MotSaG Podcast Western TUN Preview with Huskie Dissection

Welcome to another great show. Chip and myself breakdown, discuss the possible offensive woes plaguing the Buckeye offense. We go over some of the Northern Illinois game while also giving high praise to a stellar defensive performance by the Silver Bullets- they are back.

We had the great pleasure of previewing the Western TUN game with Justin Coffin. It was great to get to discuss the upcoming game against the Broncos with him while also sneaking in some adult beverage talk.

Chip and I give our game predictions for a few games that are coming up this weekend, I have gained some ground. Only being a game behind this week looms big for our predictions since this was the first time we didn’t agree with each other at all.

Hope you enjoyed the show don’t forget you can listen to us on iTunes (subscribe, rate and comment-we appreciate it), Soundcloud, Stitcher, etc. Also we can be heard on Buckeye Sports Radio. Please follow our twitter @motsagpodcast and like us on Facebook.

We also had a major show announcement, we will be dropping another show this week. We will be having the great honor of discussing Buckeye football and college football in general with the King, Bill King.


  1. […] To make Cardale Jones more effective at quarterback, Ohio State needs to be able to run the ball with authority against Western Michigan. Yes, I know Ezekiel Elliott has been running for over 100 yards against Hawaii and Northern Illinois, but the running game has not been nearly as dominant as it was last season in those aforementioned games. Once Ohio State has the dominant running game going, it will open up the passing game for play-action opportunities down the field. Once the running game is going north and south, it will open up the opportunity to run east and west with Braxton Miller or Curtis Samuel out of the wildcat. In case this sounds familiar, it is because I mentioned it earlier this week on our regularly scheduled edition of the Men of the Scarlet and Gray Podcast with Shannon Sommers. […]

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