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Ohio State vs. Purdue (part 2) Open Thread



Ohio State 30 Purdue 37

Not related to the game, but the just announced Mike Vrabel was traded to Kansas City. Bummer for him.

Back to the game. How does Ed Hightower continue to be employed?

The Buckeyes started the second half nice and quick but they’ve shot themselves in the foot a couple times and instead of being within 2 are now down by 7. Diebler needs to find his shot. The refs aren’t helping issues, either.

In case you missed it

OSU FootballOSU LogoBecause blogging slows down around these parts around this time, it’s time for a new post.

First, there’s this:

(h/t to friend of MotSaG Kade. [Sorry for the terrible soundtrack])

Penn St Ohio St BasketballSome thoughts on the past week in Buckeyeland:

We didn’t need anyone to tell us this, but Andy Staples lists Ohio State among four “destination jobs” for football coaches. This we knew. Those court-side seats in the Schott aren’t filling themselves.

Some Buckeyes impressed at the NFL combine (Donald Washington and (surprisingly) Brian Hartline) while others really didn’t. A lot of people are still questioning Beanie (re: injuries). Here’s the only question you should be asking yourself (if you’re an NFL GM): “How big of a signing bonus should we give him?”

The Buckeyes finally got out of their funk against Penn State earlier this week. This team still has some issues (vis-a-vis Dallas Lauderdale and his inability to contribute anything outside of his five fouls). With P.J. Hill starting and combining with Jeremie Simmons for 27 points, it’s promising to see other Buckeyes take the pressure off Evan Turner. Turner is still trying to do too much but he’s learning.

Well that was fun, let’s see if we can’t do this more often.

Penn State vs. Ohio State Open Thread

OSU LogoIt’s the P.J. Hill show, y’all

UpdateOSU 57 PSU 49
Hey, everybody, LOOK! It’s Airball U!

Hey, everybody! It’s that team that scored 38 points in a game and won!

Update 2
Okay, I was on kid duty there for a while, but I’m back, and I’m not liking what I see. I honestly didn’t think the cold shooting for Penn State was going to continue, but man, they caught on fire! Sheesh, put a hand in someone’s face, Buckeye Defenders!

Penn State isn’t big. Lauderdale and Mullens should be dominating the boards, but once again they are having trouble asserting themselves. I can understand Mullens still needing some experience and seasoning, but there’s no excuse for Lauderdale. He is in there for two reasons – rebounds and defensive intimidation. He should be having his way underneath the basket.

I think P.J. Hill starting thing is going to be good all around. He’s starting to show a little offense and now Simmons is clearly bringing his A-game.

14-3 run by the Buckeyes and HOLY CRAP was Mullens fouled on that fast break. UGH.

Five minutes and an eight point lead. Let them fire up 30 foot three-pointers all day long.

Yup, Simmons is feeling the playing time pressure.

OSU vs. Northwestern (and weekend) Open Thread

OSU LogoOSU FootballSince we’ve been dragging recently with the bloggage, I figured I’d open a thread for the Northwestern game. I’ll be switching between it, Lost, and Top Chef (what? The wife gets the remote on Wednesdays!) so I’ll be checking in from time to time to see what’s going on. I also have a bunch of links I’ve been meaning to get to, so you’ll get some of that, too.

Looks like Diebler has some pent up shots to get out of his system.

UpdateI’ve only seen scattered moments of this game, but Evan Turner looks lost and Diebler looks he can’t miss. With ten minutes to go and Buckeyes down by 3, looks like this is going to be an interesting finish.


Montana to Carter, in the ‘Shoe?

OSU FootballTim May mentioned this yesterday, Ohio State is going after another football scion, Nick Montana (the son of Joe Montana).

Currently unranked by the major recruiting sites, Nick is drawing interest from schools all over the map. He’s scheduled to be in Columbus this weekend.

The possibilities are limitless — Montana to Carter never happened in the NFL. Could it happen in 2011? Has a son of an NFL QB ever thrown a pass to the son of an NFL WR?

Coach Hayes would rather not talk about that loss

If that wasn’t already obvious.

Purdue vs. Ohio State Open Thread

OSU LogoTwo basketball games of interest to me tonight, The Buckeyes and The Cavs.

Feel free to post what you feel so inclined to post.

I feel free to say that this is an ugly start to the game. Purdue up quickly, 10-2.

And a little patience and some nice defensive pressure and Buckeyes tie it up, 14-14.


It’s interesting to see what effect big men have on the game. Even when he’s not making shots, if Mullens is playing tough defense and crashing the board, this is a very good team. When he gets lazy and isn’t contributing on defense, it’s not. Game is now tied 48-48.

Buford, DEEP IN THE SCHOOT!! (Opps, wrong announcer)

Man, a flurry of action and Purdue ties up the game, we’re going to OT.

End of regulation, 64-64

I’m embarrassed by the crowd at the Schott. We’re in a crazy overtime battle, and the entire section behind the scorer’s table is seated. Weaksauce, old Buckeye fans.

Okay, Buckeye fans, that’s much better.

Congrats Buckeyes, excellent win over #13 Purdue. Buford and Evans combine for 48, with another 17 from Mullens. Hopefully this is just the start of a final push to solidify their tournament resume.


Alex Boone arrested in California

Boone, 21, was taken into custody late Sunday for investigation of resisting arrest after Orange County sheriff’s deputies responded to a disturbance call outside of a home in Aliso Viejo.

I guess we can’t have good news without some bad news.

Mixed Emotions

FootballI love Santonio Holmes like any good Buckeye fan. I was sad to see him leave early, but I’m happy that he’s found success, especially in the Super Bowl. That catch in the end zone was a thing of beauty. Good on you, Santonio.

That being said, he plays for the Steelers. I’d rather eat rusty nails and gargle with bleach than watch the Steelers win.


Mixed emotions.