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Buckeye Blues:

If you are as much of a die-hard Ohio State fan as I am, you are very much displeased with Saturday’s turnout.  With so much anticipation and with so much riding on this game, the Buckeyes just flat out played poorly and sloppily to the point to where minor mistakes derailed their title defense.  Now I am not saying that they are completely out of the Playoff picture, they will just need a lot of help…  A LOT!!!  They need to prepare for a Michigan team hell bent to make a statement in the first installment of Meyer VS Harbaugh.  This will be the most inopportune time to fall asleep or to go through the motions.  Needless to say this is a terrible way to send off their seniors, but it happens in College Football.  This isn’t the last brick in the foundation by any means.  If and I mean IF Penn State can upset Sparty at East Lansing, and IF the Buckeyes show up in Ann Arbor next week, they have a punchers chance.  But with me being the realist that I am, that isn’t the likeliest scenario.  But again, you never know.  Well played Sparty, well played.  Great win and FYI I hate you lol.

Offensive Offense Play Calling:

This is a tricky and touchy subject for me.  What I saw today was atrocious and a complete disaster.  There comes a time and place to call certain plays, but when you run the same QB Draw play expecting a different result?  You sir or ma’am are high.  Whoever is calling the plays on offense needs to be less predictable, less conspicuous.  WHY NOT FEED ZEKE?  But that’s none of my business though.  Something needs to give and Urban Meyer needs to address the lack of creativity when on offense.  Either help out more with the play calling or go out and find a coach who calls less predictable plays.  The QB Draw can only be effective for a short period of time.  Win or lose though, lose in this segment, I am still a proud Buckeye fan.  Hopefully they show some fight and show that they are indeed a great offense.

Recruiting Extravaganza Fail:

Of all the weekends to no-show, it had to be this weekend where all the blue-chip and top choice recruits flooded into the Shoe to watch a battle.  They got a battle on defense from both sides, but the offenses failed to provide a spark.  Especially Ohio State’s.  There is no word yet on what the visiting recruits had said or mentioned about the game, but you never know.  It was a hotly contested game throughout and I think the atmosphere and the fans helped it.  You never know until National Signing Day and we won’t know until an announcement happens, but in this day and age, that means nothing.

Bittersweet Endings:

So there are a ton of media outlets who are reporting that both Ezekiel Elliot and Cardale Jones are headed to the NFL Draft after the season.  That is a huge blow to the Buckeyes when it comes to our current Running Back corps, but with Antonio Williams from this current recruiting class and Mike Weber from last years class, along with Curtis Samuel still in the fold, I see no issues at all with Zeke’s decision.  We are well taken care of in that aspect.  It is also safe to say that the QB position is also covered.  Last year the Buckeyes snagged touted recruits Torrance Gibson and Joe Burrow and they have Tristan Wallace in this current recruiting cycle.  They also still have J.T. Barrett too.  So it is all good for the most part.  I hate to see them go but I think that it’s safe to say that I will trade for all of the former Buckeyes in Madden Next year and I am hoping EA Sports releases another NCAA Football game soon.

Michigan State Spartan Preview

When and Where:

Saturday Novemeber 21,2015 3:30 PM EST
Ohio Stadium Columbus, Ohio msu

ESPN College GameDay
Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit
and Heather Cox
Sirius/XM Channel 84

Series History
Overall………………………….Ohio State leads, 29-14
In Columbus………………………Ohio State leads, 14-8
In East Lansing…………………..Ohio State leads, 15-5
Neutral …………………………MSU leads, 1-0
Last Ohio State Win……………… 49-37, 2014 in East Lansing
Last MSU Win……………………. 34-24, 2013 in Indianapolis
Biggest Margin of Victory for OSU ….42-0, 1979
Biggest Margin of Victory for MSU ….32-7, 1965
Longest Winning Steak for OSU ……..8, (1975-84)
Longest Winning Steak for MSU ……..3, (1912-53)
Current Win Streak ……………….Ohio State, 1

Urban Meyer 1,000 yard rushers-3
Hyde, Elliott (2)
Ezekiel Elliott 15 straight games with 100+ yards rushing per game
Most consecutive conference victories – Ohio State 30
Most consecutive victories – 23 Ohio State
Consecutive games with a reception – 26 Michael Thomas
24 points a game – 25 Michigan State
Consecutive FBS Bowl appearances – 8

Michigan State Spartans Offense

Sparty is lead by Ohio (Hinkley Township) native Connor Cook. Cook will be coming into Columbus with a possible right shoulder strain, won’t know how or if any effect until Saturday (hopefully he is at full strength). Connor has 2,482 yards with 21 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. He obviously is having a pretty good season averaging 248.2 yards a game passing, 2.1 touchdowns and .4 interceptions. He has a completion rate of 56.3 percent and a passing efficiency of 143.02 percent.

Looking at MSU pass catchers and Aaron Burbridge jumps out at you. Burbridge has 65 receptions for 1021 yards, with 6 touchdowns. His longest reception is 56 yards and averages 15.7 yards a catch for 102.1 yards per game. Following Aaron is RJ Shelton who currently has 34 catches, 376 yards and 3 touchdowns this season. RJ’s longest reception is 29 yards and averages 11.1 yards a reception for 37.6 yards per game. The only other receiver the Spartans have for over 200 yards is Marggarrett Kings with 32 catches, 450 yards and 5 touchdowns. King’s longest reception 42 yards and averages 14.1 yards per catch for 50 yards per game.

The Spartans rushing attack currently has 1524 yards on the ground, 3.9 yards per rush for an average 152.4 yards per game. They have crossed the goal line 19 times with their rushing game. The running back trio of LJ Scott, Madre Landon, and Gerald Holmes have at least 400 yards so far this season, Scott has the most at 531 so far.

Michigan State is averaging 32.9 points a game this season.

Michigan State Spartan Defense

This isn’t the same Sparty defense Buckeye fans have become accustomed to witnessing the past few years. The Spartan defense was probably at their peak in 2013 in my opinion with the best caliber of players. Last year it was a little easier to pass again them than the year before but the rushing defense was still stellar. This season they have some great players, but statically they are surrendering 121 rushing yards per game which is 18th in the nation currently. Their total defense is ranked 46 and to my memory seems a little off from years past. Some of it has to do with injuries and have to admit Pat Narduzzi leaving has hurt some too. The front line of Shilique Calhoun, Malik McDowell, Demetrius Cooper, Lawrence Thomas and Joel Heath will be creating problems for Ohio State’s offensive line. Michigan State has 29 sacks and 12 interceptions. They might not be on paper the scary shutdown defense we might be used to in recent memory but make no mistake about it, they will be creating many issues for the Buckeyes.

NFL Future

There will be quite a few NFL scouts in attendance for the game. There is a good possibility of being 20 draft picks for the 2016 NFL Draft, 8 being First Rounders.

Hard to Say Goodbye

This is going to be a real emotional game for many Buckeyes who are seniors and possible underclassmen declaring early for the draft. Really going to be hard to see Braxton Miller in his final game in Columbus. For everything he has done, been through you just know the fans will be still packed in the Stadium singing Carmen Ohio for the final time in the most majestic place in America.

Ohio State Policy Change

In case you haven’t heard or read yet, Ohio State announced this week after the situation that happened across the pond in Paris they will no longer be allowing you to bring in your backpack or any bag that isn’t see through. Remember the world we live in is forever changing and get to your seats earlier so when you go through and get checked out before entering your not frustrated or being rude to the wonderful folks responsible for helping keep over 100k fans safe.

All Things Buckeyes

They’re Coming:

Well Buckeye faithful, it is now officially Sparty Week.  In a few days, four more days to be exact, Coach Urban Meyer and company will welcome Sparty into our beloved city for a battle.  Sparty does not need the Trojan Horse to penetrate our stadium, but make no jokes about it, this one?  WILL BE A WAR!!!  Former Buckeye Assistant Coach Dantonio with look to secure yet another upset over Urban Meyer and not to mention he looks to return back to his old stomping grounds.  This will be a battle until the end and I am hoping and I am praying that we come out victorious, but there is no such thing in College Football.

The Buckeyes had their tune-up against a flailing Illinois squad who gave them fits.  Although it was another sloppy game, I feel that they needed more of a resounding victory to boost their confidence for the meat of their schedule.  Alas, a win is a win, no matter how ugly it was to watch.  I am confident that even though the offense struggles, the defense will be there to bail them out.

All in all, I am predicting that the Buckeyes will defeat the Spartans in the Shoe.  Another UGLY, TIGHTLY CONTESTED GAME.  The young guns will step up for their Seniors on Senior Day.  Part of me hopes that since it is Senior Day, the Buckeyes will be extra motivated to secure their spot in the College Football Playoffs, but it is just wishful thinking.  Buckeye Seniors and NFL Draft eligible players like King Shrug, Joey Bosa will be zeroing in on their last game in the Shoe.  They will be looking to win one last home game before they depart to the NFL.

The Spartans still have a great defense and it will be interesting to see what they have in store for J.T. Barrett and company on offense.  Vonn Bell and the hounds on defense will be ready for Connor Cook.  I have a sense that although the Buckeyes won at East Lansing last season, there is still a lingering chip on their shoulders after taking that loss in the Big Ten Championship game.  Go Bucks!!!

Primetime Recruiting Extravaganza:

I am not going to even try to list the names of the recruits who are coming to see these two titans clash once again.  It would be ridiculous, but there are a ton of elite talent that are headed to the Shoe to watch.  This will be Urban Meyer’s equivalent to the well known “Friday Night Lights” but without being a night game.  Kickoff will be at 3:30 ET and if you’re like me, overseas, you have to stay up a little later that you wanted to.  WHY NOT?!?  I am hoping that a couple of recruits who weren’t able to make it like, New Jerseys own, Jordan Fuller tune in whenever possible.  Fuller will be unable to attend due to his team being 10-0 and chasing a state title.  I am hoping for some good news, but I don’t expect it.  But anything can happen.

Attack on Paris:

First off, you are all entitled to your own opinion and you are all granted that right, but it looks like ISIS is in it for the long haul.  Attacking America’s longest reigning ally in France.  That is horrible and to have been the victim of such a vicious attack, I can only send prayers out to them.  It will be interesting to see what big brother U.S.A. would say to assist with this matter.  Oh and although I have mentioned this, it doesn’t mean that I only care about this event.  I am in the military and I flat out refuse to pay attention to those talking heads that only care about ratings.  I don’t watch the news because it’s nothing but stupid things.  Blah blah blah.  I only found out after I got to work and it was already on.



Let’s Get Defensive: Silver Bullet Edition

Although it is WAY TOO EARLY in the season, I cannot help but give props to the job that Coach Fickell, Coach Johnson, Coach Coombs and Coach Ash for reviving the unit that attracted me to become a full-fledged Ohio State Buckeyes fan.  What a sight to see!  Not only have they restored my faith in the defense, they also resurfaced as the Silver Bullets!  It brings me back to the days when my favorite Buckeye defender ran the show at the Mike Linebacker Position.  Surely, that is a very vague statement and seeing that Ohio State has seen numerous Mike Linebackers shine and run the show.  One comes to mind, James Laurinaitis!  A.J Hawk is also pretty high up there in my list.  You could say the same for Fullback turned Middle Linebacker, Zach Boren.  I get that nostalgic feeling when I see the defense flying around and making plays and having an impact on the game.  That is what you come to Ohio State for and with the new group of gems that Coach Meyer has collected, watch out world!  The Buckeyes are merely scratching the surface!

Ohio State is stacked from top to bottom.  There is no exaggeration either.  Literally at every position on Defense, we are stacked to the point to where the younger less-known players would become starters at other universities.  I know that it really doesn’t make sense, but if you keep your attention right here, it will!  I will talk about everything Defense on this piece.  From the current starters, to Buckeyes on the two-deep and beyond that are waiting for the opportunity to compete and to make plays.  I will also mention potential class of 2016 signees and targets.

Defensive End/Defensive Tackle:

With former great such as Jim Stillwagon, Will Smith and Mike Vrabel who have become productive Ohio State Alumni at the Defensive Line and recent Buckeyes John Simon, Jonathan Hankins, Cam Heyward, Mike Bennett and so fourth, you get where I am headed.  Ohio State produces quality players year in and year out.  The Buckeyes also produce a few busts, such as Vernon Gholston.  It is hit or miss and sometimes the game can sneak up on you or they leave too early and are unprepared for a much different game.  The Buckeyes look to add a few more names on this list of greats with Joey Bosa and Adolphus Washington nearing the end of their Buckeye careers, but I am not too worried about it.

This is arguably the deepest position and a definite strength for the Silver Bullets.  With the two-deep all but locked up, if you look past it, you would regret it.  So what if I told you that aside from starters, Joey Bosa and Tyquan Lewis and back-ups, Jalyn Holmes and Sam Hubbard, they still look nasty.  Let’s see behind Holmes and Hubbard are Darius Slade, who was pushing for some playing time and Jashon Cornell.  Last time I checked, Cornell was a blue-chip prospect from Minnesota who oozes potential and New Jersey prospect, Darius Slade who a lot of people slept on.  That is a pretty deep three deep.  Throw in Five Stars Nick Bosa and Jonathan Cooper, then it quickly becomes a four deep.  Talent on top of more talent.  Like the current Quarterback dilemma, the rich get richer.  We are stacked on defense for years to come.  Imagine if Terrell Hall was still committed to the Buckeyes, but I think that it is safe to say that Alabama is benefitting from a “more flexible” and “coach friendly” defense.  No sour grapes and I wish the kid luck in the future.

This position isn’t as deep as the Defensive End situation, but things can change.  Adolphus “Diesel” Washington and Tommy Schutt man the trenches alongside Bosa and Lewis.  Behind them are Donovan Munger who is in a hotly contested battle with Michael Hill and Joel Hale who is ahead of Tracy Sprinkle.  Add Freshman Robert Landers ad DaVon Hamilton waiting in the background for their opportunity.  Factor that with incoming freshman Malik Barrow and recruiting targets,  Rashan Gary, Dexter Lawrence, Rashard Lawrence and Antwuan Jackson, the Buckeyes are only going to get deeper at another position of strength.  I am hoping one or two of the aforementioned names join the 2016, but if it doesn’t happen, we will still be okay.  Barring any unexpected departures for next years draft, I can see a few more targets joining in.


Linebacker has been a strength for Ohio State.  Flat out!  With names like A.J. Hawk, James Laurinaitis, Ryan Shazier patrolling and leading Defenses and with Legends like Randy Gradishar, Pepper Johnson and Chris Spielman, Ohio State produces NFL ready prospects.  Although many of the LB’s fall through the cracks and end up out of the League, there is no telling what this seasons crop will or won’t do.

Carrying the Linebacking Tradition, Ohio State boasts stars and playmakers alike with Strongside Linebacker Darron Lee, former Five Star Raekwon McMillian and Weakside Linebacker Joshua Perry who all have firm grip on their respective position.  Behind him are Chris Worley, Camren Williams and Dante Booker.  They also have a bevy of future stars in Justin Hilliard, Jerome Baker, Dre’Mont Jones and Nick Conner.  With the depth at the Linebacker position, I can surely say that if the right recruits want in, Coach Meyer will find a way to add them to the class if other positional needs cannot be met.  Current commit Tuf Borland is the only commit at this position, I can comfortably say that we are done with the position.

Defensive Backs:

First off, I am a Broncos fan and another Buckeye great made some plays this week.  Former shut-down corner, Bradley Roby recovered a fumble to win the game for Manning and the Broncos.  Roby is from a long line of Buckeye Greats at the Defensive Back position.  Let’s see, Malcolm Jenkins, Kurt Coleman, Shawn Springs, Antoine Winfield, Donte Witner, Chris Gamble, Nate Clements and Will Allen.  Add Legendary players like Jack Tatum to the fold and you can just imagine how deep routed the tradition is, when putting DB’s into the NFL.

So with Eli Apple and newly anointed starter, Gareon Conley locking the outside receivers up and with Vonn Bell and Tyvis Powell laying the lumber and patrolling the middle that is a pretty lethal stranglehold when defending opposing offenses.  With Damon Webb, Marshon Lattimore and Denzel Ward in the Nickel that pretty much forces an offense to pick their poison.  The Safety position is also as deep as every other position on Defense and it has really become a recurring theme with Ohio State.  With Cam Burrows and Erick Smith picking up the slack for Bell and Powell whenever they need a rest or during mop-up duty there will be little to no drop-off.  Current Freshman, Eric Glover-Williams, Joshua Norwood and Damon Arnette with incoming Freshman, Wayne Davis and Kareem Felder coming in after National Signing Day.  Let’s not forget about the targets, Chauncey Gardener, Jordan Fuller or Damar Hamlin who all hold Ohio State offers.

So to summarize this article, WE ARE SET FOR YEARS!!!  If we could somehow manage to pluck a few blue-chip recruits in both 2016 and 2017, the Buckeyes will be loaded once again.  With the top classes in 2016 and 2017, we will continue to improve and eventually dominate College Football.  But I am a humble fan who takes it a week at a time, as all Buckeyes Fans should, but I digress.  This will be a lot of fun for a few more years.  If we also successfully defend our Crown, the recruiting floodgates will open, but until then, ONE GAME AT A TIME.

10 Unnecessary Overreactions to the Buckeye’s Week 1

By: Ryan Black

After a roller coaster first half, the Buckeyes strutted out of Blacksburg feeling more swagger than Rounda Rousey after knocking some chick into next Tuesday.

Ohio State started off with a haymaker and went up by 14 before the scrappy Hokies got up after a 9 count and took a 17-14 lead with some misdirection plays.

There’s nothing better than a hot take after one week. So instead of seeing how the rest of the Buckeyes schedule takes form, let’s get wild and make some unnecessary statements based off the first game.

Here are 10 Unnecessary Overreactions


  1. Virginia Tech is not a Top 25 Team

Hot take: I expected the talent level of both team’s starters to be closer than any other game on the schedule for Ohio State (save MSU) on Monday. Wasn’t really the case.

Tech had solid offensive and defensive lines but the safeties, linebackers, and skill position players were very generic.


  1. Cardale is the starter the rest of the season.

Hot take: I was on #TEAMJONES all offseason and happily resigned myself to JT getting the start.

Either way OSU was in great shape but Cardale can flick the ball downfield 50 yards in a split second and will probably earn himself a 1st round draft grade, something an OSU QB hasn’t seen in decades.

And Dale rushed for 100 yards against a top 5 defense, something he’s not getting enough credit for.


  1. Ohio State should not let other teams dictate their play calling.

Hot take: Urban mentioned in an interview but I don’t care how many guys are on the line of scrimmage,  Zeke Elliott needs more than 3 carries in a half.

He showed with an 80 yard burst that nobody can catch him from behind. I’m taking 2 or 3 negative plays for the high reward he brings.


  1. Virginia Tech’s first two touchdowns were well drawn up but flukish.

Hot take: I’m not too worried (yet) about the two tds the starters gave up on Monday. They were both fool me once type plays that should be easy to clean up…

Oh and those long developing plays will become a little harder against the Bucks this week…



  1. Sam Hubbard is a future 1st round pick.

Hot take: Ahh, my personal favorite kind of overreaction. Every fanbase think their stud freshmen is a future first rounder.

But only Buckeye fans are right. #Burn


  1. Michael Thomas is the best all around Buckeye receiver since David Boston

Hot take: Uh oh, getting really hot in here now.

Jenkins, Holmes, Smith, Ginn, Gonzales, Sanzenbacher, Posey etc…

Thomas may not have the numbers of these guys (due to so much talent around him) but if these 7 created a love child it would be Thomas.


  1. Mike Weber needs to come back fast.

Hot take: Brionte Dunn and Warren Ball are not elite running backs.

If (god forbid) something does happen to Ezekiel Elliott, the Bucks could be in trouble.

Mike Weber or Curtis Samuel should immediately be moved to the starting role.


  1. Ohio State’s special teams is worrisome.

Hot take: Kickoffs out of bounds, missed field goals, dropped punts… I’ve seen those before.

These 3 things were brutal last year and keeps lesser opponents in games.


  1. The Rookie WR’s weren’t ready.

Hot take: Cambpell, Clark and Mclaurin didn’t make much of an impact and that’s ok. Corey Smith, Dontre Wilson and Jailin Marshall will be back this Saturday.

Keep learning young guns.


  1. Doran Grant will not be missed.

Hot take: One of my all time favorite corners helped win Ohio State the national title last year and his absence left a huge void in the starting lineup this season.

In stepped Gareon Conley, who struggled in limited action last season-He may have looked like the best player on the defense Monday night. A great sign for the rest of the season.


  1. Braxton Miller is Ohio State’s Percy Harvin

Hot take: Every year since Urban arrived at OSU, a player has received this stigma but this year it may finally come to fruition.

Holy hell that boy has some moves.


Washington Redskins Draft Ohio State Wide Receiver Evan Spencer in 6th Round of 2015 NFL Draft

With the 187th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins selected Buckeyes wide receiver Evan Spencer. He is now the fifth Ohio State player picked in the draft this year and the third today. While Spencer has never been known as the flashiest player or the best offensive weapon on the field, one of the biggest strengths he brings to the table is his pass blocking. That’s one of the big reasons why head coach Urban Meyer played Spencer over better offensive threats at the receiver position. Ask any Ohio State fan and they will vouch for Spencer’s great blocking. He’s also a pretty nice contributor in special teams, somewhere he could make an impact immediately for the Redskins this upcoming season. In addition he has good speed, is a great leader and has the size to hang in the NFL. With some development he could become a solid pro receiver. Here’s some highlights of Spencer’s career at Ohio State:

Here’s a perfect example of the kind of blocker Spencer is:

Spencer’s reaction on being drafted by Washington:

Former Buckeye running back and ESPN analyst Robert Smith reminded everyone of what Meyer thought of Spencer this past season:

So Redskins fans you’re not getting a Calvin Johnson type player here. You’re getting a glue player who brings many intangibles to the table and does all of the little things right. He may not be putting up crooked numbers in the box score, but he can surely help put your football team in a better position to win.

Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Buckeyes Defensive Tackle Michael Bennett in 6th Round of 2015 NFL Draft

With the 180th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Ohio State defensive tackle Michael Bennett. It was a huge surprise to see Bennett fall this far in the draft. Many experts and fans expected him to be as high as a second round pick and as low as a third round pick. Bennett was one of the anchors of the Ohio State defense all season long in 2014. He was a First Team All American, second team All-Big Ten and recorded a tackle for loss in 9 of 15 games. He had a total 14 tackles for loss on the season (third best on the team), seven total sacks and three forced fumbles. In the Sugar Bowl against Alabama he recorded one sack and one and a half tackles for loss. In addition Bennett was a great senior leader and teammate for a young Buckeyes team last year. Perhaps it was his size that caused him to drop so far in the draft, but the Jaguars are getting one hell of a steal in the 6th round in Bennett. Take a look at your newest player Jacksonville fans:

Bennett definitely took notice of being passed over on Twitter. It’s seemed to fuel his motivation even more:

But he’s very thankful for the opportunity from Jacksonville:

I think the Jaguars just made one of the biggest steals in the draft. It blows me away that Bennett fell this far and many teams will be kicking themselves for passing over such a great football player and person. Congrats to Bennett and best of luck in Jacksonville.

Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Buckeyes’ Cornerback Doran Grant in Round Four of 2015 NFL Draft

With the 121st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected Ohio State safety Doran Grant. He is now the third Buckeye player selected in this year’s draft after the Jets picked Devin Smith and the Broncos picked Jeff Heuerman yesterday. Grant’s biggest knocks against him have been size and speed. He’s certainly improved in the latter area and a great performance at the NFL Combine in the 40 yard dash quieted some concerns about his speed. While he is a little undersized for NFL standards, he makes up for it with his great leadership and athleticism. Grant has been a great contributor in the Buckeye secondary and a big part of why the Buckeyes’ secondary was one of the most feared in college football last year. He should be a great option off the bench right away and with the right scheme maybe even a starter at some point this season. While he won’t be at the level of Troy Polamalu who just retired for Pittsburgh, Grant should be a nice contributor in the Steelers’ secondary.

Here’s a taste of your newest player Steeler fans:

The Steelers are well-known to take Buckeyes in the draft in recent years. Here’s Pittsburgh’s secondary coach Carnell Lake on picking Grant:

Grant started all 15 games last season for the Buckeyes and was second on the team in interceptions with five total. He also totaled 63 tackles for the season. In the semifinal championship game against Alabama in the playoffs last season he held top five draft pick and Alabama wide receiver Amari Copper to zero catches when guarding him. So Grant certainly has a ton of upside and should make a fine addition to the Steelers.

Denver Broncos Draft Ohio State Tight End Jeff Heuerman in Third Round of 2015 NFL Draft

With the 92nd pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos selected Ohio State tight end Jeff Heuerman. While he never put up gaudy numbers as a Buckeye, he’s certainly a reliable and dangerous threat on the field. Not only is he a great receiver, but a great blocker too. Heuerman will now be catching passes and blocking for one of the all-time great quarterbacks, Peyton Mannings. It’s certainly a great situation for Heuerman and he should make an impact for Denver this season. Heuerman is the second Buckeye drafted tonight, as the New York Jets drafted wide receiver Devin Smith earlier in the night. In 2014 he caught 17 passes for 207 yards and two touchdowns, but as I said the numbers don’t tell the story of Heuerman’s potential. Keep in mind he also played with an injured foot all season too. Here’s a look at your newest receiving threat, Broncos fans:

Heuerman has yet to comment on being drafted by the Broncos, but he left this sincere message back in April to Buckeye Nation. He’ll certainly be missed:

His now former coach, Urban Meyer weighed in on Heuerman being drafted:

Broncos head honcho and legendary quarterback John Elway explains why they chose to pick the Buckeye tight end:

As I said above Heuerman will be missed by Buckeye Nation. I think he’ll quickly become one of Manning’s favorite targets and should be a great addition to Denver’s offense.

New York Jets Draft Buckeyes’ Wide Receiver Devin Smith in Second Round of NFL Draft

With the 37th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the New York Jets selected Ohio State wide receiver Devin Smith. He’s the first Buckeye to be drafted this year after no Buckeyes were picked in the first round of the draft. It was surprising to see him fall this far as many experts and fans expected him to be a mid to late 1st round pick. Smith was integral part of the Buckeyes all season long in 2014 and had huge performances in the national playoffs to help lead Ohio State to their first national championship since 2002. Jets fans you’ll be getting a deep threat receiver you can plug into the slot with ease. Smith’s speciality is on deep passes, so Jets quarterbacks you better have strong arms. Here’s a taste of your newest receiver New York fans:

Here’s one of Smith’s best performances, the 2014 Big Ten Championship Game against Wisconsin:

Smith’s reaction on Twitter on becoming a Jet:

The biggest Jets icon was certainly pleased with Smith becoming a Jet too:

Big Ten opponents certainly won’t miss Smith, but everyone in Buckeye Nation will certainly remember the impact of the bright wide receiver Devin Smith.