New 247Sports 2017 Top 247: How Buckeye Comitts, Targets, Other B1G Commits Fared

Here is how OSU commits, targets, and other B1G commits fared in the new 247Sports Top 247 recruit rankings.


Josh Myers- #4
Shaun Wade- #20
Jake Morretti- #34
Brendon White- #48
Isaiah Pryor- #55
Haskell Garrett- #79
Marcus Williamson- #128
Jerron Cage- #131
Danny Clark- #199
Todd Sibley- #234


Dylan Moses- #2
Donovan Peoples-Jones- #7
Darnay Holmes- #10
Tyjon Lindsey- #25
Josh Kaindoh- #26
Trevon Grimes- #27
Jeffrey Okundah- #29
Isaiah Wilson- #50
Lamont Wade- #52
Micah Clark- #80
Jerry Jeudy- #84
Amir Reip- #87
Luiji Vilain- #92
Robert Hainsey- #106
Ambry Thomas- #108
Jaylen Kelly-Powell- #130
Jaylen Harris- #134
Tyrell Ajian- #151
Trey Sermon- #175
Santino Marchiol- #188
Fred Hansard- #193
Javonte Richardson- #241


Dylan McCaffrey- #23 Michigan
JaRaymond Hall- #133 Michigan
Kaden Lyles- #170 Wisconsin
Tristan Wirfs- #181 Iowa
Dylan Rivers- #225 Penn State

How Each 2017 Ohio State Commit Is Ranked In All Four Services


Composite- 4
247sports- 4
Rivals- 10
Scout- 14
ESPN- 16


Composite- 13
247sports- 22
Rivals- 18
Scout- 42
ESPN- 13


Composite- 44
247sports- 50
Rivals- 65
Scout- 63
ESPN- 46

JK Dobbins

Composite- 54
247sports- 57
Rivals- 73
Scout- 79
ESPN- 48


Composite- 65
247sports- 33
Rivals- 116
Scout- 58
ESPN- 124

Haskell Garrett

Composite- 59
247sports- 52
Rivals- 111
Scout- 26
ESPN- 108


Composite- 96
247sports- 127
Rivals- 221
Scout- 90
ESPN- 121

Brendon White

Composite- 129
247sports- 47
Rivals- 159
Scout- 130
ESPN- 218


Composite- 218
247sports- 236
Rivals- 3 star
Scout- 270
ESPN- 165


Composite- 240
247sports- 130
Rivals- 3 star
Scout- 174
ESPN- 136


Composite- 274
247sports- 200
Rivals- 3 star
Scout- 4 star
ESPN- 4 star

Antjuan Simmons

Composite- 276
247sports- 398
Rivals- 191
Scout- 275
ESPN- 4 star

Blake Haubeil

Composite- 1117
247sports- Not Ranked
Rivals- Not Ranked
Scout- 3 star
ESPN- 3 star

How each 2016 OSU commit is ranked in all four services

Nick Bosa

Composite- 8
247sports- 10
Rivals- 21
Scout- 5

Jonathon Cooper

Composite- 32
247sports- 32
Rivals- 78
Scout- 35
ESPN- 57

Demario McCall

Composite- 44
247sports- 57
Rivals- 66
Scout- 81
ESPN- 38

Austin Mack

Composite- 76
247sports- 35
Rivals- 96
Scout- 48
ESPN- 210

Dwayne Haskins

Composite- 87
247sports- 62
Rivals- 96
Scout- 48
ESPN- 210

Keandre Jones

Composite- 90
247sports- 162
Rivals- 30
Scout- 242
ESPN- 28

Binjimen Victor

Composite- 99
247sports- 80
Rivals- 96
Scout- 48
ESPN- 210

Jake Hausmann

Composite- 120
247sports- 215
Rivals- 71
Scout- 147
ESPN- 153

Michael Jordan

Composite- 128
247sports- 226
Rivals- 99
Scout- 142
ESPN- 146

Jordan Fuller

Composite- 130
247sports- 41
Rivals- 3*
Scout- 127
ESPN- 151

Tyler Gerald

Composite- 162
247sports- 200
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 158
ESPN- 116

Antonio Williams

Composite- 168
247sports- 212
Rivals- 128
Scout- 277
ESPN- 148

Luke Farrell

Composite- 190
247sports- 178
Rivals- 224
Scout- 229
ESPN- 163

Tuf Borland

Composite- 315
247sports- 213
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 282
ESPN- 3*

Malik Barrow

Composite- 293
247sports- 63
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 3*
ESPN- 4*

Kierre Hawkins

Composite- 323
247sports- 438
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 4*
ESPN- 4*

Wayne Davis

Composite- 328
247sports- 344
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 261
ESPN- 3*

Gavin Cupp

Composite- 408
247sports- 651
Rivals- 3*
Scout- 3*
ESPN- 3*

Jack Wohlabaugh

Composite- 440
247sports- 385
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 3*
ESPN- 3*

Malik Harrison

Composite- 683
247sports- 731
Rivals- 3*
Scout- 3*
ESPN- 3*

Rodjay Burns

Composite- 768
247sports- 678
Rivals- 3*
Scout- 3*
ESPN- 3*

Drue Chrisman

Composite- 763
247sports- 1598
Rivals- 3*
Scout- 4*
ESPN- 3*

Kareem Felder

Composite- 811
247sports- 576
Rivals- 3*
Scout- 3*
ESPN- 3*

Jahsen Wint

Composite- 875
247sports- 1099
Rivals- 3*
Scout- 3*
ESPN- 4*

Malcolm Pridgeon JUCO

Composite- 4th
247sports- 5th
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 4th
ESPN- 5th

Jordan Fuller Commitment Video

Who Wants 45 Mins of Ezekiel Elliott Highlights? #Merica

Enjoy in my honest opinion the greatest player in Ohio State history one last time….

Numbers Crunch: How Many Recruits Can OSU Sign In 2016?

It is that annual time we are three weeks away from National Signing Day and the Numbers Crunch is in full effect. So lets breakdown where OSU sits right now and where they can end up.

2016 Sophomores and RS Freshman

6 Hubbard, Sam DE 6-5 265 FR
58 Alabi, Joshua DT 6-5 295 FR
3 Arnette, Damon CB 6-0 191 FR
17 Baker, Jerome LB 6-1 215 FR
20 Weber, Mike RB 5-10 215 FR
12 Ward, Denzel CB 5-11 180 FR
71 Trout, Kyle OL 6-6 310 FR
94 Thompson, Dylan DL 6-5 275 FR
79 Taylor, Brady OL 6-5 300 FR
39 Berger, Kyle LB 6-2 230 FR
24 Berry, Rashod TE 6-4 245 FR
87 Stump, Alex WR 6-3 202 FR
42 Slade, Darius DL 6-4 255 FR
67 Schmidt, Grant OL 6-6 300 FR
76 Bowen, Branden OL 6-7 320 FR
59 Prince, Isaiah OL 6-7 305 FR
56 Burrell, MatthewOL 6-4 300 FR
10 Burrow, Joe QB 6-3 208 FR
21 Campbell, ParrisWR 6-1 205 FR
14 Norwood, Joshua CB 5-10 175 FR
83 McLaurin, Terry WR 6-1 200 FR
13 Collier, StephenQB 6-4 225 FR
49 McCullough, LiamLS 6-2 210 FR
34 Conner, Nick LB 6-3 230 FR
2 Lattimore, MarshonCB 6-0 195 FR
9 Cornell, Jashon DL 6-3 265 FR
57 Landers, Robert DT 6-1 290 FR
5 Dixon, Johnnie WR 5-11 194 FR
78 Knox, Demetrius OL 6-4 305 FR
86 Jones, Dre’Mont DL 6-3 280 FR
88 Alexander, A.J. TE 6-2 235 FR
24 Hooker, Malik SAF 6-2 205 FR
47 Hilliard, JustinLB 6-1 230 FR
14 Hill, K.J. WR 6-0 195 FR
77 Feder, Kevin OL 6-9 305 FR
53 Hamilton, Davon DT 6-4 300 FR
19 Glover-Williams, EricCB 5-9 175 FR
6 Gibson, TorranceQB/WR 6-4 205 FR

Total = 38

2016 Juniors

35 Worley, Chris LB 6-2 225 SO
3 Webb, Damon CB 5-11 193 SO
77 Hill, Michael DL 6-3 295 SO
10 Holmes, Jalyn DL 6-5 265 SO
74 Jones, Jamarco OL 6-5 310 SO
16 Barrett, J.T. QB 6-2 225 SO
59 Lewis, Tyquan DL 6-4 260 SO
75 Lisle, Evan OL 6-7 305 SO
8 Conley, Gareon CB 6-0 195 SO
82 Clark, James WR 5-10 185 SO
5 McMillan, RaekwonLB 6-2 240 SO
85 Baugh, Marcus TE 6-5 255 SO
52 Munger, Donovan DL 6-4 300 SO
96 Nuernberger, SeanK 6-1 220 SO
54 Price, Billy OL 6-4 315 SO
80 Brown, Noah WR 6-2 222 SO
4 Samuel, Curtis RB 5-11 200 SO
33 Booker, Dante LB 6-3 233 SO
93 Sprinkle, Tracy DL 6-3 290 SO
1 Smith, Erick SAF 6-0 202 SO

Total= 20

2016 Seniors

2 Wilson, Dontre HB 5-10 195 JR
65 Elflein, Pat OL 6-3 300 JR
95 Johnston, CameronP 5-11 195 JR
16 Burrows, Cam DB 6-0 208 JR
25 Dunn, Bri’onte RB 6-0 215 JR

Total= 5

Possible 6th year SR

84 Smith, Corey WR 6-1 195 SR

Total = 1

Currently OSU has a total of 64 players on scholarship. Corey Smith has an uphill battle in getting his 6th year approved by the NCAA. So based on these numbers OSU has room for 21-22 players depending on Smith’s outcome but there will be some attrition I am sure. The good news is OSU is not already oversigned with just 18 commits right now they can take 3-4 more without counting on attrition to get to 85 by August 1st, 2016. Michigan can not say the same thing that is for sure.

Projecting Ohio State’s 2016 Starters

With the mass exodus of OSU underclassmen to the NFL draft I thought it would be difficult to name all 22 starters this far in advance. Hint: It wasn’t difficult at all. In fact it was so easy that it took me 3 minutes to do so lets take a look at what we have.


QB- JT Barrett
RB- Mike Weber
HB- Curtis Samuel
WR- Noah Brown
WR- Corey Smith (if he returns)
TE- Marcus Baugh
LT- Brandon Bowen
LG- Billy Price
C- Pat Elfien
RG- Demetrious Knox
RT- Jamarco Jones


DE- Tyquan Lewis
DT- Tracy Sprinkle
DT- Michael Hill
DE- Sam Hubbard
LB- Raekwon McMillan
LB- Chris Worley
LB- Dante Booker
CB- Damon Webb
FS- Malik Hooker
SS- Erick Smith
CB- Gareon Conley

Sure I may have a few mistakes here but everyone of these guys are capable and talented enough to help OSU win a bunch of games. What do you think?

How each 2016 OSU commit is ranked in all four services.

Nick Bosa

Composite- 5
247sports- 15
Rivals- 15
Scout- 2

Jonathon Cooper

Composite- 25
247sports- 17
Rivals- 57
Scout- 35
ESPN- 53

Kareem Walker

Composite- 31
247sports- 117
Rivals- 21
Scout- 23
ESPN- 22

Demario McCall

Composite- 44
247sports- 36
Rivals- 77
Scout- 69
ESPN- 55

Austin Mack

Composite- 88
247sports- 35
Rivals- 149
Scout- 79
ESPN- 210

Jake Hausmann

Composite- 100
247sports- 205
Rivals- 62
Scout- 117
ESPN- 152

Michael Jordan

Composite- 122
247sports- 216
Rivals- 118
Scout- 152
ESPN- 118

Tyler Gerald

Composite- 142
247sports- 154
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 158
ESPN- 99

Luke Farrell

Composite- 159
247sports- 173
Rivals- 210
Scout- 168
ESPN- 161

Tristen Wallace

Composite- 191
247sports- 4*
Rivals- 3*
Scout- 100
ESPN- 164

Tuf Borland

Composite- 281
247sports- 204
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 282
ESPN- 3*

Malik Barrow

Composite- 298
247sports- 91
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 3*
ESPN- 4*

Kierre Hawkins

Composite- 320
247sports- 3*
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 276
ESPN- 4*

Wayne Davis

Composite- 318
247sports- 3*
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 241
ESPN- 4*

Jack Wohlabaugh

Composite- 411
247sports- 3*
Rivals- 4*
Scout- 3*
ESPN- 3*

Gavin Cupp

Composite- 555
247sports- 3*
Rivals- 3*
Scout- 3*
ESPN- 3*

Kareem Felder

Composite- 795
247sports- 3*
Rivals- 3*
Scout- 3*
ESPN- 3*

Drue Chrisman

Composite- 874
247sports- 3*
Rivals- 3*
Scout- 4*
ESPN- 3*

The Power of Sport — Thoughts on 9/11, Berlin and a Buckeye

We here at MotSaG are honored to have an article written for our readers pleasure by Celebrity Buckeye fan Stephen Keszey. Many OSU fans will know him from his time starring with his brother Robbie on the Discovery Channel show Swamp Brothers where he wrestled gators and his fears and endured his brothers tough love. Stephen was always proud of his Buckeyes and wore an Ohio State hat on every episode and OSU fans love him for repping his Alma Mater on his TV show. Mr. Keszey’s love for Ohio State knows no limits but it is closely followed by his love for New York City. In this article Stephen touches on the 9/11 event and how Ohio State helped him through a tough time and how sports can transcend into real life.

So sit down and read this article and please follow our friend Stephen Keszey on Twitter @Kezbro2. You can follow Stephen on Facebook by clicking Stephen Keszey. Follow the Swamp Brothers on Facebook as well.

Last week was the 14th anniversary of 9/11 and I pondered upon it all day long. Be warned you’re about to go deep into the rabbit hole of my neurotic, tangent-scattered mind!

After graduating from The Ohio State in 1992 I moved to New York and called it home for fifteen years. On September 11, 2001, I was living in Corona, Queens. I saw the first plane smash into the Trade Centers on television but it did not register with me at all as I ran to catch the 7-train. “The 7” is elevated in Queens and there is a nice stretch right before it goes underground into Manhattan where you have a splendid view of the Manhattan skyline. But the view that day was horrific and a nightmarish reality dropped on me like an anvil as we went underground into Manhattan.

Every September 11th since then I end up staying away from Facebook and spending all of the day just thinking about my favorite city. I remember incredible courage of our firemen, policemen and EMS; I remember New Yorkers in general… How great everyone was in the face of this tragedy. I also remember how sporting events were a great elixir to combat this horrific act for myself, and tens of thousands of other New Yorkers.

In 2001, Most New Yorkers were honed-in on the Yankees, but I was honed-in on my very favorite team — The Ohio State Buckeyes and new head coach Jim Tressel. I saw first hand, and experienced first person, how sports could help people heal in the face of even the most tragic of events. Alright, enough backstory!

This September 11th I was reminded of the President throwing a great first pitch during the Yankees vs. Diamondbacks World Series. And OH! Those Buckeye games, culminating in a victory over that team up north which seemed like it hadn’t happened in FOREVER! I then started to think more on how sports can heal, energize and give hope to people.

I remembered Stephanie Spielman’s fight with breast cancer and how a man we loved through sport (her husband Chris) made use of his sports fame to help raise awareness and money for research against a heinous mutant enemy.

Of course, I thought about the “Miracle on Ice” and how it is thought of as the greatest moment in all of sports. Then I thought about an event well before I was born that I would consider, the greatest, most impactful moment in sports history. A great show of power… By a Buckeye!

In 1935 Jesse Owens’ achievement of setting three world records and tying a fourth in under an hour at the Big Ten track meet (in Ann Arbor of all places!) has been called “the greatest 45 minutes ever in sport”, but what he did the following year was much more important. There was a “Master Race” being built in Germany and its leader, Adolf Hitler, wanted to show the world his Aryan race supremacy. Now I could take up five more pages telling of Owens’ greatness in detail, but I’ll keep it simple. Our Buckeye Jesse Owens, in a time when segregation was still the norm, represented our country with great class and honor, and showed the world that the “master race” was a myth by winning four gold medals on their home turf. I would go so far as to say he put the first “dent” in the Nazi armor, for the whole world to see.

I would love for everyone to learn more about Jesse Owens and honor a man that wasn’t honored nearly enough when he was alive. For example, how could FDR not invite him to the White House after going into Nazi Germany and bringing home four golds for The United States?

To think that Owens was ranked #3 on the list of the 50 greatest “Big Ten Icons”? I would have been fine with it had he also been numbers 1 & 2 to give him the extra “television story time” he deserves, but behind Red and Magic? Pure and udder idiocy!

I’d also encourage everyone to think about just how great an athlete Owens was — his world record long jump stood for 25 years! And just for kicks (with no disrespect to him), let’s time Usain Bolt in the 100m after he laces-up a pair of 1930’s track shoes then runs outdoors on a dirt or cinder track with no starting blocks. Let’s not even take into account modern training, diet and supplements!

Stop it Stephen! You really have gone Mad Hatter! You Start at 9/11 and end up wanting to slap a pair of shoes from the 1930’s on Usain Bolt!? Plus you are now typing to yourself in the third person!

Sports is a major fabric of history not just a decorative lace. Sports can inspire and show human decency on both the largest stages of history, and in the smallest communities. Google Jonathon Montanez and Mitchell Marcus and grab a tissue.

God Bless NYC, America, Jesse Owens and all those who use the platform that is sport to make our world better!


Introducing The Newest Writers For MotSaG

Over the last few weeks we here at MotSaG have been interviewing and and testing many applicants to help our site grow and get to where it belongs. Today is a great day for not only the site but for our fans and readers as well. With the hiring of these new writers what we hope to do is up our daily content. Men of The Scarlet and Gray has been around for over nine years and we hope to be here for nine more. In order to do that we needed to make sure our content is not only frequent but also of high quality. So without waiting any longer let’s meet the newest MotSaGers…

Richard Tongahan Jr

Richard is a humble and proud member of The Buckeye Nation. I have been proudly serving our great nation and have put in 10 years and counting. I love the Buckeyes and have been a dedicated fan since 2005. my fondest memory was last years title run. I am originally from Guam and I have a beautiful with of 10 years, two lovely daughters and a son on the way. I love hearing that Buckeye Swag song at the end of games and I am looking forward to our teams future. Go Bucks!

Twitter- @Tongaricious
Facebook- Richard Tongahan Jr

Justin Golba

Even though I grew up in Maryland, I have always had scarlet and gray in my blood due to my father being an OSU alum. I currently attend Kent State University but still rep OSU proudly. My favorite buckeye of all time is Brian Hartline and my favorite moment as a fan is when number one ranked OSU beat the number 2 ranked TTUN and the game that won Troy Smith the Heisman that year.

Twitter- @justin_golba
Facebook- Justin Golba

Mark Prine

The year is 2005 and I am a seventh grader at Dunbar Middle School in Mobile, Alabama. Like many young boys I was an avid sports fan and I looked forward to Saturday mornings in the fall, so I could wake up bright and early; just to watch college game day and see who was playing who. There was a team from Ohio that I wasn’t very familiar with, that played smash mouth football and hard nose defense(which Iove). Guys with names like James Laurinaitis, Ross Homan, Thaddeus Gibson, Doug Worthington and Vernon Gholston were always flying around like mad men with reckless abandon. To me it was perfect football and that was all I need to know. The Ohio State was officially “my team” which I love.

Twitter- @marksamuelprine
Facebook- Mark Prine

Andy Urbanski

Andy was born and raised in the great state of Ohio and graduated from THE university in 2013. Buckeye fan his entire life, Andy decided to give this whole writing thing a shot for the first time (Fisher College of Business Kid) and the Buckeyes are about the only thing he believes worth writing about. Andy’s a fan of bourbon and beers, so his posts may or may not be written under the influence. Cheers and Go Bucks

Twitter- @PBR_Pounder
Facebook- Andy Urbanski

Bobby Hall

It’s hard to remember when the Buckeyes became such a big part of my life. It’s easy to say that they have turned into a borderline addiction. I grew up in the Dover – New Philadelphia area of Ohio where being an Ohio State fan is not a choice…it’s a must!

In 2013, I graduated from Muskingum University and have since been in the heavy equipment sales industry . The territory I am responsible for is in eastern ohio along the ohio river. There is no question though, besides my wife and beautiful baby girl, OSU football is my passion!

Twitter- @BubHall7
Facebook- Bobby Hall

Brad Pettiford

A native of Toledo, Ohio, Brad graduated from Miami University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, before earning a master’s degree in sport management from Ohio State. He has worked in the communications/PR field for more than seven years, with three years dedicated to athletic communications. Before transitioning to corporate communications, Brad was an SID at the University of Toledo. He now lives in the Metro Detroit area and is a proud ambassador of Buckeye Nation in The State Up North.

Twitter- @bradpettiford23
Facebook- Brad Pettiford

Phil Schoch

Phil escaped the hard scrabble streets of Minster, Ohio in 1990 to pursue the Buckeye dream. After maxing out his Freshman Forgiveness, he hung up his black British Knights and bib-overall shorts (one flap down), got serious and got diploma’d as a Buckeye on St. Patrick’s Day, 1995. He later swiped a Master’s Degree from Ashland University in 2000. He has spent the last twenty years of his alleged adulthood as a middle school teacher. He now drives a mini van, lives in Worthington and coaches 1st grade soccer, basketball and baseball.

When asked about the most important week of the year, he responded, “I went school during the Copper years. Those were bitter, gray holidays and winters. I still get paranoid in November. My guts churn endlessly during Michigan Week. I know the ghost of 2-10-1 lurks. I know the demon of Michigan 1969 is poised, perhaps wearing khaki.”

Twitter- @osuphil95
Facebook- Phil Schoch

Joston Da Grava

Joston was late to the game in becoming a Buckeye fan. Growing up near Pittsburgh in the early 90’s there were only three things: Steeler football, Penguin hockey, and that thing once known as Pirate baseball. It wasn’t until after watching the national championship win over Miami in 2003 that Joston became enamored with the Scarlet and Gray. After moving to Columbus to attend OSU, the veins that had once been full of black and gold now ran rampant with the colors of the Buckeyes. When asked by his Pittsburghian father how such a change could have occurred so quickly, his response was simple: “It is one thing to be a fan. It is a far different thing to be a member.” During his four years at Ohio State Joston never missed a game and rarely missed a moment. He is proud to say that he has been in the murky waters of Mirror Lake four times and never regrets it for a moment. He believes there is no better tradition in the sport of football than the Dotting of the ‘i’ and will fight any man, woman, or child who dare to challenge that belief. Joston graduated from Ohio State in 2009 with his now wife Michele. They live in northeast Ohio where they impatiently await the arrival of their first little Buckeye at the end of 2015.

Twitter- @jtdagrava
Facebook- Joston Da Grava

Parker Eads

Been bred into a buckeye since birth but born in Virginia. Currently a senior at Emory & Henry College and studying mass communications. I’ve got a record of 2-0 in attendance at national championship games (’02,’15). I carry a lucky buckeye in my pocket all day and every day for good luck. Lastly, I hope to one day cover the Buckeyes in some way or perhaps work for the university.

Twitter- @1flybuckeye
Facebook- Parker Eads

Ray Casola

Been a die hard Buckeye fan since the day I was born! My favorite Buckeye memory was the 1997 Rose Bowl win over Arizona St. That game forever stamped my love for not just Ohio State football, but football in general. I am an alum of St. Edward High School where I played football and also coached for two years. Along with St. Eds, I also spent 6 years coaching at Elyria Catholic high school so my love for football at all levels runs deep. As a Cleveland Browns season ticket holder, I clearly have a good sense of humor. I also believe the best answer to a question you don’t know the answer to is always “Because I couldn’t go for three”.

Twitter- @rayrayc3
Facebook- Ray Casola