Men of the scarlet and Gray Podcast National Champions to Invade Birthplace of College Football

Chip Minnich and I got together with Sal and Jerry of Rutgers fame to join us and discuss the Scarlet Knights. We discuss the football team, head coach situation, black eye Rutgers has had since joining the Big Ten, and advantage of actually having them in the conference (cha-ching).

Sal was able to have time and have some fun with us on our MotSaG pick ’em segment. Always nice to kind of poke fun at your rivals no matter who they are.

Chip and I unfortunately, ran short on time, rushed through the Dark Knight review and answered some questions from our loyal listeners.

Since your a college football fan and Big Ten football fan you’ll probably want to follow Jerry @RUFANJERRY and Sal @salsoothsayer. You can catch Jerrys podcast here and Sal’s site here.

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