Rutgers will be stopping the run but Barrett could really make Rutgers pay with his arm and his legs if Rutgers sells out to stop the running backs.

Jerry What is there not to be concerned about? Of late, QB J.T Barrett has been brilliant and RB Ezekiel Elliot has replaced Carlos Hyde quite famously. Rutgers will need to generate pressure from its front four and when the opportunities to take down Barrett are there they must tackle and tackle well. Keeping Ohio State’s offense off the field will be the best defense.

MotSaG: With the loss of RB Paul James for the year and Rutgers having a bye week was there a lot of focus on trying to improve run game?

Sal There needs to be. The teams running game is improved from last year but not by leaps and bounds. Rutgers struggled to run the ball against Penn State and Michigan. Against Michigan Gary Nova made them pay. Against Penn State he did not. Offensive Coordinator Ralph Friedgen will take what the defense gives him. If Ohio State commits to stopping the run look for Friedgen to get Nova some confidence with easy completions early on before taking the deep shot.

Jerry Most definitely! It is shame that James could not play in this stretch of games for Rutgers. His absence is missed not only by Scarlet Knights fans, but for the fans of the other teams to see him play. However, Offensive Coordinator has been a difference maker so as much as they may be working on the run they are surely game-planning to attack the untested parts of this defense. I would expect safeties Vonn Bell and Tyvis Powell to see a lot of action as the Rutgers has to attack the back-middle of this defense.

MotSaG: Speaking of Paul James what are your thoughts on Ohio State offering his brother Ronnie this week who is already a Rutgers commit?

Sal Well Urban Meyer changed recruiting in the Big Ten a few years ago with his disregard for gentlemen’s agreements. You can argue if that is good or not that isn’t the debate. Rutgers’ fans might be upset at Meyer for the timing of the offer but certainly it speaks highly of Rutgers Coach Kyle Flood’s ability to evaluate talent as the younger James is a borderline two or three star recruit based off of the recruiting services. Not usually the type of athlete Ohio State offers.

Jerry It surely shows the high-stakes game that is called recruiting. The timing was surely somewhat premeditated. On the flipside, it also validates that Ronnie James is potentially a great reel-in for the Scarlet Knights, as Urban Meyer is not just going to throw around scholarship offers.

MotSaG: Point spread is 19.5 do you feel that is disrespectful to Rutgers and what they have done so far this season?

Sal Many feel the line is disrespectful and it crept to 21 earlier today so I’m not sure where the line will finish up. The line seems about right to me. Ohio State buried Maryland by almost 30 points at Byrd Stadium two weeks ago. 19 on the road for Rutgers seems like a compliment if you look at it that way!

Jerry One thing we can all agree is that Vegas tends to know what it is doing. It is a good number. Rutgers could play very well and still come out of this down by two touchdowns or more. On the other hand they are a 5-1 team that has been playing well. Is it disrespectful? No. But it is to be expected, after all this Ohio State and this is Rutgers. This season is about perception for the Scarlet Knight program. They are playing to prove they belong here and they are playing to show a state that is deep in talent that they are not far off from playing for Big Ten titles with their help. We are no longer into moral victories, but a close game here even with a loss could go a long way as well.

MotSaG: Keys for Rutgers to pull off an upset?

Sal First, Rutgers needs to weather the first quarter storm. If the Knights are within one score after the first quarter that will bode well. The obvious key is Rutgers needs to get to the passer. Their pass rush against Ohio State’s pass protection appears to be the Scarlet Knights’ biggest strength. But the key is in putting Ohio State in predictable passing downs and that starts with defense on first down. If Rutgers can keep Ohio State in second and third and long that will give the aggressive blitzing scheme of Rutgers defensive coordinator Joe Rossi a shot. Beyond that, Rutgers needs to win the turnover battle and get either a blocked punt or a big punt/kickoff return.

Jerry Nova has to continue to play well and not revert back to the turnover laden QB he has been in the past against top competition. Michigan was a start for him and if the offensive line could protect him he will have to stretch the Buckeye defense.

On the flipside of the ball, Rutgers will have to pressure J.T Barrett and hope he reverts back to being the red-shirt freshman who struggled against Virginia Tech.

MotSaG: Final score prediction?

Sal Since most people are predicting more points I’ll go less and say Ohio State 31 – Rutgers 17. I think Rutgers can hang around for a while but Ohio State’s tempo and ground game could wear down the Scarlet Knights defensive line resulting in a stressful, but in the end happy Homecoming for the Buckeyes.

Jerry I don’t do predictions, but I will tell you this: I am fairly confident they can beat the 19+ point spread! Many knock the Scarlet Knights for losing to Penn State and beating a struggling Michigan team as well, but Ohio State is one of only two Top 25 teams that has not played another ranked team as well. This is a very talented roster for Ohio State and they start some highly rated young players. But the Buckeyes are also very young. How will the young players respond to adversity if tested? Whatever the outcome, this is the type of game that makes inclusion in the Big Ten so much fun.

I’m not going to give my whole take on what I think the Buckeyes need to do this week as I pretty much summed that up in yesterdays pieced in my preview.

Once again I am so thankful for Sal and Jerry helping me discuss Rutgers for you Buckeye fans to see what they are thinking in the Garden State. You can follow Sal on Twitter @SalSoothsayer and Jerry @RUFANJERRY. Don’t forget to check out Sal’s site (plus you can see my weekly power poll there also) and check out Jerry’s podcast they do a great job covering Rutgers football. Hope you all enjoyed todays post. Have any questions feel free to send me an email to

Negative Buckeye: Sort of Midseason Awards

by: Ryan Black

awesome photo courtesy: The Eddie Mauldin Show



Hey there jerks and complainers, it’s that time of week again. We’re in week 7 of a 14 week college football season and for some voodoo hogwarsh (as my dad would say it) reason the Buckeyes have already had two bye weeks. The only reason I made it through Saturday without scraping my tiny brains out was the fact that I was able to head downtown to see the Blue Jackets, who are pretty freaking fun to watch these days- Try not to dance

It could be worse though… Penn State is now on their second bye in three weeks while Bowling Green will go 18 days between games after this Saturday (that’s 432 hours or 1,522,200 seconds). Talk about Chinese water torture, sheesh. Another fact I dug up about the Bowling Green Falcons is they have one Saturday game left… for the rest of the year. Thank Tressel I’m a Buckeye for I could not ever deal with a Tuesday night game, let alone one every week.  I still don’t know how I’ll handle a labor day game to kick off next season against VA Tech.

I’ve been complaining all year about the things that really get my goat and I don’t plan on stopping. However, I’m ready to give back to this Buckeye team with my mid season awards.

Yes, Ohio State is only 41% through their season, but we are almost halfway through the entire NCAA season and one can only talk about another god-forsaken bye week so many times. Let’s give the best Buckeyes as of now, their due.

Here it is, the first ever MidSeason Ohio State Buckeye Awards (awards are named after my favorite people because I’m selfish):


The Footsteps Shane Falco Best Quarterback Award:

You think I’m going to say J.T. Barrett, and I am, it’s J.T. Barrett.


The Petey Jones Top Running Back Guy:

It appeared as Curtis Samuel was poised to win this coveted prize but then Ezekiel Elliot was like, “Nuh Uh (I bet you read this in Monique’s voice)”. The winner is Ezekiel.


The Tweeder from Varsity Blues Best WR Bro:

Michael Thomas has become the top target on this team for the first half and I’m sure he’s happy to earn this award, but hopefully not the S.T.D.’s of Tweeder.


The Workaholic’s Top Tight Butt Ho… I Mean Tight End Award:

Jeff Heuerman has been injured for most of the games so far and Nick Vannett has been an outstanding blocker as a replacement. Also added on 8 catches and a touchdown, the winner is Nick.


The Tyson Walter Knock Out Offensive Lineman of the Year:

You young bucks may not get this reference but that’s cool. In Cooper’s last year, LeCharles Bentley knocked out fellow lineman Tyson Walter during practice; no big deal. Taylor Decker has been outstanding so far as the only returning starter on the offensive line, save a few false starts, so he will win this illustrious fat guy award. Hope Ohio State can keep him for one more year.


The Joey Bosa Most Dreamy Defensive Lineman:

Joey Bosa.


The Bobby Boucher Linebacker Who Opens Can’s of Whoop Ass Champ:

Darron Lee is a dog among men. He certainly reminds me of a smaller Ryan Shazier.


The Antoine Winfield “I’ll Name My Cat After You” Defensive Back:

When I was just a boy, I was given the privilege  of naming the family cat. I chose Winfield because, hell, Antoine was bad ass. My cat Winfield may die soon, so I am in need of a new one.

This year goes to Doran Grant.  He had one fudge up against Cincy but he has been very consistent at shutting down is side of the field. And I think Grant is a very classy name for a feline friend.

and finally…


The Larry David God of the Year:

Larry David is the only non Buckeye I will put on a Jim Tressel “lord like” level. He’s my idol and he will take issue with anything or anyone. So who better to name the MVP award of the first half after than the “social assassin”? I’m going with a cop out and am picking two winners, don’t yell at me.


And the winners are….





Joey Bosa’s parents. These two created the perfect human and without them there would be no reason to wake up in the morning.



I wanted to go really in depth with this post and do my “first and second team” all Buckeyes but then I realized that would just be the depth chart….


Whatever, see you next Tuesday.











Negative Buckeye: Maryland Week Complaints and Issues

by: Ryan Black


The Ohio State Buckeyes showed off their awesome tackle football skills again last weekend with a murder of some team from Washington D.C. and fans get to look forward to another bye week…


Remember in the good ole days when Ohio State would only have one bye week and would be forced to wait almost 3 months until the bowl game at the end of the season? Well this old man does and I miss those times.

Normally I would complain about the anger and stupidity that arose during the game last Saturday but coach Urban Meyer has been making life too pleasant anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still saw and said some awful words about Maryland players and Ohio State’s secondary but this week I need to complain about something deeper.

This weeks negative view point post will remind the true Ohio State fans how much better the times were before the “ever-so-handsome” Urban Meyer came to Columbus. Old timers always believe that their way is best and I’m no different. Growing up with Ohio State was awesome and kids these days won’t understand how great it truly was in the golden years.

So sit back, grab a liquor drink, and lets reminisce about the better times during the Ohio State baby boomer era (1995-2011)-


Best Glory Day Moments:


Eddie George Heisman in 1995-

The first memory as a fan that comes to mind is watching the Heisman ceremony in 1995, in which Eddie George took home the ugly statue. With an always smooth look and head, number 27 stole the hearts of America with a dominant senior season.

He had the courage to wear his jersey halfway up his body to show his perfectly sculpted abs; unlike that current punk Ezekiel Elliot kid who wears his halfway down his body.

Joe Germaine vs. Stanley Jackson in 1996-

Ohio State certainly had the capability of going undefeated during the regular season in 1996 (like Urban Meyer has selfishly done twice). But John Cooper is a better man; he wanted to give the opposing teams a chance. Joe Germaine was one of the top quarterbacks in the nation and Stanley Jackson was one of the top 10 quarterbacks named Stanley in Columbus. Coach Cooper used this to make games more difficult for the Bucks.

Using a two quarterback system, John Cooper would often stop Germaine from scoring in the red zone by replacing him with the more mobile Jackson. Many times this replacement would make a bonehead decision and keep the games interesting. The Bucks couldn’t finish off Michigan because of this (in my 8 year old mind at least) but still headed to Pasadena. Here’s to you John Cooper, director of chaos.

Ohio State beats Michigan 31-16 in 1998

The 1990’s were a great time for true Buckeye fans. Back then beating Michigan actually meant something and was very difficult. In 2014 beating Michigan is easier than my first college girlfriend (I still don’t forget Stacy) and it makes me sick.

Today’s Ohio State fans probably were disappointed after squeaking passed Michigan by 1 point last season. These brats don’t realize that beating Michigan under John Cooper was the equivalent of me landing Gisele Bündchen for a one night stand. Now a days the Ohio State Buckeyes are constantly taking home a 10 out of 10’s and the luster is gone. Been there done that.

Would you really want to bag a super model every time you tried to? (Don’t answer that)

Ohio State wins it all in 2002-

Yea it happened.

Robert Reynolds chokes a bitch in 2003

Back in my day when Ohio State was losing to a bitter rival they didn’t go down quietly. After a national title in 2002, a still undefeated Ohio State was losing on the road at Wisconsin and things were slipping away. Instead of handling a loss with dignity ,which Urban Meyer stupidly preaches, Robert Reynolds took matters (and throats) into his own hands. This true gangsta started choking out the Badger quarterback Jim Sorgi to teach him a lesson. What that lesson was I don’t know.

I couldn’t sleep the night of the Big Ten Championship loss to Michigan State last year; not because our national championships hope went down the drain, oh no. I was extremely disappointed one of our respectful linebackers did not pile drive, mandible claw or edgecute Connor Cook.

At least we have a former Jim Tressel player on the staff in Anthony Schlegel, who Rock Bottomed a fan to hell last week.

Jim Tressel gives Urban Meyer national title in 2006-2007-

Jim Tressel was getting close to 60 years of age and knew he didn’t have too many years left in the engine to run this great university.  He’d already won a ton of national titles, so he decided to let an up and coming coach from Ohio have his day in the sun in the 2006-2007 national championship game when Ohio State met Florida.

Instead of keeping the game close with dignity, this new hot shot coach (Urban Meyer) came out and depantsed our loves in front of the whole nation. What a freaking jerk.

Jim Tressel falls on the sword for all of us in 2011-

Despite the shenanigans Meyer pulled a few years back, Jim Tressel saw an opportunity to get this now seasoned coach to carry Ohio State flag.  After a health scare, the coach left Florida and joined ESPN for a year in the booth. Coach Tress knew he had to act swiftly.

Being a pro wrestling fan, Jim Tressel knew he wanted to go out on his back with turmoil just like his predecessors:

1. Woody Hayes: Went out swinging and was fired after punching a Clemson player in the neck. That player is still breathing through a machine.

2. Earl Bruce: Was let go after having an above average team for us above average fans for a decade. Brings a tear to my eye.

3. John Cooper: Was canned after his refusal to beat Michigan in the 1990’s. What kind of movie would be good if the bad guys didn’t always win in the end? Man I Loved coach Coop.

The issue in leaving in disgrace was that Tressel never lost any games-ever. And if Jim Tressel ever punched a player, then that young man would be deceased before he hit the ground. How could the coach honor his former brethren and unwritten rule of wrestling if he never loses and doesn’t want to deal with a murder trial?

With a perfect plan of course-Jim decided to make up some scandal about free tattoos for a few of his players and eventually he was “forced” to resign the same year Urban was looking for a head coaching job.  Now don’t laugh, things worked a little differently in my day and free tattoos were a big issue:

Back then if a player got a free tattoo he was a terrorist, see one journalist’s thoughts then and now on player benefits: Jonny Manziel vs Terrelle Pryor

And if a player was overpaid by three dollars he got slapped with a five game suspension: This literally happened and nobody cared.

My how the times have changed and not for the better. I think Posey should have gotten a 307 game suspension, one for every cent he took. Back then kids were forced to follow rules and if they didn’t ESPN would scream for the death penalty of Ohio State.  Now in today’s shameful college football world, players can:

1. be accused of sexual assault

2. steal

3. have bb gun battles in public

with no repercussions at all. No wonder Jim was ready to get out of the business.

Jim Tressel did all that for all of these young jerks who watch Ohio State now and they show no damn respect. What a shame.


Currently, Ohio State is doing things with class and winning at a never before seen rate and I don’t know how kids can live with it. If there is a Buckeye god, then please bring back the losses to Michigan, the choke holds and the scandals. Saturdays are too boring anymore.












My Buckeye Bucket List

Let’s get this over with quickly: we’re all gonna die. It’s not a pleasant thing to dwell on, but it’s going to happen eventually. Everyday you wake up, you break your personal record of how many days you’ve been alive. But even that record isn’t meant to be broken forever. So while we’re still breathing, let’s talk about what kind of things we’d like to experience as a fan of the Ohio State University.

Let’s talk about our Buckeye Bucket Lists.bucket list

I’ll start by sharing mine. This list is my personal Bucket List for what I’d like to experience as a Buckeye fan. Some of these things have already been accomplished, so they’ve been crossed off the list. But they’re here for completeness sake. Here is what I want to see and do in the next 40+ years I have left on this planet.

You’ll notice the absence of meeting a current (or former) Buckeye on my list. I’m not sure why that is. There are plenty of guys that played for the Buckeyes that I would love to meet in person (a certain biceped gentleman comes to mind, as well as a particularly righteous stiff arm) but I don’t know what the outcome of that meeting is. What would I say? How would I react? Would I go full-Troy Barnes-meeting-Levar Burton? Or would there be a lot of uncomfortable silences and staring at the ground? How inappropriate would it be to ask Vernon to feel his biceps? This is uncharted territory here, people. To avoid such unpleasantries, I’m not going to include “Meeting So-and-so” on my list.

So here are some of the things on my Buckeye Bucket List:

Witness Michigan get WHOOPED in the ‘Shoe: I’ve already done this and it was AMAZING. It was a couple weeks after the ill-fated loss to Michigan State, but the 1998 OSU/UM match-up will forever live in my memory banks as the time I witnessed a more talented, better in every facet of the game Ohio State team dismantle Michigan instead of inexplicably crap the bed and lose to a worse team. This victory solidified an already die-hard mania within my soul. Sacrifice, pain and ecstasy were all emotions I experienced. For reference sake, the week leading up to this game, I was in a TREMENDOUS amount of pain. I could barely walk, but I made the trek from my apartment in Grandview to the Horseshoe, screamed my guts out for three hours and sat for another hour after the game, basking in the joy of beating Michigan (also, I really didn’t want to walk home). A week later I was in the emergency room, prepping for emergency surgery on my backside. But nothing, not even the most painful abscess in the history of abscesses, could keep me away from witnessing this game.

Tailgate for the Michigan Game: These two probably could have been grouped together, because I tailgated at the Michigan Game in the same year. I had never really tailgated before this season. 1998 was the first season my wife and I got season tickets but we lived within walking distance, so we never had a reason to tailgate. But for the Michigan game we were invited to tailgate with my wife’s boss and it was amazing. I have never been around a more raucous, insane group of people this energized at 8 o’clock in the morning. Even through the haze of pain, I was able to enjoy every minute of that beautiful Saturday in November.

Graduate from The Ohio State University: I wanted to do this item on my list so bad, I did it twice. Once, in 2000 with my Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and again in 2003 with my Masters in Electrical Engineering. Even though we weren’t able to make it to many games in 2002, being on campus during that magical season was amazing. My six-plus years on campus were some of the greatest times of my life. Ones I will cherish, and even if I’m never able to accomplish any of these other goals, I will feel like my life as a Buckeye is complete.

Tour the Woody Hayes Athletic Center: This is also probably within the every-day Joe’s grasp. I’ve never really looked in to what I need to do to tour the WHAC, but it’s something that I hope to be able to do one day. To see the trophies, to see where the magic happens, to maybe glimpse a current or former Buckeye and shake their hand and thank them for their dedication and for the joy they provide, it would be awesome.

Own an Official (preferably autographed) Jersey: I’m not a huge memorabilia guy, but I have collected baseball and football cards since I was a wee lad. I’m also not a jersey-wearer. I prefer t-shirts as my game-day attire. But I’d love to find an autographed jersey that I could hang on the wall of my home office (or in my man cave, whenever I get one of those), next to my collection of SP Authentic autographed cards of various Buckeyes. It would make a perfect centerpiece to my Buckeye card collection and more importantly, would make Jeremiah insanely jealous.

Have Field Passes for a game: This, of course, was why I started this blog (not really, but sort of). I have been on the field in the Horseshoe before, but never during a game. It doesn’t even have to be the Michigan game. But there are certain body parts I am willing to part with if it meant an opportunity to be on the field when the band is playing, the stadium is rocking and the team comes running on to the field. My wife and I joke all the time about how we feel the Holy Spirit in the stadium as the band plays “Carmen Ohio”. I can only imagine that feeling amplified to the nth degree as you’re standing on the field. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Go to the Rose Bowl: I want to go to a bowl game that the Buckeyes are playing in. But if I’m being picky, I don’t want to go to any old bowl game. I had a chance to go to this year’s Orange Bowl but passed. Not because I didn’t want to go. I would have loved to have gone to Florida and cheered on Ohio State. But I want my first experience to be special, and to be pure. I want to attend the Granddaddy of them all, I want to see the Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl. And if I’m having my way, I want it to be against a traditional Rose Bowl opponent, like USC or Stanford. Good, old-fashioned Big Ten/Pac Ten matchups.

Go to an OSU NCAA Tournament Game: This is another experience that should be within my grasp. Tournament games are being played within a three-hour drive every year, and there’s always a good chance that Ohio State will be playing in one of those arenas. I want to see a group of Buckeye Ballers I’ve watched and rooted for all year and support them in their tournament run. Of course, I’d also love to be watching them in a game that is a little more meaningful…

Attend a Final Four that includes the Buckeyes: If you’re new around these parts, you might not have known, but I actually had a chance to go to the 2011 Final Four in Houston if the Buckeyes had made it, courtesy of Buick. If I could have crossed this particular item off my Bucket List, I think I could have been happy not crossing anything else off the list. This would have been enough.

Witness a Football Championship Firsthand: This, of course, is Mecca. This is the dream of millions of fans and has only been experienced by thousands. Watching the 2002 National Championship with co-bloggers Jeremiah and Trevor will be a lifelong memory that I will cherish and never forget. Being able to see it in person? I’m pretty sure death would hold no pallor over that occasion.

I’d like to add that including my best friends in any of these Bucket List items would be great, but what would make it perfect would be able to experience one of these with my Dad. It was his love for the Buckeyes that made me the fan I was. I distinctly remember being at a family friend’s house watching Ohio State dismantle BYU in the 1982 Holiday Bowl. I don’t remember who played for either team (it was actually a Steve Young-led BYU team). I don’t even remember the final score (Ohio State rolled BYU, 47-17). What I do remember was everyone rooting for BYU except my dad. There, in that living room, as half a dozen grown men cheered on the Cougars, my dad was there, loving every minute of Ohio State crushing BYU, hooting and hollering after every score. I was caught up in it and I couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t born in Ohio, but I was born a Buckeye on that fateful December day.

So that’s my bucket list. It’s pretty all-inclusive. Heck, I’ve already started working on it. But I’d love to hear what’s on your Buckeye Bucket List. What’s the one thing you’d like to see? To witness? To be a part of? Or who you’d love to meet, if that’s your cup of tea?

MotSaG’s 2013 Pick ’em Contest Update

FootballIt’s your weekly reminder to get your picks in for the Pick ’em Contest.

Here are the updated top five standings:

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 buckeye lad 84 84-59
2 Phil my nuts Go Bucks 79 79-64
3 Urban Meyer Wieners 74 74-69
4 buckeye nation 73 73-70
5 Josh 71 71-72

The top 5 remain unchanged but Buckeye Mania and enderbuck are nipping at the top 5’s heels.

It’s not too late to join, but time is definitely running out (Seriously, like really running out. Like, it’s probably too late but you can try). (I believe) you can still join the league:
Yahoo’s Fantasy College Pick’em:
Group ID: 11226
Password: buckeyes

The prize package includes:
$25 gift certificate
An 11×14″ Framed Copy of Braxton Miller’s SI cover from
… and more…