Oh yeah!

You know this, man!

Ron Lewis

(Picture from ESPN)


  1. My armpits are still sweaty.

  2. Okay… I was at Dick’s Sporting Goods this afternoon. I and about 200 strangers (including about 50 employees) just shared the best comeback of the season around a modest TV that management had set up alongside the basketball hoops.

    I am doing much better after my stinkin’ HEART ATTACK. Thad’s boys against Thad’s boys… we should have known it would come down to the wire.

    It occurred to me, at the expense of being melodramatic, how awesome this was. Hundreds of strangers, milling around a big screen, cursing the officiating (worst yet this season) and cheering when the senior put the game in his hands for the tying three pointer. There’s no place like Columbus.

    Bring on Tennessee (again)!

  3. Tennesse (again) in one hour and 14 minutes.


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