Did Braxton Miller Commit An NCAA Violation? *Updated*

Braxton Miller has been pimping a company called Advocare on his Instagram account lately and today he dropped this picture which clearly reads like an advertisement….

NCAA violation- Such compensation may not include any remuneration for value or utility that the student-athlete may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, fame or personal following that he or she has obtained because of athletics ability.


Student-athletes are not permitted to be involved in the advertisement, endorsement or promotion of a commercial product or service of any kind.

If you click on the link on Braxtons Instagram it lists Braxton as a Distributor.

What will come from this? Who knows maybe nothing. Maybe Braxton already plans on not playing in the 2015 season and is just working on his financial future. Stay tuned there will be more for sure.


Braxton Miller didnt declare for the NFL draft. He has now been told he wont be a QB in 2015 for OSU. In order for him to get into the supplemental draft he has to be declared ineligible by the NCAA so he did this on purpose to get into the Supp Draft.

To far fetched?


From an advocare distributor…

*Update #2*
(This is Tony, not Jeremiah)

Advocare has some “guidelines” on their site, giving student athletes and coaches some guidance on their involvement with Advocare products (basically it’s ok to use them, not ok to appear to be promoting them). You can read the entire document here, but this little blurp is germane to the discussion of Braxton’s post:


Public Celebration for OSU Wrestling National Championship

According to OSU AD Gene Smith Ohio State will honor the @WrestlingBucks on Saturday at 11 am at St John Arena. I hope the place is full to the rafters to celebrate the young men who made Buckeye Fans so proud winning the teams 1st ever NC and having 2 individual winners.

Jalyn Holmes: The Next Great DE? (Video)

One on one's with the O-Line and D-Line. Practice #3 #GoBucks

A video posted by Ohio State Football (@theohiostatefootball) on

A couple of takeaways from this video….

1.) Jalyn Holmes has gotten HUGE makes Taylor Decker look like a normal sized human being.

2.) Jalyn Holmes is really quick and has learned some new moves.

3.) Taylor Decker is no slouch and could be a Top round NFL draft pick and still got made to look like a Freshman.

OSU Recruiting: What States Does OSU Offer The Most?

Recently I took a look at how Jim Harbaugh has recruited the state of Ohio or to put it another way that he hasn’t recruited the state of Ohio. Then I looked at where he was heavily recruiting and it appears he has put the vast majority of his time recruiting California and Texas. Which is not a bad strategy considering how much talent is in those states. Just found it interesting that 3 months on the job and Harbaugh has still not stepped one foot inside the Ohio Borders. No Michigan team has ever won anything without getting Ohio recruits. Ohio is fertile ground and yearly is one of the top states for Division 1 recruits. Sure Urban Meyer has locked down the state for the best recruits. That doesnt mean you completely ignore the talent rich state. Maybe it won’t help the 2016 class but it will help build relationships that will help future classes.

So I thought to myself I wonder where Urban Meyer recruits the most and spends most of his time offering kids. So lets look at a breakdown of the 2016 class and see which states has the most offers made and which states Urban and his staff are targeting and ignoring.

Total Offers Made

134 as of 3-5-15

State and offers

Florida- 34
Texas- 14
Georgia- 13
Ohio- 12
New Jersey- 9
Michigan- 9
Pennsylvania- 8
North Carolina- 6
Virginia- 6
Maryland- 5
Washington DC- 4
Tennessee- 4
Illinois- 3
Indiana- 2
Arizona- 1
California- 1
Kansas- 1
Kentucky- 1
Minnesota- 1

So lets look at some of these numbers and what it tells us.

– There are a ton of guys who play at IMG Academy in Florida who aren’t really from Florida but I included them in Florida for ease of doing this.

– Clearly Urban Meyer is comfortable recruiting Florida extremely hard and has many connections and Florida is the most talent rich state.

– There is a real emphasis being put on the New Jersey/DMV areas. These states are top heavy with really good talent. OSU is reaching into Penn State recruiting grounds and poaching the best players.

– Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania will always be the places that Urban and OSU will consider their recruiting grounds and will be the meat of the roster each year.

– It will be interesting to see how hard OSU recruits the state of Texas now that Tom Herman has left can the staff keep making inroads into the hugely talented state?

– OSU will recruit the best player in the footprint of the B1G but wont spend a lot of time in states like Minnesota and Indiana.

– No matter where the talent is Urban will reach out to it and bring in players from all over the country but Ohio will always be the bulk of every recruiting class.

Buckeyes Land A Big Recruit From The DMV

It has been a while since OSU heard a BOOM tweet from Director of Player Personnel Mark Pantoni but there is no need to wait any longer…..

The Buckeye recruiting train is powering down the tracks. Fresh off of winning a National Championship they are taking advantage of the new bling to land recruits of the highest caliber and today was no different. So lets get to know the newest recruit.

Terrell Hall committed to Ohio State via his Twitter account…

Terrell Hall is a 6’5″ 250 lbs Four Star Defensive End from Washington DC. Terrell is ranked the 42nd best recruit in the country and the 3rd best DE by 247sports. Terrell is a freak athlete and fits the mold of the kind of DE that Urban Meyer and DL coach Larry Johnson want. He is the 7th recruit in the class and all 7 are ranked within the top 300 players in the country.

Ohio State Releases Sugar Bowl Highlight Video: It’s Glorious

OSU Finds Stan Draytons Replacement (Per Report)

According to the guys at FootballScoop.com OSU has found their new RB coach and it is a big time get…

Ohio State: Per source, Notre Dame’s Tony Alford plans to accept Urban Meyer’s offer to join the staff at Ohio State as running backs coach.

Tony Alford is a big time recruiter that has landed many big time recruits and has coached a lot of players into the NFL. He is a big time force in Florida for recruiting and will fill the huge shoes of Stan Drayton.

How Buckeye Commits Fared In New 2016 Scout 300

TOP 300

Kareem Walker- #13 and a Five Star
George Hill- #60 and a Four Star
Jake Hausmann- #84 and a Four Star
Jonathon Cooper- #101 and a Four Star
Tyler Gerald- #183 and a Four Star
Kierre Hawkins- #222 and a Four Star

Interesting note that all 6 commits are ranked in the top 300.

Buckeye Players Invited To NFL Combine

The NFL combine is right around the corner and the following OSU players were invited to attend. To be invited 3 or more NFL teams have to say they are interested in drafting the player. WIth a small SR. class and no JRs jumping the the NFL the list is small but still good luck to these former Buckeyes.

Devin Smith- WR
Jeff Heuerman- TE
Michael Bennett- DT
Doran Grant- CB

How Did 2016 OSU Commits Fare in New ESPN 300 Rankings

TOP 300

Kareem Walker- Four Star and #5 in the country.
Jake Hausmann- Four Star and #67 in the country.
George Hill- Four Star and #108 in the country.
Tyler Gerald- Four Star and #182 in the country.


Jonathon Cooper
Kierre Hawkins


#21 Shane Simmons- PSU
#64 John Raridan- NEB
#117 Cam Chambers- MSU
#125 Antonio Williams- WIS
#134 Boobie Sanders- PSU
#188 Erik Swenson- UM
#235 Bryan Brokop- NEB
#265 Jake Zembiec- PSU
#267 Lavert Hill- PSU
#269 Keandre Jones- MD