Men of the Scarlet and Gray Podcast Black Out Edition

Chip and I had the great privilege of talking college football again this week with Kevin McGuire, he helped us get more familiar with Penn State and what all they bring to the table. Are they better than last year? We were able to discuss a couple of other college football topics also.

Chip and I review the Maryland game and wondering if they know what a spy is and what its used for since Hills had a awesome day running all over Ohio State. We also talked about the offense and nice to see possibly starting to figure it out.

We gave out weekly game predictions for the week, Chip is starting to get more separation. There’s Chip way up there and myself all the way at the bottom. We also answered some of out listener question which we feel is great. Love the interaction with our listeners, you folks are great.

Want to follow Kevin McGuire on twitter (you really should) @kevinoncfb. Kevin does an outstanding job with all the work he does, definitely worth listening and enjoying his work at

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