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OSU FootballOSU LogoBecause blogging slows down around these parts around this time, it’s time for a new post.

First, there’s this:

(h/t to friend of MotSaG Kade. [Sorry for the terrible soundtrack])

Penn St Ohio St BasketballSome thoughts on the past week in Buckeyeland:

We didn’t need anyone to tell us this, but Andy Staples lists Ohio State among four “destination jobs” for football coaches. This we knew. Those court-side seats in the Schott aren’t filling themselves.

Some Buckeyes impressed at the NFL combine (Donald Washington and (surprisingly) Brian Hartline) while others really didn’t. A lot of people are still questioning Beanie (re: injuries). Here’s the only question you should be asking yourself (if you’re an NFL GM): “How big of a signing bonus should we give him?”

The Buckeyes finally got out of their funk against Penn State earlier this week. This team still has some issues (vis-a-vis Dallas Lauderdale and his inability to contribute anything outside of his five fouls). With P.J. Hill starting and combining with Jeremie Simmons for 27 points, it’s promising to see other Buckeyes take the pressure off Evan Turner. Turner is still trying to do too much but he’s learning.

Well that was fun, let’s see if we can’t do this more often.


  1. The maker of the video is AWESOME!!!

    Here is the link to the guys youtube channel:

  2. Awesome video but, yea, the soundtrack pretty much sucks. Actually the first song is pretty cool but the others just don’t fit. Usually rock/metal is a bad choice for these videos and that’s coming from a metal head. One thing I thought of while watching this was how awesome Malcolm is. That dude didn’t suffer fools for one second, especially Michigan fools. I love how he threw that dude down at the end of the play. Also, Beanie’s running style looks different in some games. In the YSU game when he breaks loose for the score his strides look longer. I would say his injury would have something to do with it but he runs like that in the Wisky game as well.

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