The Men of the scarlet and Gray Podcast #2

The gang is finally back together. Jeremiah Sharpe and Chip Minnich help kick off a new season of college football that is right around the corner. We are joined by Mark Cerimele who is a contributor for this site along with doing some side work for the Phil Steele magazine.

This week we discuss possible Big Ten expansion, Our Final Four college football playoff picks, the Buckeye suspensions. Mark gives us some behind the scenes of what its like to put out the college football bible, Phil Steele magazine.

Hope you guys enjoy the show. Have to shake off some rust but great being back in the saddle again. Can’t wait to discuss more Buckeyes football with some Big Ten and other leagues this year.

Thoughts on the Civil War

FootballSo Oregon it is!

I try to watch as much college football as I can during the season (I take my Blogpoll privileges seriously) but when it comes to the Pac-10, I just haven’t had many chances to see teams not named USC, Oregon or Stanford. So outside of highlights and brief moments, I haven’t seen much of Oregon State.

That being said, the Civil War was quite a rip. Here are a few thoughts I had (and hope to expand on later) while watching the two teams play:

  • I wasn’t aware of the offensive effectiveness of Oregon State in the redzone. #1 in the country is pretty impressive. Oregon is no slouch at #2.
  • Oregon can strike scary fast on offense.
  • Both teams’ primary running backs still seem undersized to me. They’re fast, but small. I think after tackling the likes of Clay, Royster, and Robinson that the Buckeye Defense will be licking its chops with these little snacks. Of course, Blount throws a wrinkle in all that if Oregon wins.
  • Along those same lines, it seems like tackling small running backs is not a forte of either defense.
  • Turnovers could be plentiful the way Oregon backs (and Masoli) handle the ball
  • Both teams are so quick on offense I can’t get a real good read on offensive lines, but both look competent. I’m interested to know how we match up, size-wise.
  • I really (to the thiry-eighth power) can’t stomach Craig James and Jesse “Hair Gel”mer.