Thoughts on the Civil War

FootballSo Oregon it is!

I try to watch as much college football as I can during the season (I take my Blogpoll privileges seriously) but when it comes to the Pac-10, I just haven’t had many chances to see teams not named USC, Oregon or Stanford. So outside of highlights and brief moments, I haven’t seen much of Oregon State.

That being said, the Civil War was quite a rip. Here are a few thoughts I had (and hope to expand on later) while watching the two teams play:

  • I wasn’t aware of the offensive effectiveness of Oregon State in the redzone. #1 in the country is pretty impressive. Oregon is no slouch at #2.
  • Oregon can strike scary fast on offense.
  • Both teams’ primary running backs still seem undersized to me. They’re fast, but small. I think after tackling the likes of Clay, Royster, and Robinson that the Buckeye Defense will be licking its chops with these little snacks. Of course, Blount throws a wrinkle in all that if Oregon wins.
  • Along those same lines, it seems like tackling small running backs is not a forte of either defense.
  • Turnovers could be plentiful the way Oregon backs (and Masoli) handle the ball
  • Both teams are so quick on offense I can’t get a real good read on offensive lines, but both look competent. I’m interested to know how we match up, size-wise.
  • I really (to the thiry-eighth power) can’t stomach Craig James and Jesse “Hair Gel”mer.