“Jumpin jack flash…”

cbjlogonew.jpg“…it’s Riiick Naaasshh!!!”

…or so screamed George Matthews after Nash scored the sweetest goal of the season so far. After a wide shot by Hainsey, Nash reached for the puck, pulled it between his legs, and scooped it over Toivonen’s shoulder, off two crossbars and into the net.

Another great game by the Jackets. Nash scores a goal that will be on Fox Sports highlights for the rest of the year, Boll gets another goal (didn’t I tell you he’d become a fan favorite?), and the French Alfalfa gets his fourth shutout. What a start to the season.

“The goal” isn’t on YouTube (yet), but here’s a link to the NHL.com highlights of the game. I’d embed the video, but the flash vids from NHL.com don’t play well with MotSaG’s WordPress theme. Watch for Nash’s goal at the 2:30 mark.

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