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Owner of PSU fan violence video identified (UPDATED)

FootballGaetano Sacco, the Vice President of Pi Kappa Alpha, has been identified as the source of the YouTube video that sparked public outrage this week.

The YouTube account name of the user who uploaded the video was “crazysacc,” which is also the AOL Instant Messenger screen name of Pi Kappa Alpha Vice President Gaetano Sacco (junior-film).

Sacco was reached by cell phone but had no comment.

By last night, all of the videos posted on YouTube by “crazysacc” had been removed, and the account was canceled.

The State College Police Department is investigating the case, but Sgt. Keith Robb, the officer investigating the case, could not be reached for comment.

Hope you like being made an example of, Gaetano. Your self-incriminating idiocy might have just cost you a PSU film degree. How terribly ironic.


Penn State has published a response to the incident. el Kaiser & I swore we wouldn’t harp on this incident too long… that we’d have our say and move on. However, the response requires some commentary.

The message from PSU is quite clear: nothing to see here, it’s someone else’s fault, and we don’t see a need right now for the university itself to engage in any discipline. Here’s the statement, with all of the the “it’s everyone else’s responsibility” spin highlighted in bold:

An investigation into a homemade video posted to YouTube that depicted Penn State fans hurling objects at two Ohio State fans prior to a football matchup on Oct. 27 has yielded information on some of the participants, including the fact that the main actor shown in the video is not a Penn State student.

The off-campus incident, captured on video behind the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house located in the Borough of State College, is being widely condemned by University officials and fans from both schools. Local police have been investigating and have discovered that the person most prominently displayed in the video is a student at the University of Pittsburgh who was visiting for the weekend. Penn State’s Office of Judicial Affairs has been in touch with administrators at that university. In addition, the two Ohio State fans who are shown in the video have been identified as members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at Ohio State. It is reported that they attended a party Friday evening at the Penn State chapter house, but upon arriving on Saturday were not welcome.

Penn State officials have consulted with the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity to determine what action might be taken against the fraternity while the investigation into the incident continues. Penn State’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life has temporarily suspended Pi Kappa Alpha chapter activities until the investigation is complete. The fraternity also has received notice from its national headquarters that its charter has been administratively suspended. If it is determined that the local fraternity violated any policies of the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity, its affiliation could be in jeopardy.

Anyone with more information on this incident should contact the local police at (814) 234-7150.

BlogPoll Ballot, Week #9

Our weekly BlogPoll Ballot, along with some discussion points can be seen after the break.

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Thank you, Penn State fans

FootballFor making idiotic Ohio State fans look like civilized gents who sip their tea with their pinky fingers extended. This video is NSFW for multiple reasons (foul language, pure, unadulterated putrescent behavior, the seething rage you will feel will compel you to punch out your work provided monitor):

(h/t: Yost)

I’d love to post more, but like Yost, I’m supposed to be working. Also, I am speechless. This is simply disgusting and absolutely indefensible behavior. Those mouth-breathing mongoloid beer chuckers are the lowest form of garbage on earth.

Given the fact that the cameraman is (at least) guilty by association, how stupid is it for him to incriminate himself by posting his own handmade video to the most trafficked website on Earth? Oh, that’s right. He goes to Penn State.

Also, thank you Penn State morons for forcing The M-Zone into posting something that isn’t anti-OSU. We know it kills them to do it, but the truth must be told. Even if it doesn’t involve Buckstaches.

(If you’re a PSU fan and have a hard time loading the video above, click here).

Update: Run Up The Score has posted a response from Penn State’s Associate to the President for Administration.

Penn State Performance Evaluations

OSU FootballWow, looky here, a performance evaluation on Monday! The Buckeyes looked great in just about all aspects of this game. Let’s get right to some evaluations:


The White-Out: 1.5 Sweatervests

I hate to say this, because I think the white-out is an impressive sight, but I think it has lost its mystique. In 2005, it was an awesome thing to behold. It’s effect on the game can’t be understated. That being said, it’s lost some of its bite since then. Maybe they’re doing it too often, maybe they got deflated quickly in this game, but it just didn’t seem to really have any effect on the outcome of the game. Which is too bad, because it was pretty cool while it lasted.


The Defense: 4.5 Sweatervests

The only thing holding the defense from getting the mythical 5 stars was the first Penn State drive of the game. I didn’t like how Kinlaw was pounding the defense and Morelli getting off to a good start. It didn’t look like a good start giving up 78 yards right off the bat. Funny thing is, they only gained 185 yards after that. The defense would give up a few more big plays to Penn State, but it was never in doubt who was controlling the flow of this game.

The run defense wasn’t perfect. Penn State’s O line was getting into our linebackers and pushing them around. Little Animal didn’t seem to be as aggressive as he normally is and seemed to be reacting to plays, not attacking. Freeman got pushed around a bit, too, especially on Penn State’s TD. The appropriate adjustments were made and the situations dictated that Penn State had to throw the ball, taking some pressure off of OSU’s run defense. Now the run defense needs to be shored up as we face three good running backs over the next three weeks.

I though Kurt Coleman played a great game in the defensive backfield. Jenkins and Washington have been solid all season and now Russell and Coleman are really rounding out that back four. Throw Chekwa in there and you’ve got a nasty secondary.


Offensive Line: 4.5 Sweatervests

Penn State came in to this game leading the nation with 35 sacks. The pressure didn’t get to Todd Boeckman until the fourth quarter. That is serious pass protection. It should be noted that Boeckman did a great job of getting his passes of quickly, but still. One sack is dominating a defensive line. The O-line also opened up huge holes for the running backs. Maurice Wells was racking up yards between the tackles, which doesn’t happen very often. They punished everyone in a white helmet. I mentioned Boone out of the Hartline screen, pushing little DBs around like the bully he is. Then he goes and plays leap frog with Hartline. As SYR mentioned, these guys are playing well and are playing loose. That’s good to see as we hit the tough portion of the schedule.


Special Teams: 3.5 Sweatervests

The kicking game is doing just fine and Pretorius is looking great — 50 yarder, 30 yarder, it doesn’t matter. Trapasso kicks the stuffing out of the ball on kick offs, but he never had to punt! That’s my favorite kind of punting!

I still can’t abide with giving up another kick-off return for a touchdown. I hope the kick-cover team has to do extra gassers all week long. They earned it.


Vernon Gholston: mol of Sweatervests  6.02×1023

VG was everywhere. He came up with a nice sack and pressured Morelli a number of times. He was also in Morelli’s face when he heaved that duck that landed in Jenkins hands. The man is a beast and was disruptive as usual.


Overall Performance: 5 Sweatervests

I’m giving Ohio State the full five Sweatervests for this weeks game. They looked great, they dominated and just smacked Penn State around all night long.

Baseline: 3 Sweatervests. +1.5 for making a statement in front of a prime time National TV audience and shutting up the critics. -0.5 for giving up a meaningless touchdown on a kick-off. +0.5 for the emergence of other contributors (Mo Wells on offense, Coleman on defense). +0.5 for Tressel opening up the playbook and shaking things up.

2 awesome quotes from OSU’s Bookend O-Line guys……

After yesterday’s game, an ESPN reporter was interviewing OL Barton and asked him about his feelings of OSU throwing the ball down field more this year……here is his answer:

“If we get an 80-yard touchdown pass, I can go back to the bench and watch our defense,” Barton said. “I’m a big fan of the deep ball. Chicks love the deep ball.”

The same reporter asked our other OL Boone about his now FAMOUS leap over Brian Hartline after Hartline scored a TD in the first quarter……here is his response:

Said Boone: “I got some ups, man. You better watch out.”

It is clear to me that OSU has an unbelievable OL this year – which has been missing for many years – and the classic answers to these questions prove why they are so good.


Enough Said…… for now

(1) Ohio State versus (24) Penn State Half-time update (Updated)

OSU FootballIn a bid to make the half-time break go faster, I figured a quick update would eat up some clock.

First off, I’ll admit to being a little nervous watching Penn State move the ball with ease during their first drive. The defense didn’t seem to be attacking and Kinlaw was running the ball well. After that, however, the defense has tightened its grip and denied Penn State any more.

The offense, however, has been a revelation. I love that Tressel is mixing things up — different formations, different calls and they have been executing very well. Minus that bad throw from Boeckman, the offense has been unstoppable. Beanie looks great, Maurice is running well and the two Brians look very hungry. Throw in a sprinkling of Ray Small? Awesome. That screen to Hartline was beautiful. Did you see Boone push little Lydell Sargeant (#10) to the ground like a rag-doll? That was beautiful.

Here’s to continued success in the second half. Go Bucks!!

Update: 37-17!! Fricken kick cover team! Otherwise, this was a statement game. OSU came out and punched Penn State in the mouth. They played more physical, more aggresive and made more plays.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Penn State Open Thread

OSU FootballSome quick shots for tomorrow’s 8 PM kick-off:

Gameday will be in State College, the first time in a while.
Forecast: Partly cloudy and cool. Looks like it will be windy.
Spread: Ohio State is currently a 3.5 point favorite
Your Defensive captain? Captain Pythons, of course.

Rivals has a preview of the game, along with a look at “Who has the edge“. The Buckeyes have the edge, if you’re wondering. The indefatigable guys at Eleven Warriors have their preview up, along with Buckeye Planet. Not sure anyone gets more thorough the BP guys. Gerdeman gives his dos centavos at The Ozone.

The Wizard of Odds is calling it the Game of the Week and had a couple Big 10 bloggers, 11 Warriors and We are Penn State talk about the game. I got a chuckle out of this line from Kevin at WaPS:

“… and — shockingly — Morelli may be the best quarterback they’ve faced so far this year.”

Certainly he didn’t type that with a straight face.

QBs Ohio State has faced, with their numbers:

Tom Zetts (YSU) 112/192, 1191 yards, 4 TD/5 INT, 112.1 rating
Chris Jacquemain (Akron) 86/144, 915, 8/4, 125.9
Jake Locker (Washington) 95/200, 1193, 11/9, 106.8
CJ Bacher (Northwestern) 216/346, 2598, 14/8, 134.2
Adam Weber (Minnesota) 181/310, 2046. 19/15, 124.4
Curtis Painter (Purdue) 213/339, 2238, 22/6, 136.2
Julian Edelman (Kent State) 98/189, 1318, 7/9, 133.1
Brian Hoyer (Michigan State) 127/211, 1602, 11/4 137.4

Penn State’s #14:
Anthony Morelli: 147/247, 1739. 13/7 130.4

You decide. I’d say he looks middle-of-the-road to me.

My thoughts? I’ve been going back and forth on this one. On paper, Ohio State should win without breaking a sweat. Penn State’s resume isn’t impressive and Ohio State’s talent is clearly bigger, stronger, faster. That’s on paper. In my head, I can’t shake the feeling that there’s an ambush waiting for the Buckeyes. How is it going to go? This hasn’t been good for my digestive system. As of right now, I’m not planning on eating tomorrow. I have gone from thinking this will be a tough game (after Week 1) to thinking we’ll plow the Nittany Lions like everyone else (after Week 5) to not knowing what’s going to happen (today, right now). One thing I’m not worried about: Our Defense. One thing I am worried about: mistakes. If the game is close and the crowd is into it, I’m going to be nervous. If we’re winning by nine or ten points half way through the third quarter and Beanie’s Stiff Arm has been meting out Justice™, I will be relaxed.

Please, fellow MotSaG’ers, calm my nerves and help me get some rest tonight.

Your test questions are:

  • Final Score?
  • Who has a bigger game, Dan Connor or James Laurinaitis?
  • Between the QBs, who throws more INTs? The good QB in a hostile environment or the bad one?
  • Which defense gives up more yardage?

el Kaiser says:
OSU: 27 PSU: 16 (NB: I do not feel good about this prediction. Seems too high)
#40 or #33: Laurinaitis comes away with two turnovers and 12 tackles. Connor plays well, but is overshadowed by the Little Animal.
QBs: Morelli is going to have nightmares of Jenkins and Washington. He throws 3 picks to Boeckman’s 1.
Defense: Penn State. Beanie & Co. show they can rack up yards against a good D. OSU holds Penn State to under 300 yards total offense.

sportsMonkey says:
OSU: 20 PSU: 6
#40 or #33: Connor’s carrying the heavy load for PSU. Laurinaitis is a better LB, but he has help (and OSU’s defense is much deeper). My guess is you’ll hear Connor’s name called more often.
QBs: Morelli, like any QB who is about to face a good defense, is hoping that Joe Pa will let him open things up so that he can avoid some pressure. Not gonna happen.
Defense: PSU will give up 100 more yards than OSU.

Sylvester Yon-Rambo says:
OSU: 33 PSU: 12 I truly believe it will not be a close game at all if we score first like we have a lot this year.
#40 or #33:Connor should have a bigger day but it based on his defense being on the field a lot.
QBs: I think Boeckman will play a clean game and Morrelli will lose it for his team 4 INTs for Morelli and 0 for boeckman
Defense: OSU gets 425 yards of offense and gives up 184 yards on defense.

I am praying that all my predictions are correct…… PLEASE FOOTBALL GODS allow me one more week at least of BUCKEYE GLORY. more prayers to come next week.

Zeke says:
OSU: 25 PSU: 13
#40 or #33: Connor will probably have more tackles; however, Little Animal will make more of an impact. LA gets an INT and a couple of sacks.
QBs: Morelli, I feel like Boeckman is improving each week on timing the deep throw. Most of his interceptions early in the season were due to an under thrown deep ball.
Defense: PSU gives up more yardage.

“Jumpin jack flash…”

cbjlogonew.jpg“…it’s Riiick Naaasshh!!!”

…or so screamed George Matthews after Nash scored the sweetest goal of the season so far. After a wide shot by Hainsey, Nash reached for the puck, pulled it between his legs, and scooped it over Toivonen’s shoulder, off two crossbars and into the net.

Another great game by the Jackets. Nash scores a goal that will be on Fox Sports highlights for the rest of the year, Boll gets another goal (didn’t I tell you he’d become a fan favorite?), and the French Alfalfa gets his fourth shutout. What a start to the season.

“The goal” isn’t on YouTube (yet), but here’s a link to the highlights of the game. I’d embed the video, but the flash vids from don’t play well with MotSaG’s WordPress theme. Watch for Nash’s goal at the 2:30 mark.

Link Round-up is the Calm and the Storm (Week #9)

Blog/site newsOSU FootballSo first off, we’ve been wondering how we should be doing the “link round-up”. As readers, do you prefer the once-a-week linkage or would you prefer the links one at a time, spread out as they come? Let us know how you like your Buckeye Blogging.

What kind of fan of Gholston would I be if I didn’t lead with today’s Dispatch article on your and my favorite Buckeye?

“Vernon Gholston is both the calm and the storm. He is the strong, silent type.”

The guys at the M Zone asked the question on every Big Ten fan’s mind. Is the SEC really that good?

Beanie’s got ankle problems. Real bad ones. Okay, maybe not that bad. Would the real Beanie’s ankle please stand up?

Buckeye Commentary has a good look at the current state of the Big Ten.

Bruce Hooley has a preview of the Penn State game over at ESPN. How effective will that crowd be this year? Hasn’t the “White Out” run its course? It is kinda cool to see and rather impressive, I just wonder if the mystique has worn off. What if it’s raining Saturday night? Kinda hard to have a white out with yellow ponchos.

SMQ looks at Ohio State, your current front runner for the BCS Championship game. My favorite part? That table he has with best defenses of the past decade which puts the current OSU defense as the best in the past decade. Impressive.