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Vernon Gholston has big arms GIGANTIC PIPES

Vernon Gholston

Am I unhealthily obsessed with #50’s arms? Yes.
Would I marry one of them? If I wasn’t already married, yes.
Which one? The right one. We’d live happily in one of his thighs.

Taken from SI’s Top 25 prospects for the 2008 NFL Draft, which includes two Buckeyes, Gholston at #18 and Laurinaitis #20. It also has Chad Henne at #6, which is… Interesting. He’s going to struggle mightily next year if he doesn’t have anyone to throw the ball to.

Update: We have been Everyday’ed. Thanks for the link, Orson.


  1. Yin Shao says

    What does Sports Illustrated write about Mr. Gholston?

    “An UNDERSIZED pass rusher, Gholston still creates plenty of havoc for opponents.”

  2. Un-“f”ing believable….

  3. Yin – yeah, I noticed that. I wasn’t sure if that was tongue-in-cheek or just ironic.

    dave – I know, right?

  4. Congrats on the link from EDSBS… my favorite non-Buckeye blog.

  5. he is on roids!!!!… lets be honest he could challenge arnold or rambo back in the day! whats the ohio st drug policy?

  6. vernon gholston is f*in huge n Badass! i want arms like them lol! this dude is a beast and he’ll do good in the nfl! he’ll be better than demarcus ware and if i was a lineman…I would have a long night playing against him! lol


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