Purdue vs. Ohio State Open Thread

OSU LogoTwo basketball games of interest to me tonight, The Buckeyes and The Cavs.

Feel free to post what you feel so inclined to post.

I feel free to say that this is an ugly start to the game. Purdue up quickly, 10-2.

And a little patience and some nice defensive pressure and Buckeyes tie it up, 14-14.


It’s interesting to see what effect big men have on the game. Even when he’s not making shots, if Mullens is playing tough defense and crashing the board, this is a very good team. When he gets lazy and isn’t contributing on defense, it’s not. Game is now tied 48-48.

Buford, DEEP IN THE SCHOOT!! (Opps, wrong announcer)

Man, a flurry of action and Purdue ties up the game, we’re going to OT.

End of regulation, 64-64

I’m embarrassed by the crowd at the Schott. We’re in a crazy overtime battle, and the entire section behind the scorer’s table is seated. Weaksauce, old Buckeye fans.

Okay, Buckeye fans, that’s much better.

Congrats Buckeyes, excellent win over #13 Purdue. Buford and Evans combine for 48, with another 17 from Mullens. Hopefully this is just the start of a final push to solidify their tournament resume.


  1. what a great win! i had a late day at the office so i was only able to catch the end of regulation and ot. loved every minute i caught, great shooting, great hustle, great crowd. this goes a long way for us, lets hope we keep this momentum.

    go bucks!

  2. @lancelott – Good to hear you caught some of it, but this was a solid game all-around. Buford was on fire.

  3. any thoughts on our recruiting class? do we need to recruit more linemen? what will next year look like? any preview on the minnesota game? =D

  4. @lancelott – We are working on a recruiting class post, but we don’t have time for basketball previews. Just too busy.

    I will be going to the Minnesota game, so that’s good, right!?

  5. heh, definitely el kaiser. i’m not trying to bust your chops on writing (i know i don’t write nearly enough), just wanted to let you guys know i love the posts.

    the minnesota game is going to be huge, make sure your section of the crowd is rooting hard for our team! i loved the energy from the last game.

    also, i feel excited about the football season (already…), can’t wait for the spring game. maybe i’ll take a long weekend and drive down.

  6. @kaiser

    good job helping bring home the win! this has been an amazing week for buckeye basketball, lets keep the wins coming! (unfortunately, i could only watch this one on gamecast, looks like mullens had a great game while turner destroyed them at the line. was it mostly a defensive game?)

    with this win, we have a good chance of running out the rest of our schedule and going into the big ten tourney looking strong.

  7. buckeyedude says

    I’m excited to see my hometown boy from Toledo Libbey H.S, Mr. Buford, doing so well for Ohio State in his first year.

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