Arrington 911 transcript

FootballThere’s something interesting about the Adrian Arrington situation that no one has yet seemed to realize.

Arrington’s girlfriend called 911 on the night of October 12th/13th, yet Arrington was not arraigned until the 18th. In between that time, Arrington travelled to State College, Pennsylvania, for the game against Penn State, and returned to Ann Arbor.

It sounded a bit fishy to us here at MotSaG. You’re a famous football player, everyone in the state knows you by name, and you’ve been accused of violence, underage drinking, and auto theft; yet the police decide to wait for over five days before bringing you in?

So we called our sources in that State Up North (they are underground, mind you, for their own safety), and managed to get the following transcript** of the infamous 911 call:

[DISPATCHER]: “Ypsilanti 911. What’s your emergency?”

[FEMALE]: “My boyfriend is drunk, just roughed me up and stole my car, and is driving around.”

[DISPATCHER]: “Could you describe him, ma’am?”

[FEMALE]: “Yes, sir. African American, about 6 foot 3, just under 200 pounds, 20 years old.”

[DISPATCHER]: “You say he’s 20?”

[FEMALE]: “Yes, sir.”

[DISPATCHER]: “And drunk?”

[FEMALE]: “Yes, sir.”

[DISPATCHER]: “And driving around in your car, which he took without permission?”

[FEMALE]: “Yes, sir. He roughed me up pretty good. I tried to keep the keys from him, but he was too strong.”

[DISPATCHER]: “What’s his name, ma’am?”

[FEMALE]: “Adrian Arrington.”

[DISPATCHER]:The Adrian Arrington? Plays for the Wolverines?”

[FEMALE]: “Yes, that’s him.”

[DISPATCHER]: (Pauses) “He’s starting tomorrow, covering for Manningham, right?”

[FEMALE]: “Yes.”

[DISPATCHER]: (Pauses again) “We’ll send a black & white by, say… Wednesday next week. Is that good for you?”

I’m sure the Ypsilanti police don’t have block-M’s hanging in their headquarters, or anything.

** Of course this transcript is fake. But you knew that.


  1. While I agree the 5 days looks suspicious, my guess is that since the gf herself stated she didn’t want to press charges, the police needed some time to investigate and consult with the DA to determine if there was anything to warrant moving forward on their own. Not that I like any of this at all as a UM fan.

  2. LOL! GREAT stuff, guys.

  3. Real classy.

  4. this is funny stuff… really, I have read a lot of dumb s**t your buckeye-buddies have posted, very weak… this is actually pretty funny! By the way, humor will not block woodley and the rest of the best defense in college (maybe even pro) football!

  5. Bluefan – thanks for the compliments! Hope you keep stopping by.

    My OSU homerism makes me cringe a bit at the “best defense” line… that might be pushing it a bit… 😉 No doubt “one of the best,” but there are teams that have been challenged way more, and put up similar numbers.

    E.g., a post that I’m working on is how similar statistically UM’s defense is to Texas. Go check out, click on “Leaders,” then peruse the various defensive categories. It’s pretty interesting how UM and Texas are always within a place or two of each other defensively on most of the relevant stat categories.

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