Weak, pathetic Colts embarrass themselves; division

FootballThe Colts are finally being exposed as an overrated team that doesn’t deserve to compete for the title. I mean, losing to a team with more losses than you? How pathetic.

Sure, they’ve won a Super Bowl title and competed in multiple AFC championship games over the past few years, but that’s only because they benefited from a weak schedule. Plus, the NFL playoff system is a joke anyway.

In fact, I think we should all agree that the Colts should never be allowed to compete for the title ever again. The fact that they have contended for the big game multiple times in recent years, but only succeeded in winning one title, is proof that the team is an embarrassment to everyone in its division. After all, it doesn’t matter how good you are year-after-year, only how many Super Bowls you have won.

Peyton Manning is a decent caretaker QB, but he’ll never be able to compete against his foes. They’re faster. Besides, his numbers were clearly built up on that soft competition.

Let’s just make the NFC championship game the Super Bowl from now on. The parity in that league is proof of its superiority.

Oh, and you fans of the Colts: You have nothing to be proud of. Your team is slow, and it loses games occasionally. You could save a lot of time if you just listen to the sports dumbdits and think what they tell you to.


  1. Brilliant.

  2. i see what you did there

  3. I like the line of reasoning you use here…it could just as easily apply to OSU and LSU…your own words…

    “The Colts are finally being exposed as an overrated team that doesn’t deserve to compete for the title. I mean, losing to a team with more losses than you? How pathetic.”

    Just substitute “Ohio State” for Colts and you are all ready to go. Either your assessment works for both or it is a superficial assessment of the loss. Today’s loss proves only that on any given Sunday, any team can rise to the occassion. In the case of USU of course, your assessment would have been correct…Go Blue!

  4. Andy Feyen says

    Pat Forde thinks that column makes some good points.

  5. Steve, what kind of dumbass are you? Do you not get the sarcasm of the entire post?…that was the point…moron…

  6. @Steve – It’s me, Sarcasm, here. I’d like to introduce myself, as I don’t believe we’ve met.

  7. Michigan is a great school. Unfortunately for Steve, I’m not sure they offer a degree in common sense.

  8. I love this post so very much right now.

  9. I’m sure the west coast sports bars were filled with chants of “AFC west! AFC west! AFC west!”

  10. Wow. Talk about thick, Steve. We know you are still reeling over your Whatbowlwasit win, but you would think common sense would be taking some control back by now.

    I love this, and I am forwarding it to many. If only the right eyes would read it…..

  11. You, kind sir, just won the internets.

  12. Michigan fans, you have no room to talk on any OSU boards. Good job you beat florida after OSU had pretty much shown you exactly what they do. You also got the piss beat out of you By tOSU, in your house.

  13. I thought about bringing up this point on a message board but decided against it. Ohio State did get blown out so I’ll leave that one alone. All it”l do is open up for more attacks.

  14. Don’t forget, the Dallas Cowboys haven’t won a postseason game since 1996. You don’t hear people saying they don’t deserve it either.

  15. Great post. I am, and have always been impressed with tOSU and their fans. It is a great program with a great tradition. I happen to work with several alumni, most of whom are great, classy people. Unlike, for example, the Florida alumni I know.

    And I really hope the Buckeyes beat the hell out of USC next year. please?

  16. Makes you really realize how ridiculous all of the commentators sound when they balk at the Big Ten. Nice post!


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