Mixed Emotions

FootballI love Santonio Holmes like any good Buckeye fan. I was sad to see him leave early, but I’m happy that he’s found success, especially in the Super Bowl. That catch in the end zone was a thing of beauty. Good on you, Santonio.

That being said, he plays for the Steelers. I’d rather eat rusty nails and gargle with bleach than watch the Steelers win.


Mixed emotions.


  1. John Elway is better than Bernie Kosar.

  2. Dude, I will perma-ban you in a heartbeat. You watch your mouth.

  3. Kaiser, you never let kade finish his sentence.

    Had he continued, he no doubt would have added “…better than Bernie Kosar at devil worship and obscene molestation of moderately-sized farm animals.”

  4. Regular Season Data:

    Career Yards:

    Elway: 51,475

    Kosar: 23,301

    Elway had 28,174 yards more than Kosar.

    Career TD’s:

    Elway: 300

    Kosar: 124

    Elway had 176 more TD passes than Kosar.

    Career Rushing Yards:

    Elway: 3407

    Kosar: 265

    Elway had 3142 yards more than Kosar

    Career rushing TD’s:

    Elway: 33

    Kosar: 5

    Elway had 28 more rushing TD’s than Kosar.

    Career receiving Yardage:

    Elway: 61

    Kosar: -5

    Elway had 66 more receiving yards than Kosar.

    Career receiving TD’s:

    Elway: 1

    Kosar: 0

    Elway had 1 more receiving TD than Kosar.

    Total Wins:

    Elway: 148

    Kosar: 53—He actually had a losing record as a starter.

    Elway had 95 more wins than Kosar.

    Playoff Data:

    Total Wins:

    Elway: 14

    Kosar: 5

    Elway has 9 more playoff wins…including TWO SUPER BOWLS.

    Record vs Broncos/Browns in playoffs featuring either QB:

    Elway: 3-0

    Kosar: 0-3

    Elway has 3 more wins than Kosar.

    Playoff yardage:

    Elway: 4964

    Kosar: 1917

    Elway has 3047 yards more than Kosar.

    Playoff passing TD’s:

    Elway: 27

    Kosar: 16

    Elway has 11 more TD passes than Kosar.

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