Walk the talk


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  1. Worth noting….

    Hart picked up a blitz in the second quarter and laid out Jenkins with a great block.

    Then he shoved him to the ground again and started taunting him.

    After that play, Hart carried the ball for;

    – No gain
    – 2 yards
    – 1-yard loss
    – 1-yard loss
    – 3-yard loss
    – No gain
    – 6 yards
    – 1-yard loss

    8 carries for 2 yards.

    The message is…don’t fuck with us, Hart. We’ll bury your ass and call you our bitch.

  2. Brutus42 Day says

    Words. It’s all Hart has. It’s all MofU has. Talent? No … just words.

    Justice prevailed today. Dig it.

  3. I would love to have heard what little Mikey ‘Webster’ Hart had to say after the game. Dude was yapping at anyone and everyone for most of the game. Best part of the 2007 season was watching the last of his goals (to beat tOSU) go down the drain.

  4. browniebuck – watching the last of his goals go down the drain

    They laid such a complete egg, their draft order probably went down the drain, too.

  5. Here is the first few paragraphs from an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. This is classic. I would have loved to hear that. My guess is Hart and Henne have heard it so much the last 4 years that they broke out is verse. Awesome!!!!

    In the middle of Michigan’s postgame mourning, as Wolverines players recalled for the media how they stumbled for the fourth consecutive year to Ohio State, how they did it Saturday with an injured quarterback and a hobbled running back and a coach who might be headed to retirement, a cell phone rang.

    The ring tone? The Ohio State fight song.

    As if they needed a reminder of who ruined their day, their season and, for Michigan seniors, their careers.


  6. After the game Henne and Hart were taken up a back exit into the Crisler center so they could escape without having to talk to any reporters. The only thing Hart said before leaving was ‘Gotta go, gotta go.’ and slipped out the back.

  7. Lets just hope that Hart is more accurate in his classes than with the disparity between his words and actions on the football field, or else, he’ll be 0 for 3 with his wishes for his senior year (1) win a national championship, 2) graduate, and 3) beat Ohio State). Although, come to think of it, 1/3 is still failing…

  8. Hart pancaked Chekwa (sp?) #5, not Jenkins. Although Jenkins was the one he was jawing with.


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