Buckeyes Flip An Ohio Kid

Seems like forever since we had a commitment post for Ohio State. Truth be told with HS and College Football in full swing you rarely see a lot of kids committing in the fall. Ohio State has been looking for a tall WR to commit seemingly since Urban Meyer became the Head Coach. Today they reached into Ohio and snatched up a recruit who was formerly committed to Kentucky of the mighty SEC. What will surely anger the entire state of Kentucky has OSU fans giddy over landing a truly talented player who grew up a Buckeye fan. So lets get to know our newest member of Buckeye Nation.

Alex Stump committed to Ohio State today via his Twitter account…

Alex Stump is a 6’3″ 190 lbs 4 star WR from Lakewood, Ohio. Alex is a big time WR prospect who reminds me a lot of Brian Hartline. He runs great routes and has good speed at 4.5 Forty. He is the kind of player who can run deep or short routes and has no fear of running across the middle. Last year as a JR he had 57 catches for 987 yards and 14 TDs.

Buckeyes Land a Big Recruit

The last week has brought a lot of bad news for OSU fans. There has been some good news mixed in though. Yesterday Mickey Mitchell re-committed to OSU after a brief 3 week breakup. Today we learned that 4 star 6’4″ 220 lbs WR/TE/H-Back AJ Alexander from Burke, Virginia has committed to OSU.

Here is a snippet from what our friend Mike Rockstedt from Eleven Warriors had to say about AJ…

The nation’s No. 53 wide receiver prospect, according to the 247Sports composite index, Alexander is a composite three-star and is ranked as the nation’s No. 488 prospect in the country. However, the Buckeyes have been recruiting him as an athlete, and he’s more likely to line up in the role of H-Back in Columbus. As mentioned earlier, it was the opportunities on and off the field at Ohio State that made it so attractive.

Why This Loss Is Good For Ohio State

We here at MotSaG received this post from one of our loyal readers Cyndi Travis she is a fellow blogger who writes her own food and lifestyle blog linked below and she can be found on Twitter @cyndic88. Cyndi thought this post would work well for our site and we couldn’t agree more.

I was so worked up this morning I wrote this. It’s not really appropriate for
my site (which is about recipes and lifestyle) but I thought that it might work here…

Why this loss is good for Ohio State?

Losses can be good, they build character. They provide experience. They make
you hungry.

Don’t get me wrong, that one hurt a little bit. As a lifelong Buckeye fan and
alumni I hate an ugly loss, especially at home. But, I think this one will be
good for us. See I try to walk a thin line between being realistic and being a
fan at heart. I didn’t believe the hype of this team, even when Braxton was
healthy. I have been telling everyone for weeks, we need to get through
Virginia Tech before we celebrate anything that is going to be a hard game. All
I heard in response? Virginia Tech, no problem. Well, we have a problem now
don’t we.

The pressure that was on this team to go undefeated was tremendous. Local and
National media, either we were overrated or we were going to live up to the
hype. Fans added pressure. Coaches added pressure. Now the only pressure they
should feel should come from the inside. The pressure to right the wrong. The
pressure to prove that you are as good as you say.

Let’s be honest, we weren’t going to win a National Championship this year.
Did I want us to? I sure did, but the realistic part of my brain said that we
just didn’t have the experience to get it done. What we had in the pre-season
is what we had last night. A young OL that would have made it impossible for
even Braxton to make anything happen. A weak secondary that proved if you throw
against us you will have success.

I heard a lot on social media last night about how we don’t have much of a
playbook. In my opinion we could have had a playbook as big as War and Peace
and we would not have been about to execute any of it. The core of an offense
starts with the line, not the QB, protection equals the ability to make big
plays. They will get there. I think we have one OL lineman with more than 3
starts. One. We have young running backs which are tentative to provide extra
block protection. It will get better.

The defense, well it has a lot of potential. The secondary is young but shows
flashes of potential greatness. The penalties are a symptom of youth. They
will calm down, they will learn what they can get away with and what they

Where do we go from here? Well, now that we have lost some of the bandwagon
fans, we do what we always do. We cheer. We support our team, and we support
our coach. We go into each game with the knowledge that these players are
growing with each snap.

This loss will be good for a young team. It will build their character. It’s
not fun walking off the field in front 107,000 fans that came to support you and
watch you win. It will leave that taste in your mouth, that chip on your
shoulder. It will drive you to do better in the weight room, on the practice

So if you were one of those “fans” that tweeted about “when does
basketball season start” last night, good luck to you, this team doesn’t
need you. We need supportive fans in times of loss and victory. We will see
you next August as you climb back on the bandwagon.

MotSaG Top 10: Week One

So we here at MotSaG have traditionally done our usual Top 25 poll every week and while those are fun to discuss and do, we have come to the conclusion that really no one cares about teams 11-25. If they are good enough they will move in the Top 10 eventually and if they aren’t they didn’t deserve the time we put into them anyhow.

How did I come up with my Top 10 you might be asking? Losing will drop you out of the Top 10. Beating a Top 10 team will skyrocket you up the rankings. Looking bad against a lowly opponent will drop you. These rankings will be fluid and so don’t expect teams to stay where they are simply if they win. So lets get to it shall we.



1.) Texas A&M- The Aggies went on the road and completely demolished the formerly 6th ranked South Carolina Gamecocks. It is early in the year so who knows if the Aggies are for real or if the Gamecoks were woefully overrated. We will find out as the season progresses.

2.) Michigan St- Beat an over matched Jacksonville State team. The Spartans offense was dynamic and borderline amazing. The defense though gave up 244 yards and 7 points to a team they should have shut out completely.

3.) Georgia- Beat down the Clemson Tigers at home. The Tigers were ranked and had beaten Georgia last year. The Bulldogs have a great running game and defense. Will the QB play take them to the next level is their biggest question.

4.) Oregon- Destroyed South Dakota 62-13. Oregon does what it always does plays a bad OOC opponent and wipes the floor with them.

5.) Baylor- Beat SMU. The offense was brilliant but the defense was out of this world good giving up only 67 total yards and -24 yards rushing on 25 rushes.

6.) Oklahoma- Beat La Tech 48-17. Nothing spectacular but enough to impress me to keep them ranked though they tumbled some.

7.) Southern Cal- Beat down traditionally good Fresno State in convincingly good manner 52-13.

8.) Stanford- Beat UC Davis 45-0 in the usual Stanford way great defense and capable offense.

9.) LSU- Came back from being down 24-7 in the 3rd qtr to beat highly ranked Wisconsin at a “neutral” site. In a tale of two halves the Tigers won the half that matters.

10.) Florida St.- FSU is lucky to still be in my Top 10 after escaping a scare from Okie State. An unranked team pushed the former champs to the brink of losing before Jameis Winston saved the day again.

Teams Out- UCLA, Auburn, and South Carolina.

UCLA barely beat a not very good Virginia and needed 3 defensive TDs to get the win.

Auburn was tied 21-21 at home against a dreadful Arkansas.

South Carolina lost to the new #1 TAMU.

Teams just outside the Top 10- Bama, OSU, UCLA, Auburn.

All four of these teams won their games on Saturday. I didnt have Bama or OSU in my pre-season Top 10 and I dont believe either of them proved me wrong yet. UCLA and Auburn have to prove they belong in the Top 10 after poor performances against bad teams.

Navy Game: Open Thread

Here is your post for saying anything you want about how the game is going. Enjoy and Go Buckeyes!!!

Non-OSU All B1G team (The Intangibles)

Best Fans- (Nebraska) The self-proclaimed nicest fans in the world do an amazing job on gameday of making opposing fans feel welcome and part of the family. I may not have had the same feelings from my interactions with them on the internet but none the less their fans will never boo opposing teams and in fact cheer them as they enter the stadium. You will never here horror stories from visitors about rude or illegal behavior.

Best Stadium- (Iowa) The easy answer for this is to pick one of the huge stadiums in the B1G. Penn State is an erector set of beams with no personality. Michigan is a true bowl but if you are in any of the rows past row 5 you might as well be sitting in Canada. Kinnick Stadium in Iowa may be small in comparison roughly 70k seats. They however have an intimate feeling that puts you right in the action always. Plus when they do sections by colors their fans actually make it happen.


Best Tradition- (Michigan) Touching the Banner is one of the most amazing things in CFB. Watching their players run on the field and jump up to touch the banner gets the otherwise docile crowd excited in Ann Arbor. Plus it has been a part of the the greatest rivalry in sports as witnessed here…

Best Food- (Rutgers) There is a food truck on Rutgers Campus that sells The Fat Darrell a sandwich that has grown into fame by appearing on Man Vs Food. The sandwich which has Chicken Fingers, Fried Mozzarella Sticks, Marinara, and other scrumptious toppings is a behemoth and for $6 it is a bargain as well. On top of that New Jersey is famous for their Disco Fries- Cheese Fries covered in gravy. #Winning

Best Mascot- (Purdue) A Blue Collared man who carries a giant sledge hammer and drives a locomotive while drinking beer…. if that doesn’t describe America in one character I don’t know what does.

Best Tailgate- (Wisconsin) Badgerville as it is affectionately known is just the beginning of the party in Wisconsin. The fans drink beer and eat cheese and chow down on BratBurgers. They get so riled up by the time they get to the actual game they are throwing batteries, rocks, grenades, puppies, babies, or whatever else they can find to hurl at the opposing teams players and fans.

Best Coaches- (Michigan State)- MSU has 2 of the best coaches in the nation in Mark Dantonio and Def Coor. Pat Narducci. These guys have got the Spartans on a roll with their ability to make low ranked recruits high ranked players. They however are not known for their bubbly personalities.

Best Special Teams- (Minnesota) I will let Tom Dienhart of BTN.com describe why they won this award.

Peter Mortell is back after steadying an inconsistent punting situation. He’s one of the Big Ten’s best. Kicker Ryan Santoso can boom it and arrives with a fat scrapbook. Marcus Jones has proven capable as a kickoff and punt return man. Other return game options include Berkley Edwards, Antonio Johnson and KJ Maye.

Best Uniforms- (Maryland) Most people hate the uniforms that Under Armor has created for the Terrapins. For me though they are truly trying to do something different and that should be celebrated. The uniforms are gaudy for sure. They remind me of Medieval Times or Scottish coat of arms. They have unique patterns and colors and for sure stand out and there are probably 50 different looks.


Best Atmosphere- (Penn State) From Paternoville (Franklinville?) to the team bus ride to the 110k fans to the ice cream to the sticky buns to Thon to Mt Nittany in the background. State College is a college town in its purest form. It is a town built around the school. The pride is everywhere and when there is a football game the population triples. The PSU fans sure do know how to put on a good atmosphere. Just dont wear opposing team gear if they are losing.

Best City- (Northwestern) Sure technically Northwestern is in Evanston but for purposes of this exercise we can pretend like it is basically Chicago because it is. The metropolis is known for its windy weather and midwestern feel for a large city. The food is tremendous and the sites are tourism worthy.

Best Nothing worthy of receiving a best award- (Tie Illinois and Indiana) I tried hard to find something for every team that is worth celebrating. The best I came up for Illinois was worst weather and Indiana most nothingness.

Which Teams Shockingly Missed My Pre-Season Top 10?

So we here at MotSaG have traditionally done our usual Top 25 poll every week and while those are fun to discuss and do, we have come to the conclusion that really no one cares about teams 11-25. If they are good enough they will move in the Top 10 eventually and if they aren’t they didn’t deserve the time we put into them anyhow.

How did I come up with my Top 10 you might be asking? Well I based it on how teams finished last year first and foremost. I then considered returning players and ease of schedule. I tried to not just blindly put in the usual teams unless they truly deserved it. Name alone wont get you on my list. I did not consider hypothetical situations of who could beat who and all that. Not that those aren’t valid ways of doing this it is just that it makes it way to difficult and these should not be difficult to do. So lets get to it shall we.

Top 10

1.) Florida State- This is a no brainer they won the NC and bring back a ton of talent and have an easy schedule with only 2 ranked teams #16 Clemson and #17 Notre Dame both of which are home games.

2.) Oklahoma- Oklahoma finished the season by absolutely destroying Alabama who was a freak play away from going to the NCG. They return a lot of players and have an easy schedule as well with 2 ranked opponents #10 Baylor and #20 Kansas State both of which are at home.

3.) Michigan State- MSU would have surely been in the playoff last year if their was one. They may have even won the whole thing. They have a tougher schedule having to play #3 Oregon, #5 OSU, and #22 Nebraska with only 2 of the 3 at home. They may have been #2 if not for losing some great players from last years team.

4.) Oregon- Oregon is coming off an 11-2 season with a bowl dominating win over Texas. They return most of that team. They host #8 MSU, #11 Stanford, #25 Washington, and on the road @ #7 UCLA. So their schedule as you can see is brutal. If they win 3 of 4 they are probably in the 4 team playoff.

5.) UCLA- UCLA is coming off a season where they won some great games and lost some bad ones. They have the talent and coaching to prosper. Their schedule is brutal though hosting #3 Oregon, #11 Stanford, #15 USC, and on the road against #19 Arizona St, and #25 Washington. Thats a gauntlet.

6.) South Carolina- They won 11 games last season including a bowl win over Wisconsin. They return a lot of players. They have a brutal schedule as well. Hosting #12 Georgia, #21 Texas A&M, #24 Mizzou, and on the road against #6 Auburn and #16 Clemson.

7.) Baylor- Yes Baylor lost to UCF. But they return a lot of talented players and have an easy schedule. They play @ #4 Oklahoma and host #20 Kansas State. If they can beat OU in Norman they have a great shot to go undefeated.

8.) Stanford- Stanford managed to win the PAC 12 and barely lost to a dominant MSU team in the Rose Bowl. They have a system that works extremely well in the PAC 12 against teams not use to 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense and attacking defense. Stanford’s schedule is INSANE… Hosting #15 USC. Away games @ #3 Oregon, #7 UCLA, #17 Notre Dame, #19 ASU, and #25 Washington. Not much chance for them to go unscathed.

9.) Auburn- Auburn was a couple of plays away from being a 4 or 5 loss team or the National Champs last year. They return nearly everyone and have the talent to win it all. Their schedule is brutal though. Home games against #9 South Carolina, #13 LSU, #21 Texas A&M, and away games at #2 Bama, #12 Georgia, #18 Ole Miss, and #20 Kansas State.

10.) Southern Cal- Coming off a 10 win season and a bowl win. USC has a plethora of 4 and 5 star players and the momentum to sneak up and win the PAC 12. A tough schedule will prepare them or could derail them we shall see. Home games against #17 ND and #19 ASU. Away games at #7 UCLA and #11 Stanford. Not to bad of a schedule considering some of the others in the PAC 12.

Just missed the cut

This was hard to do but I didn’t put Ohio State or Alabama in this weeks polls for the same reasons. They both lost their last 2 games last season. They both lost their starting All-Everything QBs. They both lost a lot of talent to the NFL draft.

They also though have the same positives in easy schedule and lots of talent on the team still. I imagine it won’t take long for both of these teams to move up into the top 10.

Craig Krenzel Accused Of Assault? (Per Report)

This just came in from 10TV news…

Controversy is brewing over a youth football game that left one dad calling police. The man he wants charged: former Ohio State star quarterback Craig Krenzel.

There are two very different stories as to what happened during a recent peewee football game in Dublin. But what one dad believes what he saw from the sidelines left him filling out a police report.

10TV spoke with Bruce Wolfe, the father an 8-year-old boy who was on the field. He says he was watching the Monday night youth football game that Krenzel helped to coach. Wolfe’s son and Krenzel’s son were involved in an aggressive block and at some point during the play, Krenzel’s son’s helmet came off.

Krenzel reportedly rushed onto the field to pull the two boys apart. Wolfe alleges Krenzel grabbed his son by the shoulder pads and yelled at him.

Wolfe then filed a police report over the incident.

However, no charges have been filed against Krenzel.

Sounds like much ado about nothing IMO…

Luke Morgan: Walk-On to Depth Chart QB

The news of Braxton Miller’s injury is everywhere and it is unavoidable but there is a silver lining OSU has some horses in the stable willing and ready to go in and take over where Braxton left off. Enter stage left is Sophomore Walk-On QB Luke Morgan. Who is Luke Morgan you probably are asking? He is a 6’2″ 225 lbs second year player from Lebanon, Ohio. Let’s take a look at what his Ohio State Athletics Profile has to say about him…

Overview: Luke Morgan is in his second season with the football program after initially joining the team in June 2013 as an invited walk-on as a true freshman … he is an OSU Scholar-Athlete who is majoring in finance.

More on Luke: Morgan was a two-sport standout at Lebanon High School (football and basketball and a team captain for both) … he threw for 2,245 yards and 28 touchdowns and rushed for another 832 yards and 11 scores in 2012 for coach Shawn Lamb’s Warriors … he was named the Greater Western Ohio Conference offensive player of the year in 2012 and was named second-team all-district by the Associated Press … Morgan is the son of Regina and Doug Morgan … he has an older brother, Graham.

Luke has a great arm and is very athletic as a two sport star there are videos of him dunking in High School. He has put on about 40 pounds since arriving at OSU last year. You can see a video of his throwing below.

The odds of Luke playing this year are slim even with the injury to Braxton. If Coach Meyer decides that he would rather redshirt Stephen Collier than Luke could be the 3rd string QB and we are only a bad situation or 2 away from him being the QB of the team. Sure it would take a lot to make that happen but the way things are going who knows. All we can do is hope he is prepared and in shape and ready to step up and play if need be.

What Does JT Barrett Bring To The Table

What’s the old saying; “We don’t rebuild, we reload”. Well the 2014 Ohio State Buckeyes ability to reload will be severely tested as three year starting QB and Heisman hopeful Braxton Miller has been ruled out for the 2014 season due to a dislocated right shoulder. I can talk about the mysterious and contradictory manner in which the Buckeyes handled Miller’s recovery from a February operation to repair his shoulder but instead let’s focus on the next piece of artillery in the arsenal of Urban Meyer and Offensive Coordinator Tom Herman.


Redshirt Freshman J.T. Barrett finds himself in a very peculiar situation as he has been thrust into forefront for a team that many expected to contend for one of four spots on the first ever CFB Playoff. Among his mixture of emotions, I’m sure Barrett is feeling a great sense of sympathy for Miller not only as a mentor but also due to the fact that Barrett himself suffered an injury that ended his Senior season Rider HS in Wichita Falls, Texas. Even after missing the majority of his senior season, Barrett was still highly regarded by both recruiting services (consensus top 5 DT QB) and college coaching staffs (offers from LSU, Nebraska, and Texas Tech among others). Barrett was among the first QB’s recruited by Meyer and Herman upon their arrival to Ohio State if further validation was needed,

Barrett has the skill set to succeed in an Urban Meyer offense possessing a nice combination of size (6’2”/210) and speed (4.7/40) with a plethora of weapons to get the ball to. While Barrett doesn’t have the pure speed or dynamic open field abilities of Miller, he is a more than capable scrambler and he will make the defense respect his ability to tuck the ball and take off. Barrett doesn’t have what many would consider a cannon for an arm, but he possesses a very quick release, smooth mechanics, and he’s a very accurate passer. In addition to his immense talents on the field, Barrett has been lauded for his maturity, leadership, and ability to be patient and takes what the defense gives him.

While J.T. hasn’t seen live game action in a meaningful game since 2011 he did play in the 2014 spring game leading the Gray squad to a 17-7 victory over the Scarlet in the annual April showcase. After his extended layoff Meyer likely wanted to see what his young QB could do, calling for the second year player to throw the ball 33 times. Barrett went 17-33 for 151 yards, while he showed the expected rust, he did make several nice throws including a pinpoint dart across the middle. The offense will likely have to be tailored somewhat with the switch at the most important position on the field, but Ohio State fans should still expect a very big season in season three of the Urban Renewal project as J.T. Barrett steps into the spotlight.