Alex Boone arrested in California

Boone, 21, was taken into custody late Sunday for investigation of resisting arrest after Orange County sheriff’s deputies responded to a disturbance call outside of a home in Aliso Viejo.

I guess we can’t have good news without some bad news.


  1. At least he can say he’s a better offensive lineman than a citizen.

  2. Harsh, Maje. Harsh.

  3. Don’t Taze Me Bro.

  4. Is that what he said the first time, or the second?

  5. Wow.

    That is sad. Hiding under a patio??? Come on!

    He’s lucky he didn’t get shot. A 6-5 294lbs monster going nuts might give the cops reason to shoot if he came at them.

    Anyone think he’ll get hampered by this? Doesn’t seem like anything athletes do wrong hinders their careers in anyway. As long as they can entertain right?

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