Montana to Carter, in the ‘Shoe?

OSU FootballTim May mentioned this yesterday, Ohio State is going after another football scion, Nick Montana (the son of Joe Montana).

Currently unranked by the major recruiting sites, Nick is drawing interest from schools all over the map. He’s scheduled to be in Columbus this weekend.

The possibilities are limitless — Montana to Carter never happened in the NFL. Could it happen in 2011? Has a son of an NFL QB ever thrown a pass to the son of an NFL WR?


  1. I’m betting Notre Dame is high on Nick’s list.

  2. @Tom – His older brother is already at ND, so my understanding is that he’s looking elsewhere, since competition for the starting job is going to be tight.

  3. He’s supposed to be in Columbus Monday and Tuesday. A lot of top schools have offered him so he must have something going for him besides his name.

    You can’t discount bloodlines.

  4. By el Kaiser on Feb 13, 2009

    Very interesting. I hope he’s got his Dad’s talent.

  5. @tom

    i hope he does too, i think that overcoming the father’s name and legacy could be a tough thing.

    on the other hand, it could be an incredible motivator…

  6. He’d also have less of a legacy if he was away from South Bend.

    How will Cris Carter’s legacy affect his son’s performance, I wonder?

  7. @el kaiser:

    i wonder about that too… and i think my comment still applies. from everything i’ve heard, Carter’s son should be the real deal.

  8. The guy behind the guy behind they guy says that Montana will be a Buckeye!!!

    Imagine….Ohio State plucking a stud QB from California.

    Huge for recruiting!!!

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