Link Round-up is the Calm and the Storm (Week #9)

Blog/site newsOSU FootballSo first off, we’ve been wondering how we should be doing the “link round-up”. As readers, do you prefer the once-a-week linkage or would you prefer the links one at a time, spread out as they come? Let us know how you like your Buckeye Blogging.

What kind of fan of Gholston would I be if I didn’t lead with today’s Dispatch article on your and my favorite Buckeye?

“Vernon Gholston is both the calm and the storm. He is the strong, silent type.”

The guys at the M Zone asked the question on every Big Ten fan’s mind. Is the SEC really that good?

Beanie’s got ankle problems. Real bad ones. Okay, maybe not that bad. Would the real Beanie’s ankle please stand up?

Buckeye Commentary has a good look at the current state of the Big Ten.

Bruce Hooley has a preview of the Penn State game over at ESPN. How effective will that crowd be this year? Hasn’t the “White Out” run its course? It is kinda cool to see and rather impressive, I just wonder if the mystique has worn off. What if it’s raining Saturday night? Kinda hard to have a white out with yellow ponchos.

SMQ looks at Ohio State, your current front runner for the BCS Championship game. My favorite part? That table he has with best defenses of the past decade which puts the current OSU defense as the best in the past decade. Impressive.


  1. On the “white out”:

    It rained the last time we played there, it had zero effect on the white out. Oh I also watched that game at a friends house (I have never watched a buckeye game their since) but he has HDTV, and seeing the white out in HD was truly amazing.

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