MotSaG Podcast Special edition with Bill King

You ever wish you could maybe talk to a national radio personality for longer than the few minutes allowed when on air? Honestly I have always wished I could sit down and discuss sports with a lot of different sports talk show hosts. I can say I have’t called into any shows, nothing against it, I just never found the time to be on hold waiting in line (patience isn’t my thing). I decided for the heck of it a couple of weeks ago to tweet out to a national treasure, a walking college encyclopedia of college football to see if they would be willing to join the MotSaG Podcast. Now nine out of ten times you never hear anything back, but this day I had a response within minutes.

Bill King who has been a staple in college football, was the radio host I reached out to. Mr. King was kind enough to honor Chip and myself by joining our show to discuss Ohio State football. We were so fortunate to talk about the SEC, college playoff expansion, why won’t the SEC travel North, etc.

We had a great time talking with Bill King, we shared some laughs even surprisingly talked about beer. Now remember to smoke your brisket fat side up y’all and go give Bill a follow and if you haven’t heard his show before, take a listen I am sure you will enjoy it. Again thanks to Bill for honoring us with taking the time out of his busy schedule and discussing with us what we all love – college football.

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