Penn State vs. Ohio State Open Thread

OSU LogoIt’s the P.J. Hill show, y’all

UpdateOSU 57 PSU 49
Hey, everybody, LOOK! It’s Airball U!

Hey, everybody! It’s that team that scored 38 points in a game and won!

Update 2
Okay, I was on kid duty there for a while, but I’m back, and I’m not liking what I see. I honestly didn’t think the cold shooting for Penn State was going to continue, but man, they caught on fire! Sheesh, put a hand in someone’s face, Buckeye Defenders!

Penn State isn’t big. Lauderdale and Mullens should be dominating the boards, but once again they are having trouble asserting themselves. I can understand Mullens still needing some experience and seasoning, but there’s no excuse for Lauderdale. He is in there for two reasons – rebounds and defensive intimidation. He should be having his way underneath the basket.

I think P.J. Hill starting thing is going to be good all around. He’s starting to show a little offense and now Simmons is clearly bringing his A-game.

14-3 run by the Buckeyes and HOLY CRAP was Mullens fouled on that fast break. UGH.

Five minutes and an eight point lead. Let them fire up 30 foot three-pointers all day long.

Yup, Simmons is feeling the playing time pressure.


  1. lets go bucks! great block mullens!

  2. ps. i hate musberger…

  3. where is the defense?

  4. @lancelott – what did Musberger say to incur your anger?

  5. sorry, i had to go away for a while. the penn st. football comment bugged me because of the last game i saw mussberger call.

    what a great win! let this carry us through the rest of the season.

  6. ahhh I must have missed the football comment. Yeah, that would have bothered me, too.

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