Men of the Scarlet and Gray Podcast Who’s disrespecting Sparty on Their Trip to Columbus

The one game everyone has been waiting for is finally here. Michigan State Spartans come to the Horseshoe as the #9 ranked team in the country. Mark Dantonio has his team in the right situation and Hondo Carpenter from tells us all about it. He discusses with us what he sees from the Buckeyes so far this season and gives us some great stories about Dantonio and Jim Tressel. This really is must listen to stuff.

We are very thankful for Hondo taking the time out to talk with Chip and me to inform your our wonderful listeners. Chip and I also recap the Illinois game that everyone in the country thinks Ohio State looks bad. Guess when you’re favored to win by 17 and actually beat the spread it means nothing. We also give our predictions for this weekend’s games and answer the #AsKMotSaG questions.

Since we failed to mention in our show want to remind folks of Ohio State’s new bag policy for the stadium. You are no longer allowed to bring a backpack in. Everything has to be in a clear bag. Hope you all enjoy the show as it seems you really have been enjoying what we are doing for all of you and you will all never understand how great it makes us feel so Thank You to our wonderful listeners.

Men of the Scarlet and Gray Podcast Buckeye Men’s Basketball Preview

The Buckeye men’s basketball season is officially underway. Andrew Chirico and I do a preview of the players on the team. Lot has changed with some familiar faces still. Thad Matta brought in a very highly ranked recruiting class into Columbus for this season.

Andrew and I also do a review of the Mount St. Mary game, the first to open up the season and the win allowed Thad Matta to go 12-0 on season openers while being the head coach for Ohio State. The win also puts him at 300 victories.

This is our first of hopefully many covering the men’s basketball team so we are hoping its also going to be a fun ride.

Men of the Scarlet and Gray Podcast Can Zeke channel Eddie George

The bye week is over and we can talk about an actual football game. Chip and I reviewed the Minnesota game, I may or may not have had a hot take about Buckeye fans and Cardale Jones.

We had the great privilege of discussing the Illinois Fighting Illini with Robert Rosenthal from We discussed what is going on in Champaign in regards to the coaching search, athletic director search since it just became available this week. We eventually actually discussed the Illinois football team, he had to bring up 2007 and I had to talk about Eddie George and if it’s possible Zeke can go Eddie George mode on them Saturday.

Robert was nice enough to join us for our MotSaG Pick ’em segment, we also answered our listener questions in the #askmotsag segment. We once again want to thank our listeners for submitting questions and love that you all are helping the show grow so much. Without you, we are nothing so we surely appreciate you all.


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Men of the Scarlet and Gray Podcast Gopher Infestation at the Horseshoe

We were able to discuss the head coaching vacancy since Jerry Kill stepped down last week. Jerry Kill was a very good coach and sad to see him have to walk away from the game he loves and the players he cherishes. We talked a little about the clock mismanagement, The slow start the Gophers seem to have in the first quarter this year. We asked Rob about the Gopher offense and defense to try and get some of a breakdown. We even touched on them trying to get a bowl bid and what they need to do in order to accomplish. 

Rob was so kind to join us for MotSaG Pick ‘Em. Chip is forcing me to have to change my teams in order to try and hopefully catch up on him. Chip and I answered some listener questions for the #AskMotSaG segment and we talked about the J.T. Barrett arrest/suspension and Damon Webb being cleared to rejoin the team after his 6 game suspension.


We hope everyone enjoys the show as much as we enjoy putting it all together, Thank You for listening and helping us grow. Buckeye Nation is the best.

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Men of the scarlet and Gray Podcast National Champions to Invade Birthplace of College Football

Chip Minnich and I got together with Sal and Jerry of Rutgers fame to join us and discuss the Scarlet Knights. We discuss the football team, head coach situation, black eye Rutgers has had since joining the Big Ten, and advantage of actually having them in the conference (cha-ching).

Sal was able to have time and have some fun with us on our MotSaG pick ’em segment. Always nice to kind of poke fun at your rivals no matter who they are.

Chip and I unfortunately, ran short on time, rushed through the Dark Knight review and answered some questions from our loyal listeners.

Since your a college football fan and Big Ten football fan you’ll probably want to follow Jerry @RUFANJERRY and Sal @salsoothsayer. You can catch Jerrys podcast here and Sal’s site here.

Men of the Scarlet and Gray Podcast Black Out Edition

Chip and I had the great privilege of talking college football again this week with Kevin McGuire, he helped us get more familiar with Penn State and what all they bring to the table. Are they better than last year? We were able to discuss a couple of other college football topics also.

Chip and I review the Maryland game and wondering if they know what a spy is and what its used for since Hills had a awesome day running all over Ohio State. We also talked about the offense and nice to see possibly starting to figure it out.

We gave out weekly game predictions for the week, Chip is starting to get more separation. There’s Chip way up there and myself all the way at the bottom. We also answered some of out listener question which we feel is great. Love the interaction with our listeners, you folks are great.

Want to follow Kevin McGuire on twitter (you really should) @kevinoncfb. Kevin does an outstanding job with all the work he does, definitely worth listening and enjoying his work at

Thank you for taking the time out to help support us.

Men of the Scarlet and Gray Podcast Homecoming Weekend

Another week another episode of MotSaG Podcast. Chip and I review the Hoosier game. We discuss some of the offensive struggles, coaches or Cardale who’s the problem. We take our first question from some of our listeners. That was a fun part of the show since both Chip and I love interacting with you, our listeners. You can submit a question on twitter by using #askmotsag or email us at we really do hope more of you send questions in and we get to interact with more Buckeye fans.

We also had the privilege of previewing the upcoming Maryland game with the beat writer from the Baltimore Sun Daniel Gallen. It was really great getting some insight into the Terps football program. Daniel was gracious enough to join us for our Big Ten game predictions along with one big national game.

We want to thank everyone for listening to our show means so much to us that so many are enjoying our show. Next week our friend Kevin McGuire will be stopping by to discuss the Penn State game, that show will be another great episode as we always love having him on and talking college football with him.

Men of The Scarlet and Gray Podcast Invading the Hoosier State

Chip takes charge of the show today. He was responsible for steering into the Hoosier State after we discussed kicking Western Michigan Broncos back to the mitten state. We went over what we felt impressed, gave us cause for concern and even handed out a grade to the Buckeye football team as a whole. Surprisingly its not as high as it will be at the end of the season but good enough for now. Key is to keep getting better.

We go into Indiana and get with Kyle Swick of the Crimson Quarry to discuss the undefeated Hoosiers. Kyle explains to us who to keep an eye on, keys to the Hoosier offense. Can they step up and stop a potentially potent offense? Did the special teams improve of will Jalin Marshall have another great game.

We even had a great time giving our predictions and Chip has to copy everything I do to not allow me to catch up after a bad weekend. Riverboat gambling I believe was the mention. Kyle was nice enough to inform us about construction in Bloomington which is weird he said it was everywhere very bad and should stay at home. He told us some places to possibly enjoy a nice adult beverage and some food if able to get through the extremely bad construction. This show really is worth the listen. Chip did an outstanding job and Kyle was another great guest.

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MotSaG Podcast Special edition with Bill King

You ever wish you could maybe talk to a national radio personality for longer than the few minutes allowed when on air? Honestly I have always wished I could sit down and discuss sports with a lot of different sports talk show hosts. I can say I have’t called into any shows, nothing against it, I just never found the time to be on hold waiting in line (patience isn’t my thing). I decided for the heck of it a couple of weeks ago to tweet out to a national treasure, a walking college encyclopedia of college football to see if they would be willing to join the MotSaG Podcast. Now nine out of ten times you never hear anything back, but this day I had a response within minutes.

Bill King who has been a staple in college football, was the radio host I reached out to. Mr. King was kind enough to honor Chip and myself by joining our show to discuss Ohio State football. We were so fortunate to talk about the SEC, college playoff expansion, why won’t the SEC travel North, etc.

We had a great time talking with Bill King, we shared some laughs even surprisingly talked about beer. Now remember to smoke your brisket fat side up y’all and go give Bill a follow and if you haven’t heard his show before, take a listen I am sure you will enjoy it. Again thanks to Bill for honoring us with taking the time out of his busy schedule and discussing with us what we all love – college football.

MotSaG Podcast Western TUN Preview with Huskie Dissection

Welcome to another great show. Chip and myself breakdown, discuss the possible offensive woes plaguing the Buckeye offense. We go over some of the Northern Illinois game while also giving high praise to a stellar defensive performance by the Silver Bullets- they are back.

We had the great pleasure of previewing the Western TUN game with Justin Coffin. It was great to get to discuss the upcoming game against the Broncos with him while also sneaking in some adult beverage talk.

Chip and I give our game predictions for a few games that are coming up this weekend, I have gained some ground. Only being a game behind this week looms big for our predictions since this was the first time we didn’t agree with each other at all.

Hope you enjoyed the show don’t forget you can listen to us on iTunes (subscribe, rate and comment-we appreciate it), Soundcloud, Stitcher, etc. Also we can be heard on Buckeye Sports Radio. Please follow our twitter @motsagpodcast and like us on Facebook.

We also had a major show announcement, we will be dropping another show this week. We will be having the great honor of discussing Buckeye football and college football in general with the King, Bill King.