(1) Ohio State versus (24) Penn State Half-time update (Updated)

OSU FootballIn a bid to make the half-time break go faster, I figured a quick update would eat up some clock.

First off, I’ll admit to being a little nervous watching Penn State move the ball with ease during their first drive. The defense didn’t seem to be attacking and Kinlaw was running the ball well. After that, however, the defense has tightened its grip and denied Penn State any more.

The offense, however, has been a revelation. I love that Tressel is mixing things up — different formations, different calls and they have been executing very well. Minus that bad throw from Boeckman, the offense has been unstoppable. Beanie looks great, Maurice is running well and the two Brians look very hungry. Throw in a sprinkling of Ray Small? Awesome. That screen to Hartline was beautiful. Did you see Boone push little Lydell Sargeant (#10) to the ground like a rag-doll? That was beautiful.

Here’s to continued success in the second half. Go Bucks!!

Update: 37-17!! Fricken kick cover team! Otherwise, this was a statement game. OSU came out and punched Penn State in the mouth. They played more physical, more aggresive and made more plays.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Boeckman has looked fantastic tonight. His passes are on target and he’s picking apart the PSU defense. Even Mo Wells is looking good, though that’s probably the result of Boeckman’s efficient softening of Linebacker U.’s Linebackers.

    Go Bucks!

  2. @Dave – yeah, good call. The passing game has definitely put Penn State’s defense on their heels.

  3. No love for Mo, guys? I was very impressed… for the second time in two games, he’s no longer tentative. He’s hitting the line and exploding.

    One other thing about OSU’s #2… I can’t remember him ever fumbling the ball.

    I know Beanie’s The Man, but I am quickly becoming a big fan of Mo.

    I can’t remember ever having so much depth at RB. Wells/Wells/Saine is an insane backfield; most coaches in 1-A would kill for any one of those guys. Think about where Tressel started, inheriting “Turf-Toe Ross,” and every year the RB position has gotten better.

    Coolest part of last night’s game for me was seeing the maturity of Boeckman, and how all the experts were calling him an NFL-style QB.

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