2 awesome quotes from OSU’s Bookend O-Line guys……

After yesterday’s game, an ESPN reporter was interviewing OL Barton and asked him about his feelings of OSU throwing the ball down field more this year……here is his answer:

“If we get an 80-yard touchdown pass, I can go back to the bench and watch our defense,” Barton said. “I’m a big fan of the deep ball. Chicks love the deep ball.”

The same reporter asked our other OL Boone about his now FAMOUS leap over Brian Hartline after Hartline scored a TD in the first quarter……here is his response:

Said Boone: “I got some ups, man. You better watch out.”

It is clear to me that OSU has an unbelievable OL this year – which has been missing for many years – and the classic answers to these questions prove why they are so good.


  1. randomOSUfan says

    I thought this one was pretty good, too.

    “I just felt him up there with his hands on my shoulders,” Hartline said. “I bent over and just let him go. I didn’t want to catch him.”

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